Open Thread 6.

This thread is here for you to talk about Taylor’s Tour, Taylor’s Music, Taylor Related Gatherings, Other Music, etc.

Post away!


26 Responses to Open Thread 6.

  1. A Soul Sister says:

    Can we have camera’s at Kansas city? I just called and they told me NO! Because of strobe lights. Is that true? Help Please! Thanks!!

  2. justwatchin says:

    Hi Mad! Pala should be fun…hey even if you get the shortened show, Taylor may be hanging out in the casino so you might see him there…hehe…I’d love two tickets in the very front, but then I’d have to sell mine..I am registered on the SoCal site (thks to Tinamelina…she started a SF thread there when …sigh….GC site went down….love to see Gray’s recap of the Beacon show!

    Are all the casino shows shortened ??

  3. madaboutu says:

    justwatchin………………….I am jittery too. I am going to Pala and hoping the weather is good and that it isn’t a shortened show due to being in a casino. I want to go to Anaheim too but I don’t think it will work out. Anyway, someone on our SoCal group says that she knows someone who has six tickets to Anaheim, don’t know what happened. If you know anyone who wants two in the very front and another four elsewhere (can’t remember) he will sell them at face value) Or are you on our SoCal group and know this?

  4. cypfan says:

    Debbiegee,,,,,I had the same problem……very frustrating. I finally gave up for a few days ,,,,then went back and said that I forgot my password. They sent me a four number password which I use to this day. I think the problem was clicking on the wrong link (I think there were two links ) when they e mailed me with the new password. Don’t give up,,,,,,:}

  5. madaboutu says:

    Anyone else that can’t get back on the second part of the cellcert for tonite?

  6. Delilah: I feel your pain, honey. It truly sucked. Thanks for being proactive on this account and indeed, I’d be interested in hearing how/if/when/why the THHQ responds. my e-mail address is:

  7. Debbiegee says:

    Has anyone found any reviews of the concert at The Beacon on Friday? I’d love to hear what they have to say. Sure sounds like Taylor rocked the Big Apple.

    Also, is anyone else having trouble getting onto THHQ? I thought I knew my user name and password but that won’t let me in. Everytime I send an e-mail to the site (using the reply function from the last e-mail they sent me), it comes back as undeliverable. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I didn’t even know there was a Thoughts and Opinions section on THHQ. SOMEONE HELP ME, PLEASE!!!!

    Just two more days till I leave for the Columbus show…CAN’T WAIT!!

  8. Delilah says:

    Chicken & Waffles:

    Same problem here: Day-of notification email for the NYC Meet & Greet. Kicked to my spam folder. Didn’t find out about it until yesterday. Not happy.

    I emailed the people about it. If you’d like, pass on your email address and I’ll let you know what comes of it.


  9. justwatchin says:

    Just realized I am only 1 1/2 weeks away from the Anaheim show….giving me the jitters!!!!!

  10. DebD says:

    FYI – to whomever updates the tour schedule, Taylor will be performing at the Merrill Auditorim in Portland Maine on 8/12. This is on their website, so it is confirmed.

  11. DebD says:

    I absolutely LOVE Taylor’s CD, and his two former CDs, yet I was taken aback when he performed the songs live. But I think Taylor is one of those performers who simply excels at the live performance. His passion is something that must be experienced live to understand. And even though I thought it came through on his recorded music, live it is just breathtaking.

  12. Tayfancier says:

    My daughter went with me to see Taylor in Chicago at the House of Blues. She had initially said she didn’t care for the CD. I kind of just left it at that. About 6 weeks later she said she had listened again and found that she did indeed really like Heaven Knows. Her husband went with us (actually he drove) to the concert. On the way he told me he had given Taylor’s CD another chance and now liked it better.

    After the concert my son in law said the concert was really good and he had changed his mind about Taylor. My daughter said the songs from the CD are actually better live. How often does that happen!!

  13. cypfan says:

    Right !

