Open Thread 2.

This thread is here for you to talk about Taylor’s Tour, Taylor’s Music, Taylor Related Gatherings, and Other Music. You may also talk about GC in this thread, as I know that his site is something that has been on many people’s minds today.

Post away!

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59 Responses to Open Thread 2.

  1. justwatchin says:

    hah April 29 is my daughter’s bday, or I’d love to come to Denver…hope it does sell out..sounds like a fun time planned.

  2. hickifino says:

    Denver is not sold out. If you’re thinking of coming to see Taylor again in yet another gorgeous historic theater, come to Denver on April 29.

    A group of us are getting together before the show for dinner, then going across the street to dance off the calories with Taylor! Join us!

  3. AgingHippie says:

    ” Maybe we will survive the demise of GC ”

    we did it last summer and we will do so again – to borrow from Gray –

    just say “Yes ” :note:

  4. brc says:

    AgingHippie — “Ummmm – yup !!”

    Juliegr — “To quote AgingHippie: Yep — but don’t worry we’ll be gentle with you — baby steps, baby — baby steps!”

    LOL! You guys are too funny, Don’t know how I missed it, but looks like at least one other person didn’t know about Loren writing Runaround.

    Also…it’s nice to “see” you and several other familiar “faces” over here at the Boogie. Maybe we will survive the demise of GC 🙂

  5. justwatchin says:

    hey juliegr…good to “see you”…settling in to the Boogie…grateful it’s here….I’ll check out Tay-online…read somewhere (that’s the one problem I do have with Boogie..I totally forget which threads I’ve read & posted on!) that one of the recent concert did not sell out…hope that’s atypical & that the rest pick up and sell out. It’ll be nice someday when Taylor is totally established, beyond all the AI nitpicking comparisons, gray headed , unlikely winner descriptions. …when his CDs sell a good amount and he is finally recognized by more than us avid fans as a legitimate talent.

    When that day happens, I can start spending less time posting on these boards!

    hehe,,,tho I probably wont!!!

  6. I have been watching the past Idol performances of Taylor this week. I just have to say that they just reaffirm to me how wonderful a performer he is. Most of the feedback from the judges was very positive. His vocals are great, his song selection was brilliant and performance was always terrific. Simon said he was “original with a capital O”. One of my favorite performances oddly enough is his audition when he sang “The First Cut”. It was only a snipit of the song, but with just him, the piano and the song I think it was “magic”. Hope all of you out there are having a beautiful week-end. Hope to see some of you this summer at the Ky. Speedway Concert!……cls

  7. Alison B. says:

    Thank you AgingHippie! Off to check it out…

  8. AgingHippie says:

    Morning folks

    Just brought a music gift DebSays left us on the old MetaGray thread at Touristas over onto the top thread here today ” Dealing on the Boardwalk “

  9. janey, esw. says:

    You all probably know this, but since we don’t seem to have a comprehensive Taylor site anymore, you can put a “Google-Alert” for Tayor Hicks, and every day it will send you all the articles about him from around the country.

  10. juliegr says:

    Morning justwatching. Be sure to check out the following link:

    Lots of news about the tour venues. I think you can expect to hear from your w. coast neighbors later today about the status of sales in Cal. I did read somewhere about the venue change and the ticket sales — perhaps if you look on the website for KOST 103.5 you’ll get some more info.

    Welcome to the neighborhood — I’ll probably see you over the fence!


  11. justwatchin says:

    Been out of touch here…are Grove & LA not selling well? I was goin to LA (had a great location) but since that’s cancelled..will just do SF & Anaheim…maybe not the rockingest concerts, but hey will have to do…great to see more & more familiear faces here.

  12. tober55 says:

    Indeed I feel like this GC orphan has come to The Right Place. Feels so good to see all these names I know. I’m an infrequent poster, but avid reader. Thank you Ash and your community for making us feel welcome.

    Seeing Taylor perform Alabama’s My Home’s in Alabama in B’ham was phenomenal!! I was in the mood to hear some more Alabama tonite and listened to The Fans. If you haven’t heard it, give it a listen. But you might need a tissue. It reminds me so much of what the Soul Patrol means to Taylor. Would love to hear him perform this one too.

