04/17 Baltimore

Taylor Hicks w/Adam Hood
Rams Head Live
8:00pm SOLD OUT

Recovering from an overdose of checked tablecloths, Taylor explodes and takes the house with him. Great set, and now some R&R and on to the Green Apple in the Big Apple. Of course, two days off, heading for a gig in a city hosting a jam festival, R&R might just mean rock and roll, a jam-filled roll, of course. In the mean time, enjoy tonight’s set list, basenji style:

Baltimore, 17 April 2007 set list:
Opening act: Adam Hood

Soul Thing This is your intrepid reporter, Basenji, cellcerting from the womb of a woman about to give birth to the next Einstein. She’s sitting in Baltimore enjoying the musical stylings of Taylor Hicks & Co. Let’s interview the fetus and see what she thinks…
Give Me Tonight The Fetus to be Named “Jane Itsuko Gutierrez” (JIG for short) says she enjoys the disco beat (stimulates contractions) and very much likes the sax player, who blows some fat notes.
Hell of a Day JIG thinks a nice Coca-Cola would get the ol’ blood sugar raised for mom, and hears some sweet keyboard playing, trills and jams and pounding chords. Yes! Now there’s Josh introducing Taylor doing a way,way cool new tag: The Wall (Pink Floyd), plus tag: I Don’t Need No Doctor (Ray Charles), back to HOAD…
Compared to What JIG and I do a little chest butting when we hear our new favorite…the long jam intro, followed by Taylor murmuring in, the big blast and pop, REAL…WHAT, Brian G lays down a sax carpet of nails which we shall gladly walk over, back down murmur, jam jam jam, Correct tag here? Need confirmation and update. Goin’ Up the Country (Canned Heat)???, more jamming, audience screaming…
Just to Feel That Way Ballad interlude. JIG relaxes a bit and straightens the umbilical cord, tidies up the place.
Heart and Soul Nice Josh work here. He has real knack for developing a solo, building tension and the releasing it with a big jam, excellent. Loren comes in and rocks it a bit, Boogie funka-lunks, then tag: Brown-Eyed Handsome Man (Chuck Berry), Loren rides that board hard, some Brian G lava flow, big ending.
Wherever I Lay My Hat I opine to JIG that sometime I would like to hear this with a bit more edge to it. The singing is great and angst-y, but the arrangement could be harder and feel more fractured and pained. JIG says “Oh, shut up, will ya? I’m listening.”
Medicated Goo (Traffic) Happy song, love the shudder chords and the energy of this. Josh does his magical cocaine spray…“Yeah Yeah” call out and tag: Harlem/Cold Baloney (Bill Withers), “little red light, little green light, shake ‘em on down”…back to Goo. Rattle and bop ending. Major crowd loving, lots of screams.
The Deal JIG taps her foot, finds this soothing, has heard nasty things about the world outside and thinks she could hang out here for a while longer. Burbly sax solo from Brian G. Sweet, gentle end with Taylor and Josh.
Gonna Move To start: Melanie and Taylor in smooth harmony. Taylor does some nice vocal riffs, a little stream cascade over the rocks before the final chorus, Felix pumping it, lots of cowbell, Boogie lays it out, and Taylor back to finish up. Excellent, JIG approves.
Heaven Knows Quiet Loren monkey grinder intro and Taylor scat-start, then band comes in pushing the volume and energy up. Full chorus pop and bellow. Back low to hold the “when I come home” (extra long “home,” to the point of listener nerve tingle, JIG giggled and then hiccupped), then the band slams the rump roast on the counter again (butcher metaphor, stay with me), segue into…
The Maze Power, force, mass, gravity, a physics lesson with sax solo. First tag needs ID and update, tag: You Don’t Know Like I Know (Isaac Hayes / David Porter), tag Caravan (Van Morrison), tag: Let’s Get It On (Marvin Gaye), big voice, big energy, hot and powerful and wonderful and just so good, even with amniotic fluid interfering with the sound.
The Right Place Rolling vocal drops, flights of fancy, swallow dives and eagle attacks. JIG has never seen a bird and just closes her eyes and burbles. “Be there” repeat and “be there” extra repeat. The “Desperado” Loren thing and Taylor takes us home…
The Runaround Taylor sings the “Aced” chord step descent again. Now I sing it, JIG sings it. It’s silly, but fun. Big Boss Man harmonica, screaming, Josh grinding, Loren pounding, JIG decides to kick her mom under the ribs. tag: Big Boss Man (Jimmy Reed), Taylor sings this through the harp mike for that ol’ timey feel, more harp shakes and pulls and buzzes, JIG says, “If this isn’t nice, what is?” and I high-five her. Extra long musical lovemaking tonight!
Naked in the Jungle (Van Morrison) JIG says she knows all about this naked stuff, but not the lions and tigers. Shot of adrenalin, shot of bourbon, shot of electricity. Brian G snorts like a bull. Taylor grooves and soars. Boogie and Felix interlude, Taylor shouts out to the audience, tag: Dance to the Music (Sly & the Family Stone), with harp accent, tag: (I Want to) Take You Higher (Sly & the Family Stone), Josh grinds up the chord and funks it out, Taylor booms and becomes SOUL. Felix pounds it. Brian Less: Big ol’ cascades of sound there. Melanie and Taylor are repeating “higher” over and over and over, organ and drum and Josh’s guitar is flaming up like a phoenix and I am mixing metaphors…ah, good stuff, Mr. Hicks & Co., good, good stuff. Domo arigato gozaimashita!
– from Basenji, for the Boogie team


