04/21 Penn’s Peak

Penn’s Peak Theater
Jim Thorpe, PA

A Virtual Tour of the Venue

And a belated set list. Thanks to cochem, for excellent ears and notetaking while under the influence (the boogie influence, of course)

04/21/07 Penn’s Peak, Jim Thorpe, PA

Gonna Move
Give Me Tonight
Wherever I Lay My Hat
Dream Myself Awake
The Deal*
Young Turks**
Just To Feel That Way
Hell of a Day#
My Friend
Medicated Goo
Heaven Knows## >
The Right Place

Encore: Badge

* With “Moon Shadow” (Cat Stevens) tease
** With “Gasoline Alley” (Rod Stewart) tease
# With “The Wall” (Pink Floyd) tease
## With “9 to 5” (Dolly Parton)
^ With “Crazy Love (Van Morrison),
^^ With “Willie Brown Blues” (Ry Cooder)


22 Responses to 04/21 Penn’s Peak

  1. rose says:

    I have been to 4 of Taylors shows and each one was great and all were a slightly different. I was also at the Beacon and no one sat all night.. I do not know how people sit stull but they did in Pa and it was the same in Hampton NH. With assigned seating many times they do not want you standing and blocking others view.
    I understand that reasoning but still find it hard to sit still,, for me it is nearly impossible so I end up getting up and down, and walkling (more like dancing) around the outside of the seating area and taking pictures ..If you like to be able to stand you need to go to the shows that are general adminssion and you can get right up to the stage.. but you have to get there early to get right up front…

  2. taylor made 4 me says:

    tag: (I’m being followed by a Moonshadow) by Cat Stevens.
    What is a moonshadow?
    It is a shadow cast by the moon’s light, meaning that the moon is shining upon that person. Its Light is that of the Mother, says Plutarch, making all things moist and pregnant, promotive of the generation of living things.One can give one’s soul to a deity by dedicating one’s shadow to him. The moon gives ecstatic revelation. Its effects are reason/wisdom. Therefore we have a man who is strong, wise, and happy because filled with creative power.

    No wonder Tay looks so wonderful! Where can I get a moonshadow????

  3. Denise says:

    oops, I just realized my recap says Jeff. I meant Josh! sorry about that!

  4. Denise says:

    soosemom: I’m sorry I’m not trying to be a jerk but I just want to keep it to myself. It was not a scrapbook or a picture of any kind. He actually said that he had already started to look at it when he got back to his room after the meet and greet. I honestly was more excited to give him my gift than to get his picture or his autograph, so the fact that he acknowledged it was very nice!

    Lynn: I’m glad you were protecting the little ones. The one little girl with the bow in her hair could not have been more than 8 years old. I think I remember you. Do you remember me? I was wearing a black tank top and army green colored pants. I might have had on a fitted jean jacket also, it got chilly after awhile . I owe you a HUGE thank you because you were the one that originally told me about the concert over at GC. If I had known that was you, I would have thanked you in person!

  5. soosemom says:

    I love this site for the set lists and recaps….wonderful. Have never posted, but read it a lot!
    Denise, your recap was great! I want to ask what your gift was, though. It seemed to be pretty special for Taylor to remember it and say he’d look at it later. A scrapbook of some sorts???

  6. morewines says:

    Man there are some real weird and rude people in
    this world. Other than that it sounds like
    Denise had a good time.

  7. Lynn says:

    Denise, I was one of the people there with one of the little girls. I took the smallest one “under my wing” in addition to my daughter and made sure she got in front and that no one would push her or mine over. There was an extremely obnoxious lady to my left that kept pushing them out of the way. From what I can tell from the way she was talking, she’s been to many shows. She could have been more courteous to the young ones. Well…it worked out well for them. They both got their items signed and a quick hello from Taylor.
    I noticed he doesn’t do much talking. That’s probably smart though, it could get him stuck there for longer and his schedule is hectic as it is.

