Open Thread 4.

This thread is here for you to talk about Taylor’s Tour, Taylor’s Music, Taylor Related Gatherings, and Other Music.


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  1. Laurie says:


    Wow! Thanks for the heads-up on “Press On”, please let us know – this film should be awesome. Thanks again for the website…very cool graphics.

    I’m not subscribed. Is it that bad? I think that once Taylor gets time to focus on his website, he’ll strive for a top notch, music-driven site, like here and

  2. KimLoree says:

    To Gray’s interns….I think they could use some help over at Taylor Hicks HQ.

    Just sayin’

  3. Laurita says:

    I’ll go backwards!:
    First, AmyH- you rock! Thanks SO much for that YouTube link to Taylor sitting in with RRFB last June in L.A. before the Black Crowes concert.. I had heard about that ‘sit-in’ from my RRFB/BlackCrowes fans/friends, but had no idea there was any video of it..

    AND it was so cool to see the notes that people posted on YouTube about the vid, like RRFB fans appreciating Mr. Hicks for the first time, despite the poor audio quality, etc.- What gets me though, is everyone is sitting down!! OMG, i’d be up and dancing, and urging all the rest of the aud. to do the same (so they wouldn’t be pissed off!) When you see RRFB live, you’ll see that it’s impossible to stay seated (if you’re not already in the GA section!) 😉

    Second, Laurie (my namesake!- mine is Lauri, no ‘e) – I def. recommend to you and others to get on the mailing list on RRFB’s site, and catch a concert whenever you can in coming years.. and whenever I hear that “Press On”, the film about Robert, has finally been released (did I write that? sounds like a great song!), I’ll be sure to let you all know… you’ll be blown away…

    Last but not least: Evancol- You’re awesome.. how great that you’re working on the radio project.. I bow to you! It will be wonderful when it’s ready, i’m sure.. thanks!

    Will be thinking of all you Beaconers tonite.. can’t wait to hear about it later 😉
    Be well and safe out there..

  4. KimLoree says:

    Hmmm….I had forgotten that Taylor said they would be staying on the buses while in NY. Does anyone remember that the bus doesn’t have a shower and that the bathroom is only for number one? Might be a tough couple of days.

  5. AmyH says:

    “Laurita Says:
    April 19th, 2007 at 11:58 pm

    I’ve heard that Taylor sat in with RRFB at some of their gigs in the last year.. Were any of you there for what would have been some unbelievable jams??? Do tell! (or PLS email me about it at lauriroseatmacdotcom) I would do ‘almost’ anything to be there for a concert where Robert and Taylor play together.. outrageous!”

    Hey Laurita – I love the RRFB stories. I have not seen them live, but I found something you may want to see on YouTube:


  6. Laurie says:

    From one Robert Randolph & The Family Band fan to another, thanks for the stories. I was just blastin’ Thrill of It on my morning commute.

    I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Robert yet…thanks for the stories and the website link. His bassist Danyel Morgan is my fave, along with Al Carty. 🙂 I can’t wait for Taylor’s upcoming collab with Robert.

    Have fun all you lucky souls going to the Beacon tonite!

  7. Marcy says:

    Chicken & Waffles (april 19 7:20 pm)
    Thanks so much for the info! My husband and I will see you tonight at Jacques-Imos……Looking forward to meeting you.. How many people are you expecting? I am not the Marcy from the lmbo cutting room show….should be a fantastic show tonight!

    Soulsunshine (april 19 12:29pm)
    Sorry you won’t be there tonight…..the way I am going I just might get to the midwest! Will post asap after show.

  8. evancol says:

    We will have a radio soon to replace the one Gray had….

    If I were technologically proficient….or even remotely so….it would already be up and running. Unfortunately, have the music, have the software…..just the skill is somewhat faltering.

    Working on it…..(perhaps you hear the screaming from where you are)

  9. AmyMc says:

    Wish I were going to The Beacon tonight…….hope all that are going have fun!!!

  10. Margaux says:

    I hope Gray gets back from Fiji in time to use his Beacon tickets tonight. And I hope Taylor buys Gray a nice dinner.

    I look forward to seeing you all at the cellcert tonight.

  11. Sideways says:

    Whoever asked about Gray, he’s left for Fiji.

    Probably going to scuba.

    Beacon tomorrow night a fabulous time! All of you going, have a great time!

    Please post recaps. I really like the stream of consciousness type posts… just start typing and telling us how you feel.

