04/22 Another state: “Michigan”

04/22/07 Royal Oak Theatre, Royal Oak, MI
7:00pm Eastern, doors open
8:00pm Eastern, show.
Opening: The Greyhounds

Set list
04/22/07 Royal Oak Music Theatre, Royal Oak, MI

Opening: The Greyhounds

Soul Thing
Give Me Tonight
Hell of a Day > The Wall (jam)
Dream Myself Awake
My Friend
The Deal
Medicated Goo
Just To Feel That Way
Heaven Knows* > Maze**
Going Mobile
The Right Place
The Runaround#

Main Street (debut)
Lowdown (debut)

* With “What’d I Say” (Ray Charles) tease
** With “Old Old Woodstock” (Van Morrison) and “Crazy Love” (Van Morrison) teases
# With “Baby Please Don’t Go” (Muddy Waters) and “Big Boss Man” (Jimmy Reed) teases

Into Great Songs
The Venue

Another old gem of a theater. Here’s a bit of history:

The Royal Oak theatre was designed by Rapp and Rapp, it is an excellent example of true art deco (an often mis-used description), with stylized floral relief work and geometric shapes. It is of the “shallow balcony” that many late R&R houses featured. Built for the Knusky Chain, it was part of a suburban Detroit “holy trinity” of like-sized houses, the Birimingham, the Royal Oak and the Redford. They all had identically equipped Barton 3-10 organs, the consoles varied to match the theatre interoirs, and they were sold on the same contract, and had sequential opus numbers. The Royal Oak was operated by the community theatre chain until the mid 70’s. The lobbies suffered from dropped ceilings during this time. The fisrt concert held at the newly re-christened “Royal Oak music theatre” was Maria Muildar, in 1975. Various promoters have operated the theatre as a mainly rock concert venue for the last 30 years. The Barton organ was brought back from the brink of death (it was badly water damaged and thought by some to be beyond salvage) by the local ATOS chapter in 1968, led by crew chief Mert Harris. Many organ/silent film concerts were presented in the Royal Oak by the Motor City ATOS, including two performances of “Queen Kelly” with a personal appearance by it’s star, Gloria Swanson. The theatre changed hands again, and in the early 90’s the organ was “evicted” by the owners, who felt it didn’t fit in to what they want to do. The outer lobby was wonderfully restored, and the Royal Oak area today is a thriving area of clubs,restaurants, galleries and shops. – source: Cinema treasures


46 Responses to 04/22 Another state: “Michigan”

  1. annie says:

    Great concert at the Royal Oak in MI–My dream came true when I met Tay before the show outside his bus– But I was so “frazzled” my sister needed to remind me of everything I said.

  2. Calimari says:

    Graciecat – nice meeting you & your husband the other night after the show. I think I’m recovered from that hug!

  3. KimLoree says:

    Great review. Thanks. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. My first experience is 18 days away.

  4. graciecat says:

    All I can say is, “Get a ticket to a Taylor Hicks Concert.” You will not be disappointed. I have been reading all the recaps and enjoying every one of them immensely. I didn’t want to mention that I had tickets for the Royal Oak performance as with my schedule I didn’t know if I would be able to attend or not. I was lucky enough to fly in for the evening and I can tell you I was completely awestruck. It was easy to identify true Taylor Hicks fans by the pleasant smiles on their faces before, during and after the concert. I had never been to the Royal Oak Theatre before. As I walked inside I was pleasantly surprised by the smoky atmosphere as I knew we were in for a smokin’ good time as after all it was a Taylor Hicks concert! The Greyhounds were a great opening act. They got the energy in the theatre started as fans clapped and danced in their seats. When they finished the crew started setting up for Taylor and the band. You could just feel the excitement in the air as fans eagerly awaited Taylor and the band to arrive on stage. Then it happened! Taylor and the band came out onstage and all I can say is, “there was magic in the air.” Taylor and the band exude and expend such energy and with such intensity you cannot help but feel it permeate throughout the theatre. I had expected a “smokin'” performance but I have to tell you seeing Taylor and the band perform live is truly a “smokin’ hot performance with red chilies on top!” (basenji…hope you don’t mind my food reference. smile.) The timing, Taylor’s voice, the obvious talent of all the musicians onstage mixed together to create one of the most memorable concerts of all time. The experiece is almost surreal. My friends and I will be talking about this for a long, long time. After the concert I was fortunate to meet up some fellow Soul Patrollers and we just hugged and hugged. It was like meeting up with a good friend. Truly awesome. Luckily, a couple of the SP friends encouraged me to go to the buses in hopes that we might get a chance to see Taylor and the band one last time. I was fortunate enough to get my cd autographed by Taylor. He is truly inspiring. (I hope everyone appreciates the fact that he does not have to do these meet & greets, or talk to fans or anything for that matter and yet he chooses to continually share himself and his energy and his gratitude for his fans by overextending himself at each and every concert no matter what. He is truly kind, gracious and generous of himself and his time. Thank you Taylor. Sorry got off on a tangent thought there. ) Now about the autographed cd. All I can say is, I am planning on having it framed so that whenever I need to relive one of the happiest moments in my life I will just look at that cd and see, ” Ah yes, my first ever Taylor Hicks Concert”. Truly, the performance is that awe inspiring. On the way back to the airport in the limo all my friends and I could do was talk about the concert and all I kept hearing was excellent, outstanding, exhilirating, energizing, awesome, spectacular over and over and over. I guess that says it all!

