04/12 Lancaster, PA

Taylor Hicks w/Toby Lightman
American Music Theater
Lancaster, PA
8:00pm Eastern (sold out)

Virtual tour of the 1600 seat venue

Taylor ventures to the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country. Probably not much time for sight-seeing, but maybe they can at least get some good food. I’d go for the pretzels, myself. Any speculations on set list for tonight?

Speculate No More:

boogie board list, basenji style
Lancaster, PA, 12 April 2007 set list:
Opening act: Toby Lightman

Gonna Move And once again we are off…Taylor in melodic voice tonight, band subdued at start, Boogie Carty bass bop-a-dops in, T back to croon, band breaks down to the beat and bass, [after ending, some give and take with the audience]
Wherever I Lay My Hat Again, band smooth and easy, but Taylor’s voice getting warmer and doing more swallow swoops, band shuts down so T can riff the middle chorus, everyone back in for the finish, [spontaneous audience sing-along], Josh adds some country-rock riffs at end…new tag: Sugaree (Grateful Dead), lovely little tag actually, then the “Jackie/Marvin” callout, Possible tag. Need confirmation and update. “Please Don’t Tell Her,” tag: Nightshift (The Commodores), nice vocal riff, into tease of something else? Back to tag?: Please Don’t Tell Her
Hell of a Day Kind of slow beat on this tonight, fairly straight up version, tour standard Josh tonk-a-tonk line while T sings the first verse over again…
Give Me Tonight Funk line and Josh’s cranky gee-tar line again, gives it a taste of gravel over the funk fruit, Brian G slips in for some scatty sips, Taylor and Melanie together for the big finish, the gravel and booze funk ending.
The Deal Josh is in the fore tonight [which may just be the cell cert sound], but lots of grindy riffs from him. Tonight this is a fast beat, with a delayed Taylor vocal line, he is coming in late and then pushes into the lines, Brian G shizzle-blows a tasty little bit, Taylor back to push into the lines again, some short vocal work but nothing particularly new. Tight, tidy, fast.
Goodbye Stranger (Supertramp) Melanie’s voice a nice high teasing sound, Tay laying down a tenor vibe under her high notes, excellent, band building layers as they repeat, now getting some energy and Taylor starts to crank it up as he sings, that repeat combo of Taylor and Melanie is really a delight. Ah, he comes the band to shake it out, oh yes, Josh goes in for the samurai sword slashes of sound, on and on, fabulous and hair raising stuff, now Boogie is powering up beneath him big bass chords, rock star ending.
Somehow A rolling, country drum beat, Taylor sings this a bit more angsty than I have heard this tour, Brian G makes me wanna cry, I want to shake his hand and bless his burbly mouth, Taylor back to a blues feel in the vocals and finish.
Heaven Knows Fast version, a little on the merry-go-round side tonight, Josh rubbing and screaming, now the back-beat Felix solo bit, and they are racing along like a train headed for oblivion, some nice Felix/Boogie junka bunka, direct segue…
The Maze Funk, grind, and then abrupt stop to a lovely repeat vocal: possible tag: My Girl (Temptations)(?) Possible tag to “If I could touch the hem of his garment” (?) Need confirmation and update. Nice sound, band pumps it up slowly behind Taylor and ta-dah finish.
Just to Feel That Way Basic package deal here. Sometimes the big upper-register vocal flourishes are not what affect me the most.
My Friend First time performed on the this tour…Boogie Woogie, baby! How much more he gives to this than that last song…Brian G punches me in the solar plexus (in a good way), Josh is all southern blues honky-tonk on this, yummy! It’s the 30’s, we’re in a speakeasy and we’ve forgotten the depression…
Medicated Goo (Traffic) “Joy” is such a banal and misused word, but this song is one big adrenalin rush of silliness and musical synergy. Taylor pops along the vocals, Josh finger-touches down the chords, they build, jam, stop, build, jam, stop, Josh now singing through his guitar, now a sweet keyboard rattle and roll with Josh support, [audience members squealing] and the harmonica comes out with fat jumpy chords, like women in a Botero painting, Tay back to croon the verse again, falsettos and digs, shushes and clicks and harp blows and mixes it up, touch of the hip hop line on the vocal and man, Brian G in and out, all in JAM now, I am just so f-ing happy!
The Right Place Gentle tinkly keyboards with bold Taylor vocal, holding the negative space silences, nice. Organ vibro, more hold on the silence, Taylor comes in to grab it hard and shake it, ah, my favorite Randy Newman thing from Loren, tingle da tingle da tingle dad a da tweeee…
The Runaround Band big and stompy, Brian G sounds like a walrus: all tusks and whiskers and headbutt attitude, song proceeds to the big strawberry jam twirl, now harp wobble and bellows in and out, fat train chords, band back in, calls out to crowd to get them up and dancing, Brian blows, everyone at it hard and sweaty, and big ending.