  12. madaboutu says:

    Laurita………..thanks for copying that. So many of those sites require a membership and it is a little annoying for those of us who just want a Taylor Hicks item. LOL For some reason it didn’t require one when I went to the direct site.
    I was just remembering that on his blog, Taylor said they didn’t have hotel rooms set up yet for NY, and would be using the buses. A little strange to say the least, but he could have been joking. Hope they aren’t running out of money Ha! Will they show up on R&K unshaven and in wrinkled clothes? LOL Just kidding.

  13. Laurita says:

    Thanks mad,
    your NYT link didn’t work, but cause i have a ‘membership’ on their site (as a student), i went in and copied what you were referring to, which are the blurbs by the music writers about who and what’s playing Friday night 4/20 in NYC:

    “TAYLOR HICKS (Tonight) “American Idol” has sent many singers into the shark tank of Top 40 radio, but this smoky-voiced Alabama crooner, who has more in common with Michael McDonald than with Kelly Clarkson, heads in the direction of buttery soul. At 8, Beacon Theater, 2124 Broadway, at 74th Street, (212) 307-7171,; $36 to $62. (Sisario)”

    Yes, I wish I was in NY for that show at the Beacon — It’s going to be super-hot, I’m sure! Unfortunately I’ve got a housewarming party to go to Fri. nite, or else I’d be on the cellcert for sure.. Will look forward to dusters, and thanks in advance for those who will be sending them out !

  14. madaboutu says:

    Laurita……….. Thanks for the stories. That was a special moment at HOB getting to see a “private ” concert. I got this off the NY Times website. I hope they feel the same after they see Taylor in concert tonite. Don’t know if he will sing anything “buttery” or not. I’m sure he has a special show cooked up though.……

  15. Laurita says:

    Hey Amy, mad and you all,

    My ‘other’ favorite musician the past year+ is Robert Randolph (and his Family Band!) (noted this on the boards a few times, and back on gcdotcom…)

    I saw them again in concert at the Warfield in San Francisco last month, and was lined up (with my friends who are even more rabid RRFB fans than I am!) along the stage, going crazy a few feet from Robert who sits at his pedal steel guitar front and center… Can’t wait for my next visit to the Warfield’s ‘mosh pit’ when Taylor quakes the old house on May 9th!

    We got to do that same moshpit thing at the HOB in Vegas back in Oct. ’05, where we were first in line and waited for hours in order to be up front for the best spots for dancing and rocking out!

    I’ve heard that Taylor sat in with RRFB at some of their gigs in the last year.. Were any of you there for what would have been some unbelievable jams??? Do tell! (or PLS email me about it at lauriroseatmacdotcom) I would do ‘almost’ anything to be there for a concert where Robert and Taylor play together.. outrageous!

    By the way, talkin’ about outrageous, at that Vegoose show at HOB, after Robert’s THIRD encore (where the Meters had come out to play with him!), it was after 2am, the house lights had come up and most of the audience had left, but us hard-core wackos were still yelling for more… All of sudden, the lights went down again, Robert and the guys came back out, started playing one FINAL song.. After a few bars, much to our amazement, Dave Matthews strolled out, picked up a microphone, sat down next to Robert and sang his heart out with them.. It was unreal…

    (Of course, there’s much history there, cause Robert had opened for Dave’s tour in recent years, as well as for Santana, Eric Clapton, etc., who all bow down to this young, brilliant, truly soulful musician who still goes back to the Pentacostal church in NJ where his family are preachers and where he learned to play pedal steel guitar… so cool…

    Last Robert story: I got to experience the joy that is RRFB for the first time that same month of Oct. ’05 in a tiny club in Mill Valley CA called the Sweetwater, after the premiere of a documentary film about Robert called “Press On” made by David Grisman’s daughter Gillian (she unfortunately neglected to get critical releases signed for some of what she filmed over the years, so the film is hung up in paperwork and hasn’t been released yet — too’s fantastic! Her dad came out and played a set on mandolin with RRFB at the Warfield last month.. really amazing..)

    Check him out, if you haven’t already:

    Listening to “…What You Come To Do” on his site, and it’s hard to sit still long enough to type these stories to share with you other music lovers, who I know will appreciate all this!
    SPers, see RRFB live in concert whenever possible 😉
    Enjoy! Lauri

  16. madaboutu says:

    Who needs TV?

  17. saboo says:

    Another GC refugee here, comin’ in out of the cold. Hope everyone is doing well tonight!

