It’s been a while!

There is much catching up to do!

Many exciting things are going on regarding Taylor Hicks.

Jeff Lopez & BrianLess! will be touring with Taylor (hear a podcast on with TH saying so if you don’t believe me). Congrats to both of them! This will make the show extra dynamic! As many of you know, there is a chemistry with those three that cannot be duplicated with any other band members. What does this mean for L.M.B.O? Well, as Staci Less said in a comment on Gray Charles: “LMBO is still LMBO”. They aren’t breaking up. And there are rumored shadow tour dates. More info on that later.

Gypsee from had brief phone interview with Taylor today! Congrats, Gypsee! You can listen to this interview and read the transcript here.

Reader Basenji heard “Give Me Tonight” on Japanese radio! This is a great thing. Any exposure at this time is wonderful.

January 5th article/interview with Hicks’ Album Scores Well With Fans.

Taylor is scheduled to be on The Ellen Degeneres Show Tuesday where he will perform “Just To Feel That Way”.


4 Responses to It’s been a while!

  1. cathy hancock says:

    Many people will be working , but there is a hugh audience ( Taylor’s demographic base ) that watch these shows. Remember that in some areas Ellen is on late afternoon rather than in the morning. All these syndicated shows are different depending on the region.

    Real Ellen lovers, tape or TEVO her show…. it will be seen

  2. idolicious says:

    Even though Ellen was clearly a Daughtry fan, I got the impression that she still liked Taylor, too (just not as much as she liked Chris). Interesting that he’ll be singing the song on her show. Any promotion is good promotion (at least he’s actually SINGING), but I just wish his people would get the promotion out to a broader audience. Not everyone is sitting at home watching TV at 11 am.

  3. SoulForever says:

    Sorry…new laptop and not use to layout yet so pressed key before finished statement……..

    Surprised that it’s on Ellen but maybe she’s been converted and won’t ask about Chris this time…LOL…plus, Paula being there should add some humor. CAN’T WAIT !

  4. SoulForever says:

    Wow, Taylor’s first national performerance of JTFTW

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