04/25 There is no Rodeo in Joliet

Taylor Hicks

Rialto Square Theater, Joliet, IL
7:30pm Central – SOLD OUT

Set list
Thanks so much to our friends at the SRQ Soul Patrol Forum for linking us to their cell cert and filling in gaps in the set list.

Opening: Greyhounds

Give Me Tonight
Soul Thing
Hell of a Day*
Dream Myself Awake
Heart and Soul**
Wherever I Lay My Hat#
My Friend
Run Baby Run
Hold on to Your Love
The Deal
Heaven Knows## > The Maze^
The Right Place
The Runaround^^

Encore: Taking It to the Streets%

* With “Another Brick in the Wall Part Two” (Pink Floyd) tease
** With “Brown-eyed Handsome Man” (Chuck Berry) tease
# With “Nightshift” (The Commodores), “Chain Gang” (Sam Cooke), and “You Send Me” (Sam Cooke) teases
## With “What’d I Say” (Ray Charles) tease
^ With “Tupelo Honey” (Van Morrison) and “Let’s Get it On” (Marvin Gaye) teases
^^ With “Big Boss Man” (Jimmy Reed) tease
% With “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” (Rolling Stones) tease

The Venue

Rialto stage


I’m posting this early, because it’s either that or late. The sky and the dirt may share the same grey, grey, but the venue looks fantastic.


45 Responses to 04/25 There is no Rodeo in Joliet

  1. Kristin says:

    Sooz….that was my daughter that he grabbed..twice!! She was shaking….she just couldn’t believe it. We waited at the bus after the show and he talked to us too…signed her shirt …told her to stay in school and do her homework….and when I told him that she had missed half the day to come see him…he laughed and said “playin hookie huh”…I just love the man. If anyone wants to see my pictures..feel free to email me….I was in the very first row of the orchestra pit.

  2. KimLoree says:

    sooz, I may have an extra ticket. Come on over.

    Just wanted to point out that I was just over at concertfan.com and it appears that there are no reviews for Taylor since the Beacon. I would love to see some of these wonderful reviews be more visible to the general public.

  3. sooz says:

    KimLoree – If you all think you can pull that off, save me a seat. Heh!

  4. KimLoree says:

    sooz, I have been waiting a long time to see Taylor perform live. But as I read the concert recaps each time, I have begun to feel fortunate to have my turn at the end of the tour…as he just keeps getting better and better. I know it’s going to be awesome.

    And I’m thinkin’ that since Seattle is his last stop on this tour, he can just play all night…right? When his voice gets tired, he can just dance and orchestrate the band and we can sing to him.

  5. sooz says:

    brc – how sweet of him to hug her and sign her little animal. Hopefully, she didn’t tell him he put her to sleep. So cute! Was good to meet you.

    KimLoree – don’t worry about him having something left for Seattle. Watching him a month apart, I think he’s gotten even more animated, better vocally and performance-wise (if that’s possible) and more relaxed. Like I said, he’s definitely smiling, talking and teasing the audience more than he did at first. He’s a quick study. I think he’s absorbing all the time, adding what works and getting rid of what doesn’t.

  6. Basenji says:

    Maggie, added the “Bring It on Home to Me” to the meta tagging list. I’m adding anything that sounds plausible now…

  7. brc says:

    I’m going out on a limb here and hoping I get lucky. After the show at the buses, Taylor stopped to talk to my daughter (a little girl in a purple coat with a stuffed animal in her hand). He signed her stuffed animal and she gave him a hug. My camera would not work at that moment. I’m wondering if by any chance anyone accidentally captured her on camera with him?

    Oh and excuse the multiple video posts above. The first post went into moderation due to having too many links.

  8. KimLoree says:

    I’m good brc. Still sad about losing GC. I have been hanging out here and there, including in the GC archives.
    Sounds like it was a great show last night. Hope he saves something for Seattle.

  9. brc says:

    hollyb… he said that they told him that he could have done 2 or 3 shows if he had wanted to. Assuming he meant that there was high demand for tickets.

    Kimloree… how are you? Nice to “see” you.

  10. KimLoree says:

    Wow, sooz, very nice recap. I’m always jealous of those who get more than one show….but am happy for you.

    brc, Ain’t nothin wrong with those videos. Thank-you very much.

  11. Bama Angelfish says:

    Thank you for your well written recap. I agree that it is always a lot of fun being with others when they see Taylor perform for the first time. I think it makes us all feel good to share our experiences, especially the ones that bring out the type of excitement and positive energy that he sends out in his performances.

  12. hollyb says:

    The Joliet show was so much fun. I can’t get over it (and how BORED I feel today in my little life here at work. sigh.)