37 Responses to 04/17 Baltimore

  1. tessa says:

    sometimes I feel (and I know this is my head thinking) scared posting anything here cuz I may be eaten up alive so I don’t. gotta say this though. basenji, you put into words what Taylor puts in his performances – intoxicating head spinning magical high. my senses tingled and tickled. that’s always too good.

  2. shar says:

    Basenji and Jig, you are the best. I was laughing so hard at work I had to show your writing to a co-worker, we were both cracking up. Thanks for the laughs and for the set list. You are tryuly inspired!

  3. BigTayFan says:

    Bernie Says:
    April 18th, 2007 at 4:37 pm

    That the cap.
    I do have a couple pics. Not my best work, but it was very dark in the alley.
    How can I get the pic to you?

    Click on my name and it will lead you to my web site. There’s a link on every page on how to contact me 😉 Thanks in advance Bernie.

  4. Bernie says:

    OK, sometimes I just have to think things thru,,,,,

    I did see the fake list on stage- i was just a few people back from the stage on the right

  5. Bernie says:

    That the cap.
    I do have a couple pics. Not my best work, but it was very dark in the alley.
    How can I get the pic to you?

  6. Denise says:

    BigTayFan: I had a feeling you were going to say that. THHQ did not offer tickets to Penn’s Peak so I got my tickets from the venue. I don’t know if there will be a meet and greet or not. I hope I can pass my gift on somehow. ???

  7. tishlp says:

    juliegr that was a great recap so far. I can’t wait to read the rest. Thanks so much for doing the cellcert last night, it was amazing!

    Cool cap BigTayFan, I’m glad Taylor wore it.

  8. BigTayFan says:

    Denise Says:
    April 18th, 2007 at 9:55 am

    BigTayFan: That’s awesome that he was wearing your hat!! I’m going to my first concert on Saturday and I’m hoping to get my gift to him. Did you have a meet and greet, is that how you got it to him?

    Yes, I gave it to him during the M&G at Atlantic City. I’m sure you’re gonna LOVE the show! I saw him 3 times now and each show is very different! Last night was simply the best!

  9. BigTayFan says:

    And here’s a shot of the much talk about “Fake Set list”:

  10. Denise says:

    BigTayFan: That’s awesome that he was wearing your hat!! I’m going to my first concert on Saturday and I’m hoping to get my gift to him. Did you have a meet and greet, is that how you got it to him?

  11. BigTayFan says:

    Bernie Says:
    April 18th, 2007 at 12:22 am

    It was a black cap with Soul in white letters, and what I assume to be the Chinese symbol for soul above it in red

    Bernie! That’s one the hat that I gave him.

