Piping hot jams from Boston, Chicago and Sayreville!

The Boogie Best series has received some smokin’ submissions lately.  We have three new videos up on GoFish and YouTube since I last wrote in the blog.  Hang on to your hat because there’s a mighty wind a comin’.

Video #9 Hot Boston Jam:
The “unleashed Taylor” we’re seeing this tour tends to be considerly more “unleashed” at GA venues.   Fewer kids in the audience and a standing, dancing, energetic crowd = a mature rating on the performance.  The Avalon in Boston was a particuarly down-and-gritty show.   I’ve put together footage from EJ and Taygerl, stringing together some very raucous partials including Medicated Goo, Naked in the Jungle and dollops of red hot Compared to What and Badge.

Video #10 Sweet Home Chicago:
The minute this video appeared on graycharles.com it was clear it deserved to be in the Boogie Best series. Forunately, Sherri, who belongs to the boogie under the name Tif, agree to share with us.  I also got some nice footage of this song from dg90001, so I’ve extended Sherri’s video just a little. 

(Note: The divx version is really stunning)

Video #11 Hold On To Your Love:
Those of you on the Sayreville cell cert a few days ago know just how exciting a night it was at the Starland Ballroom! Now you can see for yourself what all the screaming was about. EJ captures a tasty version of Hold On To Your Love.  The middle includes some blue haze close-up shots on a low-down tag of Can’t Trust Your Neighbor with mournful guitar by Josh.  Partial is up in the usual places.

The YouTube vid is being rascally.  Here’s a link to the video on Gofish:


I’ll post downloadables later today.  In the meantime, if you can rate and comment, that would be appreciated as ever. 

Much undying gratitude to all our lovely and intrepid videographers.  “If it weren’t for you guys…” Well, you know how that goes.


14 Responses to Piping hot jams from Boston, Chicago and Sayreville!

  1. AgingHippie says:

    Thank you so much for the Boston “sampler” – very much appreciated

    We have been to 4 shows now – MB, Asheville, Boston and HB – and every one of them was different – not just the set lists but Taylor’s mood and the atmosphere he created – an incredible talent on so many levels and at 30 – heck he’s just getting warmed up – cannot wait to hear what he has in store for us down the road

    for now I’ll just settle for wondering what new treats the two Cape shows will have to offer in June – –

  2. thackeray says:

    Thanks again to all involved with this: the videographers, Phantom for editing and posting, and, especially, the musicians making this magic. What a set this makes. Cool and bluesy or hot and rocking? So nice not to have to choose.

  3. fatcat says:

    These videos are just excellent! Thank you to everyone who contributes to them. I love the Hot Boston Jam! I think Medicated Goo is my new favorite. I love how he changes things up every night. There are very few artists who can take the performing to this level of intensity and feeling during a live concert. Taylor not only owns the stage, but he owns you before the night is over! It’s almost hypnotic. He puts you into a Taylor trance that you don’t want to break out of. Pure joy and energy. The voice is so soothing too. I know that if I have a really bad day, I just come home and watch a few of my Taylor video’s and I always have a smile when I am finished. Good medicine!!! Thank you Boogie doctors for filling my prescription!!!!! By the way, the CD’s really do help with road rage in the car too!!

  4. SegerHicks says:

    I was very fortunate to be at the Boston show. It was indeed a HOTTT one! I particularly enjoyed Naked In The Jungle. My avatar (on this board) is a picture I snapped of Mr. Hicks that night in Beantown!!!

  5. juliegr says:

    The “cleaning crew” is doing an excellent job! If you were to hire them out to do their work for pay — you would really CLEAN up!! hahaha.

    Seriously, thanks for capturing and sharing these outstanding videos.

    Good job.

  6. shar says:

    Wow, you all do fantastic work, capturing Taylor for all to enjoy and put in their “vault,” Thanks so much.

    I loved the calypso beat in Hold on to Your Love and the segment with You can’t Trust Your Neighbor was smokin’ hot. Growly,blusey Taylor, almost too much for a human being to stand.

  7. loriv says:

    Love watching that Boston video and remembering what a fantastic night it was!! Thanks!

  8. Missy says:

    9, 10 & 11 are HOT, HOT, HOT!! Fantastic jobs by the cleaning crews!
    I play “Sweet Home Chicago” several times a day. It lifts my spirits every time. He is totally about the music.

  9. madaboutu says:

    Simon was right about one thing at least………Taylor IS all about the music.

  10. phantomofsoul says:

    Until the YouTube version is fixed and I can embed it, here’s the direct link to vid #11, Hold On To Your Love on GoFish!

  11. Marcy says:

    These “Piping Hot Jams” are awesome!!!! I love Medicated Goo from Boston and seeing Taylor in a Red Socks shirt…..The only thing that surpasses this great music is the look of PURE JOY on Taylor’s face during Sweet Home Chicago….his passion comes through loud and clear….his talent is amazing…couldn’t wait to see the Starland Ballroom tape but it said it is no longer available….did anyone else get it? I wanted so much to be in Sayreville that night but couldn’t…..will make up for it at the Borgata!

  12. flowersky says:

    I’m trying to view this at 2:50 PM EST, but it says “This video is no longer available”.

  13. madaboutu says:

    Wow!!!!!! Boston Jam is hot as …..well, heck! LOL Thanks for that.

  14. lulupod says:

    Thank you soooooooooo much for the great videos. Just what the doctor ordered.
    Why am I sitting here smiling from ear to ear !!!

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