    I missed JTFW and Gonna Move, but can’t complain about that because the rest was on fire!

    Does anyone remember what Taylor said about being invited for multiple shows? I missed that because my son was talking.

  13. brc says:

    Nice recap sooz. And it was nice to meet you too. Thanks for stopping us.

    We did see the whole scene when Taylor gave his harp away. There was a young disabled boy in a wheelchair who had been hoppin and boppin to the music the whole show. Taylor gave it to him. The boy clearly didn’t have a great grip with his hands and you could tell that Taylor wasn’t letting go until he was sure the boy had it. It was really very touching.

  14. sooz says:

    Good Morning!

    I’m gonna break this up into sections like I did on GC. It might be a little lengthy. I hope that’s OK, Ash!

    Venue: Absolutely beautiful theatre from the moment you walk in the street doors to the restrooms. Ornate would be an understatement. Large theatre with balcony and all filled to the max (yay!). Sound and lighting wonderful. Stage size perfect for all T’s wild shananagins and I would guess you could see pretty well from whereever you were seated. The only problem I see is the some people standing and some people seated situation. In this kind of venue, I’m sure many people don’t expect to stand through the whole show or they are unable to. I’m not sure how that could be remedied so everyone can see him and have fun. However, I didn’t hear one person complain on the way out. I think he had everyone too whipped up into a frenzie .

    Greyhounds: They were entertaining. The guitar player said at one point they wanted to thank their drummer who had only played with them for the last four gigs. His name is Chris and he is one of Taylor’s crew. He was good.

    Audience demographic: I saw TH twice a month ago in very different venues. This demo was different than the other two. There were lots of young families with children ages 4 to 10. I even saw a couple of infants. More teenagers and pre-teens, I’d say 11 and up, even some boys. Many more young couples than I’ve seen before, late 20’s and 30’s. The usually small groups of woman all ages are ever present, as well as a few men pairs. The baby boomer couples were in full force, but also very senior couples alone or in small groups. This show had the most diverse demo age-wise that I have seen. I hope this is an indication of his growing fan base as the tour goes on and word of mouth about the performances progress.

    Mr. TH’s attire plus: The black jacket he wore in the AOL sessions, the light gray shirt with the dark gray piping down the placket, jeans, black sneakers, silver hair, gorgeous eyebrows, fabulous smile, oops, sorry, moving on. He was a bit flushed and the quickly present trademark sweat spot from collar bones to just above waist . Heh!
    (Oh, yeah, and Melanie looked nice, as well, in her black dress.)

    Performance before, during and after: This diverse audience was noisy and started calling and clapping for him before the band even came out. (Yippee, good to hear.) Even the seniors were getting wound up and I remember thinking, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Band comes out and they start. Brian L. introduces the Boss and he comes out with that sweet look on his face and waving. He starts right in. You have the set list so I will just make a few of my own comments in reference to it and the performance itself at the end of this re-cap. One of the other venues I saw him in was HOB Chgo and it was magical to me, but this performance was on fire. He didn’t stop to take a breath from start to finish. He was all over the place dancing, spinning, SMILING, even much more talking during this one. He did his usual song intros, but also made other comments about things here and there. I thought he did something that really stood out. He has thanked the audience before, but this was different. Someone must have yelled “ I or We love you Taylor”. He was between songs and walking toward Felix. He turned around walked back to the mic, looked straight out into the audience and in a very strong, clear voice made a point to say
    “I love all of you, too”. This wasn’t lip service. He was feeling it.
    The band was wound tight, as well. Boogie hopping, Melanie smiling, Felix launching drumsticks into the rafters like missiles. Brian G. is lucky he didn’t get one through his head. There was even one stuck about 15 feet up on the curtain behind them. Good times, good times. The harp came out to play several times and that even got a toss to the floor stage and Ted (I think) had to run out and pick it up.
    He took a little girls hand that was standing right in front of him a couple of times and lit her up from ear to ear. After the last song before the encore, just before he walked off stage, he took one of his harmonicas, walked half way down the side stage stairs and handed to someone in the audience. I couldn’t see who it was, but maybe brc can fill this in. She and her daughter were closer to that scene than I was.
    He came back for the encore, which of course laid everyone out. He thanked everyone, started to leave and then ran around and played the organ for a few moments as Brian L
    clapped. Came back around to stage left, bowed, waved, smiled, turned and he was gone
    after whipping everyone into submission for an hour and twenty minutes.

