04/20 Beacon

Beacon Theater, New York City, NY
8:00pm Eastern

beacon theater

New York (Oh, New York how I miss you), 20 April 2007 set list:
Opening act: Toby Lightman

Gonna Move Anyone up for a pastrami on rye? Oh, you steamy jungle of freaky humanity, how I love you! I mean New York, not the band…tonight we have the tour standard funk line, Boogie does his thing, Taylor calls out and New York answers, voice in a Trilby Hat, but wait! A little building bass line at the end, something new there, tease!
Heaven Knows Extra hold on the second verse hairstyle, and ye olde “when I come home…” repeat, in fine jaunty form tonight, slow beat, launches into a faster funk, back to normal speed, a bit of a spitball kind of evening? Bring it, meat! Bring that funk! Segue into…
The Maze Driving beat tonight, I guess he thinks New York can take it. Uh huh, uh huh, to paraphrase Dave White: “Whatchoo got for me, Taylor?” Brian G stands on a corner soliciting stockbrokers coming out of bars at midnight, more call outs, Chatty Cathy tonight, tag: Harlem/Cold Baloney (Bill Withers), “little red light, shake ‘em on down,” tag: Let’s Get It On (Marvin Gaye). Salty soft pretzel, yum.
Compared to What Extra witty cowbell…pop bam pow! It grooves my soul. Brian G brings the hot sauce packets for the take out. Boogie rides the downtown train with scary guy staring at me, and man do it do it do it do it you freaky band you.
Wherever I Lay My Hat Chicken soup from the deli and a side of dill pickle. Taylor calls out for a cab in the rain…Wait, is this an episode from “Sex in the City”?
Heart and Soul T enjoys the hell out of his own song. Sings it like he’s some working musician having a career and touring the country and living the dream…huh! Josh gives us his homeless guy who was once an engineer solo, all harsh and bitter but with poetry and sass, grrr! Loren shakes the board to find change for the paper, Josh back in, gah! Boogie lays it down and Taylor bonds with the audience: “Yeah Yeah” and “Heart and Soul”
Just to Feel That Way Audience feeling it, clearly. Lots of screaming.
Give Me Tonight Rapturous opening from the band, Taylor holding the beat tight, gives it an urgent, yet cautious feel, damn, it’s the New York bass line, Melanie croons behind, and at this point Basenji reveals that she always kind of liked this silly song, but felt guilty about it, and the therapy has helped her get in touch with her feelings. Brian G blasts off a bottle rocket, and the rest of the band does the kick ass ending where the kids follow up setting off black market Chinese fireworks.
Hell of a Day Funkier version tonight with Thack’s hemeola vocals, Loren gets a chance to groove, tag: I Don’t Need No Doctor (Ray Charles).
My Friend With a groove line?!? Kind of fusion food tonight…honky-tonk meets uptown club.
The Deal Fast, furious, a quick snort in the alley before you go back in to face your demons…
Soul Thing Good sturdy version, nice blues breakdown by Boogie, back in for the jazz section, and off they go again…jamming at the end and that climbing bass line again, Loren burning his hands off. Excellent version.
Medicated Goo (Traffic) Happy peppy people, band jams, Taylor shakes his ass (I can tell because the ladies do scream so, don’t they?), Josh medicates me with his awesome guitar solo, (harsh, full, bad, spank me boy), band shuts down so Taylor can start scatting and riffing, band answers him in drum and bass, oh Josh, I think I love you, tag: What’d I Say (Ray Charles) call and response, heart rate up, musical sirens waving and shrieking at me, into it now, so into it now, and Taylor wraps it up and end [“Oh…my…God”’s from audience].
The Right Place Taylor works this like a rack of ribs, damn boy, go! Seriously, really flying and growling and enjoying himself. The “be there” mantra repeat, and the Desperado Loren thing, Taylor finishes up just taunting us with his awesomeitude.
The Runaround Nice energy, not frenetic, more controlled tonight, fabulous and yes, single shoulda woulda song, right? Big Boss Man (Jimmy Reed) harp tease, band builds speed, more more more more, tag: Big Boss Man (Jimmy Reed), through the harp mike, faster faster faster, this is what I needed, works the harmonica, band hot and fast, faster? Faster? Yes, even faster! Boogie’s fingers are worn down to nubs, and Brian G is a train, the harmonica is shaking and flaying and cutting, ohhhhh!
Naked in the Jungle (Van Morrison) Way back when (ok a year ago) and this was it for me, I knew I’d sold my soul to some enchanter. And man it’s even better now, funk line, Taylor calling up the spirits, Felix hitting it hard, “Speak Out” repeat hard and preachy, Brian G is transcendent, Felix back beats it, Taylor works the audience call and response, tag: (I Want to) Take You Higher (Sly & the Family Stone), [Editorial comment: Church is where you repent for your sins, so is he really taking me to church? What black sabbath is this?] “Higher” audience call and repeat, over and over and over, ecstatic musical union, baby!
[And then the cell cert dies a horrible, tragic death. Adios New York…]
– setlist stylings by basenji

