Open Thread 3.

This thread is here for you to talk about Taylor’s Tour, Taylor’s Music, Taylor Related Gatherings, and Other Music.

Post away!


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  1. KimLoree says:

    Feeling like a louse for not acknowledging juliegr’s wonderful recap yesterday.

    juliegr…..Hope you understand. We didn’t mean to rain on your parade (sounds like you had enough rain). Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us.

  2. Beverly says:

    Gray promised that archives would remain up and touristas until the end of the tour. What happened to change his mind? Does anyone know? Appreciate this site but can’t help wondering……..

  3. justwatchin says:

    Hickifino…me too…ditto all you said…just want to state for the record that I’m trying to move on here, and just because I won’t say it anymore, don’t mean I’m not thinking it. Good day folks!

  4. hickifino says:

    I miss and Taylor.

    Every morning I had a cup of tea with Gray and Taylor. During the day, I rested my brain by skimming to see what Gray and Taylor were up to. Last thing, I glanced quickly to say good night.

    Graycharles added richly to my Taylor experience and my musical knowledge.

    Thank you, Gray.

    I miss and Taylor.

  5. amys says:

    First time poster, here. I’ve been a GC community member since its inception.
    Thank you for this site. I felt so happy to see many familiar names and expressions. I will make this my first stop in the morning, last in the evening, several times in between Place To Be.
    Peace all…

  6. MelissaD1 says:

    Well this just scared the daylights out of me. GC was such a big part of my life. I hope Gray gets the message that there were so many of us who truly loved and appreciated what he did. Peace, Gray, and happy trails. Tap us on the shoulder at a Taylor Hicks concert sometime.

  7. justwatchin says:

    “You don’t suppose another fanbase was the culprit with the horrible posts, do you? It just really saddens me to think it was one of Taylor’s fans.” I always think that. Tks for Medicated Goo…just what the doctor ordered.

  8. PennyW says:

    This is from the Birchmere on Sunday – Medicated Goo

  9. madaboutu says:

    Any SoCal people coming in before 2 PM. I emailed Mike at KOST asking for my Hicks fix and he replied.: That he would be administering a dose between 2:20 and 2:45 today (Tuesday) and signed it Doctor Mike. Very cute. I also gave him Toby Lightmans name to look up as he likes Norah Jones and I think he would like Toby. Passing on the music like Gray.

  10. Raylindy says:

    You don’t suppose another fanbase was the culprit with the horrible posts, do you? It just really saddens me to think it was one of Taylor’s fans.

  11. Raylindy says:

    For anyone who would like it, I have printed off the entire Kansas City thread from Touristas. Let me know if you need/want it.

  12. Cali50 says:

    I just want to clarify that the post in question here yesterday was bad but it was by a name no one had ever seen before. 1 post, then a response to Gray and then he/she was gone. I don’t want to see The Boogie get a bad reputation. Most of the regulars here were appalled at the way that thread headed. I am hurting for Gray also and as someone stated on the board, I hope he remembers the thousands of posts he got on April 1st, more than he remembers yesterday.

  13. madaboutu says:

    I posted this in the Rams Head thread this morning. You can try it to see if the tourista thread is still alive.

  14. justwatchin says:

    GC did so much for us…I can’t believe he is still giving, even after the nastiness from yesterday. A two week stay in Hawaii will do wonders for wiping the slate GC..just a thought. Tks again to Ash & the Boogie for having us.

  15. Poolie says:

    Evancol, thank you for the link to Christian James. He could well be the photographer for whom I am searching. His pics are gorgeous. However, I couldn’t find any Mystic Lake shots there but I’m enjoying his work anyway. I think the link I had found sent me to a site like photobucket. I’ll keep looking but thanks for your help.

    On the GC topic, I was reading the thread here when it dissappeared. I didn’t get to read the whole thing but I must admit is was degenerating into a dark place slammin’ GC. A number of posters were pleading with Ash to dump the thread and I would think she heeded their pleas. When I checked GC sometime later he was gone too. Coincidental perhaps but I could see him getting ticked at the tone of the thread here.

  16. souleshape says:

    sorry guys…………i was walking the pups!! see you got there……..x

  17. justwatchin says:

    Thanks Margeaux…I just swam over to you guys to get that link in THHQ blog, but ya beat me back!

  18. KimLoree says:

    Thanks Margaux. I just found it and looked over there.

    I’m really disappointed that the MetaGray discussion is gone. I so wanted to finish reading it. I was on about page 20 of 28 when I left, although I had peeked ahead several times to see what Gray was saying. It appeared that the discussion was still going well and was providing some insights that I was particularly interested in. Gray left before I did and said he wouldn’t be back until today….I don’t think that the discussion turned sour in Gray’s own home. I pray it didn’t for Gray’s sake.

  19. sheliae says:

    well gray just closed the magic numbers thread. guess he saw my post. should not have said thank you as he hates that. lol. well back to life.

  20. justwatchin says:

    A speedboat named Touristas….hey guys, turn around…here we are!

  21. ivoryhut says:

    Posted the link but went into moderation. Not sure if that’s because I’m a new poster (hello everyone) or because I posted a link.

    If you go to the usual GC address then add a slash and the word ‘talk’ to the end of it, that should take you to Touristas. Hope that helps those who need to get info before it goes away.

  22. KimLoree says:

    I saw you there justwatchin. I think Margaux and souleshape are in a speed boat ahead of us.

  23. justwatchin says:

    KimLoree, look behind you! I’m in the same boat as you!

    soulshape, Margeaux.. pretty please?

  24. KimLoree says:

    Please don’t make me beg.

    Link…pretty please????

  25. sheliae says:

    did not see the status thread. knew it was too good to be true that it would continue till the end of tour. everyone that needs info needs to know to go and save it.