    Ash, you run a nice place here. I spend a lot of time over at Boogie Board, reading mostly. Hope you don’t mind if I hang out here too. I’m pretty low maintenance!

    I’ll be in line at the Crystal Ballroom on May 11. Hope to see some of you there!

  18. graciecat says:

    Great videos, recaps, comments, thoughts, music and more Taylor all day, everyday. What more can we ask for? As my 85 year old uncle always says, “Don’t worry about what you don’t have, enjoy what you do have! We have “taylor is the boogie”. Much appreciated all! I really enjoyed Robert Randolph’s “Ain’t Nothing Wrong with That”. Thanks Amy. Made me think about this site and all I can say is, “Ain’t Nothing Wrong with This.” Enjoy!

  19. bcath says:

    Basenji, that for the recommendations of “Dream Boogie: The Triumph of Sam Cooke”. As soon as finals are done, that’s tops on my list.

  20. justwatchin says:

    Laurita…lol…thanks for sharing Gray’s email response…now that right there is funny!

    Basenji…I do hear ya & thanks (I mean it)…..pls understand, I’m not quite there yet…don’t think I’m the only one…it’s just gonna take a little time. I’m not a musical guru by any stretch of the imagination…(I’ve only just discovered Van Morrison!!), so don’t think bedazzling is in my future…

    However, I do very much enjoy your set list descriptions!!!! so thanks for those & for keeping us abreast the set lists during the cellcerts.

    It’s not musical, but how about this?

    “Whatever you do in life and love is forever etched in the hearts of those that it affects” Source unknown…..

  21. madaboutu says:

    Yeah Amy…………… wonder Taylor likes them so much. They were on, I think , Letterman a few months ago and I really enjoyed them. Thanks for the vid.

  22. AmyH says:

    Hey mad! That song sure does kick a@@, eh? What I like most is that it has a very familiar sound and yet is very fresh – just like Taylor’s album.

    You can hear little bits of classic Soul in there, and it’s also brand new. Interesting dichotomy,

  23. madaboutu says:

    AmyH………………………..that was mighty fine!!!!! Robert Randolph band is terrific.

  24. AmyH says:

    On my way home from work this evening, I tuned in Knoxville’s Independent radio station 105.3. First I heard “Goin’ Mobile” (and grinned through the whole thing). This was followed by “Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2” (in case you missed it, Taylor tagged this into Hell of a Day in Baltimore). I was halfway expecting “Medicated Goo” to come on next, when instead I heard the following:

    Well, heck. If that doesn’t get your butt to movin’ NOTHIN’ will.

  25. Laurita says:

    thank you morewines.. hope you’re well…

    heartbreaking… in the best way… i could just listen to that, and other sam cooke favorites, over and over..

    (makes me nostalgic for Gray, though, while listening to it… know what i mean?)

    p.s. any update for us on Archives stuff??

  26. Basenji says:

    more wines, now THAT’s some good stuff. BTW, I just picked up a great book, “Dream Boogie: The Triumph of Sam Cooke,” great read. There’s a line in the first chapter talking about the effect Sam had on church audiences which sounds a lot like what the SP says about a certain gray-haired singer…interesting.

  27. morewines says:

    Ok Basenji,

    Here’s mine.

    [audio src="" /]

  28. CJ says:

    Loved the email from the interns at GC need to frame that one!

  29. CJ says:

    Someone on the board said they were having problems at HQ and were working on it now! I think everything is down over there.

  30. taylorized says:

    Hi everyone I have tried to get on the THHQ Fan site tonight and can not find my way in how do I get in ?? help and thank you (GH orphen) I do like it here as I am looking around and starting to smile again.

  31. Marcy: I’ll be at the Beacon tomorrow. Why don’t you join a group of us meeting before the show for food and drink and commaraderie? Here’s the info:
    Jacques-Imos, 366 Columbus Avenue (corner of 77th). I think they’re gathering as early as 4:30 pm and will be there till 7:30. The place is a block away from the theater.
    Just an aside..are you the Marcy I met at the LMBO Cutting Room show?

  32. ElaineOH says:

    OK, so where are all of the posts in the “I Miss Gray Charles” thread over at THHQ? I FINALLY got in, and now I can’t locate the posts!

  33. Bernie says:

    Hi Denise-
    I’ll be at the Penns Peak show Saturday.
    Can’t wait.