Taking It to the Streets (Doobie Brothers) Loren mixing it up on the beginning. [Look kids, Big Ben, Parliament!] Taylor gives it a little vocal riff, pulls out the harmonica, shivers it down as Felix pounds the earth behind him, band back in, sounds like Chinese plate twirlers, lots going on at once…the chords of That’s all Folks!


24 Responses to 04/12 Lancaster, PA

  1. Lynn says:

    I also thought the crowd was a little fuddy duddy. I had a great time and wasn’t disappointed at all. I wondered why there weren’t people out of their seats dancing around and now I know it wasn’t allowed.
    I loved hearing a lot of his older songs. The only disappointment for me was that the concert was too short.

  2. taylorfan64 says:

    Went to Lancaster with my husband who is not particularly fond of Taylor or who says he isn’t just to “get to me.” It was my 1st Taylor concert and I was not disappointed at all. He is just so amazing, even my husband said he is really good and it was well worth the trip. I gave a recap on Touristas, but for now I will say that I loved it all, but when he did My Friend, I nearly died. I knew this was a first, but I don’t think many people around me knew it, but they loved it. He got several standing O’s. Even though we were not allowed to stand (and I’m happy for that because I wouldn’t be able to stand more than a few minutes at a time), the crowd was enthusiastic. We talked to a few die hard fans and some who were just there with their spouses or children. Either way, everyone enjoyed him!!!!! I was just mesmorized trying to take him all in (the 2 jumbotrons heldped as we were in Row “T”). The seats were not bad though. I wish I could go to more concerts, but my arthritic knees prevent me from doing too much of these. I hope to get that taken care of the end of next year; so next year I can go to as many concerts as I can afford!!!!!

  3. madaboutu says:

    RoadTripTime………….glad to hear there is another who really likes Son of a Carpenter!!!! Was there a review of the Lancaster show that I missed? If so where would it be? I looked through the threads AND the Lancaster paper.

  4. Basenji says:

    Gigi, I’m a “Madame.” Construe it however you like.

  5. roadtriptime says:

    Thanks, Basenji et Tag Squad, for the setlist.

    Is it too much to hope that “Somehow” is now a regular on the setlist?

    All right, “Son of a Carpenter,” I’m looking at YOU.

  6. Gigi says:


    When it comes to cell cert descriptions you are a master (I’d say ‘mistress’ since you’re female, but it would be totally misconstrued!! lol)

    You almost make up for not being able to be there in person… at least you come as close as words can.

    Once more, thanks!

  7. val01961 says:

    I posted this but thought I would add it here too. Cheers all!

    Taylor rocked the house once again! My faves of the night were The Right Place, My Friend (woohoo!) and Medicated Goo. The harp blowing in MG is amazing!

    I thought the crowd was a bit fuddy duddy. Seemed to be lots of older couples at least near the front where I was. Lots of yelling to sit down so everybody sat even during the encore.

    I don’t think it was a high percentage of die hards – not many responded like I did to his originals, especially My Friend.

    I sat on the edge of my seat and chair danced and clapped and sang all the words (very quietly so I wouldn’t bother anyone).

