04/01 Greensburg, PA: April Fools and the Fall

You never know what’s going to turn up, do you? The Fall as a surprise encore, or a little Boston in Pennsylvania. The following set list brought to you by Team Boogie United, a little colorless with Basenji on break. Comment, correct and recap at will.

04/01/07 Palace Theater, Greensburg, PA

Opening(for the last time this tour): Michael Warren – joined by Brian Less and Al?

Gonna Move
Give Me Tonight
Hell of a Day
Wherever I Lay My Hat (teases: Nightshift (the Commodores)
Chain Gang (Sam Cooke))
Compared to What (tease: Goin’ Up the Country (Canned Heat))
The Deal
Heart and Soul (tease: Can’t Trust Your Neighbor (Johnnie Taylor)
Brown-eyed Handsome Man (Chuck Berry)
It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World (James Brown))
Just to Feel That Way
Young Turks
Heaven Knows (tease: Ain’t That Peculiar (Marvin Gaye)) segue into
The Maze (teases: You Make Me Feel So Free (Van Morrison)
Let’s Get it On (Marvin Gaye)
Rough God Goes Riding (Van Morrison))
The Right Place
Soul Thing
The Runaround (tease: Dirty Water (the Standells))

The Fall (original song, first time this tour)


15 Responses to 04/01 Greensburg, PA: April Fools and the Fall

  1. Tammy says:

    Waited for Taylor after the Greensburg concert with my 5 yr old daughter anxiously awaiting his autograph. She had a kindergarten folder with her and on the inside she wrote, “Taylors Autograph” followed by a box with a line for Taylor to sign on.

    The band came out first and she ended up with the drummer, sax and guitar players autograph. Her little folder became her treasure and she was overcome with happiness when Taylor finally came out and signed on the very line she made for him.

    What a terrific man, he took time with her and even stooped down to be on level with her.

    Thanks for the wonderful show and for showing my daughter what a true idol is all about.

    Tammy, Pittsburgh

  2. Denise E. says:

    wow looks like to was a great set that is awesome that he did The Fall I love that song. I sure hope he will keep on singing it I am going to AC on the 14th hope he is singing it then! I am so glad we have this place now I always like to see what he sings every night.Thanks to everyone for making the possible!

  3. roadtriptime says:

    Hi, all.

    I attended the Greensburg concert last night. It was my first Taylor Hicks live performance. In a word, it was woo. Or even woo hoo!

    One overarching disclaimer before I start:
    I didn’t get a lot of sleep on Saturday night, so my memories may be a bit distorted.
    I couldn’t fall asleep, because my brain kept pondering, “Please let the concert be good. Please, please. But you know the concert is going to be good, it always is. Still, please let the concert be good,” etc.

    Here are my notes in ranking of how I think they’ll interest the Boogie.
    I subjected my poor friend to a lot of my musings post-show, but I’ll try to be more substantive here.

    In the lobby, between MW’s set and TH’s set, they were playing TH songs.
    I went to queue for the bathroom, and for the overhead music in the lobby, they were playing “the Runaround” and maybe “The Deal.”

    Here’s the thing—the songs didn’t sound like the album version or the demo version. I haven’t heard the live versions of the songs well enough to know what it was for sure. (also, it seems like the songs change a little every night)

    I am wondering if they were recordings of live performances from the soundboard. There wasn’t any screaming or clapping.

    May I dare to hope that the TH folks _are_ taping the performances, even if they’re not sharing them with us?

    I’m stealing her thunder, but Boogier susan54vw got a setlist at the end. I thought she might have posted by now, but I didn’t see it yet. The written setlist for last night had “Long Train Running” written there for encore, not “The Fall.”

    I didn’t know that you guys could hear us chatting. I couldn’t tell if anyone was chatting on the phone immediately after the concert. I asked my friend to listen, but she couldn’t hear anything, so I just ended the call.

    I saw someone to the right and front of me dusting during “The Fall” (I think).