Opened in 1928, the Beacon Theater was originally a vaudeville hall. Then it became a “movie palace” with the advent of talkies. Now a nationally registered Art Deco landmark, the theater presents both stage and music performances for almost three decades. It’s an ideal place to catch national rock acts before they play arenas, as well as dramatists and rap, gospel and world music acts.

The Beacon’s graduating rows of cushioned chairs make it easy to forget its 2,800-capacity size, even in the balconies. The open stage allows performers little place to hide and plenty of room to shine. The Beacon also has the fine acoustics of a classical theater and flawless sight lines from almost anywhere.”
– from citysearch

Taylor was just in the Beacon a few weeks ago, sitting in with the Allman Brothers’ Band. Tonight’s performance is part of the Green Apple Festival, the nation’s largest celebration of Earth Day. If you’re going, catch some of the other acts happening this weekend – there are dozens. Except for the fact that their show is only an hour and a half later than Taylor’s, my own choice would be The Wood Brothers. Bassist Chris Wood, who’s day job is with Medeski, Martin and Wood, lays down a good boogie groove, like in Spirit.


30 Responses to 04/20 Beacon

  1. taylor made 4 me says:

    WOW go to concertfan.com !!!!!!!!!!

    See the posts about the Beacon performance.

  2. makeitdo says:

    Since i had to travel from NYC back to Toronto I’m a little behind times. WHAT A NIGHT AT THE BEACON!! WOW. Taylor and the band were amazing. To all the wonderful women at the Cajun Resturant thank you so much for making my daughter and I feel so welcome. Monique thanks for all the work you out into the arrangements.

  3. Beverly says:

    madaboutu…..You are spot on about JTFTW on tv, for some reason it just does not work. Since you have a music background you probably understand why it doesn’t transition right. It is not my favorite anyway but sounds good on the album and fantastic live. Beats me. Would love to see our guy on just sit in the spotlight and sing a song on tv. Beautiful clear tenor but overwhelmed by the band especially with the sound on television. Saw Bon Jovi recently on tv and he kept the background band purposely soft with just he and Richie on the vocal and it worked. Taylor definitely is camera worthy on R&K though, he looked great.

  4. Marcy says:

    Chicken & Waffles – It was great to meet you as well……thanks so much for the tip on the seat…..the “view” was unbeatable!!! Looked for you after…we went around to the back and saw Taylor for a moment! Are you planning to go to any other future shows? Thanks to Monique for organizing the get together before the show…loved meeting everyone.

  5. Marcy–Great to have met you (as well as many other charming, funny and bright gals) before the show. A special shout out to Monique for organizing the get together before the show. It was a pleasure to put faces with some well known names.

  6. Sounds like a fantastic night–and I’m really glad to hear Taylor was in good voice–he sounded just a little hoarse on R & K–wish I could have been there!!

  7. abbysee says:

    Darnit, I wish I had been there……

  8. aponce says:

    Thanks for all your wonderful wonderful reviews!!! Makes my heart so full of joy, reading about all the excitement and happiness that Taylor has brought everyone!!!

  9. tishlp says:

    What great reviews. Sounds like Taylor set the stage on fire. I’m so happy for him.

  10. Sideways says:

    The Beacon sounds like it was on fire.
    Ok, for anyone who attended both the HOB Chicago and the Beacon, what are your thoughts? How were the moods different, would you say one venue was “better” than the other?

    As always, thanks Basenji for the set list. I’m hungry now, and needing to make a trip to the Stage Deli.

  11. Marcy says:

    My husband and I came in from central Jersey for last nights concert….couldn’t wait to get into the city…..was looking forward to meeting so many of the women I have come to know over at Gray’s and Boogie….we met at a really cool New Orleans restaurant on Columbus Ave….I walked in not knowing anyone but came to know during the course of the evening some of the most fantastic women!!! It was so wonderful to share our thoughts and experiences about Taylor and get to know each other .