  26. justwatchin says: you need the new toolbar to get there? all i get is the quote & THHQ?

    Got a link??? Pls?

  27. KimLoree says:

    I’m sorry to seem stupid….but all I see at GrayCharles .com is the Deve Eggers quote…nothing to click on for touristas.

  28. Margaux says:

    Gray has posted this note in a thread called STATUS:

    I’ll keep this open for a few days only. It’s time to save off any information you would like to have for planning, contact etc.

    DO NOT continue to use this site for new information. I’m trying to do the right thing here as ridiculous and painful as it is.
    We should show our appreciation by heeding his request.

  29. sheliae says:

    i got into touristas without toolbar. in the discussions thread the ” its the magic number” discussion thread is also open at least as of right now. i posted in it. guess it is for the numbers in sales and maybe a place to put radio rankings. griz needs to see this as that info could go there maybe.

  30. KimLoree says:

    Where did you click on touristas? Do you have the GC toolbar or something? If you do get in again, can you provide the link to those who do not have the toolbar?

  31. souleshape says:

    and now when i go back says some problems were encountered. yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. souleshape says:

    i clicked touristas to check out thhq and it took me to the page…..and yes i posted and so did lainie!!!
    GC…a man of his word

  33. KimLoree says:

    How did you get to touristas?

  34. val01961 says:

    souleshape – can you post a link?

  35. brookes mom says:

    Gray has posted a quote on his site. I will really miss him and his site.

  36. souleshape says:

    tourista’s is back up!!!!! i just posted there!!

  37. AmyMc says:

    It was bad, KimLoree……someone posted a very very very ugly nasty comment to Gray.

  38. souleshape says:

    here’s hoping gray will come back in some capacity with an awesome music blog.
    i can’t imagine that he will be gone forever…….he has just too much to give.

    i have to say that as much as we will all miss can’t even imagine how gray is feeling himself.
    to have created something so fantasic and then waiting for two weeks (as he shared) to see if he was going to get the green light and the funding to continue.
    i know he said it was all good…..but i do believe he is, in his own mourning about many things.
    i will still hope to be pleasently surprised to see gc show up with an awesome MUSIC blog…….
    it was all about the “music”

  39. KimLoree says:

    I can’t believe that you are all shrugging this off. I heard that whatever happened last night to make Gray completely shut down happened here and that they poofed the thread. So, we don’t even get an explanation of what happened? That’s just not right! I appreciate people saying that there are other places for this or that….but what about the archives??? All the links and the music??? What have we done???

  40. evancol says:

    Poolie… Are you talking about Christian James….he’s been at a number of the venues. Takes exquisite photographs and is really a nice guy.

  41. Taylorwow says:

    For those missing Touristas, THHQ seems to have a tour site for most of the concerts. Some were talking today about starting new ones for their concerts if they didn’t exist. You might want to try looking there.

  42. Poolie says:

    In my wanderings in the past few weeks, I came across a link to photos taken by a male photographer at Taylors concert at Mystic Lake MN. I should have bookmarked it and don’t know why I didn’t, now I can’t find it. I’ve been searching but I only have dial up (high speed is not available where I am) and it takes soooo long to look through sites. Does anyone have any idea where I might find these photos again?

  43. Laurita says:

    evancol wrote at April 17th, 2007 at 2:47 am:
    “I am going to get the radio (not GC…but a version thereof) up and running. I would have it going already if I were more technologically proficient. I have all the music that Gray had (I think)….. I know I have all of Taylor’s music he had.
    So there will be music.
    I did not use the Tourista part of the board, but I can throw you guys a quick place to post a Tourista board together in about 30 minutes…one that would look just like the old board (maybe different colors). That way Boogie wouldn’t be bogged down with all those threads.
    Let me know.”

    E.- thanks for the offer of putting together a new GC-radio-type place.. that sounds great! please keep us posted..

    About the Touristas part of GC: while that seems like such a generous offer, It does seem like it’s all working here quite well on the BB for people to post about their upcoming concert plans, and to make one more place for to go for posting feels like it might be not as user-friendly as keeping it all here in one place..

    thanks, no matter what!

  44. taylor made 4 me says:

    Wow. I do NOT know what happened at GC. If hurtful things were said abot Taylor, then let the site go. It’s tainted. The universe played cruel tricks on many people yesterday. It was a sad and destructive force that brought misery to so many people, and perhaps THAT terrible negative energy pervaded the site, for no particular reason except by chance. Let healing and time be the medicine for all. To GC fans, it may seem like a panacea, but some things are necessary in life. As far as Taylor is concerned, he is loved and adored by so many, myself included. I am thrilled that he puts his soul on the line for all of us when he sings live, and this is all anyone can ask of him. Have a good day all, let’s all try to live in peace.

  45. BarbieB says:

    Goodmorning Boogie Board… just went to GC sight and was re-directed to So he finally had evough and pulled the plug.. that’s too bad.
    GC was a great place for Taylor fans to gather. I guess I’ll post here from now on.

  46. evancol says:

    I am going to get the radio (not GC…but a version thereof) up and running. I would have it going already if I were more technologically proficient. I have all the music that Gray had (I think)….. I know I have all of Taylor’s music he had.

    So there will be music.

    I did not use the Tourista part of the board, but I can throw you guys a quick place to post a Tourista board together in about 30 minutes…one that would look just like the old board (maybe different colors). That way Boogie wouldn’t be bogged down with all those threads.

    Let me know.

  47. BlueNights says:

    I’m so confused; I don’t even have a clue about what happened. I’m saddened to think that someone was unkind, mean and ungrateful towards Gray. I’m appreciative of everything that Gray Charles has meant to me. I always read it, but only posted several times. But, I received a wonderful musical education, which I was able to share with friends. Our musical horizons expanded, and the experience was wonderful.

