Open Thread 7.

This thread is here for you to talk about Taylor’s Tour, Taylor’s Music, Taylor Related Gatherings, Other Music, etc.

Post away!


43 Responses to Open Thread 7.

  1. JAG says:

    shar……My husband and I fell in love with that same little girl,she was just darling ! As far as the lucky numbers,I only wish I had that magic.
    To everyone who won M&G’S YEAH to you,enjoy every second of your incredible meetings!

  2. shar says:

    Jag, how funny. I heard Il Divo sing Somewhere and I immediately thought of this board. How wierd, ya’ got any lucky lotto numbers for me? BTW, I thought Annie Lennox was superb, I literally had goose bumps and a few tears sprung up as well. I am a sap for emotional music. I also loved the Josh Grabin song and how adorable were those children all decked out in their native garb. One in particular was too cute, the little girl missing her front teeth with a smile as wide as Texas, what a cutie pie!

    Hey all of you lucky people who won M&G’s with Tay…WHOOOO!! Have a great time and be sure and give us some good stories!

  3. Laurita says:

    Hey jw. – guess what?! Me, tina, cheri, debbie + chelley all got our M&G emails today for San Francisco too!! Don’t know who else got them as well from our Warfield Sidewalk party group, but will check in over at the SRQ shortly and see…

    Super exciting, and it makes the wait til May9th even more wacky and distracting… I’m going to do a lot of meditating to calm myself so that I can speak semi-intelligently and not total blather to Taylor as I hand him the gifts (CDs of my old friend Otis Taylor) I’m planning to bring.. Yikes! 😉

    Just wish we had the Traveling Monkbot with us too, (after reading all the great stories at Shelley’s place about NYC, Gray’s arrival back from Fiji just in time to get to the Beacon, Jan’s photo of the TMB with the Big Guy, etc.)

    Yep, Taylor soon rockin’ the Left Coast.. doesn’t get any better than this!

  4. JAG says:

    justwatchin,Way to go girl,you just hit the jackpot!! Have a wonderful time and make sure to give us all the details! I’ll be gone for a week starting tomorrow and will not have access to a computer,so when I get back I’ll be looking forward to everyone’s reviews.Wow it will be tough not knowing what’s going on for a week.Have a great week everyone!

  5. justwatchin says:

    Jules! You discovered my time capsule!!!!lol…..

    Azure…I also am a Michael Crawford fan…never did get to see him in Phantom since I didn’t know about it til way after he had already left…but did see Phantom in SF…loved that CD! (& his other stuff too) ..

    Ckn&Waffles…guess what?? I just got a M&G…me, who has only ever won $12 in Tahoe & maybe a cake in a cake walk….and get this…they notified me one week ahead of time!!!! Looks like some complaints have paid off!!!! YAHOO!

  6. JAG says:

    How weird is this,I haven’t heard Somewhere in years and tonight on Idol gives back Il Divo did a stunning rendition! The song still moves me to tears especialy in relation to tonights subject on AI! Because we were talking about this very song last night I couldn’t believe that we heard it tonight.

    lilolme…..LOL, about the Jets thing,my friends and I were infatuated with the bad boy image in those days!!

  7. JiRO says:

    Does taking Grandsons to Childrens Theater to see “Charlottes
    Web” count – If so I have been to theater in the last few years.
    My 8 and 11 year old s like Taylors music – 8 yr old fav. is JTFTW,
    wants me play it again when I have on., 11 year old still favors
    DIMYP, sings or hums it all the time. The rest of my family have no
    interest so I have given up on them. If Tay is on AI final thi s
    year, wish he could do “Compared to What” for about 4 Mins.
    like at Huntsville. Kodak might fall down. One more tidbit – check
    Neil Diamond(my all time fav.), Wikipedia,Schroll to quote on voice.

  8. lilolme says:

    JAG – I remember as a kid watching any & every musical that came on TV. I honestly couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it. Then, of course I got the video of it once it was available. You know, it’s funny. We are doing a little dance number that I told everyone reminded me of the Jets….haha. Hunched over, snapping. Too funny that we are chatting about WSS now.

  9. Duff says:

    Oh and Flynn Theatre in Burlington has good shows of all kinds. Essex also has a small theatre and that is just outside Burlington.

  10. Duff says:

    Blueberry, we have many summer theatres here in Vermont, but a true Dinner Theatre is not something that is very common. Dorset and Weston are two of the very best summer theatres. They are in the Southern part of the state, but well worth a drive and overnight stay. Manchester has great shopping and is close to both. Hildene, Robert Todd Lincoln’s home (son of Abe) is in Manchester and a must see if in the area.