  5. Jan B. says:

    I have always loved those thighs too, but there’s a lot to love about Taylor. In terms of talking on stage… my take on it is that he’s a shy and thoughtful guy…I don’t think he’s into frivilous chit-chat just to fill the time. I also think he might be just a bit overwhelmed by how these women want to eat him up…I think it’s important for him to not lose himself in all the craziness, and maybe he just holds onto himself that way.
    I went down close to the stage in Royal Oak and the frenzy he generates is palpable. People think he belongs to them. One of the things I kept hearing was how crazed they get over his indurance, his sweating, his obsessed pace while he’s on stage. I know they’re imagining him in ‘other’ situations and I can’t imagine what that must feel like for him. I don’t ever want him to get caught up in all that because for him, it’s all about the music. I respect how he conducts himself…he IS the captain of his soul and that’s how it should be. Sometimes people want a bit more than they’re entitled to. If we really love him, we’ll love him for protecting his space. Part of his appeal (and sexiness) is that he doesn’t give it away. This guy is some kinda man. Whew!

  6. Phyl says:

    I saw Taylor’s fantastic Westbury concert and yes, I would have liked more talkng to the audience. But I’ve seen Bob Dylan in concert three times and each time he made Taylor look chatty by comparison–all he did was introduce the members of his band. I don’t think he said a word about any of his songs in introduction. But hey he is Bob Dylan and Taylor is Taylor. I’ll keep going to see and hear them whether they talk or not.

  7. madaboutu says:

    Well, I haven’t been able to get on this page since yesterday, and finally, with a suggestion from Ash and learning a few tricks, I was able to find my way. I got nostalgic when I found out gray had put the archives back up, and realized that I am way too addicted:) Anyway, there were some good stories to catch up on and so thanks to all for sharing stories. I am not surprised that Taylor is addicted to running but where the heck does he run?

  8. Jan says:

    Just another thank you to Ash for giving us a place to come and talk about Taylor. We truly appreciate you for that. I would be lost if this place didn’t exist. I’ve hopped around, but found this to be the best spot for me. Thank You. Thank You

    As long as Taylor keeps giving us his beautiful music, I don’t care if he talks or not. I think that he will, however, do more of that in the future. He sang in bars, most people were drinking and talking = not listening to what he had to say. He seems pretty relaxed these days on TV.

  9. KimLoree says:

    Thanks for the reminder. Gray isn’t back…just the archives. But I need to remember to try and “give” to those who I “get” from (Taylor Hicks, “you have to sort out the givers from the getters.”) I have some financial issues to deal with right now…but will remember when I can.

  10. Murly says:

    Becca307: Whenever somebody mentions that they wish Taylor would talk more onstage, I’m reminded of Paul Simon on his concert album, Live Rhymin’. He was about to start another song when someone in the audience yelled, “Say a few words!”

    “Say a few words,” Simon repeated. “Well, let’s hope that we all…continue to live….”

    There was a long beat of silence, then laughter and applause as the audience realized that he had said all that he intended to say. Some performers just aren’t very chatty onstage!

  11. calimari says:

    I am very happy Ash stepped in way back when Gray closed his site the first time. This place was a lifesaver, and then when Gray’s reopened I went back & forth between the two. Ash has kept this place very welcoming.

  12. cali50 says:

    All of you who are glad Gray is back, don’t forget Ash has a donate button here for The Boogie too!

