Experiment: Open Thread

For a change of pace, we here at The Boogie are going to try having a daily open thread.

This thread is here for you to talk about Taylor’s Tour, Taylor’s Music, Taylor Related Gatherings, and Other Music. You may also talk about GC in this thread, as I know that his site is something that has been on many people’s minds today.

Post away!

note: If it is your first time commenting your comment will automatically go into moderation. It’s nothing personal- happens to everyone. It’s purely a spam/troll blocking tool. 


117 Responses to Experiment: Open Thread

  1. swimteammom says:

    Hmmm, people don’t post much here. This seems like a great forum. I’m looking for some great places to talk about Taylor. I’m still on cloud 9 after the freak-on-at-the-Beacon on Friday night.

  2. WitheHorse says:

    Hi all!
    I like this forum!!

  3. viv says:

    hi there again…how long will this open thread last??? hopefully forever?

  4. justwatchin says:

    Oh wow…so many more GC refugees so great to “see ” you guys. Hey, does anyone know why Wiltern went bye bye? Sarah! you made it! yahoo!

  5. Txsoulgal says:

    I too feel orphaned from GC. Thank you for putting this together for the lost Soul Patrolers from Gray who love Taylor and his music. I have met some of you at TH concerts. It is nice to see familiar names.

  6. SRBENIGNA says:

    Enjoyed the videos very much. Thanks to the Boogie!!Will probably just lurk.
    Just want to say i’m a fan of John Mayer & love that song “I’m Gonna Find Another You.” But would love to hear Taylor’s version.

  7. viv says:

    i am so happy to find this place. i am a th fan bigtime and checked in on gc every day. this suits me just fine..sao thankyou for welcoming all of us gc fans.

  8. LindaC says:

    Thanks to the Boogie for opening this shelter. I’ve enjoyed lurkering here and the cellcerts since the AI tour. This is a first class operation.

  9. makeitdo says:

    Good Morning everyone. Listened to the cellcert last night, Taylor sounded great. He did My Friend wooo! Well i gotta get my lazy a$$ to the gym. It’s nice to know that this place will be here when I get back. Taylor’s getting heard, concerts are going great, I get to see him at the Beacon in 1 week and I think my DH now realizes he has no choice but to take me to Big Flats NY ( wherever it is, I think about 4 hours away) in June So it’s a great day.and Its FRIDAY.

  10. KT says:

    Hi everyone! I have mostly lurked at GCs but posted a bit as Skeedat..and as Botay at MJs. It is nice to have a place to post and talk about Taylor. Thanks for opening this thread.

  11. Alison B. says:

    Yes, thank you Ash. Very nice of you to have opened this up.

    Apropos of nothing except good music (and I suppose all the “orphan” talk earlier):

  12. c4tay says:

    Thanks for this kind of open thread. Like the “Let’s Boogie” name for it that was suggested above. So good to see everyone here and so many familiar names. You guys do such a great job here at the Boogie. Ash et al, thanks so much. So hope you’re feeling better. Thanks for making us all feel so welcome and for providing so much.

  13. janey, esq. says:

    I am feeling a little lost without GC. I feel that they “busted up” a rock-solid community of Taylor-lovers. I hope it wasn’t a big mistake for Taylor. I feel a little bits as if they jerked our chains even though it appears that it couldn’t be helped.

  14. Jan says:

    I’m from Alabama. We can’t spell down here, but we sure can sing!!

  15. Jan says:

    I can’t spell – WELCOME

  16. Jan says:

    SarahinWV – Glad to see you made it. I sent you the email. Welcom. I know how you feel. It felt so good to find this place.

  17. Berti says:

    Hi, I’m Berti, and I am a GC Orphan.
    Thank you for allowing us to move on over.
    Your site looks great! Hello all.

  18. azdesertflower says:

    Hello fellow displaced orphans……..well I guess we really aren’t orphans if you have a place to call home . So nice to see all of you here ………..now off to lurkville………….