  8. juliegr says:

    VIV — very funny recap!! Isn’t it amazing how us calm, cool, and collected multi-tasking moms act at the prospect of attending a Taylor Hicks concert. A lot of what you recounted was reminiscent of my experience on the way to the Rams Head Live concert in Baltimore, MD. Especially the bathroom episode!!! lol

    Thanks for sharing and congratulations on the gift exchange and comments.

    By the way, be sure to sign on / register on concertfan.com and post your review of the concert and rate it.


  9. Denise says:

    Well, I’ve never written a recap post before. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to write in “story” form or factual outline form, kinda like a memorandum of law. I guess I’ll just keep typing and see how it ends up. I will warn you that this is going to be long and I’m telling it like it is and I might offend a few people with what I say. If you are offended by swearing, turn back now and don’t read this!!
    First let me tell you that I was so excited about my trip to PA and to see Taylor that I could hardly sleep the night before.. There were 3 reasons I was going to this concert. #1 was to give Taylor a gift I had gotten him; #2 was to pick up 5 copies of IYT, one for me and the others for people I had met online who were unable to attend a concert and wanted one; and of course #3 was to hear Taylor sing! I had to be up early Saturday morning for my daughter’s travel soccer game (which they won!!) The plan was for my husband and I to take separate cars to the game and then I would pick up my friend and we would leave to go to PA from the game. I was running on empty due to my lack of sleep so I decided to stop at Dunkin Donuts before the game. I ran into my dad there who was with my little brother (I’m 35 and my little brother is 8, it’s a long story….) so while I was sitting there chatting with my dad my little brother knocked his hot cocoa off the table and all over me. This day was not starting out the way I had hoped!!!!
    So, I scrubbed my pants with wipes that I keep in my car and headed to the game. It was a good game and by winning they ended up being fist in the league. Now, this is getting a little better!
    I kissed by family good -bye and headed to pick up my friend. Now, I have to tell you that I was on a major high knowing that we would be heading to the concert very shortly. K (that’s what I will call my friend) knows very little about Taylor and I was excited to introduce her to him and his music. After picking up my friend we headed out. It was going very well. We were having a blast in the car listening to music and I of course couldn’t shut up about Taylor which K was getting a real kick out of because she is not used to seeing me be so “out of control”. Things got even more interesting when I had to go to the bathroom like crazy and could not find a place with a public rest room. I’m not sure what it is about PA, but their convenience stores have no rest rooms… Weird! I had to go very badly and ended up pulling into a country club where everyone is dressed in fancy clothes. I’m dressed in a tank top, sneakers, and jeans which have hot cocoa spilled on them!! I ran in the bar area to find that apparently there is some sort of wedding reception or brunch going on. I was desperate and didn’t care. I found the bathroom, went and left. At this point my friend is convinced that I really have lost my mind!!
    We pulled into Penn’s Peak around 2:00. I saw the blue bus but not the purple so I figured some of Taylor’s crew was probably there, but not Taylor. I thought I would be able to pick up my tickets at the will call window. I of course had to pee again and walked into the concert hall. There were people getting things ready on the stage. I was looking for the ladies room when someone said “how’d you get in here”. Being my normal self, I replied “through the door!”. The man questioning me was a worker for Penn’s Peak and he let me use the bathroom. When I came out of the ladies room I started talking to him. He was absolutely super! He gave me a little tour of the venue and walked out on the deck with me and my friend. He told me that the will call window didn’t open until around 4:30. I told him we would come back after getting a shower, etc. He gave me directions to our hotel and the name of a local restaurant I might want to try. By this time I was super excited and couldn’t wait until later. We headed off to find our hotel.
    When we got to the hotel, I was so excited I felt a little sick to my stomach. I hadn’t eaten much all day, but felt to “off” to eat now. I decided I would go run on the treadmill for a few minutes to burn off some energy. Then I remembered there was a pool so I decided to swim laps instead. My friend sat in the hot tub. At 3:00 I told her I wanted to start getting ready to go so we went back to the room to shower, etc. she agreed, but she was a little on the slow side. I showered, etc and told her I was going to go back to Penn’s Peak to get our tickets and then I would pick her up and we would go to dinner. This is where things get interesting!!
    When I got back to Penn’s Peak, I instantly saw my friend the PP (Penn’s Peak) worker. I started talking to him and sat with him in a little golf cart thing. We talked about his job, how long he’d been there, stuff like that. I had a gift that I wanted to pass on to Taylor so I was just hanging around hoping to see someone who could give it to him. I could hear Taylor doing sound check in the building. While I was talking to my PP friend, someone came out and was smoking. I started talking to him and found out it was Andrew, the singer, guitar player from the Greyhounds!! He was very nice and polite and we talked for quite a while about the tour and how Taylor’s people had called him to cover the opening gig . He told me he was more than happy to help Taylor out and even told me about the night he and Taylor met. We had a quick talk about how Taylor is “the real deal”. I told Andrew that I was hoping to get a gift to Taylor. He told me not to tell anyone but that Bill was the guy in the blue hat and if I gave it to him he would give it to Taylor. I thanked Andrew and told him to have a great show and that I was looking forward to hearing them play.

