Open Thread 5.

This thread is here for you to talk about Taylor’s Tour, Taylor’s Music, Taylor Related Gatherings, and Other Music.

Post away!

Also- video of Taylor’s recent appearance on Regis and Kelly.

Just To Feel That Way

The Maze


28 Responses to Open Thread 5.

  1. Berti says:

    Thanks for the link to the clip. I guess I have been in la la land. I didn’t even know he was going to be on or the DVR would have been set.

    Looking good! I’m ready for another single. Although JTFTW is a nice song, it has never been one of my favorites…JMO. I keep voting on YES and requesting though.

    Again, enjoyed the clip….thanks!

  2. graciecat says:

    I really enjoyed the performance of JTFTW on Regis and Kelly. Taylor and the band always seem to put a new twist on a song depending on their mood. That is true artistry at its best. Raw, real and ready. Really unique. Extremely talented group of musicians. I agree it would have been nice to hear all of The Maze. I am really enjoying this site. Keep up the great work all!

  3. PennyW says:

    I rewatched the show and none of the band members including Taylor had on earphones so there might have been a problem at the set. I think he sounded great.

  4. Delilah says:

    Oh, woe is me…

    Has anyone had the experience of missing a Meet & Greet because the damn spam filter kicked the (last-minute) email to your spam folder?

    I apparently won one for the Beacon last night and found out today. Desperate to know if anyone’s had this happen and if (maybe, possibly, fingers crossed) they were able to swap it in for a M&G pass at a future show.


  5. AmyMc says:

    I don’t think I’ve said hi today. Hi, y’all!!!! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and I hope everybody going to the show tonight has a blast!

  6. Sideways says:

    At first I thought it was a repeat on Regis & Kellie, or it was a taped blurb from the last time he was on the show because he was wearing the same shirt he wore last time… yeah, I remembered, LOL.

    He looked good, nice to hear (at least part of) The Maze. I agree with the poster who hopes the next single will be a Taylor original.

  7. justwatchin says:

    hey justS..r&K was funny..loved Gary S…wish he could’ve talked with Taylor..that would’ve been fun..take care & hang in there…been a tuf week!

  8. sarahinwv says:

    ONE MORE THING BEFORE I GO…..(I have to get outside)…… please send me a hello:….. I hope you are all well and cheery-O !!!

  9. sarahinwv says:

    it’s an absolutely spectacular day !!! And , here I sit, watching my dude on Regis&Kelly&The Donald…. (what’s up with Trump’s hands?. They were all over the place…)…. wow, I must say that this is the best Taylor has ever looked. I wish they didn’t cut-off “Maze”.. he was just smiling away while he was singing that one. You guys…… psssst…. come closer…… i love him…….

  10. sarahinwv says:

    hello…… nice to see some of you.. missed ya….

  11. Jan says:

    I thought Taylor looked so great and remarkably relaxed. ( Warning, fangirly comment coming). He looked so sexy and I loved his hair like that. He sang beautifully and looked so incredibly comfortable. If you have this taped, look back at the Trump and the way he keeps looking at Tay! LOL

  12. SegerHicks says:

    I wasn’t happy when they cut off during The Maze…the harmonica was in hand and we didn’t get to see/hear it! The hair and makeup people at Regis and Kelly must have had their way with Taylor’s hair…it looked VERY styled…in a good way LOL!

    Donald Trump thinks he’s so sexy…….barf!

  13. Shahab says:

    That was eye-opening and hilarious!

  14. hickifino says:

    Best JTFTW that I’ve seen on TV. Seemed to hit the notes perfectly. Difficult song to sing.

    Also surprised that he chose The Maze. It may work for AC radio, if he chooses it as his next single. PayTheDevil made a wonderful video of The Maze that brought that song to life!

    If I were selecting his next single, I’d pick something uptempo for sure, probably “Soul Thing.” I like the way it blends the different styles of music, which fits my concept of Taylor – he can make hits in lots of different music styles. “Somehow” could be styled Country or AC, for example.

    Didn’t he look trim and fit! and gelled! Handsome!