    I went there daily like a kid on Christmas morning—-I never knew what gifts awaited—-new music, videos, great discussions. It was a very special place.

    Albert Schweitzer:
    At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.
    Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.

    I’m especially grateful for all the sparks.

  48. madaboutu says:

    justwatchin…………yes, we are very lucky that we are able to share about the SoCal concerts. And I am just hoping that we get a Taylor and band that aren’t so wiped out at the end that the energy is just gone. I certainly could understand, but still since it will be my first concert that he has some left. Nite all.

  49. justwatchin says:

    Dante, sorry didn’t see your answer about the toolbar…you can start a thread here about the Kansas concert…luckily one of the SoCal folk has a link to SoCal Patrol site, so we can share there about the concerts…too bad Taylor didn’t start the tour on the West Coast…for more reasons than one. I’m “grieving” too…it’s gonna be awhile…

  50. justwatchin says:

    Ah, shucks. Too sad. So Touristas gone as well….doggone it. It was good of GC to come back & explain things…it did help a little…well, guess this is not the place…tks Mad, Dee, TexasTayFan & Wow…

    Anyone know if it’s possible to still load the toolbar? I know I should have done that.

  51. Dante says:

    justwatchin – don’t think you could get toolbar now, but it’s main purpose was to have easy access to new threads. I have it but will probably uninstall it now. So so sad.

  52. Dante says:

    Wise words madaboutu – I agree – Gray’s was the first internet site I ever visited and I am really grieving the loss. This is a nice place too, but takes alot longer for me to find things and some days I have limited time.

    I hope touristas get transferred here or new threads for remaining concerts get started somewhere. I am going to my first ever Taylor concert in Kansas City in 11 days and didn’t write the info down about getting together with others in my city.

  53. madaboutu says:

    How sad that after all Gray did, that things had to end badly. I didn’t even realize until this morning that he was still posting there, until someone brought it up here. I read some of the posts, but didn’t post myself. I gave up when he said it would no longer be there except for touristas. It is not our business what happened because this man whom we do not know (or most of us) came out of nowhere, started up a great place for people who love Taylor and music in general to relate. I am sorry that it isn’t continuing but respect his decision. I hope the same doesn’t happen here too as this is also an awesome place. “you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone……..”

  54. justwatchin says:

    Can I still get the toolbar, anyone know? I can’t believe it happened here, where, on one of the threads, or this blog? Just seems so weird. is the end of a Taylor fan era…the folks here are so happy (I mean the Boogie folk)…very kind to let us join….just can’t quite seem to get the feel…maybe in time. I’m so bummed, I’m not even watching Taylor videos…the cellcerts are way cool tho.

  55. Dee says:

    justwatchin Says:
    April 16th, 2007 at 11:25 pm
    Dee, I was there, up until 3 p.m., anyway. Guess it happened right after I left?

    It didn’t happen at Gray’s it happened here when Gray popped in. Yea things got out of hand. It was directed toward Gray and he basically got upset and took his bat and ball and went home. Hope this is not saying too much and has to be deleted.

  56. PattyP says:

    I have high hopes that Gray will either (a) put the touristas actual concert date threads back up on a cheaper server or (b) figure out a way to transfer those threads to another Web site, intact — either the official HQ site, or here — someplace where he feels people would find them. I don’t know if before he shut down entirely, he gave any indication if he still planned to move those last few threads to a cheaper site or if the nastiness put him off of that idea, but I just can’t see him letting that information die with him.

  57. Taylorwow says:

    I was also surprised to see it gone. Had been there till after six PM EDT. Gray was answering questions that people posed. someone asked it he had any regrets, it he would do anything differently, and he said that that was the big question–that he intended to answer it tomorrow night. I got the feeling that he planned to make a closing statement. Do you think there is a chance that Touristas will be turned back on with the Graymeta thread deleted. That site was so helpful–it even had sites for the summer tour.

  58. texastaylorfan says:

    Gray said the toolbar will remain. The radio will not.

  59. texastaylorfan says:

    A few people were just terrible at the end, right before Gray pulled the plug. I don’t blame him at all. It’s a crappy ending to an awesome site. I’m going to miss it a lot. Just checking in here before I call it a day. The end of an era as a Taylor fan tonight. That sounded kind of dramatic, didn’t it? It really is though, imo.

  60. justwatchin says:

    I don’t even have the toolbar…i never updated.

  61. GwenB says:

    The radio is empty on the toolbar, too. Most of the links under More Taylor work. So I guess we have the Toolbar to cling to! My two tame questions were ignored or anyway went unanswered until the lights went out. I didn’t see or read whatever was the straw that broke the camelback. Probably just as well.

  62. justwatchin says:

    Dee, I was there, up until 3 p.m., anyway. Guess it happened right after I left?

  63. justwatchin says:

    I’ve always wondered, why couldn’t Gray block the nasty posters? Wish he would’ve just blocked the new posters today…could it have gotten THAT nasty?

  64. Dante says:

    So is Touristas just gone now? My first Taylor concert ever is coming up in 11 days and now I can’t even access the Kansas City thread which had info about get togethers etc. I am so sad for so many reasons about GC.

  65. Dee says:

    it’s the saying one thing and doin another….it’ll be there…then, it’s not there…ya know?
    Yes, I know. But if you had been there to witness you’d understand. Sorry, I can’t post it anywhere without being deleted.
    I really miss the site. I was lazy and kept going back to Grays site to use the links listing all the other sites. He had the most comprehensive list. So, I just got done trying to re-find my favorites and bookmark them. Too bad something so great ended on such a bad note.

  66. PattyP says:

    morewines, you said, “The world is made up of many different people.
    Then again if all depends on how one was raised.”

