Interviews Taylor Hicks.

And the mp3 is available for download. Check it out, folks!



4 Responses to Interviews Taylor Hicks.

  1. patti says:

    Hi calimari

    Taylor said he is into John Legend, not John Lennon.

    Although I am certain Taylor wouldn’t reject a good Twist and Shout soul screamin’ opportunity should it ever come up.

  2. Aging Hippie: Hello, dear! Hope you are well.

    I love the notion of muses. We all have them, in some semblence or another. Seems Mr. Hicks relies on his, and rightly as most artists do.

    It got me wondering about the actual origin of what constituted a muse, Those rascals at Wikipedia are ever so helpful:
    In Greek mythology, the Muses (Greek Μουσαι, Mousai: from the Proto-Indo-European root *men- “think”, from which mind and mental are also derived[1] are nine goddesses who embody the right evocation of myth, inspired through remembered and improvised song, traditional music. and dances (cf.apsara in Hindu culture). They were water nymphs, associated with the springs of Helicon and Pieris; from the latter they are sometimes called the Pierides. The Olympian system set Apollo as their leader, Apollon Mousagetes. Not only are they used in modern English to refer to an inspiration, as when one cites his/her own artistic muse, but also in the words “amuse” or “musing upon”, which are rooted in their name.
    Personally, my muses are often deep fried or someone whose name rolled easily off the lips of Don Cornelius, but I’m an unusual girl. Proud of it, too.

    Whose are yours?

  3. calimari says:

    I like that he’s into Lennon right now. I’m always into Lennon. Wonder what he’s liking.

  4. AgingHippie says:

    thanks Ash

    I tend to often ‘ think in pictures’ and love the way Taylor creates visuals with his phrasings

    “catch the muses as they go by”

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