    I was sitting behind a tall man and also three women in about the third row were standing, so I could barely see TH perform the song.
    I’m going to sidestep the whole “stand or not during a performance” debate. I was just glad that we didn’t get scolded for not standing like that crowd the other night “you should have done that a long time ago.”

    So….the dust is out there…. it’s a matter of whether someone feels like pollinating…..

    Right before the end, maybe “Runaround,” TH said that he thought Gbg was maybe the best crowd they had had so far on tour. I was a bit puzzled, because surely we couldn’t have been better than the Bham crowd, but make of it what you will.

    In “The Maze,” the random lyric generator stuck again. He started, “Shadows to the left and to the [can’t hear what he said].” I thought it was pretty funny (but cute!) and I think guitarist Josh smiled.

    He namechecked Greensburg at least twice during a song. I can’t remember the first time, but he sang “the door is always open in Greensburg, Pennsylvania” during “TRP.” Does he namecheck the concert city in a song commonly?

    I was glad to finally get a copy of _UTR_. I was trying to redress a tiny bit of my karmic imbalance, as I had been listening to the mp3s kinda furiously for a while. When I got home, I put it in a drawer, because I wasn’t even sure I wanted to listen to it because I’m afraid of wearing out the booklet and CD.
    I was wondering, did the album cover always have those concentric circles? Somehow in those little photos from the Internet and Laser’s Edge, I figured the cover was white in the white spaces.

    I wrote it down, because I knew someone on the Boogie would want to know. Then when I got home, I saw, “Yes, it’s Thackeray.”
    He was playing the T5 on “The Fall.”

    It was really loud last night. I could feel the floor vibrating from the bass in my feet. I could also feel my seat vibrating during the show.

    Alright, I’ve written what I know. I am afraid that I am not much help on song tags, as I have very limited musical knowledge.

    Thanks, all!!

  4. EJ says:

    He finally freakin palyed it! I don’t particularly like that song, but I’m glad because so many others seem to love it so much.

  5. Littleone says:

    I am going to see him Thursday night in Hampton Beach. Praying that he keeps “The Fall” as his encore! Wow!!

  6. AmyH says:

    Check the play by play thread on The Board.

    That’s all I’m saying.

  7. Soulkaren says:

    Taylor had me at “The Fall” and “Somehow”…

    Would give anything to hear last night’s replay…and hoping for BOTH on the California tour dates!

    LOVE Taylor fast, love Taylor dancin’…

    But Taylor acoustic melts my heart.

  8. spaceytracy says:

    First time to the Boogie in a long time…… overtime at work is starting to slow down, I am beginning to get a life again… Love the front page and the tour recaps. Good job, guys!

  9. Robin4T says:

    Great idea. Happy to see this activity here.

    Looking over the set list. Were we not able to confirm Big Boss Man as a tag then? Sure thought I heard it.

  10. mojavedesertgirl says:

    I’m very happy to see The Boogie Blog active again!
    Looking forward to hearing firsthand accounts of the show last night…

    Loved Michael singing Use Me at the Destin show – GREAT that’s gotten an encore during the tour.

  11. AmyH says:

    Re: Use Me – In Destin, LiMBO brought Michael on stage with them to do that song. It was spectacular. There is some video floating around. I think it might still be in the LiMBO Forum on The Board.

  12. PhantomOfSoul says:

    Thanks for posting the setlist, Thack. I was listening in on the cell cert and even over the phone “The Fall” sounded incredible — better than I’ve ever heard it. Just Taylor and the guitar. Lovely. Hope he does it again on this tour.

  13. MicheleAnn says:

    Brian Less and Al only joined Michael Warren for Use Me.

  14. cali50 says:

    Yes, it is nice to see the set list here! I love the way the blog looks today. It looks active! Last night! Gaaahhhh!

  15. AmyH says:

    Oh Good! I was hoping this would happen. It’s good to see the setlist on the front page.

    AMAZING night last night. Phew!

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