    Our seats arenlt that good, didnlt get them till recently. I am in Delaware, so it is a bit of a hike for me, but it will be worth it.

  34. Laurita says:

    His email reply got cut off above for some reason…
    Here it is again:

    Subject: Gray is no longer around

    Thanks for your message. We last spotted an unshaven and haggard looking Gray waiting in line at JFK for a flight bound for Fiji. All attempts to convince him to carry his MacBook or cell phone so that we could keep him aprised of important business matters were met with a blank stare and an odd chuckle.

    Perhaps he’ll read your message and be moved to respond, perhaps not. At this point we have no way of knowing. Right now, we’re out of work so if you know of anything – keep us in mind ok?

    — The Interns

  35. Laurita says:

    Hi you all,

    Two things:
    1) Re: the request for email for Gray:

    A couple of people attempting to email him in the last days using both of his past addresses–
    infoatgraycharlesdotcom and dancingmonkeyatgraycharlesdotcom —
    received the following reply:


    So I guess it’s TBD if he’ll reply to any of the emails he’s receiving at those addresses, and/or if he’ll reply to PMs on the Boogie Board.

    2) I connect with all of you above who have expressed appreciation for this daily blog, as well as those expressing feelings of very much missing Gray’s wonderful writing and musicological sharings.. I too hope he’ll find a way to come back in all his glory somewhere on a regular (daily!) basis on the internet… and soon! I’d love it if it was NOT a blog, but rather just a place that wouldn’t take comments.. (we could comment elsewhere if need be, like here!)

    I also hope that he’ll bring the gcdotcom Archives back somehow.. what a treasue.. I’m truly praying for that..

    Take care all, Lauri Rose

  36. Tayfancier says:

    I Think It’s Gonna Work Out Fine as I mentioned above is at you tube.

  37. Tayfancier says:

    I don’t usually post about music, more about Taylor. One day driving to my daughter’s house I heard and old Ike and Tina Turner song titled I Think It’s Going To Work Out Fine. I remembered way back as a teenager being a fan of a local band in Houston, Texas, called The Rogues. They recorded this song. I really think that Taylor and Melanie could do this right. Taylor would have to change up the lyrics a little but it would be awesome. Hey at least to me!

  38. Basenji says:

    justwatchin, Instead of talking about the end of Gray’s blog, how about honoring Gray’s blogging spirit by contributing to a music discussion, by posting some interesting new or old soul music, by finding an article that makes us all think. Jump in at the message board, we’re ready to be dazzled and delighted.

  39. shelovesmodernwhomp says:

    Just wanted to say how much I appreciate this thread and express a big thank you to those who are running this site. I very much enjoyed the threads at Gray Charles and am glad to have a place to go for a daily open thread, enjoying the comments and being able to comment. I also like to go to Taylor Hicks HQ, but like the open thread format here very much.

    Concerning the Baltimore Sun article, I have been to three concerts and thought they were outstanding performances. Taylor very much “owns the stage”. Also, I think it’s great that Taylor made the venue feel like a “friendly, get-on-down-and-boogie dive”. What more could you want?

  40. Alma says:

    Hi all, Taylor on Live w/ regis&kelly 4/20/07.

  41. Vines&Stars says:

    KimLoree: I’m sorry, I don’t know why the link doesn’t work. Just go to youtube, and find Otis Clay–“I Can Take You to Heaven Tonight.” He’s a wonderful blues guy—-blues with brass! I saw him a few years ago, and I’ve been a fan ever since. Give him a listen; I think you will enjoy it.

  42. JAG says:

    Hi all, How I wish I was going to the Beacon. It’s so close and yet so far! I agree with everyone else about Taylor owning the stage,he has an amazing presence,that very few have.I don’t get where these reviewers are coming from either! All I know is I still believe that through it all Taylor will be the one with the longevity.,because for him it’s the music that matters.Is there a show tonight,I’m so out of the loop !!

  43. justwatchin says:

    It puzzles me, but for some reason that seem to be what I’ve encountered too (KimLoree on sticking up for an old friend, oddly that’s what I was doing this morning and got deleted.trouble was, the antagonistic comments were not)…I find it very very odd. EJ…yes, I know, Boogie has awesome coverage of the concerts & a lot more, however, in trying to regain the “friendly” equilibrium..I don’t know…guess I feel that sweeping it under the carpert may not be the optimum approach…but then, I do see it from the point of the Boogiers…if the sitch were reversed, perhaps I’d get tired of hearing stuff too…who knows?