    Do you by any chance have a pix of him wearing it? I would LOVE to get a copy of it. He wore the toboggan one the other night at the Bircheme but he was too quick for me to take a pix ;-{

    Thanks in advance.

  12. katja says:

    I looooove the set list! I had a big belly laugh reading through it.

  13. taylor made 4 me says:

    Basenji: Thank you for the courteous reply. I read the cell cert from last night, and it sounds like it was an amazing concert, full of energy and vigor. That makes me very happy, since I will be seeing Taylor up close on Friday and I am relieved he is feeling well. I do not know how he does it, his schedule, his intensity, his bursts of energy on stage. When I read the cell certs I get winded! But anyways, thanks a million for your writing, and putting it all together for the readers. I feel like I am there with everyone just standing by, letting Taylor’s voice fill me with joy. I will continue to read your commentaries, and watch for Zen koan as you put it. I believe in that sort of stuff, and if destiny plays any part in our lives, then I was destined to let Taylor’s music into my life. Sayreville…what can I say…it started things there I guess, and now I am just riding this delicious wave of happiness and joy. It only took one look, and I knew from that moment who this guy is, and his beautiful soul cannot kept to himself. Taylor is destined to bring more to this planet, more than he has up to this point, and and more than he probably knows himself. I hope he sings Places I’ve Been in NYC, since that song means so much to me. Thanks again for the venue for expression (this board) and thank you wholeheartedly for the response to my post.
    MS marlboro

  14. juliegr says:


    Well, I barely survived another evening with Taylor Hicks and Taylor fans — Oh, what a nite!!. Everything was a different this time: my best friend and former co-worker of many years who only knows Taylor was on AI was going with me for an adventure. I was meeting a group of TH fans I met through GC’s Tourista board — we call ourselves the Mid-Atlantic Taylor Ladies. I mad reservations at the Rams Head Tavern so we could get an early entry into the venue and have a meal. The early entry was key since the venue was GA and we knew the crowd would be massive.

    I took a video camera, my PDA (with camera), my digital camera, and 2 blackberries (I believe in being prepared); and my typed conception of potential set list. Stopped by an office equipment store to pick up a film chip for my PDA and new 8mm tapes for my video camera; and to learn how to use a camera I’ve had for 3 years but only my husband and daughter know how to use! They don’t trust me with technology — hah! Of course, the store clerks laughed shook their heads at me (in a courteous manner — hahaha). But they helped show me how to work the dang thing. I had two bags — my purse with purse things 2 blackberries, digital camera, etc.; and the other bag with concert things including the video camera!! REMEMBER THIS FOR JULIE’s LAWBREAKING ACTIVITY.

    My friend lives in MD, a one hour trip from my home in VA. The area has some good roads I travelled to her house around the Beltway and over the Woodrow Wilson bridge — the bridge is under construction and lots of lane markings, crane equpment, and workmen are all around. Only took me 35 minutes !!! I was so excited. I tried to limit my fluid intake so I wouldn’t have to stop oftenr — besides, I couldn’t find the “Stalker Astronaut super adborbent adult diapers/pampers!” (lol) REMEMBER THIS SECTION FOR MY RETURN HOME AFTER THE CONCERT!! Stopped at the loo in McDonalds before leaving for MD.

    Arrived at friends’ house — banged on the door, drooped all my bags, jumped over the cat, and ran in to the loo! WHEW — just in time. Printed off Amy’s instructions on my friends computer and talked for about 15 minutes. Looked around for my stuff — COULDN’T FIND THE PAPER WITH AMY’S INSTRUCTIONS!!!! A-G-G-H=H. Back to the computer to type the instructions again. Friend demanded that I give her my ticket — reluctantly I agreed — see previous incident! I had already proved my level of excitement — what could I say.