    I second that. To me, it felt like over at the GC Meta-Blog thread, we were all having a farewell party, and a couple of party-crashers came in and party-pooped on our party. It may have been in part a pity party, but it was OUR pity party, dammit, and I did not see the point of coming over there and acting like we didn’t have a right to have it.

    I’m happy to see many familiar “faces” here.

  67. justwatchin says:’s the saying one thing and doin another….it’ll be there…then, it’s not there…ya know?

  68. justwatchin says:

    I know we have to, but good golly…that’s the first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and lots of stopbys during the day..get the news. any fun videos, music updates..and sharing with fellow Tay fans…it’s gonna take a little for me….

  69. berney says:

    I read the whole thread this afternoon at Gray’s. One post in particular was extremely demeaning and nasty toward Gray. He deleted it, but the damage was done. I feel really sad that it had to end this way. Especially, if the archives are gone. I just hope Gray recoups and realizes how much he will be missed by all of us.

    Go to THHQ and read the “I Miss Gray” thread. Really not a bad site once you get used to it.

  70. Dee says:

    Well, I tried to post an answer to what happened at Grays over on Gypsy’s site when Elaine asked over there but it was deleted along with Elaine’s question. I thought I was very tactful in the re-telling of it. But, I guess we are just suppose to move on.

  71. Lisaisheretoday says:

    but….but….the archives….

    this is terrible.

  72. tinamelina says:

    testing – I tried to post a message and it seems to have disappeared. For those needing to keep up with the SF-Warfield plans, click on my name.

  73. tinamelina says:

    I was very disappointed to see GC redirected to THHQ today. We’ve lost touristas after being told it would stay up at least until the current tour is over. I have no idea what happened or why – I see from reading above posts that some folks may have gotten out of hand.
    For those of you who were part of the sidewalk soul patrol party for the SF-Warfield concert we still have the thread at which I also put as my “website” here. I’ll need to update the list there which will take some recall. Anyone who remeber’s feel free to add to the list.

    Glad this site is here.

  74. justwatchin says:

    morewines, when I couldn’t find your thread, I almost started a new one…good thing I didn’t. So the whole place is gone…thought Touristas was to be around til May 12?

  75. justwatchin says:

    brc…do you mean just this afternoon? He was there and said he’d be back tomorrow…please don’t tell me it’s gone for good!!! I have separation anxiety!!!!!

    I’m not heading to THHQ…that’s for darn sure. I don’t like going somewhere that I haven’t selected, and doggone it, I selected!

  76. mamaforpeace says:

    I’m not ready for THHQ. It does not look friendly at all! And the feedback from those who joined is not very encouraging. This place is nice… maybe it will feel more like home after a while. Gray, if you read this, I guess Tinker Bell did die after all, and she left promises unfulfilled! But, hey, much worse things are happening in the world. brc, so what did happen?

  77. brc says:

    You can get a little bit of a feel for what happened if you read the “I Miss Gray’s” thread at

  78. Gigi says:

    I know Elaine, for a little while it seemed so fun and funny, a few grumblers.. then I think Gray got off line (or I thought so anyway), so I shut stuff down and went to dinner. After dinner.. Oz. By that I mean, it redirected to THHQ and I had to scramble for my password.

    Was just over there. Not easy to read. This is much nicer, much more like home for us GC Orphans. I’ve been checking in here for a while now and it’s cool. Gypsee does a good job, and morewines, etc. (still in the learning curve.)

    Tonight I have to get some sleep! so nite all.

  79. JAG says:

    morewines, Sad but so true! I’m glad this is still here,so we can catch up on any news and hear about the concerts.Have a great night!

  80. claireb7tx says:

    I went over there and it redirected to TH HQ

  81. claireb7tx says:

    what happened at GC?

  82. souleshape says:

    i think it says volumes that when you hit your direct link to touristas that it goes directly to THHQ
    mighty fine of Gray to do that for Taylor.
    I went to the chat there but did not recognize any names, however, they seemed to be having a good chat.
    i will try to support Taylor’s site more.
    glad to know some familiar names here.
    i come here alot to the boogie for the cellcerts and to read the reviews etc.
    some great info here. and some great people.
    glad your here.

  83. ElaineOH says:

    I was reading later this afternoon, and all seemed well. What happened later in the day?

  84. morewines says:

    The world is made up of many different people.
    Then again if all depends on how one was raised.

  85. JAG says:

    morewines, I was kind of shocked at some of the stuff people were posting late ths afternoon. Why do you think it went downhill so fast,it was getting scary! There seemed to be lots of new names.Too bad it had to end on that note!

  86. morewines says:

    ” 51. ElaineOH Says:
    April 16th, 2007 at 9:01 pm

    morewines, I’m sorry, but I don’t understand. You deleted what topic?”

    I started the topic on the message board titled Changes at
    After the nastiness that started today and a request by basenji I agreed and
    deleted it.

  87. ElaineOH says:

    morewines, I’m sorry, but I don’t understand. You deleted what topic?

  88. morewines says:

    I deleted the topic. 😦

  89. ElaineOH says:

    A few ruined it for the many? Did something happen (on the Meta Gray discussion) in the last hour or so? Were we supposed to know that this was going to happen this way?

  90. ElaineOH says:

    Canadianna, What happened to Gray? Creepy !!! I can’t access GC anymore either.

  91. brc says:

    ElaineOH.. GC is done. finito. a few ruined it for the many.

  92. fatcat says:

    ElaineOH I just tried too and I get the same thing. I had the direct link to the Meta Gray too. It redirects to TH. Hmmmmmmm.

  93. ElaineOH says:

    When I try to access Gray Charles, I am redirected to THHQ. How do I get back to the Meta Gray discussion?