    I just have to comment on a few more things. I love to see the audience reaction to his and the bands performance. The people who are the most fun are the first timers who are stunned by his energy, unbelievable talent and performance skill. He gave a whole lot of people something to think and talk about last night. I love the men that show up with their wives or girlfriends, young or old, are standing at the beginning with their arms crossed and the “go ahead, try and make me like this” look on their faces. When Taylor’s done with them they’re standing, yelling, whistling and clapping as loud as the rest of us. (Ah, converts, how I love em!)
    The song stand-outs for me were The Right Place and (Damn that song for him is becoming a signature deal, IMO) and the new one for him that blew me away, was Sheryl Crow’s Run, Baby, Run. He and Melanie singing that chorus together was awesome. I sometimes forget what power and true vocal power and ability he has until I hear something like that. Ms. Sheryl, just give it to him because he took it from ya already! What a few minutes that was.

    Lastly, I just have to say, Taylor, you are a gift to our hearts! Thank you.

  15. brc says:

    My Friend. My daughter was on my lap at this point, so the video goes a little wacko in the middle. You can still hear it:

  16. brc says:

    Run Baby Run. IMHO one of the best songs of the night:

  17. brc says:

    Here’s my video of the Pink Floyd tag on HOAD from last night:

  18. CJ says:

    Here is that Ny article fox5 news it was in the news section of the boogie board.

  19. Maggie says:

    Just some setlist additions that I remember from last night-
    After he tagged ‘You Send Me’ – he also tagged ‘Bring it on Home to Me’ by Sam Cooke… it was just a few lines-

    Also- (just my opinion) he tagged Otis Redding’s Satisfaction- not the Rolling Stones version…

  20. brc says:

    Just wanted to share some video I took at the show. I had my 6 year-old on my lap part of the time and a nasty lady in front of us who wouldn’t sit down, so the visual isn’t great on some of these but you can hear the music pretty well.

    Pink Floyd tag on Hell of a Day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvsRbzEL8w4

    My Friend: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJs2-WBtnq4

    Run Baby Run: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eG9E2qiWf4

    I’m durrently uploading HOTYL… But I’ve got to edit it because it’s too large for youtube. Say tuned.

  21. brc says:

    For me, Run Baby Run and My Friend were the best of the night. Oh and tagging Hell of a Day with Pink Floyd!!!

  22. sooz says:

    Here I am…Yow, third one for me and I really want to let this one sink in. I will do a whole recap in the a.m. Check back, I got a lot to tell. Gotta sleep – if I can!

    Nice summary Vines&Stars.

  23. Vines&Stars says:

    Just got back from the Rippin’ Rialto! The very proper and staid Rialto theater was treated to the thumping and pulsing beats of passion harnessed into music. Taylor rocked with “The Wall,” spread honey with “Let’s Get It On,” and soothed our wounded souls with the blues of “Big Boss Man.”

    Superbly fantastic!!

  24. thackeray says:

    Love to hear that about the Fox piece in NY, Marcy. Can’t wait to see the vid (because, of course, it’ll turn up somewhere)

  25. Marcy says:

    Fox 5 News in New York just ran a very nice piece about Taylor! It was filmed on friday afternoon, right before the Beacon show in the evening. The audience was filled with kids from about nine to teenagers interested in a music career……I think it is called “Grammy U” The kids got to see Tay rehearse and ask questions of him. He said he doesn’t like to hear himself sing because he always feels that he could have done something better….Not!!!!

    What I liked is the tease they used for the 10;00 news at the “”Idol Gives Back” break….They said “Taylor Hicks Gives Back.” It was a very flattering piece. Good to see that!

  26. Niki says:

    Just called the Rialto and The Greyhounds are the opening act for tonight.
    Doors open at 6:30
    Theater doors open 7:00
    Greyhounds from 7:30-8:00
    Intermission 8:00 to 8:20
    TAYLOR ON 8:20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Saw him at HOB in Chicago…can’t wait for tonighht…on my way!!

  27. taylor made 4 me says:

    NKIBM by Babyface


  28. taylor made 4 me says:

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! I got that!
    Let me think about your post more.

  29. sooz says:

    KimLoree- alrighty we’ll share. You have been waiting a long time, but, believe you me, well worth the wait.

    Gotta go, two hour drive without traffic, which there is no such thing as anymore.
    I’ll try to pay attention and not go into Full Whooo mode so I can recap, but it will be difficult. In Milwaukee I was more coherent than I was after Chicago. Yikes, that still gives me butterflies when I think of it. See ya’ll latah!

  30. madaboutu says:

    sooz…………….aw, I hate to hear that the venues here in the west aren’t sold out. I can tell you that there has been very little in promotion except by KOST, who is sponsoring his Anaheim concert. I thought at least HOB would sell out. Many factors I guess are involved. I just know that I have my tickets.