    My car has a GPS system so our trip to Baltimore was uneventful — but since friend is from MD, we talk through the voice and ignored most of the instructions from the GPS. The friendly people at Ramshead also gave me some detailed instructions for getting to the parking garage which were slightly different from the GPS directions so I was trying to work both directions. Once in Balt., the GPS called for a series of left turns to bring you to the venue on S. Frederick Street. Friend finally asked me why I wasn’t making the left turns — I said I don’t believe the GPS! (smile)

    We made a RIGHT turn (hah) onto S. Frederick a narrow street with parking on both sides, 9-10 storey buildings with parking on both sides of the street. Must have done something right — there was Taylor’s tractor trailer and the blue swirl crew bus parked on the street. Couldn’t find a place to park or the garage we were instructed to look for but did see an awning with the street number on it. Kept driving and being a woman, I believe in asking people driving, walking, or working on the street for instructions — so I did!! One delivery person, three cars down from the trailer and bus, said he didn’t have any idea where the theatre was. Finally, a parking officer told me how to get back to the RamsHead Theater — just make a U-turn and I’ll be there! I thrive on making U-turns. Turns out the entrance to the garage was in front of the tractor trailer but in my excitement I had driven right pass! The trip from friend’s house to the venue took 35 minutes even with the detour.

    We went into the smallest parking garage EVER! Then took elevator to the box office — wanted to pick up friend’s ticket early — good thing I did! Found the box office ASKED FOR THE LOCATION OF THE BATHROOM! WOW where are those adult diapers when you need them (hahaha). The clerk said make a right turn, follow the hall and enter the restaurant — the bathrooms are right there. We went right, but existed into a restaurant mall and went into the restaurant. Told the host we were sent here by the box office — he asked if we were there to see Taylor Hicks and I happily said YES.

    Small bathhroom located right next to the stage area. Could hear the sound check through the walls of the bathroom. Loud and Clear!! As I remarked on this — friend shook her head at me. Returned to the box office to pick up friend’s ticket. I had all the confirmation e-mails and my ID. The clerk asked me how I had purchased the tickets, scrambled through all his boxes of tickets and finally prints off a ticket for me. Friend said “Give me the ticket, Julie”. Finally got the tickets (which I gave to her) and returned to the restaurant for a light meal. Some windows were right in front of the stage area — 3 police officers were sitting there smoking and drinking coffee. The curtains were opened so I could see the crew sitting up inside. I told the waiter I wanted to sit there when the police left. Those dang people stayed there FOREVER.

    Finally the cops left and I jumped up to get the table in front of the windows. Friend looked on in amazement as I bodychecked another woman headed in the same direction. Nothing much exciting going in the staging area but we stayed there 30 minutes longer just talking. The woman I body checked started talking to us and tried to find out how to join my group to at least get an earlier entry into the venue. We decided to leave the restaurant but first BATHROOM Visit. I was just thinking about how I’d contact any one of the other 16 dinner group members when the door opened and 6 of them walked in. We immediately convened a meeting of the Taylor Ladies Fan Club in the bathroom. Funny! We stood in there 15 minutes gabbing — everyone was very excited and ready to get their Taylor fix — friend was very laid back and watched me in amazement. Part of the group members were 3 teachers — the DC/VA/MD area is a mixture of people, languages, and backgrounds. The accents in the bathroom was hysterical.

    More once I get to work.

  15. MicheleAnn says:

    Looks like he added CTW to the set list. That should be in there every night!

  16. Bernie says:

    It was a black cap with Soul in white letters, and what I assume to be the Chinese symbol for soul above it in red
    Excellent concert.
    Can’t ask for more than him singing “Lets get it on”

  17. jennifer says:

    OMG Balt show was GREAT!! Jammin & slammin. rocking – period.
    best one i’ve seen so far – taylor was SO THERE – whatta vibe.
    some serious rib vibrating…heart thumping – SOUL reaching happiness.

    WOW is all i can say.

  18. BigTayFan says:

    burberry4: do you by any chance got a pix of him wearing his cap? Just wondering what cap was he wearing tonight. I heard the crowd chanting Taylor’s name but I couldn’t stick around :-{

  19. burberry4 says:

    The show tonight rocked!!!!! Taylor brings soo much energy every time, and he looked and sounded amazing 🙂 I can’t get enough of this guy… I’m glad I decided to stick around afterward, I caught him outside in front of the tour bus signing autographs! He had on his cap, he looked so cute. Lovee love love Taylor

  20. AmyH says:

    Nakad in the Fungle??