    Anyway, looking forward to the Beacon..don’t think it’s sold out, but should be a good one…wonder what New York songs he’ll do? (if any)

    Hope all you who are going have a blast, even “old” friends……

  44. KimLoree says:

    I think I got booted off the HQ message board. Was posting something there and got poofed and can’t get back in. I must be some kinda trouble-maker…Ha. Oh well…no great loss. I was just trying to do my part in standing up for an old friend of ours.

  45. EJ says:

    I posted sporadically on GC, but have been here on the boogie since practically the beginning. We’ve got the juice here. Lots of info and music-oriented fan commentary. We’ve recently had an influx of people and are trying to regain our friendly equilibrium. But we have serious coverage of all the concerts, including celcerts and in-depth lists of all the songs he tags. We usually have several folks on the scene who can answer any questions about the venue, the mood, the crowd, the spirit of that particular concert.

    Beacon tomorrow- can’t wait!

  46. justwatchin says:

    Jan, KimLoree & AmySays…kindred spirits! Long as we know. Sidways, this is a pretty good place, and don’t get me wrong, I’m somewhat grateful to be here (was more grateful earlier this morning), but I just got a bad taste from one of the threads…anyway, not tlo belabor cuz some are getting put off by the “moaning”…..nice to know you guys are out there…guess we’ll get by s.h.

    I’ll keep hunting, maybe will stumble across somewhere else.

  47. KimLoree says:

    Thanks Vines&Stars….but the link doesn’t work.

  48. Vines&Stars says:

    Any time you move to a new house, or apartment, there is a little period of adjustment before it really begins to feel like “home.” It just takes a little bit of time, to get aquainted with the new neighbors, and to feel like you will fit in and be able to make some positive contributions to the new community.

    I’ve just recently “moved” here, and the Boogie Board is a very warm and welcoming neighborhood. So to all my “new” neighbors, I would like to thank you for your nice welcome, by sharing some music, by Mr. Otis Clay, a fine Chicago blues singer.

  49. dhjim! Deadhead here……. and Ratdog are scheduled to play Red Rocks here in Colorado this summer (7/24) a spectacular venue…but haven’t seen Phil & Friends for there yet. Or Taylor, sigh, who I really want to see there…..maybe with Phil or Ratdog or Panic(I’m fantasizing…..)

  50. Sideways says:

    Elaine, that happened to me a couple times in the past hour.
    You may need to try a few times.

    Nothing can replace Gray’s place, but the Boogie Board has great cellcerts with amazing setlist descriptions and lots of up to date info.
    I have met many nice people who are regular posters on this board.

  51. ElaineOH says:

    Still tells me that I can not access the message board (using a bookmark,) so I accessed it NOT using a bookmark, but no luck… I read the Help section – could have something to do with “cookies”. (??!!) Anybody else have a problem getting to the THHQ Message Board?

  52. KimLoree says:

    ElaineOH…sorry, I was out lurkin around.

  53. ElaineOH says:

    Wait. Now I do. I’ll try it again. Usually a message comes up that tells me that I cannot access the message board, even though I am logged in to the site.

  54. ElaineOH says:


    I am so sorry, but I do not understand your message above.

  55. KimLoree says:

    ElaineOH – Message board.

  56. ElaineOH says:


    How do I find the section of THHQ where comments can be posted? Is it in message board, chat, what?

  57. KimLoree says:

    No home for me either. I’m just wandering around in the dark.

    I feel like this is the best of the sites that are dedicated to Taylor (to me anyway). I don’t see a lot of glitter, there is a lot of info, some shared music and it seems to be fairly well monitored. Please don’t kick me out Ash…I say “fairly well” because, even though I don’t know specifically what happened to Gray here, I know it was hurtful and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth and a knot in my stomach.

    There are a couple of very good sites (IMHO) that are not “All Taylor”; Monkbots (Shelley’s blog) and Music Maven (double d’s).

    I can’t bear the glittery…”Taylor is a sex God” sites. Trust me…I know what they mean…but I just find it disrespectful (again, my opinion only). And as for HQ, there are some nasty people over there that just won’t quit. The moderation of those people is pitiful.

    But….I just can’t seem to let go of Gray Charles. To call any place else “home” would feel like cheating on my main blog. I seriously need to just give it up I think (if I only knew how).