  19. ElaineOH says:

    I will be checking here often, hoping that this experiment works for everyone! Please drop some breadcrumbs from Gray’s to here so folks can find the way !!!


  20. taylorized says:

    well nice to see everyone here just came out of lurking cuse I miss you all and grey too.Yep I feel like an orphan I need an orphan shirt.

  21. kyarilee says:

    yeah boogie board. I lurk here a lot. Will probably be here more often

  22. calimari says:

    Well, here we are again. De ja vu. I came over here when Gray’s closed last spring, then I bopped in for some cellcerts, and now I guess this will have to be my “first check” place once again now that Gray’s is gone again! I’m also on MJ’s, but this season is just pointless. Anyway – this has always been a great site so it’s nice to see familiar names.

  23. emeralgem says:

    Please, may I come in too? I didn’t post that much over a Gray’s, but did enjoy reading ALL the news everyday about Taylor. For the last couple of days I have been wandering around trying to find a way to connect with Taylor again. Hopefully, I’ve come to the Right Place.
    Thank you so very much for inviting us in to your home.

  24. fatcat says:

    I read in a recent interview where he says he has some gigs lined up this summer with LMBO. I would love to know which ones they are. Anyone know?

  25. Mia says:

    Okay. I’ve found my way to Boogie. Don’t know what the heck is going on, but I’ll give it a whirl. I’ve tried to join here before, but I never get the confirmation email. Gonna try with another address.

    Everyone seems really nice, never been on a cellcert, mostly lurked at GC, so will hopefully enjoy lurking here too. So much to learn here. Thanks for welcoming all the newbies.

  26. shar says:

    Hi all and thanks for opening this daily thread,that is such a kind thing to do.

    I adore Taylor and find that this season is so boring without him. He was the main reason,imo, that viewship was through the roof last year and AI made a fortune from all the new sponsors because of him. Now that they are ignoring him, I am ignoring them and have not cast one single vote and will not this year.

    It is cold and miserable here in Indy, I shouldn’t complain, at least no snow like many north of us, but seeing this thread has warmed me right up!

    Thanks again and I look forward to all of the news,photos,and music of Taylor!

  27. PennyW says:

    Julie – I got info on the meet and greet at the Birchmere. Email me!

  28. juliegr says:

    Hey all ou new arrivees, be sure to check in tonight for the cellcert — it’s wonderful and you’ll catch on real quick. Nice to be with some kindred spirits!!! Before you know it you’ll catch the excitement from the concert and have a fun evening with like minded people ~~~ no gripping, no nitpicking, and no glitter!! Can’t promise there won’t be occasional sighs, however 🙂 !!

    Cheers! and Enjoy what it’s all about for us — Taylor Hicks and real music

  29. Marcy says:

    Hi, I noticed that my comment wasn’t posted because it is awaiting moderation…….Is there something that I should be doing? Thanks again for opening this thread……you made alot of us very happy.

  30. caryl zimmerman says:

    So this is where everybody went. Good to see AgingHippie, griz, and some other familiar names here. I guess I’ll drop in from time to time but at the moment I’m feeling too sad about losing Gray’s to really get involved. Hope you guys have fun, though.

  31. Tami says:

    I just read a google alert in which Taylor talked about going to the post office. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if he’s mailing the office of copyright with new songs. Don’t know why, (he mentioned playing and writing on the road) but that was the first thing came to my mind. Tami (BTM)

  32. Becky C says:

    Thank you all soooo much for the Boogie// I always lurk and read the cell certs and look at the pictures. I didn,t post much at Grays but read all the time and still read a litltle a MJs but don,t feel the Tay love right not. Just like Griz an a few others who posted there. I feel right at home here with all the familiar names. I think I will try to post more here. Thanks so much again for the new “home” Becky C

  33. BJinFLA says:

    Thank you for giving us a voice, GC has been the site we go to for real things Taylor,
    sometimes other sites are rumers or just make you wonder What?
    this is a great site to step into , I think lots of GC folks will be here.
    This is a time in Taylor’s career where people are getting a chance to see him in his element Live and more Fans are coming on board with every show.
    the videos are super, and give us a chance to see WHATS GOING ON
    I went to the shows in the South
    Mobile Nashville Bham
    and I know you can’t go to a show without knowing The SoulMan gives us all he has to give every night.
    peace and love from the beach

  34. RebelFlower says:

    Thank you to Ash and to those welcoming us newbies.