    About this time, someone in a red hat comes out and gets on a little scooter thing. I’m looking for a blue hat guy so I didn’t pay much attention. The red hat guy came back quickly due to lack of the scooter being charged and I asked him if he was with the band. He said yup he was the sound guy or something like that. I talked to him for a long time as he was jumping in a John Deere Gator asking my PP friend if he could take the Gator for a spin. After about 15 minutes, I asked the guy what his name was. It was Ted!!!! DUH!! Ok, now that I know it’s Ted we chatted a little about the video he took with widespread panic and how NYC was… etc. Then, as if on cue, a guy in a blue had walks over and gets in the Gator with Ted. Ok, now I’m really excited to be there chatting with Taylor’s friends and who walks by on the way to the bus….Mr. Hicks himself. At first, I was taken aback and didn’t even know it was him. He had on a hat and a T-shirt. I say “Taylor” because I wanted to hand him my gift and he says “I’ll be back”. So, I wait and chat with Ted and Bill. I tell Bill I can’t wait any longer because I have to go pick up my friend and ask if he would please give Taylor my gift. He says “no, you give it to him, he’ll be back!” I say “ I really can’t stay but I really want him to have this so he agreed and took it from me to give to Taylor. After Bill leaves I tell Ted what’s in the package so that Taylor doesn’t just set it down and walk away from it. Not because it’s super valuable but I thought it was something he might like and Ted agrees. I can’t say enough good things about Ted and Bill. They are super sweet and very fun. They are two people I would definitely hang out with. I grab my tickets from the will call, walk back by Ted and my PP friend, say goodbye at which time Taylor comes out and shows me that he got my package, turns back around and heads to his meet and greets. And, I leave. #1 on my list is now complete!!
    I pick up my friend who is very unhappy that I left her for so long, but I don’t care because I’ll make it up to her, how often do I get to hang out with Bill and Ted!! Now I forgot to mention that right before Taylor say’s he’ll be back, two middle aged woman join us for a few minutes. One is talking about how she would like to put her tongue in Taylor’s ear! EEEWWW Gross! Even if I was having sex with him I wouldn’t put my tongue in his ear! They were nice and all but a little different. The one had photos of Taylor she wanted to give him. Once they walk away, I tell my PP friend that I wonder how many pictures of himself Taylor really needs. He says “I was thinking the same thing!”. I wouldn’t even mention these two, but they hear Taylor tell me that he will be back.