  58. amys says:

    I’m also “lost” for my one-stop shopping for Taylor news. This is now my first place to check…. I also breeze thru the comments at MJs big blog. GC lurks there, and posted a bit yesterday (dispelling the rumors that Taylor’s label had dropped him).

  59. Jan says:

    Sorry justwatchin, I’m in your boat. I feel lost don’t you? I can’t believe how much I depended on GC for my Taylor fix each day. I am glad that this place is here. I have noticed a lot of names from GC. If you get any info or know of any other site please email me at Thanks.

  60. SoulSunshine says:

    Hi Marcy, Would love to meet you, but I’m in the Midwest, so the Beacon’s not a show I get to make. If you’re head this way, though, PM me at the Boogie and we’ll figure out how to connect. I’ve loved meeting other fans along the way!

  61. justwatchin says:

    Are all you guys GC refugees? Any other sites that any would recommend? HQ is out…so far no home for me.

  62. Marcy says:

    Marcy (12:58) ditto what you said;

    Hi Soulshine! I love that name…..sounds just like something I would pick out for me. Loved hearing that we share the same feelings about this guy….like I said I never felt quite a connection like this before. He is a combination of unbeatable talent, sweetness, charisma and sexiness the likes of which I have never seen before. The lottery is a great idea……I think the experience of being a HicksChick on the road would be priceless and so much fun. It’s funny, I have a full life but Taylor has brought more fun and happiness into it…’s his gift.

    Will you be at the Beacon or the Maryland Theater? Be fun to meet for a drink!

  63. dhjim says:

    I don’t care about Taylor Hicks,and I have never watched American Idol (and never shall),what I’d like to ask out there is this,are there any Deadheads out here? I am,and I still like going to the solo performances by Bobby and Phil.Has anyone been to a Ratdog show recently? Where? and what songs were played?

  64. DebD says:

    So where is GC posting if not here?

  65. Denise says:

    juliegr: thanks, that helped me too! Anyone going to penn’s peak this weekend?

  66. PattyP says:

    Or to change the size of the type, just hold down your Control key (Ctrl) and then move the little button in the middle of your left and right mouse buttons — rolling it down towards you increases the type size, whereas rolling it towards your computer screen makes it smaller.

  67. juliegr says:

    beachn: check top of your screen: beneath the browser window (i.e., where you type the address to visit), you see a line: File Edit View, etc. Select View, then select “text size”, select a larger size and the type will resize immediately! Hope this helps.

  68. beachn says:

    Why is this font so small?? Even with my glasses and a regular size monitor, I find it
    very difficult to see. Not complaning.. I’m sure there’s a reason. Maybe this is just
    for young eyes !!!!!
    South Africa to be taylorized. WOOOOOO
    Have a great day everyone !!!!!!!

  69. LindaC says:

    Hey everyone….join in the fun.

    A regular feature in The Soul Connection is the Question of the Month. This feature allows fans to share their opinions or experiences regarding a specific topic. We would like your thoughts for the May edition. The question for May is “What song would you like Taylor to add to the concert set list?”

    It’s easy to participate. Email your thoughts to Please keep the response short so many can be included and don’t share your ideas on the board as that will spoil the surprise. Be sure to include the name you would like published. Please respond by April 25th.

    The Soul Connection is an e-zine developed and published by the Editorial Board for the sole purpose of supporting Taylor on his musical journey. If you would like to subscribe, simply include your email address with your response. In addition, a reporter is needed to handle this segment every month. If you are interested, let’s us know via email.

  70. AmyMc says:

    Morning, y’all!!! Happy Thursday!!!

  71. JAG says:

    justwatchin, Thanks,I didn’t add the whole last part! Computer literate I’m not! I appreciate your help.I never copied it down.

  72. justwatchin says:

    ugh..dont click on that address…just use as an email address.

  73. justwatchin says:

    JAG…you tried I didn’t want to list it but I guess it’s common was working very recently…..

  74. Jan says:

    That would be thanks for the info!:)

  75. Jan says:

    Didn’t think so, thans for the info! 🙂

  76. PattyP says:

    Someone said they called the radio station that mentioned that rumor, and they admitted it was only a rumor; elsewhere, GC has apparently pointed out it was confusion about his contract with Taylor’s people running out, not Taylor’s record contract.

    It is not true that the label has dropped Taylor.