  15. mojavedesertgirl says:

    I was surprised by the choice of TM…
    But thoroughly enjoyed JTFTW!

  16. amys says:

    Fangirly moment for a second…. DAMN! Taylor looks so handsome in these clips.
    Okay, I had to just get that out.
    That was one of his better takes on JTFTW. I hope he gets a bump in air time after that. I have no idea what the next single will be or when it will be released, but I’m looking forward to it.

  17. neice says:

    I felt he did a great job i like how he changed up the song it really sounded good. He is so sweet and charming. I just love his hair that way too and I love the shirt .he is getting better and more handsome everyday and I feel the best is yet to come everyone woooooooo!!!!

  18. Kathy says:

    Saw Taylor in concert a few weeks ago. Let me just say although I have his cd and love it, you have not experienced this man’s talent until you have seen him live. I brought a friend who was NOT a Taylor fan going into the concert, but after the show, man oh man, she was mesmerized by Taylor. She said it was the best show she has ever seen and let me just add she is an avid concert goer. Thanks Taylor – keep on making that sweet, sould music – love ya!

  19. wow, that was great, thank you! He both looks and sounds fantastic, and also relaxed…..oh boy, only 9 (really long) days until Denver!!

  20. JAG says:

    Thanks for the videos,I’ m in Connecticut but will be feeling the vibes from the Beacon tonight ! What a glorious day it is today ! I rolled my windows down at the bank and let Taylor entertain everyone waiting in line !! Boy it felt good and sounded awesome. I love sharing Taylor with the world !! I will be looking forward to tonights recaps.Till then adious!!! Hope I spelled that right.

  21. just got to see kathy and regis and you are fananastic the songs was out of this world. you nailthem again i tape the show and you are gorgeous. cant wait until june and july i am going to see you at three more concert keep living yiour dream. soul patrol

  22. Laurita says:

    I fortunately DID remember to set the DVR, but thanks to ‘bigtayfan’ who put it all on GoFish for those that missed it!

    What was a big bummer (I yelled at the TV) was that their timing was so off in their last segment about organic food (which was good, btw!), that they only had 50 seconds for Taylor’s second song “The Maze”, and they cut off the broadcast of it right as Mr. Hicks and Co. were ramping up (as you can see in the GoFish clip) .. I hate when that happens! Poor planning.. I wish they taken more time away from The Donald blabbing through the whole hour about himself and his money, and at least let Taylor’s 2nd song play out…

    Oh well, nevertheless, it was truly great to see TH and the band in such fine form, and with such nice smiles on.. (Makes it harder to wait for 5/9 in San Francisco!)

    The Beacon’s going to rock tonight! I hope Taylor’s CD sales get a huge boost from this spot this morning.. 😉

  23. Diane says:

    So great to be able to see Taylor perform. I forgot to set my DVR to record, so this was a grear surprise. I have to wait until May to see him.

    Thanks for putting these up here!

  24. morewines says:

    If he releases another single. I hope it’s one
    of his originals.

  25. Pattyr says:

    WOW!! Does he get hotter by the day or what????
    I wonder if he will do a FOX news interview somtime today.
    Seems like those have dropped off a little lately..
    Does anyone here know how long an artist usualy waits to release a 2nd single off a CD? Is it based on how well the firs single is doing or is it just done within a specific time frame.
    Methinks it’s time for Tay to release a “rockin” single like Runaround, Soul Thing or even the Maze.

  26. meekowl says:

    I’m so glad to have discovered this site and the boogie boards as well. Regis and Kelly have been very good to him. This is his 3rd appearance in less then a year if I remember right. Great job.

  27. AmyMc says:

    Oh yes, Taylor sounds wonderful on both songs! He did a fabulous job this morning on Regis & Kelly and I think he was so relaxed talking about his book, too! Fabulous job, Taylor!!!!!!!!!

    and you didn’t look too shabby either!

  28. boogie says:

    I think Taylor sounded pretty good on both songs, but there’s something about Melanie’s vocals that sounds off.

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