    Gray Charles closing had left a void no doubt about that. I visit Boogie’s regularly to read and learn. It is a great place filled with a lot of nice Taylor fans that love good music.

    Let’s hope Taylor now stays in contact with his own official site so we still feel linked to him.

  35. Tami says:

    I have visited HQ a couple of times and THF (which was where I first landed) but this seems very familiar and I want to thank Ash? for the experiment. It’s been great seeing names I recognize. I didn’t expect to feel as badly as I did when GC closed up shop. Tami (BTM)

  36. dbt says:

    Hi guys…..another gc orphan, here. Glad to have this place. Thanks to everyone that provided a new home for all of us. Looking forward to a lot of good conversation and TH news!

  37. Missy says:

    Welcome all newcomers!! Please take some time to enjoy the fabulous videos presented by the Boogie Board. Best of Taylor Hicks 2007 and the Boogie Bus series at gofish.

  38. Soulkaren says:

    I echo Phantom in welcoming everyone over here. For those of us who came at the first ‘closing’ last June, it’s home. For those of you who are just arriving, I promise, it won’t take long.

    Good, non-glittery folks here, and we’re all about Taylor Hicks and the music. Oh, and about enjoying the ride.

  39. JAG says:

    Well I navigated around last night and found some sites,but I have to tell you,because I am computer illiterate once I got there I couldn’t figure out what the heck to do.So needless to say I was thrilled to find this site up and running,and so full of information.It is wonderful to see so many familiar names. It’s so hard to let go of something that has been so fantastic.Even though I sensed it was ending I guess I didn’t believe it would ever happen.OK,I am not one to dwell on the negative,so it is with great anticipation that I look forward to whatever the future has in store!This seems like a great place to come and learn and keep up with all the news.Thanks Ash,for welcoming us!

  40. Raylindy says:

    Thanks AgingHippie for the “making it larger” tip! Didn’t know about that. Really helped!!

    Nice to see some familiar names here — thanks Ash.

  41. Whizblanc says:

    Thanks Boogie Board from another GC orphan.

  42. soulfulwoman says:

    Thanks for the hospitality. As a former “lurker” and “poster” at GC, I’m grateful to find another Home Base where Taylor and his Music rock the house.

  43. GottaLoveTheMan says:

    Love this site…… New comer here. Is there anyway to make the text bigger? Can hardly see it!!! Didn’t know if was me or if that’s just the way it is…… Either way great site great posts and I too am a GC orphan …. Missing Gray’s site

  44. phantomofsoul says:

    Hi to all the drifters and welcome to the boogie. I’ve been involved here since last summer when we did the AI tour and LMBO cell certs. It’s a great place. Very positive vibe, very “Parrot Head” like travel group. It’s about the MUSIC and having a damn good time. At least, that’s what the boogie means to me and it’s very near and dear to my heart. Hope those of you who can relate to that spirit will find a home away from home here and stick around.

  45. Gigi says:

    Tish, I’ve got to go look for when and where Taylor played “I’m Gonna Find Another You”. …

    but, pulling hard from the dregs of my memory: a) it wasn’t on this tour, b) don’t think it was a tag; c) do think it might have been during one of the appearances he made with LIMBO/others after AI Tour concerts.

    I HAVE to go back and get more work (the real kind 😉 finished before I can look. I may even have it downloaded.

    Yeah, Mayer is great on the guitar, and that clip really shows it off.

  46. madaboutu says:

    Thanks to the Boogie Board for providing a place to “come in out of the cold” for Taylor fans and GC addicts. I appreciate all you have done and are doing. Between your place, GC, Gypsee and MJ’s we have always been kept aware of Taylor happenings.