  77. SoulSunshine says:

    Marcy (12:58)–Ditto what you said! Not sure why I’ve responded so strongly to this particular voice, but it connects in a very special way –it’s an experience and more fun than I’ve had in ages. I’ve never bought lottery tickets before, but am now, hoping to win for exactly that reason. I even entered an online contest for $100k and they asked what you’d do with the money. I said I’d become a Taylor Hicks groupie – and I was serious!! LOVE this guy and that gorgeous voice.

  78. Jan says:

    Has anyone heard the rumor that Taylor’s record label dropped him last night? It was posted on the board that a radio station is reporting this? I’m sure it can’t be true but if anyone has any news on this rumor or fact I would love to hear it.

  79. JAG says:

    kc15643, OK,as silly as this may sound I have no idea how to do that.Thank you anyhow!

  80. kc15643 says:

    JAG, why don’t you try sending Gray a PM on the Boogie Board. Worth a try.

  81. JAG says:

    Hi all I tried justwatchin’s address for Gray and it didn’t work.Does anyone know where to send an email to Gray? If there is none please let me know,thanks in advance!

  82. Gigi says:

    I want to go to another concert so badly. Coral Springs is the only one I’ve seen, and as it looks, the only one I’ll get to see of those listed so far.

    Juliegr and Basenji keep up the good work!

  83. Gigi says:

    You know, in the news media, the media themselves have a saying (paraphrasing), if you get complaints, some people don’t like you, you’re doing something right. If everything is positive… whatch out.. somethings wrong.

    Or similar… same meaning anyway.

    I prefer to look at so-so and unkind reviews as proof that he’s doing something right.
    (Lots, in my opinion .)

  84. sooz says:

    I really don’t get the “doesn’t own the stage” thing. The only thing I can figure is the reviewer is comparing Taylor’s show to the very choreographed productions that go on during some pop and rock concerts in the last few years. Maybe he wanted half clad background dancers and fireworks. Maybe he has never seen a performer actually direct the band? Who knows? If Taylor doesn’t own the stage, I don’t know who does.

  85. madaboutu says:

    I went back over to the review to see if there were comments since I saw it this morning. There were alot………most of them in support, but a few who said they were dragged by friends and didn’t like it, and some who have never seen Taylor since AI but still hate him. There will always be those. When this tour is up, Taylor will make a choice as to what kind of entertainer he wants to be, and most of us will support what he does, just so we can continue to hear him sing. And, just like Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia, no one knows what will come up for him in the future.

  86. Jan says:

    I choose to discount this review. Obviously anyone who has actually seen Taylor perform knows that he owns the stage. This reviewer surely was somewhere else!!

  87. Lynn says:

    Is anyone looking for tickets to the Penns Peak concert in Jim Thorpe Pa? I have two extra. If you do post here or e-mail me at

  88. Tayfancier says:

    Tried to read the Baltimore article, but couldn’t get the whole thing to show. Oh, well, I probably don’t need to read it anyway.

    I just want to add that I’ve been checking the mediabase 7 day chart daily now for quite a while. I was excited that Taylor finally moved into the top 20. Today I’m concerned because he only had one new spin. I’d like to see the momentum continue. I don’t happen to live in a city where the radio stations play Taylor. I’d like to encourage anyone who maybe hasn’t call their radio station lately to do just that. I’m not advocating anything wild here, but if you haven’t called or haven’t called lately and you know that your station plays Taylor please do.

  89. JAG says:

    Thank you justwatchin,I will give that a try.

  90. justwatchin says:

    s/b up and running. Info at

  91. justwatchin says:

    JAG, I think the old one is still up and….

  92. JAG says:

    Hi all,I don’t know where to ask this question so I guess here is as good a place as any!Is there an email to send Gray a message?

  93. justwatchin says:

    Taylorwow…think that would be a nice add too, tho he has added one or two every now and then…think none of us can keep up with his endless energy and so seek repose??

    Naw, I just want to hear that gorgeous voice, in a little more relaxed way somethimes, maybe.

  94. Taylorwow says:

    I tried to leave a reply to the article, but I don’t think it was ever accepted. hre’s what I said:

    I have seen two of Taylor’s concerts and have found him to more than own the stage. I was amazed at his professionism, originality, and charisma. I do wish he would sing more ballads without the loud band. Those simply blow you away.

  95. justwatchin says:

    KLC…lol..true dat!!!

  96. juliegr says:

    Good afternoon all — thanks for the acknowledgements for my recap the Sunday show. Please be sure to check the Recap thread for my long adventure yesterday.