  11. SoulMcDreamy says:

    Hi, everyone. I was wondering if anyone is planning to attend the Concerts in Hagerstown, MD on 7/6, Richmond, VA on 7/7 and then Ashburn, VA 7/8. I have tickets to all three, but I am attending alone. My husband is unable to come along that weekend. I only live about 20 minutes from Hagerstown, 3 hours from Richmond and then 2 hours from Ashburn, so I thought I would just make a road trip out of the weekend and follow Taylor and his Band around for three days. Anyway, I was thinking since I will be alone, it might be fun to meet up with some other follow Taylor/Soul Patrol regulars. Have a great day.


  12. justwatchin says:

    Morning guys! early morning! Gonna head over to the Ohio thread to read your reca, C4Tay…

    5/9 defintitely right around the corner Shar! I’m right there with ya! (hehe 5/2 is even closer around the corner)

    Remember all the angst about the West Coast dates, the forever waiting for tix to go on sale? Now can’t believe finally gonna see Taylor live!! This calls for a nice hot cup of coffee…actuallly, a little too early for coffee….for me.

  13. JAG says:

    Good morning everyone.You guys are something else.I think I saw West Side Story at least twenty times when I was a kid,I thought it was awesome.Of corse Somewhere always made me cry! shar,I bet those floaters will disappear when you see Taylor,he has a way of making you forget everything,but him and the music! lilolme how many times did you see WSS ? It would be great to have a remake soon! Taylor did another awesome job last night.The man is on fire!! Have a great day all!

  14. shar says:

    Jag, I really like Fantasia, she is my second favorite idol and I wish her nuch success. I am sorry about so many typos above, I am having a problem with my left eye,floaters the doc calls them, and I am not seeing 100%. My hearing is fine,however,and 5-9 is right around the corner and soon I will hear my favorite guy up close and personal. What joy!

  15. c4tay says:

    I put a little recap in the Ohio thread about tonight’s concert in Columbus, OH. I’m sure better recaps will be posted soon, but my rambling one will give you a clue. The concert was wonderful and Taylor was amazing. I cannot believe how good he is!!!

  16. lilolme says:

    OOps!! The duet with Tony & Maria – ‘Somewhere’

  17. lilolme says:

    Jag – that would be West Side Story.

  18. mary says:

    Does anyone know who’s playing lead guitar for Taylor on this tour?
    Josh Smith?
    Brad Fernquist?

  19. JAG says:

    While we wait for the recaps from Ohio,a little Broadway trivia.These lyrics are to which song and which BW musical?
    There’s a time for us,someday a time for us
    Time together with time to spare
    Time to learn time to care
    Someday we’ll find a new way of living
    We’ll find a way of forgiving
    shar,I’ve heard that Fantasia does a spectacular job in The Color Purple!

  20. shar says:

    Another Broadway fan here. My favorite,I saw 3 times at the old Studio 54,is Cabaret. Alan Cummings was amazing and I enjoy the music counpled with high drama. Bernadette Peters in Gypsy was another favorite and for a total,silly fun ight Rocky Horror was a blast.

    Has anybody seen reviews for Fantasia in Te Color Purple yet?

  21. Jules says:

    justwatchin – I was browsing through GC archives & I came across 1 of your quotes from a thread last March that made me smile!

    justwatchin # 306 Mar 28th, 2007 at 12:12 pm
    HaHaHa…laughing from the future!!!! Taylor won, it’s been over for almost a year…Taylor was awesome back here, awesome in the future as well….Rock On Soulman!!!!!!!!!

  22. Jan says:

    I picked up a copy of OK magazine today. Taylor is covered on a couple of pages. I always enjoy seeing Taylor in another magazine. It’s the April 30 edition. I’m sure this is old news and posted someplace else, but….. just in case someone missed it.

  23. JAG says:

    Hi all, it’s another glorious day in Ct.Glad to see lots of Broadway fans here! Mad& Azure I am interested to know what Jersey Boys is about .I had forgotten about Les Mis,one of my favorites. Found my way over to,but I like it here much better! I’ll give THSHQ another try in the future.Thanks again Ash for this site you have made us feel comfortable! One more thing ,Duff & lilolme,how great is that to work in a theatre.What a wonderful enviorment to be around! Has everyone seen the gorgeous video on you tube from the Hartford Marriott? Just a guitar,Taylor and that awesome voice.It is just beautiful.Have a great night everyone!

  24. justwatchin says:

    Monring..oops afternoon AmyMc! Only been to HQ a few times…posted once, but felt like yelling, “hey someone turn the lights on in here”..then a poster who isn’t all that nice popped in, and I popped out….I’ll check it out again when they’ve done a little renovation…have a good day all!

  25. lilolme says:

    dthomas – is what everyone is referencing. It is an official fansite that does require $25 for membership.

  26. blueberry says:

    Duff, or anyone else in the know, I’ve been looking for a decent dinner theatre in northern Vermont (St. Albans or Burlington areas). Might you have any recommendations? We have some very nice ones where I am in PA and have gotten spoiled – not Broadway, but still a lot of fun!

