04/24 On the Road: Ohio

LC Pavillion, Columbus, OH
7:00pm Eastern
Greyhounds opening

LC Pavillion
(thanks to whompswamp for image)

Set list:
04/24/07 LC Pavilions, Columbus, OH

Opening: Greyhounds

Gonna Move
Give Me Tonight
Dream Myself Awake
Hell of a Day*
Compared To What
Wherever I Lay My Hat**
My Friend
The Deal
Hold on to your Love#
Just to Feel that Way
Medicated Goo##
Heaven Knows^
The Maze^^
The Right Place

Enc: Naked in the Jungle%%

* With “Another Brick in the Wall Part 2” (Pink Floyd) tease
** With “Nightshift” (The Commodores) and “Chain Gang” (Sam Cooke) teases
# With “Night Life” (Willie Nelson) and “Can’t Trust Your Neighbor” (Johnnie Taylor) teases
## With “Harlem/Cold Baloney” (Bill Withers) and “What’d I Say” (Ray Charles) teases
^ With “What’d I Say” (Ray Charles) tease
^^ With “You Don’t Know Like I Know” (Sam and Dave) and “Let’s Get it On” (Marvin Gaye) teases
% With “Big Boss Man” (Jimmy Reed) and “Baby Please Don’t Go” (Muddy Waters) teases
%% With “I Want to Take You Higher” (Sly Stone) and “Dance to the Music” (Sly Stone) teases


With just one day off after a string of 3 shows, the tour starts the first of a 4 day run across the midwest. Good thing they love that bus. Apparently the place is known for great sound and light, and can convert to seating anywhere from 500 to 5000. Watch the comments here for the cellcert link, because I won’t be here to update the post until things are well underway. – Thack


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  1. UnderMySkinner says:

    The lighting was horrible here, going to go to Kentucky Speedway and hope for better. But here on this night six year olds must have been running them, I’m telling you they owe me some better pics. 😉

    Anyway if anyone wants to see them these are the ones I didn’t delete. Warning they’re dark at best, and if it weren’t for my very tall husband they wouldn’t be this good.


    And here’s two short video clips, they’re actually not half bad.


    Taylor and the band was amazing as you can guess, The Grayhounds not so much and I didn’t enjoy them at all. But maybe I’m spoiled who knows as the hubby and some lady we were with said they had seen much worse, but still I wish Toby had stayed on.

    My alone or one on one time with Taylor thanks to my friend I met was something I’ll never forget, and the whole band were all dolls. Loren and Felix really went out of their way to set me at ease.

  2. Marcy says:

    “Juliegr April 25,2007 5:28pm”

    “Even though we don’t know each other personally, when I participate on this blog, I feel like I am with old friends! We’re from different walks of life, different ages, races, size and maritial status – what we have in common is admiration for Taylor Hicks.”

    How beautifully said…..that is exactly how I feel…like old friends! As it turned out last night something came up and I couldn’t participate in the cellcert after all (bummer!)
    I will certainly try tonight! I’ll be sure to say Hi when I do. I must admit it does seem overwhelming at first but hopefully I will get the hang of it. I don’t remember if I told you that my daughter and I are going to Maryland to see Tay and yesterday I got a ticket for Hyannis Mass !!!! I am so excited! Hope I get to meet him face to face and thank him for his beautiful music. I’m becomming a semi-roadie! When is your concert…it’s coming up soon isn’t it? What are we going to do when the tour is over? Look forward to the next one!!

    This most certainly is “The Right Place” thanks to Ash and gang. They are doing a GREAT job!!

  3. Debbiegee says:

    I was at the Columbus concert last night and I felt that Taylor was in absolutely FABULOUS voice. This is the third time I have seen him on this tour and I think this is the best I have ever heard him. He was so ON…JTFTW was the best I’ve ever heard him do it and that long falsetto section he did (sorry, can’t remember which song it was) was just amazing. Never heard him do that before.

    Every concert I’ve been to was better than the last. At one point during the night, I just stood there and thought “This is so special. This man is so special. Look out, world, because Taylor Hicks is coming.” Give him time, he’s going to be SO BIG!