  13. texastaylorfan says:

    Well, I’m calling it a day and usually had to check in on GC before I finally went to bed. Tonight I’m getting on this blog for the first time instead.
    It is nice to see so many familiar names. I’ve been on the boogie board (mostly as a lurker) for a long time, but never on the blog here. It’s nice. Glad that it’s here.

  14. Jan says:

    Great to see more familiar names showing up at this site. Makes it feel more like home. Welcome everyone. I was so excited when I found this new home. I agree that some of the other sites were pretty scarey. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.
    TGIF. 🙂

  15. taylorized says:

    well I guess your not the only one who did’nt know about loren my hand is up.

  16. AwakeAgain says:

    Thank heavens – a site to go to after the demise of GC!! I have been searching around for something similar, and couldn’t find anything that even measured up a little bit, and thankfully I stumbled into this one. Some of the others were downright frightening not to mention crude! Finally some sensible messages loaded with important info and also educational again. And, I see a lot of familiar names which should have been a clue right off.
    I learned something interesting today that many of you may already been aware of, but was news to me. I had a friend visiting who works mainly in the Far East, and I told him that I had gone to Taylor’s first road show here in Jacksonville and what a big fan I was. He started laughing and told me that the Japanese became completely enchanted with Taylor while he was on AI, and the air waves were filled with his songs as were the dance clubs, etc. etc. I guess they have good taste too!

  17. Canadianna says:

    I just found this – alrighty!!! :>) As some may know, I’ve come from GC, and it feels good to see so many familiar names. I wish you all a marvellous weekend.

  18. juliegr says:

    “brc says: Am I the only one that wasn’t awre of this?”

    To quote AgingHippie: Yep — but don’t worry we’ll be gentle with you — baby steps, baby — baby steps!


  19. AgingHippie says:

    brc Says
    “Am I the only one that wasn’t aware of this? ”

    Ummmm – yup !!

    just teasing – lol
    glad you posted it – there are probably a lot of people that didn’t know that about Loren – – it’s hard to catch everything – sort of luck of the draw sometimes

  20. cypfan says:

    I may just have to go shop tomorrow at Dillard’s here in Houston. The reviewer in the Philly Inquirerer said that The Right Place was a solid song. Yea Taylor.

    Hope this blog experiment is successful. Look forward to seeing more posters from other sites droping in for a cup of blog. 🙂

  21. Alison B. says:

    madaboutu, here’s hoping Taylor sells out all his venues! 🙂

    Looking forward to the Warfield in SF. So many great songs about San Fran. One classic (here by the original artist):

    more about the artist:

  22. madaboutu says:

    I started thinking about the requests and maybe there are just alot of couples who can relate to the “walk on the wire” part of the song. Ya think?

  23. madaboutu says:

    Want to add to KT’s post that Bryan Simmons on KOST said that they are getting lots of requests for this song JTFTW, and he is really popular, isn’t he? I never thought I would hear those words or anything like them in L.A. SP coming through and hopefully lots of new fans or old fans who lost track of him. Now to sell out at least HOB and the Grove.

  24. brc says:

    Okay maybe I missed this way back when, but did you all know that Loren (Taylor’s keyboard player) wrote The Runaround? I was putzing around and came across his website which said the following:

    Keyboardist / songwriter Loren Gold obtained national exposure as Musical Director for pop sensation Tiffany in the 1990s, which lead to more extensive work and creative control with other artists. Loren established himself as a top session musician in Los Angeles working with Hilary Duff, Mandy Moore, Skye Sweetnam, American Idol, Aly & Aj, among others. By 2003, Loren became the keyboardist and then Music Director for Hilary Duff. Currently working with Taylor Hicks, Loren has written the first song entitled “The Runaround” off of Taylor’s Billboard top ten debut CD.

    Am I the only one that wasn’t aware of this?

  25. KT says:

    Listening to KOST.FM..streaming on the PC…they just annouced..latest from Taylor Hicks coming up…and it is rush hour..lots of listeners! : ) Am getting excited…will see Taylor in Columbus OH soon! He is getting better as this tour moves along imo!