    My friend and I grab a quick bite to eat where I drink a glass of wine quicker than I ever have in my life and head back to Penn’s Peak. As I’m walking up the steps I see the two ladies I met earlier who heard Taylor tell me he’d be back. When I left, they were standing there. I asked them if he ever came back and they tell me no. Am I pissed at Taylor for telling me he’d be back and not doing so??? Absolutely Not! I got my gift to him and that was all I cared about. I was very excited that he was able to get what I had given him, plain and simple, it was for him, not for me. I go in the door and find that they are selling IYT. I spent $185 at the merchandise table on cds, a shirt and a magnet! #2 on my list is now complete. I grab two beers and find our seats, which were totally awesome, thank you Joanne at Penn‘s Peak!! – 4th row aisle seats!. I did not want to miss the Greyhounds. K says to me the sign on the door says you can take pictures, but no video camera. The greyhounds are good and Andrew was very funny on stage telling the crowd “you do know it’s a Saturday night, right?” when they all seemed a little subdued. I would very much like to see them again in a different, more hip venue
    Taylor comes out and does an amazing show! The band was incredible. Jeff, Brian, Melanie everyone is totally awesome. I can’t stay in my seat. I bonk the lady in front of me on the head 3 times by accident. I keep apologizing and she was SUPER. She just kept saying “its all right”. If you are reading this lady, I really am sorry and thanks for being such a good sport. The older ladies behind me aren’t so forgiving. I turn and look at them and they give me the look of death! I don’t care! I paid for my ticket too and I’m dancing – like it or not! As I turn my head to see how the ladies behind me are coping with me, I see someone 3 rows back videotaping. Now, I’m like what the fuck is wrong with people? Taylor does a meet and greet, does an amazing show, talks about how beautiful the area is and this is how people repay him? He asks 1 thing and you can’t even respect him enough to oblige? I see Ted run by me and I say to him “Ted people are videotaping” and he nods to me that he knows and is taking care of it. I’m glad! Jerks! I had been hoping that Taylor would sing either The Fall or Take The Long Way Home, ( or both, hee hee) but he sang neither. Am I disappointed that he didn’t sing the songs I was hoping for? Absolutely Not! You know why? Because the songs he did sing were AWESOME! #3 on my list is now complete. Everyone leaves the building and I ask Ted if Taylor liked my gift. He said “yes very much thank you” I said I’m glad and someone hands me a set list. Very Cool!
    I knew there would be a mob at the buses but I wanted to try and see Taylor again. I didn’t really want an autograph or a picture, just curious to see how people act at the buses. When I get there people are talking about how Brian came and took a little boy with cerebral palsy back to meet Taylor. I’m very impressed. Taylor’s a good man and I hope he knows it. While I’m standing there, there are 2 children waiting patiently for Taylor to come out. He finally does and his manager, or whoever it was, says “no time for photos, we have to get on the road but Taylor will sign a few things for you, please don’t push there are children in the front”. 2 seconds after asking that there be no pushing, I was sandwiched between pushing people trying to get Taylor’s attention so he would sign their item. Again, what the fuck is wrong with people? All I can say is that it was a good thing one of those little girls didn’t get hurt or I would have been pissed and I would have told the people in the back to “back the hell off” Taylor doesn’t have to sign anything or stop by on his way to the bus. He very nicely asked that there be no pushing! Taylor starts signing and signs MANY, MANY things. As I said I really didn’t need an autograph but I was curious to see if he liked my gift. At this time, he was discussing an original IYT cd with Bill, the manager guy and the lady who had it and was getting it signed. He was VERY polite and VERY nice. He was getting a kick out of the picture on the original IYT booklet and the fact that the picture showed him wearing a shirt with a sweat stain. After he was done, I said “Taylor did you like the****** , naming my gift. He instantly looked up and said “who gave me those” I said “I did” and he looked up at me and said something to the effect of “that was really cool, thank you”. I said “you’re welcome. Since I was there I had him sign the set list. I then said something else to him about my gift and he said something like “I know, those are really nice as soon as I got back to my room I started looking at them” I then thanked Bill for playing delivery boy, he said “you’re welcome that was really nice” and I left.
    It was the best time I’ve had in a very long time. Everyone was super friendly, the concert was amazing and I loved every second of it. After experiencing a concert for myself I am amazed at the people who have bitched about Taylor doing too much of this or not doing enough of that.. blah blah blah! From the second he came on stage to the second he left, he did exactly what I wanted him to do and that was sing! All the other stuff is extra and should be treated as extra. He’s very generous with what little free time he has. People should remember that the next time they are pushing, pulling, yelling, videotaping after being told not to, and bitching!

    This girl had a SUPER time and would pay to see him again in a heartbeat!