    By the way, I was fortunate to win a M&G before the concert. He was so sweet, very nice to everyone. There wasn’t much time to say anything to him but after we had our picture snapped, I said, “Taylor, thank you so much for the music.” He looked up at me and gave me the biggest smile and a thumbs up. It was obvious that he really appreciated hearing that. I, for one, am so grateful for this last year with this remarkable man and his music.

    Also, it was so great to meet so many of the people from The Boogie Board and Gray Charles last night. What wonderful people. Hope to see you again at some future concert.

  4. Denise says:

    Thanks C4! I just didn’t want to jip any of the folks I was picking stuff up for!

  5. c4tay says:

    Denise, it was $30 for shirts and $5 for magnets last night in Columbus. Hope that helps.

  6. Denise says:

    I’m hoping someone can help me out…. when I was at Penn’s Peak I spent $185 at the merchandise table. When GC was up and running I volunteered to purchase some IYT cds, a shirt and a magnet for some people who were unable to attend a concert or who had attended one before IYT was being sold. I bought 5 IYT cds so and I know they were each $30 which would be $150. However, I don’t know how much of the remaining $35 was spent on a shirt and how much of it went towards the magnet. Can you friendly soul patrollers advise whether the shirts have been selling for $25 or $30 or what the magnets have been selling for? Thanks so much!!

  7. juliegr says:

    Marcy — congrats. Glad you’ll be joining us tonite! Believe me it might be overwhelming at first but just sit back and listen — let the mood take over and don’t feel you need to comment. It’s difficult enough to follow the typed comments, follow the page breaks, and listen without trying getting floored by the flow of activity.

    Even though we don’t know each other personally, when I participate on this blog, I feel like I’m with old friends! We’re from different walks of life, different ages, races, size, and marital status — what we have in common is admiration for Taylor Hicks.

    This blog is “The Right Place”! Thanks to Ash, AmyH, Phantom, Thack, and Basenji, Bigsis, and the “cleaning crew” (and all others whose names I don’t know) who manage the cellcerts, for all you do to put out the welcome mat and keep us informed.

    Say Hi when you come on tonite. I’ll look for you!!!

    Cheers, julie

  8. Marcy says:

    Juliegr –
    Thank you so much for the info…..You are a doll!! I am so looking forward…hope it works!!! I just ordered a ticket for the Melody Tent in Hyannis Mass!!!! Talked my husband into going up to the Cape for a few days….I have never been like this before….am loving it!!!!

  9. DebD says:

    I love Columbus and I’m glad Columbus loved Taylor! Thanks for the great recaps everyone. It’s been three weeks since I have seen Taylor in concert and I’m going through withdrawal. Thank GOD I’ll be seeing him again in June (and August)!

  10. KimLoree says:

    Don’t be sorry for posting. We love the recaps. Especially those of us who are Taylor “Live” virgins so far (pouting).

  11. JAG says:

    Wow,enthusiastic recaps everyone.When you leave Taylor’s concert you are so energized and upbeat and talking about it is so easy.I’ll tell you I was on a natural high for weeks,and when I read everyone’s recaps I feel the same way! Most times I leave a concert without looking back,not so with Taylor ,you are always left wanting more !
    juliegr……..I’m bad too,I read the concert reviews everyday,I love them!! Taylor has been #1 for weeks now at concertfan! I was listening to The Right Place on the way home,and am convinced that could be a monster hit for Taylor! His voice is simply breath taking,it’s a vocal masterpiece!!

  12. juliegr says:

    Hi Marcy: Here’s the steps: Click on “Visit the Boogie Board”, select the thread re the Rialto concert and enter. You can either participate on line (computer) and get a play by play (it does move fast however), or use your long distance telephone service or cellphone service. Long distance rates will apply. All the directions are included in the first page of the thread and posted by either Phantom or whoever is hosting tonite. A telephone # to call to hear the cellcert real time will be posted about 15 minutes before Taylor hits the stage. WARNING: No guarantee on audio quality; no guarantee on connectivity; there are times when you are kicked off or can’t make the connection because of the ISP gremlins. I’ve enjoyed every one of the concerts I listed to — but then I’m an addict! What can I say!