    I love it!! 😀

  21. CJ says:

    That link doesn’t work!

  22. BigTayFan says:

    Just got back from tonight’s concert and it’s THE BEST concert EVAH!
    While I was experimenting with my camera zoom, check out what I found ;-)[http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g212/BigTayFan/baltimore_setlist.jpg]

  23. JAG says:

    Basenji…….I am reading your recap with much amusement,because twenty years ago my cousin was pregnant with twins and we were at the beach listening to Thriller and I can’t tell you how those babies were jumping around everytime she increased the volumn! I guess the moral of the story is that there are no age restrictions on enjoying great music. If I were not a Taylor fan your vivid descriptions would most definitely turn me into one! Thanks,awesome job!!

  24. caroljean says:

    Now thats what I call a set list !

  25. graciecat says:

    Good evening. Oh no. No set list? No recaps? Thanks to basenji for his post above and congratulations to the Boogie Tagging Team for all their efforts. Rams Head -Sold out! Great news. Hope to see more great news tomorrow. My prayers are with all tonight.

  26. Basenji says:

    taylor made 4 me: as a rule I don’t respond to compliments here because I don’t want to seem to read them—like I’m this absent-minded professor who doesn’t bother to remember her phone number—but the truth is an extra mucho compliment is nice to read, so thank you very much.

    Please note, however, that those tagging IDs are not mine; they come from the Boogie Tagging Team, a group of people who during the cell cert get busy Googling and remembering and analyzing to come up with the tags. I just record them. I also maintain the tagging list if anyone has a tag we missed.

  27. Dante says:

    Thanks so much for the info about touristas madaboutu!!! I am writing down info about my concert in 10 days – sounds like gray is only keeping it for a few more days.

  28. PennyW says:


  29. taylor made 4 me says:

    I love the cell certs. To whoever writes them, I do not know who you are…but you have a way of describing Taylor’s music that goes beyond words. You are amazing, and I read every word of your posts, and I love your succinct, emotional, intuitive critiques of the concerts. Taylor must be very impressed that someone would take so much time to capture these moments that cannot be recreated or imagined when he takes the stage. Thank you basenji. I cannot wait until the Beacon on Friday night, until I hear Taylor sing, I can close my eyes, and see him now.

  30. cali50 says:

    Penny, whatever are you talking about? We don’t upload cellcerts here! Shhhhhhh!

  31. PennyW says:

    Hey, is anyone going to upload the cell cert from tonight? (like last night’s was)? That was great to be able to listen to it that way.

  32. madaboutu says:

    I am not sure where to put this, someone else can put it in the tour thread or where it might reach more people. The touristas thread at Grays is still open for people to save whatever they want or leave messages. I’d go there right now.


  33. justwatchin says:

    I love seeing that…”SOLD OUT”!!!!

  34. Lilolme says:

    I’m really looking forward to this venue. Sounds like a really cool place. Adam Hood should be pretty good!

    OK – leaving Alexandria, off to Baltimore for the next adventure. No more computer service until I get home on Wed.

  35. brc says:

    Anyone know who’s opening for Taylor on tour after tonite?

  36. cypfan says:

    I admire Taylor’s efforts to reach out and give opportunities to new talent. It shows the sincere and very decent nature of Taylor.

  37. Pamela (SoularEnergy) says:

    Adam’s write up sounds a bit like someone else we know (if a bit more on the country side).

    “About Adam Hood
    The American South has a long history of serving as a fertile breeding ground for singer/songwriters who instinctively meld the various musical elements of their environs. Alabama native Adam Hood carries on that tradition. Like a really good gumbo, there are a lot of subtle flavors mixing together in his personal brand of Southern music – blues, folk, country, rock – all wrapped around lyrics that sound too insightful for someone his age.

    “DIFFERENT GROOVE” marks a major leap forward for Adam and his music. “Till now, I have been on this journey mostly by myself. Working with a real musical partner like Pete has allowed me to push myself into new musical territories and challenge myself to grow as an artist. I am really proud of this record. Now where’s my van? I’m ready to hit the road.””

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