  26. val01961 says:

    thanks soulkaren

  27. janey, esq. says:

    I agree with Shar. I was just thinking that Taylor would be a perfect personality for a TV music show. He is personable, handsome, talented, and could sing with many different singers.

  28. Soulkaren says:

    val – Try to upload to sendspace and send the link to Phantom. You can find her at our Message Board – link in the upper right corner.

    She can work magic with videos!

  29. juliegr says:

    Fear of Friday the 13th: paraskavedekatriaphobia (not the word I remember -~:) but I can’t spell the word — trixtadekaphobia?

    Whatever! I’m finally seeing Taylor Hicks LIVE on Sunday, April 15 and Tuesday April 17 ::: and I’m fearless!!!


  30. val01961 says:

    I have some video from last night that I want to put on youtube to share. Only problem is the sound is out of sync with the pics. Any suggestions?

  31. shar says:

    Lol, Soulkaren,I loved your Dillard’s story. One of the gifts that Taylor has is the ability to brighten the darkest of days.I really hope some savvy television produceer has the good sense to give our guy his own tv show, America loves to watch Taylor perform.

    The weekend at last, YAY!!! Everybody have a great one!

  32. barneyvp says:

    I’ve only posted here a couple of times, usually just lurk – but thanks for a place to hang my hat now that GC has pretty much closed up shop.

  33. IbelieveinTHesong says:

    # Soulkaren Says:
    April 13th, 2007 at 12:48 pm

    “‘Let your voice be heard’?????????

    Why does that remind me of a favorite reply by someone special in all our memory banks?

    (wink, wink)”

    EXACTLY!!!! 🙂

  34. morewines says:

    Ok everyone it’s Friday. It’s the weekend. Mine starts at
    3:30PM PST. Will be doing some cheersing tonight with some
    fine wine of course and good friends.

  35. SegerHicks says:

    It is so dang cold for mid-April. I have been sick all week and I knew it would happen. I had a healthy winter and last week saw 3 amazing TH shows, burned the candle at both ends, ran on adrenalin, stood out in the cold for hours but was it worth it? YES IT WAS! I am going to Kansas City 2 weeks from today and am hoping for significantly warmer temps there! I don’t want to bring a winter coat! Taylor’s driver and crew must be thrilled about the weather we’re having in the northeast region (NOT!)

    PS…I’m glad to come here and find so many great links again! THANKS all!!!

  36. Soulkaren says:

    Oh, and, although there’s not an update on the upcoming openers for Taylor, here’s a great reading source for his current opening bands:

  37. Soulkaren says:

    “Let your voice be heard”?????????

    Why does that remind me of a favorite reply be someone special in all our memory banks?

    (wink, wink)

  38. Sideways says:

    azure, ibelieve inTHesong,

    Thanks for posting that info.
    I’ll be letting my voice be heard!

  39. IbelieveinTHesong says:

    azure Says:
    April 13th, 2007 at 9:48 am

    “If anyone is so inclined to wander over to the boards, under Taylor Hicks News, and read the comments in the “Hit Song List” thread. It seems that Idol has figured out a way to get Chris back on the show before Taylor’s appearance on the finale. ”

    Btw, you can write-in 5 of Tay’s songs after you choose 5 other songs. Here’s the TY note from AI:

    “Thank you for voting on your five favorite songs of the week! You can come back and vote every day, so make sure you return tomorrow and let your voice be heard.”

    Yeah, let’s all let our voices be heard!!!!

  40. justwatchin says:

    Just a pop in to say hey! still on vacation…thanks for this blog…just found out about GC (yet again) two days ago…still bummed , but this is terrific…happy fri to all see y’all later….

  41. morewines says:

    For everyone missing GC you can always reminisce by reading the archives.
    I know it’s not like it would be if people were over there now and posting
    comments. But it’s always fun to look back on good things.

