04/14 Dealing on the Boardwalk

Taylor Hicks w/ Toby Lightman
Borgato Music Box, Atlantic City, NJ
9:00pm Eastern –SOLD OUT (but check anyway)

Tonight’s Cellcert Thread

Set list, as of 11:20pm eastern

Soul Thing
Give Me Tonight
Compared to What(Les McCann)*
Wherever I Lay My Hat(Marvin Gaye)**
Hell of a Day#
Just to Feel that Way
Naked in the Jungle(Van Morrison)
My Friend
The Deal
Medicated Goo(Traffic)##
Heaven Knows^ > The Maze^^
The Right Place
The Runaround

Take the Long Way Home(Supertramp)%

* With “Goin’ Up the Country” (Canned Heat) tease.
** With “Nightshift” (the Commodores), “Sugaree” (Grateful Dead), “Chain Gang” (Sam Cooke) teases
# With “I Don’t Need No Doctor” (Ray Charles) tease.
## With “Harlem/Cold Baloney” (Bill Withers), “Grandma’s Hands” (Bill Withers) teases.
^ With “What’d I Say” (Ray Charles), “9 to 5” (Dolly Parton) teases
^^ With “Rough God Goes Riding” (Van Morrison), “Want Ads” (Honey Cone), “Let’s Get it On” (Marvin Gaye) teases
% With “Big Boss Man” (Jimmy Reed) harp-tag, and something else?


From Pennsylvania farmlands to the South Jersey shore, the tour moves on. Venue tonight is a 1000 seater. Look around:
The Venue
Deal or No Deal

Looking ahead, here’s a bit of a promo for the Green Apple Music and Arts Festival. Taylor’s Beacon Show is part of this event. Given the number of other acts around, I’m betting it would be hard to resist sitting in somewhere, too. Can’t imbed this video here, so just click and watch.

Green Apple Promo Spot

And, of course, talk about the show, the day, etc.


29 Responses to 04/14 Dealing on the Boardwalk

  1. Marcy says:

    Hi, Sorry for the delay in posting. Well…..I thought my heart would beat out of my chest until Taylor came out on the stage…..but oh was he worth waiting for!!!!! I thought he was in excellent voice and spirits! He was chatty with the audience and it felt great…….he seemed very relaxed. “I love you Taylor” was heard several times and he returned with “I love you too!”…..He sang my favorite “The Right Place” so beautifully and “Friend” from Under the Radar…..He did extended versions of “Compared to What” and “Medicated Goo” and had the crowd rockin!!!!! When he started singing “Runaround” he told everyone to stand and people startaed to go down to the stage area including me…..seeing him up close is an experience I can’t find words for so I”ll make up one Fantasmic!!!

    I got to meet a couple of fellow Taylor lovers and that was great…..We also met several band members including Loren and Taylor’s road manager….everyone is terrific….Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet the man himself….One of the ushers told me that he was signing autographs earlier!!!!!!! I am hoping to meet him next time…

    I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have tickets to the Beacon Friday night…..have to make plans for the next show after that…..It is true once you see him it’s like potato chips…can’t have just one!! The brown eyed sould man gives ALL HE’S GOT….he is the absolute best!!!!

  2. cochem says:

    Quik recap on The Borgata…my friends loved him…they were so excited to see him live…they also like to play the slots….I thought the crowd was very receptive…I did not notice too much hoarseness…Loved that he did Compared To What, Naked in the Jungle, and Take The Long Way Home…noticed I believe was a around 25 yr old and male (he might have been an usher. He was standing along the wall) was boogying to Medicated Goo…I thought that was because it was a more recent song and by Traffic but when he was doing the same thing to THE MAZE I had to do a double take…all right Taylor…one fan at a time…. On the encore, the band left the stage and I was thinking “bring a stool out”…Well, it came out but they took it back..and I thought noooooo!!! Taylor must have changed his mind….
    And then the band & Taylor came back out and did TTLWH… (still would have liked to have seen acoustic Taylor) oh well maybe next time.. NEXt stop Birchmere Monday nite….

