American Idol:: Season 6 (yes, I am going there…)

Who is watching? I know some of us are, even if we swore off of the show forever after the crowning of our personal favorite: Taylor Hicks.

I’ll admit to watching on occasion. I did not catch all of Hollywood Week but I did see last night and tonight’s performances.

Do you have any favorites so far?
Do you think one gender group has an advantage over the other?

I’d like to know your thoughts on the progress of this season so far.

The top 24 listed below

Alaina Alexander
West Hollywood, CA

Amy Krebs
Federal Way, WA

Antonella Barba
Point Pleasant, NJ

Gina Glocksen
Naperville, IL

Haley Scarnato
San Antonio, TX

Jordin Sparks
Glendale, AZ

Lakisha Jones
Fort Meade, MD

Leslie Hunt
Chicago, IL

Melinda Doolittle
Brentwood, TN

Nicole Tranquillo
Philadelphia, PA

Sabrina Sloan
Studio City, CA

Stephanie Edwards
Savannah, GA


AJ Tabaldo
Santa Maria, CA

Blake Lewis
Bothell, WA

Brandon Rogers
North Hollywood, CA

Chris Richardson
Chesapeake, VA

Chris Sligh
Greenville, SC

Jared Cotter
Kew Gardens, NY

Nicholas Pedro
Taunton, MA

Paul Kim
Saratoga, CA

Phil Stacey
Jacksonville, FL

Rudy Cardenas
North Hollywood, CA

Sanjaya Malakar
Federal Way, WA

Sundance Head
Porter, TX

15 Responses to American Idol:: Season 6 (yes, I am going there…)

  1. island3 says:

    I like Lakisha and Melinda. Brandon has a good voice but I think suffers from the same thing Melinda does, ie they look a little bland onstage. They’re good singers but a lot of stage presence is, unfortunately, about style and charisma. Lakisha has more of both onstage.

    Everybody seems to be dumping on Sanjaya because of his lack of projection in his onstage singing. I don’t agree he has a bad voice, think he just doesn’t know how to use it yet. He needs some experience, maybe coaching. He does a have natural charisma, which is like money in the bank. I think if he can pull it together he might have a good career in pop.

  2. King Proehl says:

    I am watching. So far I like Jordan Sparks and Blake Lewis. Really there are a lot of good singers in this batch. Just hard to watch since there are no Taylor Hicks singers in the lot. Taylor really put on a show along with his music. So far most of this group seems too blah. I hope it picks up as the show rolls on. I think that is why I like Jordan and Blake they both seem to have some spark to them.

  3. Cali50 says:

    Oh, man! The guys were awful. If I had to pick a favorite, it woud be the beat boxer and Chris Richardson. But the women were so much better. I really liked Melinda, Gina, Lakisha, and Jordin. I think a woman will win this year and with the success of Jenifer Hudson, I think the divas have an even better chance!

  4. Rabbit says:

    I’m watching. All I can do is really think about where Taylor was at the same time in the show last year. But for now, the boys – eh… I do like Blake – and Chris Sleigh. There are some good girls, but no one in the show this year comes close to even matching Lakisha. Not even close. I’m gonna go out on a limb and predict that she will probably take it this year.

  5. Biggest Taylor Fan says:

    Historia, You nailed it! And my vote goes to Lakeisha!

  6. Leroy'sSharon says:

    I wasn’t going to watch Idol this year…but Lakisha is from my town. Our company does work at the church Lakisha grew up with. So……I am watching.

  7. Colleen says:

    These are my top 3 guys… last year did pretty good so picking again…. that guy, the other guy, and that one with the blond hair! 🙂 haha.

    I like some from this years, but after Taylor right now it’s hard to get excited about any performance. I do like Blake, and Jarret. I can see Jarret making the top 12 but not the winner. For me it’s too early to tell who’s going to be my favorite.

    As for the girls don’t know. There’s alot of powerhouses so all we need to do is get rid of the rest!

  8. Jules says:

    Oops – I forgot about Chris Sligh – I even voted for him – I really like him although he seemed a little uncomfortable performing the other night – I love his sense of humor but not the best strategic idea there with the Il Divo/Teletubbies crack.

  9. Jules says:

    Definitely agree with Blake as the front runner for the guys – he is an original & a natural. I really like Brandon Rogers too but that MJ song did nothing for me at all. I don’t see why people like Head – maybe because he reminds me of someone I know & dislike immensely. I can’t stand the JT impersonator. The rest – eh…we’ll see – I predict Rudy’s gone tonight & most likey Paul Kim. Phil creeps me out but he can sing.

    For the girls I think Melinda is fabulous – also really like Sabrina & Lakisha – Antonella really needs to go – she shouldn’t have made it this far – she’s WAY out of her league – the rest I don’t really care about – except probably Jordin – I think she’ll go far – I can at least remember what she sang last night – the others – fraid not.