  10. VIV says:

    i love taylor…so keep that in mind as i say this one thing. i would love to get up and dance “if i could”. i made the mistake of getting tickets for the avalon and ended up standing all night. i was in agony. so now i have tickets for the south shore music circus. i will have a seat. i may choose to get up occasionally and sing or cheer, but mostly i know i can sit when i need to. also there are others that want to see and cant stay up on their feet all night because of back or leg problems so it is important to keep that in mind. believe me… i am a hugh taylor fan. just wanted to remind all that others can’t get up and dance all night even if they want to. thanks.

  11. annapavlova says:

    hmmmm…wish I could have heard that Pink Floyd thing…I like that song…

  12. Lynn says:

    I was there for 8…I wondered why there was no opening act. Now I know I was an hour late!! Oh well. I think the crowd was pretty animated. I don’t think they were standing out of courtesy to those behind them. They was spontaneous standing throughout the concert. I saw his show in Lancaster last week, and this one was far better. He seemed more energetic.

  13. Bernie says:

    They just didn’t stand. I did several times, and they yelled at me to sit down. All I could do was bounce in my seat.
    Wish I could explain why…. For the Love of God, People,, , DANCE and enjoy yourselves!

    Just read the other comments about the timing of the concert.
    We got there around 4:30-5, and had dinner then. So we were waiting outside when the doors opeed at 6.
    I had assumed since the tickets read 8, that the Greyhonds were going on at 8, T at 9. That is how the Baltimore and Philly shows were. I was surprised when the opening act started at 7.
    There were many seats open during the opeing act, but it filled in at 8. I don’t think many people missed the show due to the hour. Seemed like a packed house.
    I am assuming the early start is because they were driving out that night to Michigan??

    Another side note- The Greyhounds were excellent. Far better than the other opening acts I have seen. Too bad more people werenlt in their seats yet at the time they went on.

  14. justwatchin says:

    Did the venue not allow standing, or folks just didn’t??

  15. AmyMc says:

    That’s how it was for me at the Birchmere…..we weren’t allowed to stand up and it was painful! I couldn’t stand just sitting there…..my chair was bouncing off the floor!!!!

  16. How is that physically possible? I was at the show at The Beacon on Friday night and I can personally atest that it was not physically possible to a) remain rooted to one’s chair and b)not move during this show. The entire crowd was on their feet from start to finish, all ages, and the joint was jumping. The energy was incredible. It was futile to resist the urge; I still don’t recognize myself from that night–I just couldn’t stop moving. Even my friend Jewels who went with me said afterwards, “What got into you?” What could I say? It’s like when you get the spirit at church–you feel it, you gotta express it.

    It’s just wrong to sit. Wrong.

  17. Bernie says:

    That was an amazing concert. The opening act- the Greyhounds- was actually very good. They were joking and having a good time thru their whole show.
    The venue was beautiful. Odd thing was thet everyone was remaining setated for the entire show. It was so hard not to get up and dance. The audience stood for the encore. The other 2 shows at Philly and Baltimore the crowd was standing. I believe he is more animated (if that is possible) when the crowd is up on their feet with him.
    He said the comment about having a refrigerator magnet again, and said that he will keep saying it. I had to go buy both of them of course.

  18. graciecat says:

    Where is everybody? Smile. Thanks for the virtual tour. I liked the “Blues Brothers” in the bar area. I wonder if it will encourage Taylor and the band to give the audience a little of what everyone heard in Chicago. It will be interesting to see the set list and any recaps. The venue can be configured in so many ways. Interesting concept.

  19. madaboutu says:

    Amy……….looks like we’ll be waiting awile to hear. LOL The stars were not aligned properly tonite.

  20. AmyMc says:

    Can’t wait to hear about it either!!!

  21. AmyH says:

    Hi mad! We will be convening here for the cellcert tonight: http://excoboard.com/exco/thread.php?forumid=113040&threadid=1338192

    It should be fun. We are also having a “virtual block party” down in the Etc. Forum. Everyone please feel welcome to drop in.

  22. madaboutu says:

    That is a beautiful venue which looks like it can be configured many ways. Can’t wait to hear about how it is done for Taylor and who is the opener tonite.

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