  47. Marcy says:

    Good Afternoon Everyone!!!! THANK YOU so much Ash for giving us a soft place to fall as my fellow G.C.ers have said. We are all extremely loyal tried and true fans and it is important to feel connected to Taylor and all good music and have a place to share our thoughts. It feels comfortable already……I will be in Atlantic City and New York and will post right after both…I can’t believe it is only two days until Taylor live!!!!!!

  48. Linda says:

    OOPS! Accidentally hit enter. If most everyone ends up at one place, the community can go on. And that’s a “good thing”!

  49. sarahinwv says:

    helloooooo !!! ahhhhhh !!! move over … I need to sit down. I want to kiss everyone right now…..

  50. Linda says:

    Hi All!!! This does feel good, doesn’t it? Thanks, Ash!

    Hi AgingHippie. I’m feeling much better today. Guess I’m in the final stage of grieving: “Acceptance”. It is what it is.

    I love Gray, musically speaking, and I know he dedicated too much of himself, but I was feeling very selfish. But, I think it was the community I was mourning most of all. If everyone ends up at The Right Place, together,

  51. shelovesmodernwhomp says:

    Thanks so much for this! I like this format for commenting better than the message boards, although I have used the one at THHQ a lot and a little at the Boogie Board. This will help after the loss of GC (although there is still archived stuff and tour threads there for now). I do like this web site very much and have heard a lot of positive comments about it. I hope we don’t drive you nuts like we (sometimes) did Gray.

  52. Mertz says:

    I’m another GC orphan looking for a new home. Looks like I’ve found it!! Now I’m off to see more of this place….

  53. Jan says:

    Welcome hicksaholic, I think this is the spot for me too. So gracious of them to open up this thread. I just want to be able to follow Taylor’s career with the friends I have met along the way. I have learned to appreciate so many of the posters at GC. This just feels good.

  54. evancol says:

    Just dropped by to say hello and to thank The Boogie for giving this a try. I’m sure there are plans in the works, but didn’t want to see the group broken up until then.

    Hippie…. I saw at GC you were looking for some things off the jukebox. I probably have most of that stuff. If you give me some titles, I’ll see what I can do.

  55. hicksaholic says:

    I posted at GC and mostly MJ’s but really am more into Taylor than the current AI competitors so I guess I will try here for my Taylor news

  56. Margaux says:

    I’m also very sad about Kurt. Someone just reminded me of some silly movie he was in, where he wrote a kid’s term paper about the author Kurt Vonnegut and got a D. He had a great ability to poke fun at himself, and to use humor and absurdity to make very serious points.

    I read just about everything he wrote in the days of Slaughterhouse Five. When I worked at the bookstore, I was heartened to see that his books are still being assigned in school, and read voluntarily by young people.

  57. Dotti says:

    Ash – thanks. Again.

  58. AmyH says:

    “Columbus did not know where he was going. When he got back, he didn’t know where he had been. But he had a great adventure. And he did it all on borrowed money. There’s hope for all of us.”

    Laurita – That’s hilarious!! 😀

  59. aerinphil says:

    Goooooooddddd morning BOOGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Here’s to a blue sky for everyone 🙂
    I listen to this song whenever I’m down.
    Not the greatest voice but I still like the singer’s vocal texture (choir-boy rocker).
    Hope you folks like it!


    From Philippines with love,

  60. Pamela (SoularEnergy) says:

    I was going to write a final comment in Gray’s meta-blog topic last night but spent several hours reading about blogs on the www instead. This blog about blogs was particularly interesting – you’ll see a lot of “us” in there. Look down the PAST FAVORITES on the left. Very interesting reading.