  94. fatcat says:

    You have to go to the Boogie Board for the cellcerts. It has already started for tonight. 🙂

  95. Pamela (SoularEnergy) says:

    burberry4 – Under “Basic Info” on the right of the main page is an option: “click to visit the boogie board”. That takes you to the message boards here. Under the Taylor Hicks Forum is “Taylor Hicks Tour 2007 recaps and cc’s”. Once there you will see threads for many prior cellcerts. Look through them and you’ll notice the phone number and bridge code to call to hear the concert.

    If your cell phone has extra minutes and no long distance fees them the cellcert is free.

    If, like me, you have trouble hearing through the cell phone, you can still enjoy seeing everyone’s posts as the concert progresses. They really do a great job.

  96. taylorized says:

    I Like to go into GC to get here so I guess I better copy down boogie access. I thought he said it would stay up indefinatly. I will miss GC site. But the Boogie is here and well as Taylor’s site. and you guys I am a lurker so it doe not look like I am around alot finaly got to get in on 2 cell certs this week.

  97. burberry4 says:

    Okay, I’ve discovered that the Cellcert is a phone # that you must call… anyone know what the Phone/Bridge # for the Monday night Birchmere show is ??? Post ASAP if you do, please !

  98. burberry4 says:

    A question about the Cellcert… what is it? I know that it is something related to being able to hear the concert through someone’s cell phone who is at attendence? Can someone tell me really quick how I can receive the cell cert connection so I can hear Tay performing? Thanks!

  99. JAG says:

    juliegr, A truely beautiful picture you painted! Your description made me feel like I was there.I know I came away from the show at Foxwoods somewhat shell shocked! Taylor just mezmerizes the minute he opens his mouth and sings.

    Canadianna,I think this time it is really finito,don’t know what happened either!

  100. Canadianna says:

    When I click on Gray’s site now, it sends me directly to THHQ. Strange, because Gray said the Touristas thread he was participating in wouldn’t be shut down until late Tuesday night. It went ‘poof’ on me while I was still catching up on reading the thread. Very VERY Strange!

    julyiegr, I thoroughly enjoyed your Birchmere recap!

  101. Crazymomelon says:

    I was at the inlaws for the weekend. The internet-challenged inlaws. Whom I dearly love. Sunday night, I sneaked to my room & dialed the old cellcert number. It worked!! I didn’t hear the whole concert, but after three days Taylor deprived, it was the Holy Grail.
    Thank you! Thank you, Boogie Board.
    Though it was not the same without the commentary & set lists. I was left wondering several times. It was awesome!

  102. AmyMc says:

    Hey, what happened to touristas???

  103. janey, esq. says:

    Are we not able to access Gray Charles anymore forever? It was a great site with a comprehensive history of all things Taylor.

  104. Raylindy says:

    I think it is time to let GC go — as much as I will miss it, I am finally accepting it. I am glad this blog is here though, however, I do sometimes forget that it is. Hopefully it will remain. I go from site to site looking for someone to interract with–it’s crazy. I just miss the connection to Taylor.

  105. MelissaD1 says:

    juliegr, WHAT A BLAST!!! Thanks for that recap. Just figured out TODAY that I am going to be able to make my concert in Columbus. Counting the days until I put my dancin’ shoes on and they better not try to make me sit down! Missing everyone at gc; this KY girl has been in Arizona for almost 3 weeks – long story. Had Taylor with me via Ipod – slapped my earphones on whenever bad news came my way – “I can’t hear you, la, la, la, Taylor is singing…” Love to all. Melissa

  106. fatcat says:

    I am glad that Gray stayed a little longer and shed a little more light on the topic. I will still miss GC.

  107. dthomas says:

    I read that the crowd was sitting still, quiet, etc. Did they seem to like the show? Was there good applause, etc. between songs, and at the end of the show?

  108. madaboutu says:

    Thanks for the headsup morewines………it seems really final now.

  109. morewines says:

    Gray will turn the lights off tomorrow night.

  110. fatcat says:

    Thanks Juliegr for the great recap. I too hope Taylor gets some rest at the end of this tour before starting the new one this summer. Poor boy is going to drop from exhaustion. I am in Roanoke VA and I am thinking about doing the Glen Allen show this summer. Still trying to talk hubby into it. VA Tech is just up the road from me. It isn’t anywhere near Alexandria VA. Very sad thing that happened there today.

    Also, thanks again Ash for opening up this daily thread.

  111. taylor made 4 me says:

    Well its official. I am going to see Taylor again this Friday at the Beacon! Row BB Center orchestra, just perfect. I saw him in Sayreville, It was an amazing concert, high energy, and my mind has been focused on Tay’s lyrics from UTR, and his new album. Tay’s soul is beautiful. I was on the right side of the stage, second row from the stage, just feet from Tay most of the evening. Taylor if you read these posts which I kinda doubt you do…I look forward to seeing you again, to hearing you sing, and to looking deep into your soul. Thank you for the music, and the window to your inner self which you open each time you get up on stage for all of us to see and feel. How vulnerable you must feel at times. I just hope that performing as you do, with all your heart and soul, brings the same joy and excitement, the same intrinsic reward,it brings to others. I hear more than just your voice, I feel more than the vibe, I see your old soul, special, wise, and innocent shining through. If by some slim chance you read this, the look on my face when you see me at the Beacon will be enough proof of who you are to me, and to so many others who love you, and love your music. Your Friend, MS

  112. PennyW says:

    My gosh..I just looked at the future schedule here and all I can say is WHEN IS THAT MAN GOING TO FIND TIME FOR DATING? He needs a gal by his side! (no, I’m not volunteering….I don’t think I could live life on the road and I’m too damn old!

  113. PennyW says:

    VATech isn’t close to the venue at all. So it should be fine!

    Last night was awesome…from the M & G to the front row seats! It was a blast hanging with Juliegr and meeting soooo many of you guys! I feel like a true SP’er now 🙂

    Now I have to wait til July 6th to see da man again.