  10. soulrat says:

    The guys do nothing for me this year (as opposed to last year). Although from Tuesday Blake Lewis was my pick (for that night at least). Sang a really cool song by Keane. The girls are another story all together. Melinda Doolittle and Lakisha. Wow some talented ladies. Both very sweet and humble also. Lakisha gave me chills, just incredible.

  11. KraftR says:

    I’m with Patty… I like LaKeisha. I also like Melinda Doolittle.

    I was never a regular watcher, and never paid attention to this stage of the game before, but no one has particularly caught my interest. I really liked Chris Sligh, but I thought he wasn’t funny with the retort to Simon this week, and that turned me off. I don’t know if that will turn around.

    I’ll keep watching, I assume, mostly because hubby and I have gotten into the habit of discussing the contestants, and I enjoy that.

  12. patty cee says:

    this year, i’m all about lakisha!

  13. boogie says:

    My personal favorites so far:

    Blake Lewis- Funky and multi-talented. I’m ready to see what he brings next week.
    Chris Sligh- He needs to step it up but I love his voice (the humor is just a bonus)
    Sundance- He needs to work it out. Desperately. And I think he knows it. The only question now is will he? I believe that he can, and I hope he gets another chance.

    Jordin Sparks- Love her voice, look, personality.
    Lakisha Jones- She’s amazing. The one to beat so far.
    Melinda Doolittle- I am so glad she tried out.
    Sabrina Sloan- Fun. Good voice.
    Stephanie Edwards- A great performance to start off the show.

    Contestants I would send packing soon based on what I have seen:

    Rudy Cardenas- Too corny. I could give him a little slack if he was just a little corny, but the level of corny in this week’s performance reminded me of Bobby Whats-his-names Copa Cabana performance.

    Antonella Barba – Bad song choice. Okay voice but okay doesn’t cut it.
    Haley Scarnato- I don’t see her winning or making it far at all. Boring to me.

  14. well, since you asked….

    Chris Sligh and Sundance Head were my favorites until last night. Last night the Beat Box Guy was really good, and Sundance and Chris just didn’t blow me away. (actually I missed Sundance Head’s performance last night, but from the little clip at the end I don’t think it was that good.)

    I really want to root for Sundance. I loved his audition. I hope he brings it. I could vote for him if he did. (God help me.)

    I’d say that so far, the Beat Box Guy has got to be a favorite. He has it all: nice singing voice, charisma, and he stands out because of his hair and beat boxing. He wouldn’t drive me crazy enought to vote for him, but I think he’s good enough to get alot of votes…and maybe win.

    (I missed the girls tonight because I was on the Taylor cellcert, so I don’t have a favorite yet.)

  15. Historia says:

    Well you asked, so here I go….Overall I was very underwhelmed by the guys.I just do not see a huge frontrunner or frontrunners that we saw last year.

    The Boys:
    Rudy- good voice, bad song choice, looked unatural with movements on stage….vocally he is capable of better.
    Sanjaya- sweet, good tone quality, but too young, needs to get a thicker skin and more experienced.
    Chris Richardson- Will be hugely popular with the pre-teens, but I would like him to shake the JT image and be more original.
    Paul Kim- I thought he was very shaky. Couple that with a bad song choice and his journey may end quicker than anyone thought.
    Jared- I thought he did ok. Very middle of the road, but in a group of sub-par performances, I at least remember him.
    Nick- Vocals were good, but not a wise song choice
    A.J.- a pleasant surprise…does not motivate me to vote for him, but he did alot better than I expected.
    Sundance- WTF???He needs to relax and get back into a genre he can feel comfortable in and relax.
    Phil- good potential, but I must admit his bald head is not flattering for him, and as much as I do not want it to, it distracts me.
    Blake- Refreashing, loved choice of Keane song, but must here more music versatility before deciding on him.
    Brandon Rogers- HUGE potential, maybe the best male vocalist this year.
    Chris Sligh- Not his best performance, but he can sing, and I adore his personality. He needs to step up big next week.

    The Girls: A whole other story.
    Alaina Alexander- disliked everything about her performance
    Amy Krebs- very forgetable and unimpressive
    Antonella Barba- bad, bad, bad…out of her league
    Haley- good potential, but step it up
    Gina- I thought she nailed it, very risky, but well done.
    Jordin- I liked her alot. Fantastic voice, I just hope she can hold her own in the competition regarding her lack of experience.
    Leslie- I just do not get her…need to see more before commenting
    Nicole- another WTF???Bad, bad song choice
    Sabrina Sloan- great vocal control and should do well
    Stephanie- not only a good singer, but also a good performer
    Melinda Doolittle- outstanding, she just keeps getting better and better
    LaKisha- AWESOME….brought down the house, and I expect she will be around until the end. Best singer and performance of all 24.

    So what do the rest of you think?

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