    *…blogging will make us richer and improve our sex life
    *SXSW speech – “help” button vs “WTF” button
    *Negative people are bad for your brain
    *Drinking Koolaid
    *Conversational writing kicks formal writing’s ass

  61. Thanks for doing this.
    I wonder how long before you use up too much bandwith?

    Maybe you can get the code from Gray to put the numbers on the posts. 🙂

  62. AmyH says:

    “I can’t cut and paste on the page, but I’m not at home, it could be the sytem.”

    “I can’t copy and paste here either and have tried it on both office PCs and our laptop – so either they are all lacking some bit of a program that can be downloaded or it is a site issue”

    Weird – I Copied & Pasted both those statements. Must be your machines.

  63. PennyW says:

    Hello All! Hope I’m welcome here. I know I probably PO’d GC yesterday but his postings on Monkbot were snerty and not posting something on the GC site was just wrong. Guess he got the hint. I sooo enjoyed his site.

    I’ve never been one to question Taylor’s management but now I just have to. There should be a link to a blog (such as this) from his HQ site. I think alot of steam will be lost for Taylor fans if they have to wade thru all the threads and other sites out there. I know I have no patience for them. (Oh, did I tell you I’m seeing Tay perform twice this weekend AND have a meet and greet on sunday)? 🙂

    It’s all about Taylor’s music…Make it work (stolen from project runway)


  64. bjewel says:

    Greetings…just flyin by…a sad, sad day…Kurt Vonnegut has died. After I heard about it, I went to GC’s site, and saw an empty coffin. Gray, you were the greatest of hosts to a host of fans. Ash, thank you for your welcoming nest.

  65. AgingHippie says:

    Hi Margaux

    I can’t copy and paste here either and have tried it on both office PCs and our laptop – so either they are all lacking some bit of a program that can be downloaded or it is a site issue
    I’m embarrassed to ask Ash for anything else right now – would you drop her a PM or email about it ?? TY

  66. Taylorwow says:

    Thanks to all who made this Experiment possible! It’s nice to have a place to go to. I do have one question. The print size for “Replies” is extrememy small on my computer. Is there a way that I can enlarge it to the opening page size? Very hard for me to read. Would appreciate any help on this–I may be doing something wrong.

  67. karebare says:

    hey everybody,
    I’ve been looking for ya’ll. Now I can come here and spend endless hours reading the latest and talking to new found friends.

    Thanks to all who are responsible for this site. Looking forward to chatting.


  68. sooz says:

    Good Morning to Everyone and a Big Thank You to Ash and the Boogie Co.,

    I dragged this over from a post I made on the GC changes thread because I’ve seen a couple of comments that I wanted to respond to with my two cents. I hope this is OK to do. (I promise I’m going to go read the Basics today.)

    As someone who analyzes everthing to death, I agree GC being done is terribly sad. However, I have learned over the years, most of the time people say what they mean. First and foremost, I believe Taylor had every intention of trying to figure out how to keep GC going when he did the last audio blog last week. It probably became very apparent, all things considered, it wasn’t feasible. Besides, GC without Gray isn’t really GC anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised if what did it for Taylor was when he couldn’t even get into his own website chat the other day. (Ok, that is kinda funny when you picture it.)
    Someone said Taylor has so many plates in the air and I’m sure we only know the half of it. If he was younger, less experienced and wasn’t so damned determined, we wouldn’t even be here talking about this, let alone know who he is.

    The Boss will continue to “make it do what it do”. He’s already proven that to anyone who sees him during those glorious 90 minutes at each tour stop. I for one, will continue to be right behind him cheering him on to whatever his next adventure will be, GC or no GC.

  69. She's Gone says:

    Gigi, thanks for the John Mayer video. The guiar is awesome. That’s my favorie song on his CD.

  70. Margaux says:

    Ash: you’ve got some nice comfy sofas here, thanks as always.

    Aging Hippie: I learned something today – that nifty ctrl-scroll text size trick. Who knew? I can’t cut and paste on the page, but I’m not at home, it could be the sytem.

    I wonder what kind of website Taylor really wants. Certainly not those randomly-updated corporate flashy things.