  97. KLC says:

    For a reviewer to say that “Hicks does not own the Stage” – That person must be sitting watching the concert with his eye’s closed…. Notice I say “His” – No “Her” could keep thier eyes closed….. no way.

  98. justwatchin says:

    That quote was supposed to be “Hicks doesn’t own the stage” I’m not used to typing w/ot an edit button anymore…guess I’ll have to be more careful.

  99. justwatchin says:

    “Hicks doesn’t ”

    Well, of any of the negative things ever said about Taylor, this was never one of them…since this statetment is false, I’m gonna go with discounting the whole article and chalk it up to , wow, there are a lot of incompetent “writers” out there. I know everyone has their own opinions…without contest, however, this is a glaring untruth, IMHO of course!

  100. Marcy says:

    Good afternoon all! I am so excited….I just orderd two twelfth row center aisle seats for the Maryland Theater for July 6. Now I won’t be completely bummed when the Beacon is over……

    I have never been like this about anyone before and I have loved music and a few other performers alot….but I never had the urge to follow the band on the road!!!! (I don’t think my family would appreciate it although I think it would be a blast!) ummmm….my kids are grown and YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!!!!!

    Is anyone meeting for a drink before the Beacon…..I am fairly new at this and would love to meet some other Taylor lovers.

    Madaboutu… the review and commented…’s his opinion but too bad for him for not “getting Taylor”….his loss.

    Has anyone read a review from the Borgata?

  101. KimLoree says:

    Posted this in yesterday’s thread also. Hope juliegr sees it.
    Feeling like a louse for not acknowledging juliegr’s wonderful recap yesterday.

    juliegr…..Hope you understand. We didn’t mean to rain on your parade (sounds like you had enough rain). Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us.

  102. staceyz17 says:

    I can’t hardly believe the Baltimore review. I saw Taylor in Tampa and Coral Springs and he absolutely OWNED the stage!! He was in complete control of the whole band and they ROCKED! I am going back home to KC 4/27 to see him and I’m sure he’ll rock my world again.

  103. Terry says:

    Many sold out venues and he is headlining them all…that is unusual….

  104. Raylindy says:

    Remember that reviews are only one person’s opinion. The opinions that matter most are the opinions of the attendees at Taylor’s concerts. I imagine 90% of those attendees would have positive reviews. THEY are the ones who will buy the Taylor concert tickets — not the critics!

  105. DebD says:

    Sometimes when I read reviews like this, I wonder if it is a different Taylor Hicks that I saw twice in concert (three if you count the poptarts show) and plan to see at least two more times this summer. I saw a dynamic performer who did command the stage, but also gave his band props. Is it because I am a devoted fan and I see him through rose colored glasses?

    So now with G gone, this looks like a great place to hang out! Been looking for a place to lay my hat.

  106. KLC says:

    Well, dispite some of these ” not so stellar reviews” – one thing I hope they all remember – in the end when its all said and done – most likely almost all his concerts will be sold out venue’s – So, you know, not too shabby for a first time tour and basically a new artist – I say that is pretty damn impressive if you ask me…

  107. Sherpa says:

    Um, maybe its because Taylor Hicks is brief and bland?

  108. madaboutu says:

    Sorry, I need to go over the threads more carefully as I learn my way around. My above review was posted already in Taylor news.

  109. Pamela (SoularEnergy) says:

    We went to see Lynyrd Skynyrd last Friday night and had a blast but I was disappointed in “Call Me the Breeze”. It just wasn’t up to Taylor’s standards.

    mad – It sounds like the writer expected a TV Star and got real music instead. How can you complain that he blends in with the band too much and then call it karaoke? Isn’t that contradictory? Critics write to sell newspapers to the masses – most of whom don’t go to concerts but are amused reading about them.

    Funny note: My husband called me in to where he was watching the Doobie Brothers concert on TV last night to point out the white papers taped to the stage. Too funny!! He’s been to several TH concerts with me and saw the papers being taped down and then handed out afterwards.

  110. bjewel says:

    “After a while, the medium-sized, standing-room venue felt like a friendly, get-on-down-and-boogie dive.”

    Hey, sounds like fun to me!

  111. SegerHicks says:

    The Baltimore Sun review was brief and bland…not much about the music. Some folks just don’t get Taylor Hicks.

  112. madaboutu says:

    This may be posted elsewhere, just opening up the comments. I am curious to see reactions here.,0,5461478.story?coll=bal-features-headlines

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