    And yes, the front row was really the area that was moving around. I’ve never seen such a quiet crowd. Atlantic City the night before was must more into it and even Taylor said right as he started Runaround to get and dance! He didn’t do that last night! But you would have injured yourself if you tried with as close as those tables and chairs were. It was difficult enough to be able to sit there without hitting someone (I think I kicked Julie a few times).

    I seriously think our guy needs a break tho. I don’t know how he does it.

    Oh, and Julie didn’t mention that the boy had a 5 o’clock shadow going on when he came on stage. Woo!

  114. Great recap, thanks! Glad to find this wonderful site again after the loss of GC!

  115. madaboutu says:

    I wonder how the incident in Va will or might affect the show tonite? I don’t know yet the proximity of the VaTech campus to where the Birchmere is, but it would seem to affect the moods of people who might have been going to the show. The number of dead and injured is just terrible.

  116. AmyMc says:

    Okay I’ve officially lost my mind! I just purchased a ticket for the Loudoun show!!!!! Hee heee!!!!

  117. juliegr says:

    AmyMc — you should have been down front — my table (right under Taylor’s nose) had enough energy to light the grid at RFK stadium!! haha!

    Seriously, what would expect from the stiffs in the DC/VA area? Lobbyists, PR people, public interest workers, humanitarians, doctors, lawyers!! No indian chiefs and mostly plain vanilla. No color in that group.

    To be honest, I’m happy none of the bedazzled groupies or stalkers (who I heard about at length yesterday) were in attendance. There are some really scary people out there!

    Cheers, Julie

  118. AmyMc says:

    justwatchin….they were very still and stiff. Nobody moved. It was very silent. There were only a few of us throughout the audience bouncing around in their seats and clapping and stuff. The audience just seemed like they didn’t know what to do….I don’t know……it was strange.

    But Taylor was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He kept a smile on my face all night long!

  119. bjewel says:

    juliegr, I have been scorched by one of those dark glances…It’s not something I could stand up to often. Need sunglasses. 🙂

  120. justwatchin says:

    How was the audience acting? (AmyMc)

  121. AmyMc says:

    I have no idea why there was no encore but from the way the audience was acting, I can see why he didn’t do one.

    People were confused by all the rules this place had, I think.

  122. Lilolme says:

    Thinking something interesting might come about tonight. Will be interesting…….

  123. Taylorwow says:

    Did anyone ever find out why there was no encore?

  124. Lilolme says:

    Afternoon everyone! AmyMc – glad you got home safe! Juliegr – Good to meet you last night!

    We are getting ready to go to the venue soon. Looking forward to comparing last nights show to tonight. Love to see how Taylor changes things up each time.

    Yes – Idolfan082 & I are going to Rams Head…….not sure about McLnt & Soulislife.

  125. madaboutu says:

    griz, I have seen you post on the boogie. If you read this, did you ever go and check out Pala?

  126. AmyMc says:

    Julie……I’m from Richmond. I will be at the Richmond and Norfolk shows and I’m trying to talk my husband into letting me go to Loudon! 🙂

    Idolfan082 (Audrey) was with me and Lilolme (which you met).

    Mcclnt (Elizabeth) and Soulislife (both are from the northern VA area)

    All of them are going to the Rams Head show, I believe!!!

  127. juliegr says:

    Drat — well are you from the DC/VA area?? Maybe we can get together again!
    Who else was there??

  128. AmyMc says:

    I saw you, Julie!!!! I was standing in line with Lilolme and some others we knew. I had on a bright pink sweater, shoulder length hair!

  129. justwatchin says:


  130. madaboutu says:

    SoCal fans…………JTFTW has fallen to #6 on KOST in just a few days. Granted there are a few new songs but he has gone below Josh and John Mayer again and John has been on the top ten for weeks and weeks. Keep up those requests. Maybe we can keep him in the top ten at least till he hits SoCal.

  131. graciecat says:

    juliegr…I am smiling reading your story as your writing style is really brilliant. I think I might have to use the bathroom soon myself. What a hoot! I like that reference to herding cats. Wonder if we could ever get that clip about the cowboys herding the cats posted here? That was really very funny and made my day as is your post. Please continue.

  132. juliegr says:

    The M&G — the adventure continues:

    PennyW and I both had tickets for the M&G — we were #1 and 2; we were led to a small room; table w/2 chair side by side.

    o Taylor in his black pull over; seated at the table;
    o Penny had some gifts for Taylor; I had 4 things for him to sign
    o One of his assistants told us the proceedure — have your items to be signed out and ready to go; stay in line; sit if you want.
    o He greeted me with “How ya doing dear”; I blithered something inane about how happy I was to hear real good music — HIS — music again. I think he said “that’s nice dear”! I got to sit beside him to have my picture taken by his assistant (with my own camera).
    o He really has a healthy look to him and hair was casual — so was mine!! hah

    I was giddy after the meeting — can’t speak for Penny. So I went seeking a drink!!!
    The line moved quickly — probably no more than 10 minutes to get everyone through.

    Very shortly thereafter, the audience was admitted to the performance area. Penny’s brother moved quickly and got us a table RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE MICROPHONES; so I was no more than 3′ from Taylor — right under his nose.

    The crew was checking mics, lights, instruments, and sound equipment. I saw the “set list” and walked up to write down the song names. We decided this was a “bogus/decoy” list since he only sang a few songs from it. I did, however, corner Ted Alltheanswers and he promised to give me one after the concert. I also got a photo (I think with him) — I don’t can’t remember — will have to check my camera and Penny’s. I do remember he gave a hug and an assuring comment about how happy he was to have me there.

    Toby Lightman was very good. She’s tiny — probably 5′ and petite; good husky voice; reminded me of Carol King. Think she was on about 45 minutes to an hour and that might be why we didn’t get an encore.