  3. MaryS-NJ says:

    I wanted to add that Taylor seems to really tailor his performances for each venue. The set progressed from low-key to high impact from start to finish. Taylor was much more interactive with the audience than in Starland, and the audience was more evenly split between men and women and children. There were a lot of kids and older folks.

    It’s very cool to get a different flavor at different kinds of venues, different set lists to keep everyting fresh. Last night he did fabulous version of his “Soul Thing”, “The Deal”, “Hell of A Day” and “My Friend” and he did “Take the Long Way Home” (Supertramp) as his encore. His harmonica was fabulous, and despite my comment about a little fatigue, Taylor’s voice was strong.

    I can’t wait to see him again at the Beacon!

  4. jersey says:

    Wow, Mary, you’re ambitious posting after getting home so late! I agree with Mary, more subdued than the Starland – but still a great show. He was much more talkative than usual. I have to run but will try to stop by later with more details too.

  5. MaryS-NJ says:

    Quick recap (longer one to follow later) Got back half hour ago from the Borgata… a different set and vibe from the Starland Ballroom. Great show – of course! Taylor was not as “unleased” or intense as he had been at Starland, but was more relaxed and chatty. Mentioned that he now knows “Borgata” means “broke” – ha ha! He mentioned how cool it was to have a refrigerator magnet (with him on it). More of his originals tonight. He sounded a tiny bit hoarse in places – JTFTW seems to really challenge the vocal chords for him. Incidentally, Toby sounded a tiny bit hoarse tonight too in her (shortened) set. Show stoppers for me – Medicated Goo, Compared to What, Hell of a Day, The Runaround.

  6. bcath says:

    Terrific concert, great cellcert!! One of the best.

  7. graciecat says:

    Wow. What a great set list and posted so promptly. I liked the little notations too. Very precise. Sounded like a terrific concert but will look forward to recaps tomorrow? I agree with brc. Thanks for such a warm welcome. Much appreciated.

  8. brc says:

    Thanks for posting this setlist so quickly. And thanks for welcoming those of us who have wandered over from GC with such a familiar format. We appreciate it.

  9. madaboutu says:

    I just read a weather report on Yahoo, and it looks like the northeast is going to get slammed again. Taylor said he had never seen snow……….I think he will have seen plenty by the time he gets out of that area. Hopefully it will last only a couple of days. Global WARMING??

  10. madaboutu says:

    Cali50…………..my mom is 89 too!!!! Luckily, she still does pretty good and lives in a senior apt. but I do have to visit or bring her to my house regularly. It seems Taylor does take our minds off our stress. TGFTH 🙂

  11. Cali50 says:

    Oh, Dee, I take care of my mother too who is 89. You need this night with Taylor. It will free your mind and spirit. I hope your daughter will do you this favor and Grandma sit!

  12. azure says:

    Dee – I’m keeping you and your mother in my prayers. I hope that she’s feeling better by the 24th, and if not, hoping that your daughter will take over for you. You’ve been waiting so long for this show – and after the stress you’ve been under, you deserve a night out with Taylor!

  13. viv says:

    i just purchased my tickets to the south shore music circus in cohasset, ma. i went to the concert in boston a couple weeks ago and it was wonderful!!! how could taylor not be wonderful??? so now myself and my daughter and 2 friends are going on june 16th. they have not seen taylor in person yet so it should be FUN!!!!. have fun all in atlantic city tonight!!!

  14. Dee says:

    Hope you all have a great time. Just hope I can make it to my first concert on 4/24. My Mom’s been real sick and may still need my help. I might have to bribe my daughter to skip her night class and baby sit Grandma.

  15. graciecat says:

    Did I say get a little rest? What was I thinking? It’s Atlantic City! It’s a Taylor Hicks Concert! It’s time to PARTAY!

  16. Marcy says:

    It should be estatic!!!

  17. Marcy says:

    Hi all, My husband and I are on the way to A.C. and I am so excited….can’t wait till 9:00!!!! I am sure my hubbie will be “Taylorized” for sure after tonight….he has been getting into the clips of the tour a bit more. The Borgata is a great venue….intimate…..we have seen Don Henley there a couple of times and everyone ran down to the stage and spent the whole time boogieing……..sure it will be the same tonight. I will be the estastic tall blonde…(probably be lots of us!) .say Hi if you think of it, would like to meet some of you. Will post after!!!!!!!!!