  31. KimLoree says:

    Hey sooz…Let’s not be startin’ a civil war here. We west coasters have been waiting an awful long time for our turn. We might just hold him prisoner until we’re done with him (which would be never). Ah…just kidding (I think).

  32. sooz says:

    Does he have a warm-up person/band tonight?

  33. graciecat says:

    Wow, what a beautiful venue. Taylor has performed in so many beautiful venues this tour. I think they were all unique and special in their own way. That in itself must be a great adventure for Taylor and the band to look forward to while on tour. Another SOLD OUT concert. We fans do love to read that! Make sure everyone remembers that it is 7:30 p.m. Central in case there is a cellcert. Looking forward to set list and recaps. Keep us virtual attendees posted. Everyone recaps with such enthusiasm it is like we are there with you! Thank you. I wonder if Taylor ever gets a chance to check in? Let’s always let him and the band (and of course I always mean Melanie when I say band) know how much we appreciate their superior musical abilities. Everyone needs a pat on the back – even superb performers.

  34. sooz says:

    There were a few tickets left this a.m. that they released, but now everything appears to be gone. The Kansas City to the West Coast dates better get filled pretty quick. I see there are seats available in all of those. You guys better get busy or the Taylor party will just have to stay in the South, East Coast, and Midwest. Don’t worry, Honey,
    we’ll take care of you. Heh!

    I hope someone warned T this morning to be careful where he’s running in Joliet. It is a bit funky.

  35. karma says:

    To paraphrase, …
    It’s 50 miles to Joliet, we’ve got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses.
    Hit it!
    I’m goin’ to Joliet, Baby!

  36. AmyMc says:

    Oooh, pretty place! Should be fun tonight!

  37. brc says:

    I took my mom to the HOB show, so we’re officially a three-generation Taylor fan family!!
    I’m in section 3 in row D. If you’re just behind us, come say hello. I’ll be the one with the 6 year old girl (I’m sure there won’t be many).

  38. sooz says:

    brc, you said it. I’m glad you got some good ones! What a nice Mama.
    I don’t know. Maybe as more people check in today, we’ll find out if anyone is meeting. I bet your doughter will have great fun. Wow, is it her first concert? When she’s an adult she’ll be able to tell everyone Taylor Hicks was her first concert. Nice.

  39. brc says:

    Sooz… I saw him at the HOB in Chicago also. It was really a magical show. I wasn’t going to go today but when I checked on ticketmaster yesterday afternoon to see if anything really good had been released, two 4th row seats were staring me in the face. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. I’m bringing my 6 year old daughter. Is there a place where people are meeting before the show?

  40. Marcy says:

    Chicken&Waffles-“Illinois…oh, Illinois” I can feel it.

    Excellent post ….thanks! Drop me a line when you have a minute….Seasparkle84@yahoo.com.

  41. sooz says:

    Nice C&W – “and it looks like I’m gonna have to see him again”! Off to Joliet this afternoon. It’s a rainy, windy day here in Illinois, but the sun’ll be shining tonight.

    Nice photo of the Rialto. It’s always interesting to see what the crowd is like. I think the sit down, traditional venues make people a little more subdued. So far, I loved seeing him at the HOB (Chgo) the best. Now that was some fun!

    I’m in the seventh row off to the right. I’m alone this time. I grabbed a single ticket a few days into it and couldn’t get anything else close. I can enjoy with the rest of the diehards. Let me know if there is a group meeting anywhere before. I’d love to meet some of you for a quick hello.

  42. Dusty day dawning
    Three hours late
    Open the curtains
    And let the rest wait.
    My mind goes running
    Three thousand miles east
    I may miss the harvest
    But I won’t miss the feast.

    And it looks like you’re gonna
    Have to see me again
    And it looks like you’re gonna
    Have to see me again
    And it looks like you’re gonna
    Have to see me again.
    Illinois…oh, Illinois.

    South California
    Your sun is too cold

    Illinois-I’m your boy.

    -Dan Fogelberg

  43. bamagal says:

    That really is -oh my gosh- pretty. I want to move in there.

  44. justwatchin says:

    That is a pretty venue…looks like all reserved seating….

  45. Hicklet says:

    I’m excited and I’m not even going! What a magnificent place the Rialto is, I had no idea! I live about 30 mins from Joliet, so it’s cool to know he’ll be pretty close to me tomorrow. Is that weird? I wonder if I should go stalk his tour bus…. just kidding! 🙂 Gosh I wish I had tickets.

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