    What a night at the Beacon…..Taylor rocked the house from beginning to end! I sat third row center, right in front of the mike and Taylor!!!! Being that close and making eye contact with him was amazing. Everyone was up on their feet just grooving to the outstanding music coming from Tay and his band…..I think he was so ready for the Beacon….he was in fantastic voice….the guys and Melanie were tremendous….Taylor feeds on the audience and this night the crowd was outstanding…..His energy is amazing….He feels the music in every fiber of his being and translates that to us….he went from the guitar, to the tambourine to the harmonica…..energy level pulsating the crowd….at one point all I could hear was “oh my God”…..”Oh my God”……The thing about Taylor is his emotions are right out there for all of his fans to see….he was absolutely joyous last night….he is LIVING HIS DREAM and we are all along for the ride….and what a ride it is!!! You get so damm happy for him…..And his dance moves….just enough sexiness….whew! After coming out for the second encore he put the mike down like it was on fire (it was!) and ran over to the keyboards to play and sway like Ray Charles….amazing!!! At one point he started to jump up and down to the beat and we all did as well…..had to get that energy out somehow! I agree with “Taylor Made 4 Me” I was absolutely stunned by the man and his music. This is my second concert in a week…so glad I have tickets for the Maryland Theater…wish I didn’t have to wait until July 6…..maybe I could remedy that!!!

    After we met in front of the theater and decided to go looking for the tour buses…..we met Loren after the show and he told us Tay would be getting into a cab and we might get to see him. By the way, what a nice guy Loren is….met him at the Borgata last week and last night again….His smile didn’t leave him for a second last night during the performance….After waiting for about a half hour Taylor did come out to say Hi and thank us again!!!!! He is so sweet. If I can get fangirly for just a moment the man is gorgeous….seems to get better looking all the time….happiness just shines through his beautiful brown eyes. Yes, we all came to ‘tHE RIGHT PLACE”

    A special hello to all the great gals I met….

  12. taylor made 4 me says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!! Beautiful person. Beautiful voice. Beautiful soul. Beautiful concert.
    I was in BB center orchestra, and my impression is that Taylor was ready for NY. His voice was clean and clear. His hair (highly important in the BA) was perfectly cool. His moves were astonishingly cool with just the right amount of sensuality needed for the critical NYC eye. His timing on everything was incredibly accurate, which leads me to believe that Tay was ON tonight, to the tune of being his best yet on this tour. The playbacks of the videos I took show a confident artist and a STRONG performer. Taylor brought it last night, and the crowd loved every delicious moment. Luckily, my husband is a tall grey-haired Taylor Hicks “lookalike” (jk…NOONE can look like Tay) so I think Tay notices him, and I just kinda stand there hoping he will see me too! It’s all very funny. We had a blast last night, and the reason is Taylor. I sometimes just stand there and I can’t move when I hear him sing, I just want to hold still and let his music fill me with joy. If I move around I might miss the vibe as it comes my way. I am stunned in a very deep way by this concert.

  13. simplycarol says:

    How many people showed up at the Beacon? Was it a pretty big crowd? Would have LOVED to have been there!

  14. bluesail says:

    It was an excellent show tonight at the Beacon! I was in the front orchestra and no one sat down the entire time. I went by myself and was seated between two couples (a young hip NYC downtown couple and a middle-aged suburban couple). I was worried during Toby Lightman’s set (who was great by the way) that they would be sit down people. Nope! As soon as Soul Finger started to play, they were out of their seat hooting and hollering. Me too! Just dancing, shaking, clapping….getting lost in the energy and music of Taylor Hicks. The harp on Runaround was amazing. Can I say it again…it was AMAZING!!!! I loved Gonna Move, Compared to What, Hell of a Day, The Deal, My Friend and The Right Place. I was jumping up and down during the encore of NITJ/Take You Higher. I think everyone was on a high during that encore.

    Yes, the crowd was very diverse. It was cool to see that!

    Oh, and I won a meet and greet. I only found out at 12:30pm today and the e-mail was in my spam folder!! It’s good I looked in that folder today. Taylor signed my ‘In Your Time’ and ‘Son of a Carpenter’ lyrics, my brand new ‘In Your Time’ CD that I bought at the venue and my UTR CD cover. I gave him the latest Patty Griffin CD, ‘Children Running Through.” He was quiet and polite. I was a little bit nervous, but he was cool. Did I mention he is good-looking? Yes, he is.