  13. JAG says:

    What a wonderful way to end a Monday,thanks Gray for giving us back the archives.I will be reading them with a new appreciation,it’s like finding some long lost diaries !!Sounds like the Royal Oak rocked last night.

  14. KimLoree says:

    I’m with you sooz. I didn’t put my money where my appreciation was before. I’m ready now.

  15. sooz says:

    Just an unpaid nonpolitical announcement – Don’t forget the donate buttons on these lovely blogs. I spent a lot of time at Gray’s on his dime and now I’m glad I can get back in to pay the piper. Gray has his paypal up again. (Could be a good indication for a future blog – straight music, pop culture, french literature, tropical fish identification?) Also look at the line at the very bottom. Gray is there, all right.
    (Gray, what kind of fuel should I add to the fire…cow or horse carp!) Sigh, I try not to miss you, but I do. Heh!

    Sorry, all. Wasn’t Michigan great fun?!?!?!

  16. Marcy says:

    Justwatchin – “Yes Indeed”

  17. Marcy says:

    If you are reading this Gray………..thanks for the archives……That’s awesome…..Hope they stay up for quite awhile! I think I saw you at the Beacon but didn’t want to invade your privacy……Was our boy on or what?

  18. sooz says:

    Ahhh, the archives…that Gray, I knew he’d turn em loose. No fun to have something if you can’t share. Thanks, Bud!

  19. Becca307 says:

    Hi, I’m from Troy MI. My son and I were in the front of the stage
    most of the night in Royal Oak.
    What a great conert. Now I have an even greater crush!
    My son was able to get his tee signed….Taylor was very nice to
    Nick (he’s 12).
    I wish he would have talked more during the concert….he didn’t say
    anything but names of the songs and “thanks”…

  20. Soulkaren says:

    Gray has given us back The Archives!!!!!


    Thanks Gray!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. justwatchin says:

    marcy, “don’t want him to lose those gorgeous thighs!!!!”

    Yes, those tighter pants pretty darn good…have a good day all!

  22. justwatchin says:

    Hey mornin Sooz, KimLoree and all! Glad Gray caught that one too…sooo hoping for his recepa, maybe he’ll pop up somewhere and suprise us, hehe, if he hasn’t forgotton us altogether….Think most of the GC folk either lurk or post here or in the threads, or maybe even are spending some time with their families!!!!

    Miss you guys but this is cool too….Anaheim…one week 2 days away??No way! It’ll be my first. Gaaaah…..

  23. KimLoree says:

    Just out lurking around for concert reviews and someone to chat with. There are some great reviews on concertfan.com , especially for the Beacon performance. I’m so happy for Gray, that he chose that show. Sounds like it was killer. I was really hoping I’d find a GC recap. Anyone seen anything from Gray?

    Of course, Basenji’s cellcert recap is always exciting reading. Really enjoyed the last one. Missed JIG’s take on it though.

    Off to search for some video…take care all.

  24. sooz says:

    Hi, Everyone, I haven’t been around lately to post, but I’ve been running in to see what’s going on everyday. I’m glad to see I am familiar with about 2/3 of you. I have wondered what happened to the large group from GC, as well. I hope we’re all still around and trying to keep tabs on the news.

    Michigan sounds like it was a great show again. I will see Mr. Taylor again on Wednesday, at the Rialto. Going alone this time. I grabbed a single ticket in the seventh row a while ago. Let me know if anyone on here will be nearby in the theater. We’ll wave.

    Wow, he let somebody touch him? She must have been a cutey or he was feeling really relaxed. I saw a woman in Milwaukee kind of block his way to the bus and gave him some kind of little speech. He smiled and hugged her, but when she went to kiss him he dodged it. It wasn’t difficult for him, she was way shorter and all he had to do was stand up straight. Tall must come in handy. Some people have way too much nerve.

    I do miss you all. I am just ridiculously busy. I miss all of you and the chats. Hope I can be around more soon. Thank you, again, Ash, for letting me pop in and out.

  25. Marcy says:

    CJ (April 23 12:38am)
    Thanks so much for the info…..I am hoping!!

    Sounds like Taylor rocked Michigan…….I am still living the Beacon over and over in my head…..He does leave you wanting more everytime I see him….Hope he doesn’t lose any more weight……he looks so handsome….don’t want him to lose those gorgeous thighs!!!!

  26. Denise says:

    Taylor sang The Wall at Penn’s Peak also! It was AWESOME!!

