New Goodies!

Taylor Hicks: One Year Later.

Fox ( ) 10’s Troy Hayden looks at how Hicks is handling his new role as a star.

Billboard Reviews “Just To Feel That Way”



Is Taylor Hicks the latest “American Idol” to realize that the quickest path to fame and fortune is country, instead of the wall of steel presented by top 40? Seems that way, based on second Southern rock single “Just to Feel That Way.” Granted, first single “Do I Make You Proud” was as formulaic as they come, in the typical mold of “AI” debuts. And on “Just to Feel That Way,” he emits a powerhouse vocal that goes from coarse growl to cool-guy sensitivity; in fact, it is more convincing than most anything he sang on the show. Taylor Hicks Excited About Chris Daughtry’s Success, ‘Obscure Covers’.

Spoonful James w/ Taylor Hicks- Seven Mile.mp3
Live @ Skeeterfest
2003 Possum Den

2 Responses to New Goodies!

  1. AmyH says:

    I love that review of JTFTW. It’s surprising to me how many people call it a country song, but if it gets good play on the country stations that would be fantastic! I’d rather hear it there than sandwiched between Nickelback and Jessica Simpson on the Top 40 station.

    And the Spoonful James news makes me really, really wish I could get to Columbus. 😦

  2. mojavedesertgirl says:

    Loved that Fox interview…did they catch him on the fly Xmas shopping at the Hoover Mall? Nice scarf! What is the local Fox affiliate gonna do without Taylor?
    I’ve got a total crush on the Taylor in the photo with the MTV article…but pout pout…mean old MTV wouldn’t let me copy it so it could become the new screen saver…anyone know where else I can find it? Such a cutie pie.
    Listening to the mp3 right now…
    So many treats! Thanks Ash!

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