  71. makeitdo says:

    OMG..This just feels goooood.Nice to see so many familiar names. I don’t post much, but read it all. So nice to see you all.

  72. AgingHippie says:

    thanks for that PSA !!!
    never noticed it before – situation rectified now :]

  73. tish says:

    GiGi, thanks for the link to the John Mayer video, great guitar! Mayer is a master on the guitar. When did Taylor sing this song? Was it the complete song or a tag in another song during this tour? Just curious.

  74. EJ says:

    Ash & Company- thanks again!

    cochem- good luck tonight!

    Aginghippie- thanks SO much for the tip- I was going blind here!

    Finally, Babynco and I were at the concert at the Tower theater last night. We went on a whim, if you can believe it. I’ll post a brief recap on the Boogie Board.

  75. cali50 says:

    Very generous of you, Ash! I hope everyone minds their manners. To all you newbies, be sure to go over to “Basic Info” on the side bar and check out the Boogie Board. There is a wealth of info there and it’s all categorized. Also, take note of the donate option under Etc on the side bar. When this place gets busy and Ash needs more bandwidth, it’s not free for her and I don’t think it should be free for us either. This place brings me more pleasure than many things I pay for on a regular basis! Sorry, Ash, don’t get mad that I did a “public service announcement!”

  76. She's Gone says:

    Thank you to ever created this site. I am definitely going to call this site home. This is exactly the format I like, since I like to remain somewhat anonymous and don’t have a lot of time to post.

  77. lulupod says:

    Just wanted to say thank you to Ash for helping out the GC community (posters and lurkers) in keeping us together.

    I enjoy Taylor and his music very much and compliment all of you who post and keep us updated. Cheersing the Boogie Board and Everyone!

  78. juliegr says:

    HOWD-EEE friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and over-the-fencers!!

    Welcome to the Boogie! I’ve been bouncing around over the last year (would land somewhere MJ or AI message board ) but always returned to GC and Boogie — sanity, ya know?!! So happy to see some of my virtual friends are also coming to the Boogie. You’ll like the conversation, the fun, and the CELLCERTS!! BTW, I’m got the assignment for 4/15 and 4/17. If you notice me sweating to the oldies along with Taylor, come over and say hi!

    Cheers Everybody and Welcome!

  79. soyouknowitsgotsoul says:

    Thanks AgingHippie. Not only is my sight going, but the loss of brain cells is increasing daily.

  80. Gigi says:

    That posted early with an errant gesture, I also wanted to say:

    Ash,, you’re a sweetie. Promise not to drive you as nuts as we evidently drove Gray.

    I find this format fits me better than the ‘board’ type. I like the simpler organization as I’m a ‘check in and check out’ several times a day type, using it as a break.

    RE music.. Remember Taylor doing “I’m gonna find another you” ? I think it’s a John Mayer song. MSN video has a video of John Mayer doing it that I really like.. the guitar is particularly good in it. (NOT saying it’s better than Taylor’s! .. but the guitar in this one is pretty hot.)


  81. Denise says:

    Hey you guys! Its nice to see some of you. Thanks for offering all of us wandering GC souls a place to gather! Is there a way for me to make the type bigger? I’m only 35 so its not the age!! I was just wondering if I can change how the print looks on my screen.

    Griz: Do you have any good news for us today? sniff sniff, I’m really bummed! 😦

  82. claireb7tx says:

    We could call the daily thread “Lets Boogie”

  83. val01961 says:

    Thanks AH…I love learning new computer tricks.

    And thanks to Ash et al for softening the blow of GC closing. It is nice to see old familiar faces and friends. I also look forward to making new friends. Gonna wear my Modern Whomp shirt tonight in Lancaster in honor of Gray!!

  84. AgingHippie says:

    Good morning – glad to see some folks have found their way here already – please let anyone you are still in touch with know about Ash’s generous gift.

    try this little trick – – your pointer can be anywhere on the page – hold down the Control button on your keyboard while moving the roll bar on your mouse – the size of the page should increase / decrease – – to go back to original size – push Control and zero together
    hope that works for you

  85. Gigi says:

    This DOES feel more ‘homey’. Kinda like sitting down to your favourite comfort food after a really bad day.

