Jacksonville Show Review @ Jacksonville.com

American Idol provided the launching pad. It’s now up to Taylor Hicks to become a star. Fueled by his Soul Patrol, the season five American Idol winner’s solo career blasted off before a packed Florida Theatre crowd. Hicks’ fans, many of them with hair just as gray as his but about 15 to 20 years older, stood and cheered throughout the 75-minute show Wednesday night.

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3 Responses to Jacksonville Show Review @ Jacksonville.com

  1. Denise E. says:

    I think that The person was honest and gave his true opinion witch I feel was a good one.We all know that Taylor will always be true to himself and no one not even Clive Davis will change the man.

  2. patty cee says:

    it’s a great, honest, fair review. i’m glad the guy went with an open mind. anyone who does will have to feel the power! i hope the reporter down here (tampa) will also attend without agenda. he’s famous down here for dissing taylor hicks.

  3. AmyH says:

    Hmm. A mostly complimentary review (the reviewer obviously enjoyed himself). Via the cellcert I really did NOT get the vibe that the audience didn’t dig JTFTW. Phantom said it went over well and I could hear the audience singing along, so I don’t know what he is talking about.

    Although, it’s hard to take a pro journalist 100% seriously when they can’t do a simple Google search to find the true name of a song (Without Love? I think not).

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