  18. cali50 says:

    It certainly looks like dancing at this venue won’t be a problem if their little caption is accurate, “1,000 seats, in case you get tired of dancing in the aisle!” Have fun cochem and anyone else who is going. It is so cool to see SOLD OUT!

  19. taylorfan64 says:

    I heard he was hoarse also, but in Lancaster his voice was so good, smooth, clear and strong. I can’t wait to see him again. “I can’t get enough of you baby.”

  20. graciecat says:

    Happy Saturday all! Looks like another great SOLD OUT venue. It’s Atlantic City baby! Checked out the venue website. I hope Taylor and the band get a chance to enjoy some of those great restaurants…wonder if they have any chicken soup on those menus? Take care Taylor and do try to get a little rest. The crowd is sure to be bedazzled! Looking forward to recaps. Keep up the great work gang. I like my new home. Aging Hippie, thanks for the music. Taylor brought the music back into our lives. Let’s keep it going.

  21. AmyMc says:

    I wonder if Taylor gambeled any last night? Haa haa!!!

    I can’t wait for tomorrow’s show at the Birchmere in Alexandria! I’ll be there!

  22. justwatchin says:

    I don’t wonder if he’s hoarse…the guy hasn’t stopped since last May….when is he gonna take a break??

    Have fun tonite to all that’s goin…looking foward to any recaps….

  23. madaboutu says:

    Have alot of fun cochem. Will be waiting to hear your recap about the show and your friends reactions. Also, an interview was posted on mj’s saying Taylor was hoarse, so want to know what his voice sounds like tonite. The weather isn’t helping I am sure, but I still have almost a month to go till my concert and hope he is in good voice. These long tours are not good .

  24. AgingHippie says:

    Bringing over a gift Deb left us on the MetaGray thread – know Tom Waits may be a taste that not everyone has aquired yet but I for one am so glad I made the effort and would encourage anyone to explore more of his work too – start with his earlier work

    Glen O’Brien interview with Tom Waits

    ” G.O. Is there anything you want to say to our readers?”

    “” T.W. Maybe I should say something about the title of the album, “Rain Dogs”. You know dogs in the rain lose their way back home. They even seem to look up at you and ask if you can help them get back home. ‘Cause after it rains every place they peed on has been washed out. It’s like “Mission Impossible”.

    They go to sleep thinking the world is one way and they wake up and somebody moved the furniture. “”

    TW-Rain Dogs

    I recommend “Innocent When You Dream” The Tom Waits Reader, I’ve referenced and enjoyed it all over again. Edited by Mac Montandon. Peace A.G.

  25. AgingHippie says:

    Have fun Cochem – will be kicking myself for the entire day – – hubby just reminded me we could be in Atlantic City today for the start of a business related convention – – when he asked about it back in late January – early February I said I didn’t want to go this year – excuse me a minute – – [ aaaarrrggghhhh ] – –

    well that didn’t help a bit – – at least it wasn’t right at the Borgata – – think I’ll go do some nasty household chores I’ve been putting off as a punishment for not being a good business person and skipping an important meeting – – yeah Right !!! :))

  26. brc says:

    Cochem…. we hope to hear how your two friends are totally Taylorized after seeing him live. And give us DETAILS on the show! Have fun.

  27. taylorfan64 says:

    Cochem – please don’t forget to give us the details after the show. I love to hear about what people think after they see Taylor. Isn’t it amazing that the majority of the country does not know what Taylor is doing and haven’t heard about him since AI. I think we must not be doing our job as fans. But one fan at a time will eventually make him the country-wide star that he is and deserves to be.

  28. juliegr says:

    Hey cochem, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and share, share, share when you get back home.

  29. cochem says:

    Well, I’m off for Atlantic City…taking 2 friends who like Taylor but haven’t followed since AI…..can’t wait to see their reactions!!!!!

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