    I think Dee hit all the right points and notes:

    Dee Says:

    April 12th, 2007 at 12:06 am
    Hi every body. I’m a GC orphan too. Maybe we should have T-shirts made. LOL.
    Feel like going into mourning. GC just kept us all addicted. Not sure if Taylor realizes just how addictive it was. It really kept his fan base checking in every day because it was so stimulating and made for a very efficient way of keeping the fans happy and available for any news Taylor wanted to reach his fans with. I don’t think fans will check his sites very often unless he changes them alot. However, on a positve note the Boogie board is pretty good, not quite home but in time maybe we’ll get past the mourning period and settle in here and it will feel more comfortable.

  86. steaminginbama says:

    Oh it’s so nice to see all these familiar names this morning! Thank you, Ash and everyone at the BB.

  87. fatcat says:

    Cool. The thing I think I will miss the most about GC is my toolbar updates! Don’t laugh! I really have very little time to search through the different sites and the toolbar always had a RSS Feed on new ticket sales etc. Thanks Ash and the Boogie Board members for creating a great place!! I will see everyone at the cc tonight! Have a great day all!

  88. Lubiana says:

    I can’t believe they are closing it completely. I will really, really miss Gray’s site.

  89. claireb7tx says:

    Thanks to Ash and compnay! This does make the GC loss easier. Let us know what we can do to keep this going and lighten the load of a daily open thread.

    To the newbies: Ash runs a very good and easy to read message board so check it out too. First link under “Basic” on the side bar.

  90. makeitdo says:

    Oh thank you so much for this” soft landing “. I appreciate you making a place for us.

  91. Ilyn says:


    You may click View from your browser header and choose Text Size. You have the option of small, medium, large, larger, largest.

    Hello everyone!

  92. soyouknowitsgotsoul says:

    Thanks for starting this thread and for making all us GC orphans feel comphy. One serious request though…Is it me or is the type really small? Am I doing something wrong? Any other site I look at (Taylor or not Taylor) has much larger type. I can barely read my brilliance. Help please!!!

  93. KLC says:

    I mean bought and new house, not brought. sorry.

  94. KLC says:

    Thank you Ash…. now its likeI have not left home, just brought a new house. This is a great site for all that is Taylor. Thanks again for keeping things going.

  95. SegerHicks says:

    I am brand spanking new here. Thank you for welcoming everyone from GC!!!
    Andrea NH aka SegerHicks

  96. hey i am also a orphan on gray charles . i am looking others places to post my comments am i welcome to come here and post them . i am a big fan of taylor and iam going to see him in richmond and norfolk and sparta ky on his summer gigs. he is a awesome musician. i also taking my family to see his conference in september for his charity. soul patrol

  97. Brenda says:

    Thank you, Ash and company for opening your home and your arms to those of us from GC’s place. I’m an occasional poster and steady lurker there and here.

    cochem, “I’ll try not to sing off key” That’s funny. So… how did you do? And more importantly, how did Taylor do?

  98. Jan says:

    It is so nice to be able to open this site and see familiar names again. I was so sad yesterday. I just want to follow Taylor’s career and follow it with friends. Seeing all the familiar names makes me feel comfortable again. Anyone hear how the concert went last night?

  99. loriv says:

    Thanks for the daily thread Ash!

  100. Gran-ma says:

    Thanks for the life saver. I need my Taylor “fix” everyday. I don’t post much, but sure like to read.

  101. tphetzel says:

    Pamela said it great!
    “I’m alright, and I’ll get by, somehow”…
    great words from a great man!!
    Thanks for letting us all come over, hope we can make this like GC ,
    and soooo much more!!
    Thanks again!!

  102. cochem says:

    Thanks Ash for all you do…..Thanks to all the Boogie Boarders for the great news and videos….