    As soon as she finished – the crew came out and broke down the stage — took no more than 10 minutes; James Brown was playing; and quickly went on to the MUSIC HERALDING THE ARRIVAL OF TAYLOR. The musicians quickly took the stage; Melanie is very a beautiful lady; good personality; good figure; good voice. It’s obvious Taylor enjoys singing his own creations — he modestly announces them — My friend, Hell of a Day, The Deal — no brag; just fact. His voice was like warm whisky; NICE; his smile was warm and sunny; he shoots those dark glances out at you; you melt; he is slim and tall; Bet my blood pressure was off the charts!! How exciting.

    Brian Less announced Taylor and the concert was off.

    A few last comments:

    o Remember the man I saw entering the bus enclosure — it was BRIAN GALLAHER; he was right in front of me!! Boy was I glad I hadn’t challenged his entrance into the closed off area hahaha!
    o Boogie is in constant motion — he and Taylor seem to have a synergistic effect on one another — Taylor starts bouncing up and down and Boogie bounces up and down; Boogie starts bouncing up and down and Taylor bounces up and down — its something to see. When Boogie plays, he makes the funniest faces and goes into his own zone. o Same with Josh — he just focuses on that guitar and plays the hell out of it!! Josh is all serious business when he plays the guitar.
    o Boogie doesn’t use a pick when he plays the bass just uses his fingers.
    o Taylor doesn’t use a guitar pick either — guess that helps you get a better sound from the strings??
    o Taylor was in constant motion — moving around the stage; limited movements — not too much wild dancing — stage was kinda small. Taylor did a great job directing the band — something to behold. They do react to the smallest motion Taylor makes. Quick studies. Taylor also gave us an opportunity to let the band know we loved them — “How ’bout this band”?!!! he said.
    o Taylor called out all the musicians by name and gave them good solo sprints.
    o Compared To What was proceeded by a good cowbell intro — not so apparent when you listen to the cellcert but Taylor likes to beat that thing!
    o Not too much harp but what there was was out there.
    o The Right Place is beautiful.
    o A good amount of chatting — but the concert moved along — Taylor did “throw a curve ball” (his words) at the band by changing up a piece or two!!
    o I tried to take photos but because of my seat, most of the time, the camera image showed the curtain couldn’t quite get Taylor in the center of the screen. I have a few maybe they’ll work.

    Now for the end. At the conclusion of the Round around, we were screaming for an encore but “Hit the Road Jack” started to play. As I mentioned yesterday, Alexandria has strict noise regs and thay may explain the concert ending at 10:00 p.m. The B’mere staff was in there immediately to clean up and move us out.

    I was able to get Brian L — asked him why no encore — he didn’t know either; Josh (got him to smile also), and Brian G. to talk to the Boogie. No “shrinking violet” am I — just walked up and asked — “can you talk to the Boogie Board? I’m here for the cellcert”. What could they do — I pushed the cellphone at them and they said something!! haha

    Met Liloleme — AmyM was there but didn’t see her.

    Conclusion: I had a ball! Saw people waiting for autographs at the bus/fence line; some of Alexandria’s finest were there also but I didn’t wait around, I did see Taylor in his gray beanie and a dark pullover — then I struck out drove out of the parking lot for home!!

    I really enjoyed myself and will go to my second concert on Tuesday at the RamsHeadLive in Baltimore.

    Hope you enjoyed this narrative.

    Cheers Juliegr

  133. madaboutu says:

    This is great juliegr. It makes it a real adventure with all the details. I am anxious for the rest, as I read a recap from a disgruntled fan somewhere who didn’t like the venue and show very much because of a shortened show etc.

  134. bjewel says:

    Wow! This is fun reading…Thanks!

  135. juliegr says:

    More Adventures in B’mere/Taylor land:

    Did I mention that PennyW was at the Atlantic City Concert Saturday night? She spent time at the blackjack tables before the concert; had good seats at the concert; and won a good amount at blackjack!!! Then she took a 3-4 hour drive back to Frederick, MD (her home); No wonder she couldn’t sleep!!

    My 1st potty break arrived, nothing around but a Pizza Hut 1/2 mile away (for customers only, natch); bought the pizza, used the facilities — good thing since we still had 5 hours to wait. No sodas, however, not interested in making that run again!

    Back to the car with PennyW and the other early arrivees. However, another vehicle had shown up with 4 women inside. Rob (the husband) was assigned to jump out of the car and serve as traffic cop for all arrivees which he did with glee. Penny and I took turns “indoctrinating” Rob and Lois about all things Taylor Hicks/Boogie/cellcert world. The next car was assigned #3 — so far very easy but we were becoming anxious as vehicles arrived. Another van showed up with some people from Woodbridge who did some public service work with the homeless — knew about Taylor but not much so again we launched into the teaching mode.

    ALL THIS TIME — IT WAS RAINING CATS AND DOGS! Umbrellas, rivers of rain coursing down the parking lot, windows fogging over as we talked; and black garbage bags/shower curtains on park benches so we could sit down. The last group opened the hatchback to their car and we hung out there for a while. We looked like Taylor’s dream of the Soul Parking Lot Patrol (hahaha). All we needed were barbeque pits and margaritas!

    Finally, Lois’ concerns were assuaged — at 4:00 p.m., there were about 40 people in line and Rob was “herding cats” to make sure no one broke the line and got in front of us. We were determined to hold our position of 1, 2, and 3. Although it was obvious that a line was established, each new arriving group tried to bunch up in front of the entrance — so Rob was quite busy jumping in and out of his car to lay down the line order.