    I thought TH was very connected with the crowd, very engaging. He seemed to be having a great time – lots and lots of funk tonight!

    I was in the 5th row on the right of the venue and it seemed like he spent a lot of time on our side (I’m sure it is because I am so cute. LOL )

    I have lots of video including the tag about touching the hem. I’ll spend some time tonight when I get home putting them up somewhere.

    Now I gotta go figure out how to spend all my hard earned $$$$$ to go to more concerts!!!

  8. tish says:

    I really like having the set lists on the blog page. This makes it accessible to new fans that might be looking for more info on Taylor. I was think of posting just some bare bones set lists on TaylorHicksHQ since there are more forums there now, but then I realized that only the paid fans would see them anyway.

  9. Share_A_Smile says:

    Hurray for “My Friend”. That’s my song!


  10. c4tay says:

    Thanks for the fun tonight and thanks for the great set list again, too. So good to have a place to come and read and post so comfortably with so many old friends and new ones too.

  11. graciecat says:

    Yay! A new nightly ritual. Thanks for the set list basenji. Sounded awesome! If anyone has any recaps you know we want to read them. New songs again! Wow!

  12. claireb7tx says:

    Me too cali50…I love to hear from people who are going to their first concert or who are not Taylor savy, it is so much fun to hear what they have to say and if they are TAYLORIZED after it is all over.

  13. claireb7tx says:

    That venue looks like a smaller Nokia theater in Dallas. He really liked the Dallas venue…that is where he broke out “Run Baby Run”

  14. cali50 says:

    Looks like a great venue. I know someone who is there tonight. It will be her first non AI Taylor concert. Can’t wait to hear what she says!

  15. Share_A_Smile says:

    sold out

    I just love seeing that!
    I know a lot of his shows sell out, but it still gets me every time.


  16. Raylindy says:

    What a beautiful venue! Taylor should be so proud — sold out!!

  17. Jan says:

    I have family in Lancaster County. It is so beautiful there. I hope Taylor gets a little time to see the beautiful country.

  18. phantomofsoul says:

    The will be a cell cert tonight. Come one, come all. Cochem is our lovely gal Friday on the scene and I will be your happy host.

    I wish I were at this one. I love Lancaster County. I grew up in Eastern PA and we went there often. Picture-perfect farmland with lots of cows, windmills, tidy house houses, clothes on the line… It’s another era. And the food is great, too. Anyone in the area, please try “Good and Plenty” restaurant. To die for home coooking.

    Lancaster, the city, is a slightly different animal but has it’s charms. Hope the folks on the bus get to see some nice countryside on their drive in.

  19. TotallyTaylorFan says:

    Thanks for the daily thread, this is a great place for Taylor fans!

  20. graciecat says:

    Thanks to Basenji and thackeray for their set list recaps…please keep them coming. They make us “virtual concert goers” feel like we were right there with you. Awesome work!

  21. graciecat says:

    Thanks for the virtual tour. What a beautiful venue. Sold Out again! We love to read that. Pretzels yes but I do hope the band gets a chance to try the “Dutch apple pie”. Delicious. I do hope we get some recaps posted here tonight and a set list would be an added bonus. Have fun everyone. Enjoy!

  22. CJ says:

    I have a feeling the set list will change some tonight, of course we don’t no what it was from last night (no Cellcert) .It seems like each concert a few more are added. The lucky people in Calif. are really going to hear it all!

  23. brc says:

    Hi. I’m brc… a GC orphan. Thought I would give this a try on the advice of fellow GC orphans. Thanks for doing this. I’ll lurk around and give it a shot.

  24. val01961 says:

    I’m going tonight. Can’t wait. Gonna be a long day at work. Woohoo! I’ll try to pay attention so I can do a recap. See some of you at Applebee’s later tonight!!!

    Speculation for the playlist. Hmmmm…not too many songs about PA or Lancaster. Thought Sailing to Philadelphia (Mark Knopfler would have been good last night at the Tower Theater) I’ll set my brain to work and come back if I think of anything.

    Somehow I don’t see much work getting done today. : )

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