04/03 By the Banks of the River Charles

Boston, that is, not Ray (nor Gray). Last week, we were in the land of Muddy Waters, this week, Dirty Water. This is a bit early, but I thought people could start getting excited.

Taylor Hicks w/ Toby Lightman opening
Avalon Theatre
7:30pm EST

Heaven Knows (tease: Ain’t That Peculiar (Marvin Gaye)) segue into>
Maze (teases: Want Ads (Honey Cone)
> Rough God Goes Riding (Van Morrison)
> Let’s Get It On (Marvin Gaye))
Give Me Tonight
Compared To What (tease: Goin’ Up the Country (Canned Heat))
Wherever I Lay My Hat (teases: Nightshift (the Commodores)
> Chain Gang (Sam Cooke))
Just To Feel That Way
Heart and Soul (teases: Brown Eyed Handsome Man (Chuck Berry)
> Can’t Trust Your Neighbor (Johnnie Taylor)
Dream Myself Awake
Young Turks
Somehow (original: first live performance we’ve heard (recorded 10 yrs ago))
Naked in the Jungle
Soul Thing (teases: Shotgun Man (Jerry Lee Lewis)
> Night Life (Willie Nelson)
The Right Place
The Runaround (tease: Big Boss Man (Jimmy Reed))

Encore: Badge

Right across from Fenway Park, the Avalon is a popular club known for, among other things, a great sound and light system. With the Sox opening out of town this week, hungry fans can perhaps get a fix with Brown-eyed Handsome Man. This marks the first night of Toby Lightman opening on the tour. Here’s a taste:

Toby Lightman “Alone”

If you’d like to read what they’re saying in Boston, here you go:

Boston Globe

Boston Herald

Feel free to recap, precap, or simply cap here. Set list will be posted after the concert. If you want to get in on the famed boogie cellcert, go here shortly before the concert start time (to post there, you’ll have to be registered):

Boogie cellcert forum

Until then, enjoy some Dirty Water by the Shendells (thanks to AmyH). We think he teased this in Pittsburgh. Maybe we’ll get more in Boston?


6 Responses to 04/03 By the Banks of the River Charles

  1. Legacy says:

    I love this, it is so well done and something the boogie and Taylor can be proud of. I love being a part of this very talented group.

  2. PhantomOfSoul says:

    This looks Maaaahvelous, Thack. Thank you for the links to the press articles and the cell cert. Rocking. This is just what we need.

  3. Margaux says:

    I downloaded Toby’s newest CD a few weeks ago, listening now to get ready to hear her tonight.
    That other guy she’s playing with, I think I know most of his songs.

  4. cali50 says:

    Love the Globe article also. Has Taylor ever called himself Mary Poppins before! This is a very happy man! I also am loving seeing so much info on this blog page, that I am running out of time this morning to go on to the message board! Great job you guys!

  5. thackeray says:

    Just because I can’t help noticing: Toby also plays a Taylor guitar.

  6. bcath says:

    Great! Love that Boston Globe article. I live on the west coast, but “attend” a Boston college – – so the Globe is a regular part of the reading material around here. Gotta love Boston, and I can’t wait for the cellcert tomorrow.

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