Taylor Hicks and Widespread Panic 3/31 Cleveland


Taylor plays with Widespread Panic at the Wiltern on June 29, 2006
Taylor has shown his indie/jam band colors once again. He appeared on stage with Widespread Panic Saturday, playing harmonica on “Stop Breaking Down Blues”. He has appeared with them before, last June, when he played harmonica on “Fishwater”.This news courtesy of Gray Charles.You can play or download the MP3 of “Stop Breaking Down Blues” right here

Widespread Panic website

Gray Charles

ETA: Widespread Panic talks Taylor on their blog. This entry found by Soulkaren. Click right here scroll about half way down. Entry is called “Widespread Panic is Taylor Hicks #1 Friend”.

This video of Taylor playing harp with Widespread Panic brought to you by graycharles.com:



15 Responses to Taylor Hicks and Widespread Panic 3/31 Cleveland

  1. Carol says:

    Don’t want to borrow without asking, so I’ll just suggest you check over at GC for a video from the WSP show … it’s Charcoal’s post #37 in the Boston thread.

    Thanks, Annalisa … whoever you are!

  2. cathy hancock says:

    I would think it would have become obvious to people, that given the opportunity and the inclination, Taylor Hicks can play with anyband ,in any genre and hold his own, if not shine like the unique star he will become.

  3. PhantomOfSoul says:

    Great pictures from Glide Magzine! Thanks.

  4. Jan says:

    Carol: That’s where I found the link to the torrent. My bad that it didn’t even occur to me to mention the pictures.

  5. Jan says:

    You can download the entire show here if you know how to download a torrent. I am downloading it right now.

    I wish someone would learn how to capture an entire show and start recording Taylor’s shows. I have seen the recording device people use at shows but don’t know how much they cost or how to use one. I think I’ll start researching that now.

  6. thackeray says:

    The Glide article is cool. I love this line:

    “Hey, JoJo, let’s go bang the broads Hicks brought with ‘em…”

    I guess they haven’t heard the rap, or don’t care. 🙂

  7. Carol says:

    Some great photos are posted on the Glide Magazine website:


  8. thackeray says:

    If this isn’t the last time we see Hicks perform with Panic, I suggest we check both tour schedules.

    Honestly, I’m hoping to see Taylor get in on some jam festivals in the summer. I know he’s got some fair dates scheduled, but a jam thing would be more up my alley.

  9. PhantomOfSoul says:

    Carol — Great find!

    I love this line “This won’t be the last time we see Hicks perform with Panic.” Yeah. Panic is definitely showing some love for Taylor. And that is so very, very cool. Ought to open the eyes of some people who wouldn’t be caught dead watching American Idol.

  10. Claireb7tx says:

    WSP/TH …Great find! I love this stuff. I don’t know where your all find the time…I barely have time to pop in a couple of times a day to see what is new. Thanks!

  11. Carol says:

    There is a second post on the WSP blog entitled Out Like A Lion (complete with photo) that mentions Taylor, too:

    “Well as I predicted in an earlier blog, Taylor Hicks made his way on stage to join Widespread Panic once again. The audience in Cleveland got to see Taylor take the stage to perform Stop Breakin’ Down Blues with the boys. This won’t be the last time we see Hicks perform with Panic. And expect to see other guests hanging out with the band this tour. The Cleveland show was a high energy evening for all at the State Theater as JB played to his hometown fans and took March out like a lion!”

    Great news!

  12. OSB says:

    Have harp will travel! Can’t keep the man from doing what he loves – luckily for us!

  13. katja says:

    Excellent! I love having another Widespread Panic/Taylor Hicks -tune in my vault!

  14. AmyH says:

    This is great news! I love that Taylor is able to play with just about anyone – and actually keep up with them. What a fun weekend for him.

    On another note, I had forgotten that last collaboration was at the Wiltern. Seeing that pic makes me positively giddy for the upcoming show there!!

  15. tishlp says:

    I found the info at the message board but came here since Phantom said there would be more here. I love that picture.

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