    Well tonites the nite for my first Taylor solo tour(Lancaster PA)….I am so excited..

    I am going to be the on site reporter tonite….Hope the sound comes in loud and clear and I’ll try not to sing off key….

  103. Laurita says:

    [In case you miss this note I posted over at Meta for Gray and Charcoal:]

    …a bumpersticker I saw a while back, which you’ll all appreciate, I’m sure…

    “Columbus did not know where he was going. When he got back, he didn’t know where he had been. But he had a great adventure. And he did it all on borrowed money. There’s hope for all of us.”

    here’s to our ever-evolving journey… 😉

  104. juliegr says:

    Good morning, Ash and company! The daily thread is a natural progression to what the Boogie is all about. The cellcerts, set list details, concert recaps, photos, discussion, and now THE BEST OF THE BOOGIE BOARD VIDEOS!!

    Good idea and I think having a number of people working to make it possible for Taylor Hicks’ members who are looking for a FRIENDLY spot to share the joy of Taylor’s musical journey possible.

    Thanks!!! You are the best!


  105. Laurita says:

    Very cool! thanks so much, BB team.. we appreciate you all so much! (laurirose)

  106. taylorsgotsoul says:

    thanks so much for doing this Ash…appreciate it so much
    the boogie does great things…
    so glad we have a great place to come to 🙂

  107. bcath says:

    Thanks, Ash. Nice idea. Very generous. I’m not sure folks know that a daily thread is here. Maybe a new post under the News and/or Music threads would work.

  108. Vines&Stars says:

    I’m relatively new here; been mostly lurking on the cell certs. This is like getting a wonderful unexpected gift—-thank you so much!

  109. sheliae says:

    thanks to the boogie again for providing a soft landing for gc refugees. found you the last time gc imploded and though i mostly lurk, your cell certs had me here more than at gc anyway. it has always felt comfortable here and has provided much enjoyment. i will stick around for the long haul. taylor should be thrilled to have sites like this as the fan run sites seem to have more soul than his “professionally run” ones do. still grieving but very uplifted by the goings on over here.

  110. AgingHippie says:

    Ash, thank you for tossing out the life raft for the second time – very much appreciated.

  111. griz says:

    Thanks Ash!! This is great! Hope to have some great discussions here! Hey y’all!

  112. Pamela (SoularEnergy) says:

    …but I’m alright, and I’ll get by, somehow…

    Maybe kumbaya would be more appropriate since I kinda feel like the last day of summer camp and everyone won’t all be together in the same place anymore and it just won’t be the same and I want to sing a sad song and cry and type a long run-on sentence and not care…

    But summer is over and Taylor’s professional career has successfully launched and it is time to put camp behind us and start a new school. I’m just a freshman here. Can I sit with you guys at lunch?

  113. Dee says:

    Hi every body. I’m a GC orphan too. Maybe we should have T-shirts made. LOL. Feel like going into mourning. GC just kept us all addicted. Not sure if Taylor realizes just how addictive it was. It really kept his fan base checking in every day because it was so stimulating and made for a very efficient way of keeping the fans happy and available for any news Taylor wanted to reach his fans with. I don’t think fans will check his sites very often unless he changes them alot. However, on a positve note the Boogie board is pretty good, not quite home but in time maybe we’ll get past the mourning period and settle in here and it will feel more comfortable.

  114. graciecat says:

    It’s nice to see some familiar names here. Good articles and recaps.Thanks Aging Hippie! Good work “Taylor is the Boogie!” To use a phrase from Taylor’s cd – “Wherever I Lay My Hat That’s My Home.” Good to see you friends.

  115. Diane says:

    It is so kind of you to start this idea. We at GC are all feeling a little orphaned right ow and you and everyone else af The Boogie Board have gone out of your way to make us all feel welcome.

    I thank you so much!

  116. Jan says:

    Thank you AgingHippie. I love your suggestion.

  117. Jan says:

    Yeah! You have just made me a very happy lady tonight.

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