  42. AgingHippie says:

    Hey Amy
    was off getting KimLoree’s link and didn’t see your post
    absolutely agree – – it is sort of like stepping through the wardrobe to Narnia – the “real world ” ceases to exist for a while

    even after 4 shows I still can’t wait to read the boogie’s set lists because my mind just wants to live in the moment and store special chestnuts and balks at recording minutes – so am very grateful to those who do that

  43. AgingHippie says:

    that is awesome about The Right Place in Dillards – thanks for the big smile

    helps with the 9 inches of snow we’re getting here in northern Maine today – hello it’s mid April !!!!!! morning weather gal said “but it’s really fluffy and pretty” – out of respect for Ash I will not type my response to That on the front page of her blog :[

    Margaux – word !!

    found this good chuckle over on the MetaGray thread at GC – left by KimLoree this morning with request to be shared –

  44. AmyH says:

    Hey mad – I’ve been trying to find that info myself. I’m wondering if maybe they haven’t finalized someone yet. If you look at the ticket websites, most of them say “and special guest(s)” or TBA as the opener.

    PennyW – Listen to Margaux. You won’t remember how miserable you are/were. For that 75 minutes or so that Taylor and Company are on the stage, nothing else matters … nothing else is real.

  45. madaboutu says:

    Good morning from the west coast! I am not sure where to put this question, so will ask it here and maybe someone will tell me which thread it belongs in. Has anyone heard who the next openers will be for Taylor after Toby Lightman? I would kind of like to know what to expect when he gets here to California. Thanks.

  46. Margaux says:

    PennyW: Been there done that on the freezing cold and wind, 3 times now — fortunately no pouring rain. You have my sympathy. The consolation is that once the music starts, SOMEHOW the feet no longer hurt, the back doesn’t ache, and the room warms right up. So you also have my envy.

    Have a wonderful time, you know you will.

  47. c4tay says:

    Just want to say thanks for this open thread and format. It’s so cozy here and feels so comfortable. Thanks for doing this for us. Enjoy your Friday and weekend, everyone. Good wishes to Taylor, also, for good shows this weekend also. I know they’ll be great!

  48. PennyW says:

    OK, so why is it, that in the middle of APRIL, when I have TWO Taylor concerts to attend and a meet and greet, that we have to have winter show up? I am definitely NOT looking forward to standing in line in the freezing cold, 40 mph winds and pouring rain on Sunday just so I can get a meet and greet pass and my LINE NUMBER. You’d think these venues would handle things a bit better than this! Grrrr

    Oh, and Elliott Yamin is coming to the same venue next month. Hmm…should I get tickets or what? My luck, there will be tornado warnings!

    Happy Friday the 13th!

  49. azure says:

    If anyone is so inclined to wander over to the boards, under Taylor Hicks News, and read the comments in the “Hit Song List” thread. It seems that Idol has figured out a way to get Chris back on the show before Taylor’s appearance on the finale. This is a flagrant ruse to pimp Daughtry to their (still) millions of viewers, and to dismiss Taylor in the process – yet again.

    I try to ignore these blatant swipes at TH, but sometimes it’s impossible. There’s a vote involved, and it will take a couple of minutes of your time.

  50. Crazymomelon says:

    Yay, soulkaren! We have a Dillard’s around here someplace. Wonder if that’s a chain-wide mix or store-specific?

  51. GwenB says:

    My first post at this site, but when I read Karen’s story … you were definitely in “The Right Place” at the right time!

    I’m missing GC, but the Boogie is a great place. I will lurk mostly – just saying Hi to all.

  52. blueberry says:

    I won’t be able to give a set list, because I was too into the show to pay that close attention to details. It was simply amazing! There were quite a few originals – Somehow was heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time, My Friend -what fun! . And there were quite a few off the new CD, which almost seemed brand new. When Taylor said in several interviews, the songs on the CD were chosen, in part, for him to sing live, he wasn’t joking…what he did to The Maze, The Runaround and Heaven Knows was perfect! None of those songs were my absolute favorites on the CD, but hearing what he does to them live puts them in a entirely different category. My husband and son (14), fans, but not like me, were enjoying the show, but when Taylor sang Supertramp, they both sat up and really paid attention! That was priceless – they were like, oh, so that is why you like this guy so much! Unbelievable! And during one of his longer runs on the harp, I just had to close my eyes – it was that intense.