    All I can say is enjoy what you get because as the song says: “Going to make it real, Compared to What?”

  13. Marcy says:

    Hi all, at the risk of sounding like a dork…..I would like to do the cellcert tonight….can someone tell me how to do it? Does it come out of minutes I already have or is it separate? Help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

  14. juliegr says:

    graciecat: I see Claire answered your question. Join us tonight and experience a cellcert first hand!! You’re in for a real treat! I went to both the Birchmere and Rams Head Live concerts on 4/15 and 4/17 and each was unique. Now I have to participate by cellcert (as had been my connection previously) still good but not the same! My next opportunity to attend an actual concert is when Taylor returns to VA at the Loudoun/Ashburn concert in July.

  15. juliegr says:

    c4tay: Thanks for that!!! Be sure to go to concertfan and share your comments.

  16. Claire says:

    Graciecat, the Boogie Board is the Message board HERE, at this site! The link is on the right side of the page, under “Basic Info” If you’re not a member, you have to register but it’s quick, free and painless. Lots of new folks posting there, you’ll see many familiar names.

  17. graciecat says:

    Love the recaps! Awesome job all! Hi, Justwatchin’ I must try to visit the Boogie Board (is that our wonderful gypsee that does that? Someone said she was at the R.O. concert? but we did not get to meet. How unfortunate. I brought along a whole bunch of hugs to share that night.) Juliegr…You are so right. I never hear hoarse or raspy. Taylor has that earthy, blue-eyed soul, raw whiskey-tenor voice and he knows exactly how to use it. Totally agree if you’re going to a concert to fall asleep or mellow out this would not be the one to chose. If you’re going to get re-energized and be “taken higher and higher” throughout a concert then you must see a Taylor Hicks concert. I also think Taylor puts a nice mix into each and every set list to keep us wanting more and keep everyone happy! If I could make one request it would be that he “bottle his energy” and sell me some! Keep smiling all. It sounded like a great concert as always.
    Looking forward to tonight.

  18. c4tay says:

    I posted a bit last night and after hearing what the reviewer said, I have to disagree. Taylor was definitely NOT hoarse! His voice was beautiful and clear and pitch perfect on every note, honestly. He has that raspy quality to his voice that I love, the growly, whiskey tenor that makes him so distinct, but his voice was not hoarse. He really was right on and pure perfection in his singing. I also have to say that I don’t find his dancing weird or dorky. I think he moves great! He is just full of the music and it comes out in all kinds of gorgeous ways. I do not find him dorky at all. He was a professional entertainer of the best kind last night.

    Also, the venue has a recessed pit in front of the stage for the GA tickets and then it had rows of reserved seats on the main floor, just slightly raised as you went toward the back. I saw no empty seats on the floor, the pit was full, and the small balcony of seats were filled as well. There were people standing along the sides, as well, so they could really see and move. Lots of people were singing along, it seemed, some softly and others in full voice. The pit folks added a lot of animation as they danced, raised their arms, did the wave, raised their lighters and even jumped up and down. The folks in the seats stood if they could, and if they couldn’t, they tried to stand at the applause after each song or on occasion for a short time during the song. The energy of the crowd built as the show progressed because Taylor was just giving and giving and working everyone into a frenzy. He is totally fantastic! Sorry about posting again, but when I heard the hoarse comment from the reviewer, I had to respond. Have a great day, everyone!

  19. madaboutu says:

    juliegr……………………I agree with you totally on the songs. Who can imagine CTW done any other way? Or NITJ for instance. Of course we have been following him all along, so we are aware of more than almost all reviewers. And about the voice, yes, he does have a raspy whiskey tenor and we expect that too, and obviously that is what we love about him. I am not sure how the concert I am going to will be, since it is at a casino. Maybe we will see more subdued Taylor and get more “stool” songs. I’ll take whatever.
    AmyH……………..thanks for the post about the time of songs. And I agree that it probably just seems to go too fast. I know reading it does! 🙂

  20. juliegr says:

    DENISE !!!!!! Yes, I did read your recap and laughed (and snickered) out loud. You took your daughter to a travel sports team game then left for the concert and in the process spilled a drink on yourself, right!!

