The Boogie Board invades GoFish and YouTube

There’s a wee project going on these days on the boogie board.  It’s an effort to pull together the very best fan footage we can find of Taylor’s tour and create a video series called “The Boogie Board presents… the Best of The Taylor Hicks Tour 2007”.  Por quoi?  Well, for one thing, it will hopefully provide a way for you to get the best of the fan video without having to wade through dozens and dozens of partial and blurry videos.  But more importantly, it’s our effort to promote Taylor and his tour — to show people the maelstrom he creates as a live performer.  Long live the monkey!

The videos are partials, at the request of Taylor’s management.  They will be posted on GoFish and YouTube.  If you’d like to submit video to this project, well, then, you rock.  You can send a PM to PhantomOfSoul via the boogie board.  Or check the media thread on the boogie board for posts on the Boogie Board Best Of project and raise your virtual hand there. has joined us on this project and will be posting the videos and downloadable versions on her fantastically professional website.  Check us out on her home page at  Is that cool, or what? 

Here are the first three videos.  Don’t forget to post a comment and rate us at GoFish and YouTube!

#1 The Right Place (filmed in Green Bay, submitted by Phantom)

#2 Compared to What (filmed in Huntsville, submitted by ksuer)


#3 My Home’s in Alabama (filmed in Birmingham, submitted by bigsis)


— Phantom


15 Responses to The Boogie Board invades GoFish and YouTube

  1. bjewel says:

    Hurrah!! Fantastic! The Boogie is the Best…My heart is beating fast now, after watching these videos…thanks for the jump start.

  2. tishlp says:

    This is one of the coolest things the Boogie has done. I posted links to the videos on my other web site and told people to go watch and rate the videos and leave comments. Hopefully we can keep Taylor’s videos at the top of the Most Viewed or Highest Rated lists so more people will see how talented he is. Great work everyone!

  3. Legacy says:

    What a creative undertaking to bring Taylor to the uninformed. Thanks to all of you who are working on this project. I am proud to call the Boogie home.

  4. CJ says:

    I love this having the up dated front page blog.
    I was getting lost all the time in the boogie pages and couldn’t remember where I left off half the time . I hope people will start posting here too. I never could understand why nobody posted in the blog, it’s almost like the gray charles format. Thanks ladies for jumping in here.

  5. patty cee says:

    this is great, guys. i appreciate all you do! sweet! swell! cool! you rock!

  6. thackeray says:

    I love that a view of who Taylor really is will be out there for people to see. Finally. Thanks to everyone doing this.

  7. Malisa says:

    I love things that are well done and the people that take the time and care to do them well. You guys are the best.

  8. KraftR says:

    blogging-concert-music goodness, all around. What a perfect blend! This is such good stuff, especially for those of us who have never seen Taylor live, and have no immediate plans to do so.

    Love it.

  9. jenniesaunt says:

    You are Taylor’s head cheeerleader! Great to have the connection (ko-neck-shun [tm DD]) with tayonline too. Many thanks for having this great idea.

  10. LindaInIowa says:

    Awesome idea!
    Can’t think of a better place to post these than on That is one of the best Tay websites on the planet and I tend to think it’s popularity is growing by leaps and bounds!
    Thanks to all the hard work by all of you in this project. This is going to be a great help to Taylor and will most certainly get the word out regarding what a fantastic LIVE performer he truly is!

  11. cali50 says:

    This is such a wonderful idea, Boogie ladies! Even though I don’t possess your talent for doing this job I am so proud to be a member and call you all friends! If I don’t get to see CTW live along the way, at least I’ll have this!

  12. IbelieveinTHesong says:

    Amazing start to a hopefully endless string of videos. Yeah, Tay’s fantastic voice is “somethin’ else”!!

  13. OSB says:

    Fabulous project – kudos to all involved!

  14. mojavedesertgirl says:

    Love this, love this, love this!

    I’ve said it before, and still it bears repeating – the Boogie is home to the most creative, intelligent, caring and fun folk who love and respect what music brings to the quality of our lives. This video project to spotlight Taylor’s amazing first solo national tour is the perfect example of what I mean. Bravo — standing ovation — bravo!

    By the way – some damn video of the beloved crazy circle dancing!

  15. CJ says:

    Thanks for that video I was waiting for that one to surface. Nice and clearpicture and sound.

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