    So many of the recaps state that you’ve got to see this guy live, and after a while, I was like yeah, yeah, yeah….but it is so very true! It’s hard to do justice to what he gives in his performance…the dancing, the interaction wih the fabulous band…and the emotion in each and every song. I really thought I would be satisfied with this concert, but the truth is we’ll all three be back for another, and hopefully another…

    Some random thoughts…..
    Toby Lightman is wonderful – what a voice! She also sang originals, and like Taylor, her talent belies her age. She’s a treasure to be sure – we’re all fans.

    My husband noticed, with both bands, that the guys didn’t have a “look” and he said it was disconcerting at first. Said he expected, sorry if this is a stereotype, either the long wild hair, the bulging muscles, which they might have – some sort of characteristic that would define them as band members. He said he soon realized that it is all about the music! We absolutely loved the bass guys – both bands, and the sax.

    The theatre was perfect – I really don’t think there was a bad seat – even the balcony seemed close. My only somewhat negative observation, and I recognize the pros and cons, there was no standing and dancing permitted. It was hard to sit during some of those numbers! But everyone was able to see…silver lining….

    I feel somewhat disrespectful referring to Taylor as just “Taylor “after seeing him live and the professionalism he possesses. I don’t know if Mr. Hicks works for me, but he seems so much bigger than just Taylor.

    Final thoughts – if his show is in a possibility for you, there is no way you’ll be disappointed (well, I shouldn’t say that – my local paper reprinted that awful Minneapolis review prior to the concert, so you never know!) His voice truly is a gift, to him and to us, and the way he shares that gift is so incredibly generous. Thank you Taylor or Mr. Hicks or whatever name is befitting a person like you!

  53. Soulkaren says:

    I posted this yesterday over on the Message Board ~ but for those of you who don’t frequent it, I thought you’d enjoy this.

    Wednesday night on the way home from work, I had to stop by the mall to find something to wear to a wedding on Saturday.

    Anyway, beyond discouraging…nothing looked good and EVERYTHING is sleeveless and cut down to there, or a ghastly print that’s made for fawning middle aged women for sure…

    …so, grumping around Dillards, aching to be home…

    And then…

    And then…

    The first few strains of…could it be…?


    THE RIGHT PLACE is playing over the music speaker at Dillards in Dallas!

    The Right Place, from the self-entitled album by Taylor Hicks!

    Huge permagrin, singing along…mood suddenly lifted…

  54. Jan says:

    Happy Friday the 13th ya’ll. The weather is nice down here in Alabama and I heard Taylor (JTFTW) on the way to work on the radio. All is good. I’m thank ful to this site for giving all of us orphans a place to fall. Have a wonderful weekend all – and keep in touch. Don’t forget Taylor is on Regis and Kelly on the 20th.

  55. Taylorwow says:

    Couldn’t get out of moderation yesterday–just trying to see what happens today. It’s sad to be an orphan who’s invited in, but can’t open the door.

  56. Pattyr says:

    Good morning everyone!!! I really miss Grays site. Seems like we’ve lost that “personal” connection to Taylor. I love the Boogie!!! I’ve lurked here a LONG time and posted a few times. The peeps here are amazing and EXTREMELY talented and resourceful!!!! I hope Tay finds a way to get audio blogs to us again and all of those insider videos!!!
    I hop everyone has a great Tay-Day!

  57. deejay says:

    TGIF, Boogie!!! Some days, it just don’t pay to get out of bed, but some days life is good. Here’s hoping everyone old and new (or old and young!) at the Boogie has a good day!!

    Rain or shine, just the sound of Taylor singing in my car on the way to work makes the world around me disappear! Man oh man…maybe too much caffeine already? hahahahaha!!

  58. wvtaylorfan says:

    Hello everyone! I’m new here, been browsing around the last few days and like what I see. I found the MP3s under Look and Listen last night and spent several hours downloading music to my PC, then burning a CD for me and a Soul Patrol buddy. I’ve got enough to make another CD tonight and then we will have plenty of Taylor to listen to on our three hour drive to Columbus on the 24th. It will be our first solo Taylor concert and after reading so much about the concerts I am really looking forward to it.

  59. Soulkaren says:

    Wake up, wake up, wake up! (thoughts of PTFMWB…GET UP GET UP GET UP)

    Good Morning All! Raining day in Big D, but high anticipation for three weeks from today on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood!

    Everyone have a great day!!!!!

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