    I’ll have to re-read this tonight while waiting for my next Taylor “fix”! BTW, once on concertfan, look at the “Recent Site Additions” section and you’ll see a green line with the Penns Peak subject. Click on the link to read the submission, then you can post your own review. Again, you may have to register — don’t know!

    Be chatting with you later, my friend!


  21. Denise says:

    Julie: Its here under Penn’s Peak Comments. Bring a glass of wine, its long and very direct. Once I got started I couldn’t help myself! I went back to concertfan.com but I don’t see the Penn’s Peak thread. I will search around some more tonight. Thanks for your help!

  22. juliegr says:

    Denise — No I didn’t have a chance to find your recap yet. What thread is it under? I love to read these recaps — I’m such a dork! Although I’ve been to 2 concerts and did the cellcert for both, I live vicariously and enjoy everyone’s comments.

    Let me know where it is and I’ll check it out. Thanks.

  23. Denise says:

    Thank you julie! I will give it a try. Did you happen to read my recap of Penn’s Peak? I really did have an amazing time! Can’t wait until June 15, Summer Stages in Big Flats, New York!!

    Thanks Again!

  24. juliegr says:

    Mad — don’t think the songs Taylor performed would be as effective if they were slowed down! The very nature of the songs is such that they are driving, high energy, high voltage, and dramatic. As a matter of fact, as I look at the videos, I can feel myself being caught up in the tempo — I love it and look forward to experiencing another concert.

    After all, Taylor Hicks isn’t Perry Como!!! You won’t go to sleep at his concert or wonder when it will end. In fact, you’ll wonder why it is over so soon and want to hear more, more, more!!

    About the “hoarsness” == Taylor has that whiskey tenor voice — which to some people comes across as hoarse. I hope you’ll be happy with your experience.

  25. AmyH says:

    Hey mad!

    Over the phone, Taylor did NOT sound hoarse, but that’s usually the case. We can’t pick up nuanced details like that. However, about the “rushed” comment – the concert was no more rushed than any other. It just feels that way. When those “rushing” comments first started, I began to take note of when each song begins and ends (obsessed much?). Most songs (when not being tagged) hover around 4 minutes in length. That’s not rushed. That’s longer than most songs on the radio.

    He was on stage for about an hour and 18 minutes last night (according to my notes) and did his usual 14 songs plus encore.

    It was a perfectly timed and tempoed (not a word, I know) show. IMO, of course.

  26. madaboutu says:

    I was reading the cellcert last night (not hearing) and the comments were so great about the crowd and Taylor. In the review though, the reporter said that Taylors voice was hoarse (no surprise) and that same complaint, that he hurried through. That also not being unusual to hear. It appears the fans were happy though, and I just want to know if his voice did appear hoarse. I only have a few days till I see him and hate for him to come to SoCal and be totally voiceless. I do think and hope that he will learn to pace his shows more as time goes by.

  27. juliegr says:

    Hi Denise: Absolutely!!!!

    I just started the thread — you might need to register to post your review but its very easy. Glad to help and can’t wait to read your coments.


  28. Denise says:

    Juliegr: Can you help me? I went to Penn’s Peak, had an AMAZING time and would very much like to post a review on Concertfan.com. I went to the site but I don’t see where there is Penn’s Peak thread. Is there a way that I can start one?

    Thanks in Advance!

  29. Marcy says:

    c4tay- thanks for the recap!!!! I love feeling everyone”s excitement……I can’t stop “talking” about him and the shows I have seen either!

    “We are so blessed to have him in our lives.” I was just thinking that this morning…..how lucky we are to have to him…his giving ways, and his beautiful, soulful, rockin, HEALING music!!