  14. Thanks all for the advice, people. I had intended to send the THHQ a message of concern. I certainly wouldn’t make any demands, but they can surely see we are people who work and have regular lives and that we don’t spend the day hovering over our e-mail at home waiting for a coveted M&G invite on the day of the concert. Right?!

  15. cypfan says:

    Arrf, I see now that you can’t edit these posts…..I better proof before I hit submit. I just wanted to correct a spelling.

  16. cypfan says:

    The NY Dailey News cd review from December ( see madaboutu’s link…is really a very fair review. The author is pleased with Taylor’s vocals and questions Serletics production. No mention of all the Taylor cliches that so very many lazy reporters lean on to fill their copy. Good find mad….

  17. madaboutu says:

    While searcing for a review in NY papers, I came across this review of Taylors album from Dec. in the Daily News It is interesting, and the last sentence mentions how the songs might come across better in concert.

  18. madaboutu says:

    It seems that alot of people have yet to make it over to the Boogie site, with its now established daily thread to post on. On GC, there would almost always be someone (or two) who you could wait up for and they would post their recap the night of the concert. We have got a couple, but the daily threads are not used as much as they could be. On the other hand, its possible that would just overload this already wonderful site that has so much on it. We have been spoiled , I know, when it comes to Taylor coverage.

  19. Betty says:

    I suggest putting your concerns re the timing of the M&G notifications over in Thoughts and Opinions on THHQ or to email music today and see if that might help the situation. It really doesn’t make any sense to send the M&G notifications out just 24 hours (or less) ahead of time. Because, as you say, those who travel to the venues are usually way gone by the time the email would hit their inbox. You would think that common sense would prevail in that regard.

  20. BigTayFan says:

    Chicken & Waffles: I also received a late e-mail informing me that the Borgata M&G was rescheduled from 5:30PM to 7:00PM. Since I was out of town and purposely didn’t bring my laptop. I never knew about it until I was in Borgata at 4:30PM. They seriously need to improve on how they disseminate info to fans. JMHO

  21. justwatchin says:

    Ckn, combo of drag ass (HQ) & dumb (you have had some bad luck…Rockefellar does come to luck…what a shame….you can call HQ & demand a free ticket to another concert, along with another meet & greet …….tho, not sure how far that would take you., really tho, they should do something….that sucks!

    So many folks are traveling, what good does it do to email on concert day? Guess the best approach is plan to get there early and check with the box office a little before the M&Gs are supposed to happen….

  22. On a related subject, I’d like to solicit some feedback from the good people here, if possible. For the Beacon show, the M&Gs were sent out very late..they were e-mailed on the day of the concert at 12:30 pm. In my own case (which I have already famously lamented, so your indulgence please), I got home from work that day before the concert, checked my e-mail and found I had won a M&G. The e-mail was in my SPAM folder; it said I had to be at the box office at 4:30. When I read the e-mail, it was 4:24 pm. Even an act of God wouldn’t have gotten me to the theater on time. I was sorry to miss what will probably be the only occasion I may ever have to shake the man’s hand, but in the afterglow of days, I am now wondering why the TH Fan Club is dragging its ass on this process? Has anyone else had a like experience? Or was this just another example of my dumb luck..which I have in spades.

  23. claireb7tx says:

    chicken & waffles…come to Vegas baby it is going to be a rocking time! Fans unite across the country or LA should also be a great show. Do what I am doing and feed your addiction and go to both!

  24. Hi McVittie!

    I came by too, curious about the PA performance last night. Coming off the kick ass performance on Friday in NYC, I was surprised to see so few comments about last evening’s show….to say nothing of the reports of the subdued seated audience. And where the hell is Jum Thorpe, PA anyway?

    I hope he comes back to NYC again and soon. That was my first TH concert; I don’t want to wait another year to see another one.

  25. boogie says:

    That you are! Good morning, AmyMc!

  26. AmyMc says:

    I’m the first one here? Well, peel my ass and call me a banana!!!!!!!!

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