    It was a wonderful night and I also met some very nice people. It was fun to talk and laugh about our Taylor Hicks fascination.

  15. Marcy says:

    “”This is the best audience so far on this tour” Taylor Hicks talking to the Beacon audience tonight!!!!!!!!!!! We were up on our feet from the first and never sat down……Taylor definitely rocked the Beacon and our world tonight! Tremendous concert….. Will we ever be the same? Going to sleep….will post more in the morning….

  16. JAG says:

    Sounds like the city that never sleeps will remember the night that Taylor blew the roof off the Beacon! Once again basengi’s recap enables us to experience the music and the excitement of the concert.

  17. graciecat says:

    New York – The Beacon – Toby Lightman – Taylor Hicks – The Band – The Concert -The Set List – yep, that’s all this heart can take for one night! Too exciting! Enjoy all!
    Do it, do it, do it!

  18. Margie says:

    Mad, Is there a cellcert tonight, I can’t get on the site? Down?

  19. madaboutu says:

    Mike on KOST just gave Taylor Hicks fans a shout out while announcing HOB tickets giveaway. He says” We want all you Taylor Hicks fans to get on the internet and tell each other there is a giveaway coming up”.
    sooz……………..he is a cutie for sure.

  20. sooz says:

    AmyH – I am puzzled, as well, what the deal is with that song on TV. I have heard him sing it live and in the flesh, twice, and he does it beautifully. Melanie sounded off, also.
    The Maze was better at the end of the show. On another note…Cripes, he looked absolutely beautiful! (So did Melanie, for that matter. )

  21. madaboutu says:

    AmyH……………..I love soaring ballads, it is just that this song is not transitioned right. I would probably have to hear someone else try to do it to see what the problem is. The album track does sound good and I have heard some of the vids from concerts that are good……..it just seems that everytime they get on a show it doesn’t come out right., and then he has to resort to all the growling. Taylor can do ballads very well as AI is a witness to.

  22. AmyMc says:

    Have fun in NYC tonight, y’all!

  23. AmyH says:

    I love JTFTW – and I normally hate soaring, sappy love ballads. Taylor brings a genuine warmth to a song that would be mediocre in the hands (voice) of another singer. You believe him as he sings it.

    The TV appearances have NOT been good. This is partially because of bad sound, bad mixing, and on at least one occasion Taylor was ill. He tends to hold back on TV, too. I don’t know what THAT’S all about.

    I love JTFTW on the album, but seeing/hearing him do it live just raises it to another level entirely. He throws so much emotional weight behind it and growls out the appropriate notes. There is pleading but also hope in the vocals.

    This song makes me weep in a very good way.

  24. madaboutu says:

    If its any consolation, I saw Bucky on Kimmel last night and his voice was very strained and didn’t sound that great. Sometimes these live performances just don’t work. I like Bucky too.

  25. madaboutu says:

    Oh my, to me, JTFTW was not good at all. I think Clive should have 50 lashings for recommending that as the single. I hope he doesn’t sing that on Idol. Sorry………I just do not like it live on TV. I do have music background and it is purely from that point of view. Taylor always looks good.

  26. AmyH says:

    R&K is on GoFish AND there are downloads on The Boogie Board for all who want them.

    Tonight’s cellcert should be a good one – we have HicksLady (aka RagsQueen) on site with redhead as back-up and yours truly hosting.

    The show starts at 8EST (last I heard Toby Lightman is opening), so Taylor should hit the stage around 9.

    Party New York Style!! Woo!!

  27. sooz says:

    Ahhh, 2800 screaming spirits, 7 musical dynamos and 1wonderful Whirling Dervish to lead it all away…wish I could be there. Take the roof off, Everyone!

  28. BigTayFan says:

    For those who missed Tay’s appearance on Regis & Kelly.
    JTFTW: http://www.gofish.com/player.gfp?gfid=30-1101471
    MAZE: http://www.gofish.com/player.gfp?gfid=30-1101477 (Only a snippet since he got cut-off)


  29. juliegr says:

    Marcy– thanks for the 411 on Taylor’s R&K appearance this morning. I’m a fan of JTFTW — it sounds better and better each time he performs it; especially when he changes the tempo and “punch”. If he looked happy, that probably meant he thinks he nailed it.

    Hope someone on the Boogie was able to capture the show; if not, I’ll bet Gypsy did!! She’s a dynamo.

    Thanks again for the news. You’re right: Tonight SHOULD be a blast!


  30. Marcy says:


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