  30. wvtaylorfan says:

    Just wanted to stop in and say that last night in Columbus will be one night (and day) that I will absolutely NEVER forget. The concert was awesome. I expected it to be good, but it was about 100 times better than I even expected. We drove about 3 hours after the show to get home around 2:00 and I was still pumped even then. We were the first ones there when Taylor’s bus pulled in and he came out after about 20 minutes or so and came outside of the gate, posed for pictures and signed autographs and was very sweet and accomidating to everyone. My friends 7 year old granddaughter was with us and he went to her first and she is now a true mini soul patroller. Also won a meet and greet and was able to get some other stuff autographed there. I’m rambling so I will quit, but WOW what a performance that man gave.

  31. aponce says:

    c4tay — thanks for your recap!!! I love reading everyone’s reveiws …. it’s been a month since I saw him for the first time, and I’m still on cloud 9, counting the days until I get to see him again…….

  32. juliegr says:

    Good morning from the East Coast, c4tay. It was obvious from the roar of the crowd that the Columbus audience L-O-V-E-D Taylor Hicks LIVE! He is really something. I know what you mean about not being able to stop “talking” about Taylor once you see the concert. And you know what, you’ll do like the rest of us “veterans” — you’ll begin to plot a way to attend another concert!!! But if this is an addiction, it’s a good one. HAH!

    Thanks for the abbreviated recap. Now that you’ve recovered, be sure to add your comments to the concertfan.com site.



  33. c4tay says:

    Back again, and then I’ll stop. Promise. The next to the last sentence above should have said that it was good to get to know several new SP’ers a little more, not just one. Everyone was so nice and so fun. I’m sure there will be better recaps coming, but just wanted to let you all know some details tonite. I know I always like to hear as much as possible after the shows.

  34. c4tay says:

    I didn’t proof my short recap first before sending it, and I should have. I guess you all understand the excitement after you come home from seeing his show. I rambled a bit, and am finding it difficult to put things in order. It was over way too quickly and each song was better than the next. I have never heard the cd songs sound so great..much better than any performed on tv as yet,and the arrangements and delivery of all of them couldn’t have been better. He’s a genius and so talented. I can’t believe how hard he works at entertaining his fans. We are so blessed to have him in our lives. Also, wanted to say I met some wonderful and fun folks from the boards. It was really great to put faces to names and to get to know one a little. Hope to see you all again sometime.

  35. c4tay says:

    I’m back from the concert, and it was absolutely fabulous! Taylor’s voice was just perfect, and he did all kinds of vocal gymnastics and used his voice like an instrument in so many ways tonite. On one song, his falsetto was so good and clear and long. He just sounded great, and every single song he did was amazing! We got great songs and lots of harp and his energy was unbelievable. He looks gorgeous too. He did lots of cute things, played the organ and cowbell, too, and I think, he’s getting even better on the guitar as well. The crowd was mixed in gender and age and the venue was sold out. There were probably more over 35 than under though. We saw him out at the buses afterward. He was quiet and subdued, but very friendly and signed everyone’s things and worked his way down the line very graciously. He has really lost weight, but after you see one of his concerts, you can tell how. He is in constant motion. He had on a brown shirt, brown tweedy jacket, I think, and couldn’t see the shoes tonite, but am assuming they were the tennies. This was my first time to see him, and I could watch and listen to him for hours. He is just an excellent entertainer, and his vocals tonight were awesome. The band guys and Melanie, too, are wonderful! Their solos were unbelievable, too. What a great show. Don’t miss it, if you haven’t seen him live. It’s the best concert I’ve ever been to. Some people stood all the way through and others sat and stood. In our situation, we had to stand and sit due to circumstances around us, but you had to move, whether you were sitting or standing. It was just great!

  36. justwatchin says:

    Hi Graciecat….have you been to the Boogie Board?

  37. graciecat says:

    Wow, the set list is impressive. Looking forward to a recap. Anyone?

  38. justwatchin says:

    Hey concert’s over…any of you back? From all the great descriptions on the Board, sounds that the concert was another good-un…just keeps pickin up steam….all the way to Califon-I-A

    Hi Madaboutu….what do you mean “the Grove, that’s another story”.???u h ohhh…?

  39. AmyH says:

    We’re on (the show hasn’t started yet). Come over to the Boogie Board.

