Soul Injected Blues… Somehow

Video #6 and #7 of the Boogie Board Presents series are up on Gofish & Youtube.

#6 is the long-awaited, much-anticipated, shiver-inducing Somehow as performed for the first time on the tour in Boston.  Footage courtesy of Taygerl and EJ.  Yeah, it’s that good.  Here it is:

If you think that’s a treat, wait until you see video #7. I’ve received oustanding footage of Taylor tagging songs, especially blues songs.  So I decided to put a bunch of these bits together into one video focusing on Taylor doing the blues.  Please do take a look as this one is EXTREMELY WORTH IT.  I call it Soul Injected Blues.  And if you have any nay-sayer friends, you might want to send them the link.  Thanks to EJ, Partaygirl, Janibeth, Ksuer and Bigsis for footage.

Please rank these and leave comments, if you’d be so kind.  I’d like to see the Blues piece gain a foothold on GoFish especially.  Here’s the GoFish link to leave comments: 



9 Responses to Soul Injected Blues… Somehow

  1. phantomofsoul says:

    Justwatchin — I so agree on both counts. My hubby is a musician/composer and Somehow is the one original song of Taylor’s that he thought on first hearing could be a bit hit. I hope it shows up on the next album, too.

    AND I hope we don’t have to wait TOO long for another CD. But you’re right — with his touring schedule he won’t even get started until Fall. And I’m sure he’ll take his time with the next one.

  2. justwatchin says:

    I find it interesting that Somehow has been around for 10 years, and is such a great song…you wonder that it didn’t surface much sooner…it still is beautiful…hope he puts it on this next CD…if he keeps all this touring up, he’s not going to have much time to put one out..he’s booked thru Aug2 so far!!!

  3. OSB says:

    Fabulous videos! Thanks to all involved. That was really superb work on the blues mix, Phantom! I doubt there’s one fan of “Somehow” who isn’t wondering the same, Thackeray – now, we need answers. Brian hasn’t been with him as long – John Cook might be the anwer man for this pre-Brian.

  4. phantomofsoul says:

    Thack, as you say, I’ve never heard any recording of it live or any recording of it, period, other than the IYT CD. So at the very least I don’t think he’s done it much. But that might be a good question for Brian.

  5. cypfan says:

    Kudos to the Phantom and her cohorts who brought this compilation of musical brilliance to us. Left a comment at GoFish but it is woefully inadequate. On Easter Sunday my family is in for something better than a chocolate bunny. I will sit each down to view this video.
    Somehow video: I noticed the sheepish smile on Taylor’s face when he finished the song and turned toward the band while the audience went wild…..He knew 🙂 🙂

  6. thackeray says:

    These are so great. I wish I knew when he last did Somehow. I’ve never seen it referred to on any of the pre-Idol sets that have emerged. Has anyone else? Surely this isn’t the first time since IYT came out, but I wonder if it’s been off his rotation for awhile, or if it’s just coincidence that the stuff that’s come our way doesn’t include it. In any case, I love this take, and I love watching the joy he shows in performing it. He must have known what he was giving his fans with that performance. And to know that the song we craved from him, more than any other, was an original had to mean something.

    Thanks so much to the videographers and editors on this project. It is so far out of skill set that I really appreciate the hard work and talents of those of you providing these.

  7. juliegr says:

    Outta this world! Good job.

    A rating hasn’t been created to assign to Taylor Hicks — he’s off the scale!


  8. Jan says:

    You got skills girl! I love this footage. It’s great.

  9. justwatchin says:

    rated (5 of course) & comments left (forsure)…Taylor is so fascinating to watch & listen to. tks for yet a nother video

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