  27. Jan says:

    Sounds like Michigan enjoyed our boy. He leaves them wanting more at every show. I know when he was in Birmingham I couldn’t believe the show was over when he finished. I sat mesmerized throughout the show. I noticed how much weight he had lost on Regis & Kelly Friday. He still looks good though. Good just might be the understantment of the day. Those dimples are just the final killer.

  28. SegerHicks says:

    Sorry, in my excitement I put two “Z”s in Boz.

  29. SegerHicks says:

    OMG….THE ENCORE>>>YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those lucky lucky people in Michigan! WHOOOOOO!!! B.S. and B.S. >>>>Bob Seger and Bozz Scaggs!
    PLEASE someone somewhere have a clip of MAINSTREET!

  30. calimari says:

    Pink Floyd The Wall – yes, totally serious. Not just a line or two, either. And it sounded phenomenal. My husband just lit up (this was his 2nd Taylor show too) and he loves Pink Floyd.

  31. taylor made 4 me says:

    I wish I were there. Thankfully, the Beacon images weigh on my mind. I am happy that everyone got out to see Taylor last night, and maybe he will come back to the NY metro area sooner than expected. Would have loved to see the Bob Seger song encore, although isn’t Lowdown a Boz Scaggs song? Doesn’t matter really, Taylor can sing Mary Had a Little Lamb, and I would feel joy.

  32. Jan B. says:

    Saw Taylor in Royal Oak last night… aweSOME! Crowd ranged from we mostly 40-50 somethings, kids, teens, wives with hubbies and single women hoping for a smile from Taylor. Merchandise selling briskly, band tight, Taylor loose. Great time. Took an unsuspecting friend and she couldn’t stop talking about him on the ride home. Sat next to a couple and heard about how they met him by the bus and got autographs… the cute young wife gave Taylor a little back massage and told him not to lose any more weight. He said he’s addicted to running. With the show he puts on, he could eat whatever he likes and stay thin! I have to see if I can catch another of his shows, but there were no tickets to be had for this one! BTW, the woman who met Taylor says he wears no cologne, but smells luscious! He definitely stirs women…what a handsome guy!

  33. CJ says:

    No it has not been confirmed yet check here.


  34. Marcy says:

    Does anyone know if Charleston South Carolina on June 30th is confirmed and the venue? I will be in S.C. a few weeks before….am going to try to change the date if I know it is a go……thanks!!!!

  35. morewines says:

    calimari Says:
    April 22nd, 2007 at 10:28 pm
    Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”.

    Are you serious? If so, I am completely blown away!

  36. madaboutu says:

    calimari…………..thanks for the recap and I am glad that you had a good time and got to talk to Taylor and Brian. I wasn’t able to get back on the cellcert second thread and had to go some back way to get to this. I am glad this one is still accessible. I wish I had known you would be talking to someone ……..

  37. calimari says:

    Just back from the concert. The acoustic song he played in the encore was Bob Seger’s “Main Street” & then the Dirty Lowdown by Boz Scaggs. That was the last song. One highlight was Hell of a Day which went into Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”. That was outstanding. Met Taylor by the bus around 3:30 PM – got a photo w/ him & he signed my CD. Talked w/ Brian Less for about 15 minutes (Taylor was on a bench on his cell phone) & when Taylor was done on the phone I had my minute w/ him. Brian is very approachable (he remembered us from Chicago). Great night. Saw several folks from various boards – hey everybody!

  38. Cali50 says:

    OH man! I hung up after Lowdown and he played another song!

  39. tishlp says:

    Thanks to everyone for he cellcert. I hope you don’t have too much trouble getting the message board back up Ash. Or maybe it’s just me. I tried with both Firefox and IE, but not luck.

  40. tishlp says:

    It’s over now.

  41. tishlp says:

    Taylor sang an acoustic, song, don’t know what it was. I don’t know what song they are playing now, I think it’s something new.

  42. tishlp says:

    wow, the message board when down, can’t get on at all, but I can still hear the cellcert.

  43. aponce says:

    all right, that’s better…..I’m on now……..

  44. aponce says:

    help…….can’t get on to the boogie board cell cert……am I the only one???

  45. Dee says:

    Well, I get to see Taylor this Tue. Can’t wait.
    Sure wish this Blog was going over better. I keep checking the different sites and seems like none of them have the numbers of posters that Gray did. Maybe the blog button fades into the site too much here. Maybe it needs to be more visible. Then again maybe people have moved on or scattered to the wind. ?

  46. Jan H says:

    Wish I could be there tonight. I grew up in Detroit. This is a beautiful venue. I know Taylor will give them a great show.

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