  40. KimLoree says:

    Uhhh…guess not. At least I can’t find it. Don’t they post them under the name of the city in the Tour section? Just not there yet?

  41. KimLoree says:

    Thanks Amy. I’m goin’ in for the number.

  42. madaboutu says:

    Cali50…………..boy was I on the wrong track!!!!! I even printed it out for my sis to read, but I sure didn’t remember it was on there. Except now it makes sense, we were talking about the Pala concert. Duh!! Thanks alot!

  43. tishlp says:

    Thanks, Amy. And as to being confused, well frankly I’ve been walking around with my head in the clouds since last September 10 in Austin.

  44. AmyH says:

    No. The number will be on The Board like always. Phantom is hosting tonight. I called her up and she said that the folks attending the show told her 8EST – NOT 7EST.

    So now we are ALL confused. 🙂

  45. KimLoree says:

    Hi all,
    I thought there was a post earlier today that said it would be here. Going back to check.

  46. tishlp says:

    So the cellcert number is going to be here instead of on the board? Ok, can’t wait to hear The Voice in real time.

  47. Cali50 says:

    madaboutu: The post about the billboard is in the LA/Vegas/Pala thread under Tour info.

  48. KimLoree says:

    No cell cert number yet? I was going to try it tonight.

  49. AmyH says:

    The Natives Are Getting Restless!

    Um, won’t Taylor be going on in, like, a half an hour??

  50. madaboutu says:

    Sorry I was posting other things than the concert tonite. Sometimes I forget which thread I am on and which blog.

  51. Phyl says:

    Sooz, I get the frustration of not being able to go. I went to Westbury but had an important work obligation the Friday evening Taylor played the Beacon–and I live in NYC. To add insult or humor to injury I had dragged a friend to the Westbury concert to turn him onto Taylor. He got turned on all right–got a ticket for himself and went to the Beacon show without me! I just hope I get a chance to see a Taylor Hicks concert again in the near future–he was superb live, I’ve NEVER seen better! Hope he comes your way again real soon, Sooz!

  52. phandi says:

    Or Columbus.

  53. madaboutu says:

    Anyone remember the post on one of the threads by Malisa who took a pic of the billboard in SoCal with Taylor on it? I need to find it again. Oh MALISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. phandi says:

    AgingHippie, check your pms…I didn’t want to get too OT here. This is the Concord thread…. :=)

  55. madaboutu says:

    Kim and justwatchin……………..I have till the 6th cause I just can’t see myself at HOB, and the Grove, well that is another story. I have someone to got to Pala with. I’ve already let people know to watch for the Leno show too.

  56. AgingHippie says:

    Phandi Says:
    By the way, one of the interesting (well, for me!!) things he said during last night’s concert was, “I hear there are a lot of Canadians here. I’ll be doing a show up in Canada soon.”
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Yes, interesting – –
    There are some nice size cities in New Brunswick, Fredericton is a nicely centralized option, the northern Maine radio stations playing Taylor’s music carry quite a ways across the border, and there is a lot of cross border shopping and employment.
    Know one NB CNA working at an asst. living facility on my U.S. side of the border who stayed late on Tuesday nights last year so she could vote for Taylor before she went home 🙂

    Hmmm, August 12 in Portland – ????- – then August 17 in Concord

    Portland, Maine to Fredericton, NB approx 325 miles 5 hours
    back to Concord, New Hampshire approx 430 miles 6 1/2 hours

    International Tour opportunity ? – – LOL

  57. taylor made 4 me says:

    Hey…it’s me. Saw your post and it made me SMILE. Thanks for writing.
    I will be reading every day to hear more news of things your way.

    see…BJ (Piano man) You’re my home. lyrics
    smiles, waves.

    remember: you don’t have to love what you do…you must do what you love!

    Blue-eyed soul girl

  58. justwatchin says:

    lol…glad he didn’t combust at the Beacon..we are only 1 week away from Anaheim..burn some rubber there tour bus…all the way across the USA! Hi Mad! Hi KimL!

  59. KimLoree says:

    Well…from the sounds of it, if he didn’t spontaneously combust at the Beacon, maybe we have some hope of him making it to the west coast.