    Suddenly, TAYLOR’S BUS ARRIVED!!! By that time there were approx. 35 – 40 people in line. I jumped out of the car; dropped my glasses and tried to unobtrusively mosey down to the bus to get a picture of Taylor. Got pictures of the bus; watched the bus back up into the enclosure which was then fenced back off. Immediately thereafter, a handsome tall young man with straight brownish/black hair walked up with a woman and walked behind the enclosure and went into the back door to the venue. I started to tell him he couldn’t do that — but kept my mouth closed. Good thing!! It WAS BRIAN G. I did say hi and he smiled and replied.

    Returned to the car for another 3 hour wait but since the rain had slowed, PennyW, Lois and I joined her husband at the front door to the B’mere. I had to go to the potty again! Damn! As I was peeking into the door, an employee showed up to open the door — I quietly said to him “Do you think I can go in with you — I have to go to the bathroom!” He looked at me and as he unlocked the door said “I’ll let you let you in but I’ll probably get in trouble for this”!!!!!!!!! I said — I’m staying in here.

    Believe it or not no one noticed me dissappear. I went in; walked around then couldn’t figure out how to get back out to the parking lot. I asked the people at the box office how to get out — you should have seen their faces — which were nothing to the looks of surprise I got when I popped out of the front entrance door and rejoined my group. hahaha!!

    Anyway, about 4:15, the owner showed up and said he was going to see if he could let us in early. We were in let in with instructions on where to gather; how to behave; and wait for the M&G and have drinks.


  136. emeralgem says:

    Goood morning everyone, and thanks Juliegr. Looking forward to the rest of the story..
    Y’all have a GREAT day..

  137. AgingHippie says:

    Chapters – good something to look forward to on a yukky Monday

  138. boogie says:

    Thanks, juliegr!

  139. juliegr says:

    BIRCHMERE RECAP: As the on-site connection for the Birchmere concert, I prepared for the expected and the unexpected — but doesn’t seem that you can make enough preparations.

    o Took a video camera; PDA with camera capabilitiesl blackberrry/telephone (2 of them), digital camera; typed sheet with my thoughts on possible songs Taylor would sing; — probably only taped 1 partial song both video camera but did get lots of stills of Taylor; photo from a People magazine shoot; blank paper for autograph (I SCORED A M&G); and my UTR album. Biggest step of all was to ask my non-Taylor fan husband to help with the line place holding since I thought we’d loose our place in line when we went in to meet Taylor (I told Penny I’d ask RRR [my husband] to help — so I’d probably have to be “nice” to him (wink, wink, wink!). When I asked RRR on Thursday night (while talking to Penny) he said no way. On Friday after work, RRR asked me what he needed to do on Sunday!!! I hadn’t even been “nice” yet! (hahaha)

    On Saturday. we drove to the site to get an idea of time to travel the distance. It hadn’t started to rain hard yet but there was drizzle (I never believe the weather forecasts anyway so I wasn’t fazed. When we drove up, we found a long, low building with murals on the walls — very colorful. An almost unnoticed theatre marque type sign, is located on a grassy lot which leads into a parking lot through a long drive way. A man was sitting on a row of benches in front of the buidling; RRR was going to drive away but I wanted to so we stopped so I could talk to him. BTW, the e parking lot is huge and can easily accommodate the fans. The man was there to pick up his tickets when the box office opened for a performance of SGGL that night. RRR asked the SGGL fan if he was there to get his Taylor Hicks tickets — the first response was “wasn’t he on American Idol?” — the SGGL fan said no he hadn’t seen him since the show. We had a long talk about seating, getting the tickets, etc., before we left the man informed that Elliott Yamin will be appearing there later. I said I know!! (hah) but I only followed Taylor Hicks and then told HIM all about Taylor’s music.

    My plans was to go to the Birchmere and meet PennyW from Frederick, MD around 11:30 a.m. or 12:00 p.m. on Sunday morning and hold her a seat in line since she was driving down from the Atlantic concert and felt we would be standing in a long line. At 8:45 a.m., a real estate client called **@@@***it! — I saw his name on my phone and answered the phone “I can’t take you out today T***” He just started talking about the 3 places he wanted to see and I said I can only show one place T*** he said OK and gave (HAH — nothing was going to stand in the way of my going to that concert!!!!

    Well I started to get ready and the phone rang again. It was 9:30 a.m!!! I answer the phone –hello — and a voice said “There no-one in line”!! It was Penny!!!!! I couldn’t believe she was there already. She started right into telling she was so excited from going to Atlantic that she had driven home to MD the night before, and could only get 4 hours of sleep — so she just came on to Alexandria. As we were excitedly talking about her concert, RRR admonished me to get moving since I had to meet my client and return home to pick him up before going to the concert!! But I’d come to my senses overnight and knew if he went with me he’d be trying to corrall me and get me out of the place early so I nicely told him we had found out other ways to work out the line place holding and didn’t need it. (THAT TURNED OUT TO BE TRUE AS OTHER ARRIVEES MAINTAINED THE LINE SITUATION EARLY).

    Anyway, showed 1 house to my client and took off for the B’mere at 11:20 — arrived there at 12:15 and when I there was Penny in her Escalade; 2 other empty cars (she said they belonged to employees); Taylor’s tractor trailer and the blue-swirel bus. BTW, we had never met but that didn’t stop us from getting right down to important stuff. Penny wanted to make a bathroom run right away (this is important info for later on). We started to go in the same car but I suggested she drive her car while I held down the fort. While she was gone I got out of my car and took some photos. A little later another car drove up and we’d go on alert and question the driver. Another employee (whew) and he gave us some advice about building layout, ticket dispensing, and meals!

    About 1pm another car arrived; we made friends with these people (man and wife) and invited them to join us in Penny’s car. We started off by telling them that we were #1 and #2 and they were #3. We were marking our line placement territory off right away. That was OK with them because we knew we would have to have some organization to manage the “CROWD” we expected. The wife was amazed that there weren’t long lines already — but the rain delayed the crowd.

    To be finished later!!

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