  27. dthomas says:

    Question: what/where is the Taylor HQ that you guys are referring to? Is this the site you need to pay to join? Thanks.

  28. lilolme says:

    Duff – I soooo agree with the black background!! That’s one of the main reasons I don’t post much over there. It KILLS my eyes!!!

    I too work with community theater. We have some amazing theater for such a small town. Great group of peeps!

  29. Duff says:

    Hi Everyone!

    I worked on directories that a small theatre produced here in Vermont. I also got (and still get) free tickets to the shows. Excellent summer theatre with some famous names showing up at times.

    THHQ is OK. Steer clear of the threads that are scary. We have a fun thread called “the person below me”. Check it out ! I am hoping the site improves with time. The black background is awful and it needs to go, or you need an option to change it on your own computer IMO. Chat there is fun too !


  30. lilolme says:

    OK – need more coffee. That should say…….there AREN’T too many that I don’t like.

  31. lilolme says:

    Hello to the fellow theater junkies! I would definitely be one of those 😉 Really, there are too many I don’t like! Too hard to pick one favorite, but Les Mis, Rent, Hair & Joseph are just a few that would be way up there on the list.

  32. AmyMc says:

    Morning, y’all!!!

  33. azure says:

    Hi JAG –
    I didn’t realize you’re a theater lover! I have to say Les Mis is my favorite. I also loved Michael Crawford in Phantom, and became a huge fan of him in general. There have been a couple of productions over the years that I haven’t enjoyed, but overall, live theater is a wonderful experience.

    There are seven of us (childhood friends) taking a train from Boston to NY in October for a 3-day weekend – to see Jersey Boys. The train is a new experience for this group, and it should be a hoot! Our seats for JB aren’t great, but I imagine we’ll “make do!” Chair dancing might very well become an art form in itself that night!

  34. madaboutu says:

    JAG…………..I also love Jesus Christ Superstar and saw Ted Neely in it. I saw Phantom twice with Michael Crawford and someone whose name I can’t recall, but he was good too. The production is awesome. Les Miserable, Cats, Beauty and the Beast onstage, Evita, and on and on. It is magic to see them all. I have not gone in sometime to any shows, but hope to see Jersey Boys when it comes and I want to see the new production of 12 Angry Men. It is alot more expensive these days to see the Broadway shows. There are alot of vids on youtube of them.

  35. berney says:

    I was reading the “Off Topic” section at THHQ – “Letter to Taylor Baltimore” subject. First post by Kimberly. The moderators eventually closed the thread. Had to put the book down for awhile.

  36. sooz says:

    I did just get in over at HQ. What’s with the story stuff? I shouldn’t be critical. As long as it isn’t X rated like some of his MySpace “friends” posts, I guess, what’s the difference. It just seems odd to me, but what do I know.

  37. Txsoulgal says:

    Thanks sooz.

    Last week there was a post that said it was from Taylor. He signed it Tay Tay, which is what his friends on AI called him. It was a nice surprise to see his post.

  38. berney says:

    Click on the message board and you’re in. Some pretty interesting stuff there. I just can’t lurk too long. Let’s just say there’s ALOT of different folks on board there. The black background doesn’t make for a real friendly feel either. However, that being said, there are some really positive people there, with the exception of a questionable few.

  39. sooz says:

    Is Taylor posting on his website? When did that start? Have they fixed that thing yet. I haven’t been over there for a while. I can never get past the first screen after the sign in. How do you even get to the message board?

  40. sooz says:

    Txsoulgal –
    Yes, Andrew Lloyd Webber did write Christine’s part for Sarah Brightman. I also love musical theatre. My all time favorite is Les Mis. The music is wonderful.

  41. berney says:

    Just got back from reading some of the posts from THHQ. Most of them were really upbeat and pretty interesting. However, there are a few dark and scary posters there. I had to come back here real quick for awhile – it felt like I was reading a Steven King novel and I had to put down the book and turn on the lights!

  42. Txsoulgal says:

    I have not seen a Broadway show in many years. They are or were something very magical. Since moving to the Dallas area I had the delight of going to hear Sarah Brightman when she held a concert in town. Her voice is beautiful and her costumes spectacular. I had heard “Phantom…” was written for her when she was married to Andrew Lloyd Webber. Is that true? The music is just beautiful from that production.

    I wonder if Taylor did decide to go to go to see a play. On THHQ he asked questions about Broadway and restaurants.

  43. JAG says:

    I absolutely love Broadway musicals.We were talking about them today at work,so when I came home I found “Jesus Christ Superstar” I had forgoten what spectacular music that was.And then I listened to “Phanthom Of The Opera “and was blown away by it just as I was the first time I heard it.Well that wasn’t enough so I also listened to the soundtrack from “The Lion King” which was also awesome.Guess I was in a Broadway frame of mind from all the talk about Taylor’s New York Concert.Just wanted to share that and to remind you to dig out some of the relics you have.I neve get tired of great music!

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