  60. madaboutu says:

    Four day run huh? I hope Taylor has something left to give us poor SoCal people. He and the band must be runnin on empty by now. Anyway, hope you all see a great show and have a great time.

  61. Phandi says:

    oh fer pity’s sake! thanks evancol. I’m an idjit. saw it. very helpful!

    By the way, one of the interesting (well, for me!!) things he said during last night’s concert was, “I hear there are a lot of Canadians here. I’ll be doing a show up in Canada soon.”
    Hah. Yup, he said that! Mind you, who knows what he meant by “soon”… he is playing the Niagara Wine Auction, apparently, in June, which is on the Cdn side of the border in Niagara Falls, but that’s a very expensive, dinner/show gig. Other than that….maybe he’ll nip up to Vancouver after the Seattle show?? Too far for me to go… but nice he’s giving Canada some love too!

  62. evancol says:


    If you look right under the # of comments on the front page of the blog, it will tell you who posted it…

  63. Marcy says:

    DebbieGee April24 9:36

    “I think my sister’s ear is still numb from me screaming. Even my dog was jumping up and down and howling. My husband said he was worried he would have to scrape me off the ceiling with a putty knife.”

    That is so funny……I so feel your excitement!!!! Lucky you….enjoy!!

  64. graciecat says:

    Debbiegee, you will not be disappointed nor will anyone who attends the concert tonight in Columbus. I finally got the opportunity to attend the Taylor Hicks concert in Royal Oak. Glad my schedule allowed me to fly in for the evening. I was spellbound. I’ll write a little recap today under the Royal Oak thread. I was on such an adrenaline high yesterday (and back to work) so I didn’t visit here as I just wanted to savour the memory of the concert. Although I did not get a Meet & Greet I was lucky enough to get my cd autographed by Taylor by the buses after the concert. Words cannot describe the energy that Taylor exudes and expends before, during and after a concert. All I can say is, “Thank You Taylor! You are the best ! The band is absolutely awesome. Really, really very impressive. All I can tell everyone is, “Go to a TAYLOR HICKS CONCERT”, do not walk, RUN… get your tickets and just do it!

  65. Debbiegee says:

    Wooohooooo!!!!!! I won a Meet & Greet with Taylor tonight. This is my third and last concert for this tour and I was hoping against hope that I would win one. I guess those prayers I said to St. Jude yesterday worked.

    I checked my e-mail throughout the day yesterday and there was nothing. Last night I called my sister to finalize our plans for today and I checked my e-mail while I was talking to her. Lo and behold, there was my notice that I had won. I think my sister’s ear is still numb from me screaming. Even my dog was jumping up and down and howling! My husband said he was worried he’d have to scrape me off the ceiling with a putty knife…lol.

    I met some new Taylor fans last week and they’re going to follow us down…big party. Should be lots of fun. Looking forward to meeting some new Taylor fans in Columbus. GO SOUL PATROL!!!!!!!!!

  66. Dee says:

    Yea, I’m going tonight. I told my friend who agreed to go with me even though she knows nothing about Taylor that we may have suckey seats since all the best ones were gone when I finally decided I could go. She just said, “Well, at least you’ll be breathing the same air as Taylor. That’s all that matters.” LOL.

  67. Phandi says:

    Hi, would you mind including your name when you post your blog comment? I am never sure just who is doing this….used to be Ash always, now it’s Phantom or Thackeray??? I just don’t know. Not critical I know, but I was just wondering who won’t be here to update the post?

  68. AmyMc says:

    I’ve been to Columbus before….but I was pregnant at the time so it wasn’t all that fun.

  69. sooz says:

    I am so fried! My daughter lives in Ohio. I tried to get tickets for this show three times and was told by ticket master, everything was sold out. Now they’re offering day of show tickets. If I was nearby, it wouldn’t matter, but I’m seven hours away from Columbus. Why do they wait so damn long to put those last tickets up? Man, I’m upset. Sorry, just venting. This is definitely going to be one of those days.

    Have fun to Everyone going to the Columbus show. Dance and “Ya’ll sing” for me, too!

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