04/26-27 Kansas City, Here I Come

Taylor Hicks
Ameristar Casino-Star Pavillion
8:00pm Central SOLD OUT
Seating capacity: 1500
No Opening Act! (according to the venue)

Kansas City (I), 26 April 2007 set list:
Basenji reporting:
Gonna Move The gang’s all here, except the set lister, who waited until the last moment to sit down in front of the computer…
Give Me Tonight Brian G rocks the sax, funk line, Taylor big and brassy and bold, a veritable hair color TV spot…
Hell of a Day Taylor is in fine voice, an easy go of this song, a little Josh and Loren instrumental movement towards the tag chords, can feel it coming, wait for it… jam: Another Brick in the Wall, Part II (Pink Floyd), tag: Cross Road Blues (Robert Johnson), Josh wails after the tag, Taylor wailing more of the Pink Floyd chorus, wailing from the fangirls, the wailing wall, back to HOAD.
Dream Myself Awake Taylor Hicks sings a song, with a band backing him up, in Kansas City. Missouri. The United States. The World. The Universe.
The Deal Gentle yet urgent tonight. Good stuff. Brian G brings the sweet stuff. But why does the deal have to be made so freaking quickly? Can we make another lunch date? I’ll have my people call your people.
My Friend Honky tonk fusion. Like that strange red snapper dish you once ordered that came with kiwi salsa. Tasty. Fast, fun, freaky, oh and some harmonica action, wobble wobble blow blow honk honk shoota shoota blow…
Somehow A bit more restrained beat, Taylor has turned his volume control up to 11, and Brian G comes in scratchy and itchy, this sweet angsty song has become an “I’m Every Woman” power ballad. Except not disco, and not a woman.
Soul Thing Grindy, razzy, fast, and hot. “Yea Yea” call and response as Josh works it hard, excellent Loren jam, the endless Dave Matthews vibe, new tag: Eastbound and Down (Jerry Reed)
Just to Feel That Way A nice vibe tonight, slower, deeper, we can rebuild him…nice vocal work, something different and stronger tonight. It’s the bionic song.
Medicated Goo (Traffic) Kids, keep your hands inside the car. Damn I love this, I love Josh and his freaky talent, I love Brian G’s big syncopated blows in the background, I love the jam jam jam, tag: Harlem/Cold Baloney (Bill Withers), possible tag: While You See a Chance (Steve Winwood), yikes, a veritable Spring Break of Drunken Happiness.
Heaven Knows Starts off with a riffy take on: tag: What’d I Say (Ray Charles), crazy good, long “come home,” drifty, dreamy vocals, extending the lines, playing with this in a new way, possible tag: Ain’t That Peculiar (Marvin Gaye), scatty line now, back to full power, direct, yet funky Brian G blow and Boogie ba-dunka segue into…
The Maze Scat, funk, ka-chunk. possible extended tag: Rough God Goes Riding (Van Morrison), tag: You Don’t Know Like I Know (Sam And Dave)
The Right Place The set lister gets lost in the endless tags that must be recorded, some guy sings quite affectingly in the background…
The Runaround Starts hot and humid, [lost sound], back in to the vocal step chord descent on “Aced” and Loren does some boogie woogie keyboards in the background, Brian G contributes a lot of CO2 to the atmosphere, tag: Big Boss Man (Jimmy Reed) with harmonica intro tease, tag: Goin’ Up the Country (Canned Heat), lots of hot harp, tag: Willie Brown Blues (Ry Cooder/Joe Seneca), new tag: Kansas City (Wilbert Harrison), Josh comes in to make his burnt offering to the gods, harmonica is flying high, Loren again with the boogie woogie, fast furious frankly amazing, big blues jamband ending. Adrenalin rush, big time.

[Stool report, not a medical condition, somewhere to sit]

The Fall Taylor and guitar and stool, soft and sweet, he dials it back, so good. Second chorus high and plaintive, a lovely little ditty.
Take Me to the Pilot (Elton John) New cover for the tour.

da Capo Set List
04/27/07 Ameristar Casino, Kansas City, MO

Soul Thing
tag: Eastbound and Down (Jerry Reed)
Give Me Tonight
Hell of a Day
jam: Another Brick in the Wall, Part II (Pink Floyd)
Heart and Soul
tag: Can’t Trust Your Neighbor (Johnnie Taylor)
segue: Brown-Eyed Handsome Man (Chuck Berry)
Compared to What
Just to Feel That Way
Hold on to Your Love
tag: Jump in the Line (Harry Belafonte)
tag: Kansas City (Wilbert Harrison)
My Friend
The Deal
Medicated Goo (Traffic)
Heaven Knows
tag: What’d I Say (Ray Charles) call and response
tag: Ain’t That Peculiar (Marvin Gaye)
segue into…
The Maze
tag: You Don’t Know Like I Know (Sam and Dave)
[lost sound, need update from on-site person]
The Right Place (we missed it, but it was there)
The Runaround
tag: Kansas City (Wilbert Harrison), same as above but this time with harmonica
Encore: a stool is produced for His Highness
The Fall
Take Me to the Pilot (Elton John)

Two days in one spot must feel good now and again. There are 3 things that visitors need to know about Kansas City: jazz,blues and BBQ.

Here’s some choices for the first two:

For barbeque, you might as well start with Arthur Bryant’s. You can get it at the venue, but, if you have time, head to the original on Brooklyn Avenue.
Arthur Bryant’s
“….the single best restaurant in the world is Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque at 18th & Brooklyn in Kansas City – Calvin Trillin, Playboy Magazine.

74 Responses to 04/26-27 Kansas City, Here I Come

  1. HyacinthHouse says:

    To Pauline&Jerry:
    How exciting! I’m so happy that you guys got to meet him and that he was so nice and polite. Part of me was almost scared to accidentally run into him from what some of the Ameristar people told me about him being “rude”. But I’ll take my chances. Hopefully I’ll have a happy encounter like you guys at another show, I’m still happy with my hand tug from the stage, I know that’s pretty silly but I’m 30 so I’m reliving my teen years. I think I saw you guys in the front middle, I was in the front left section, but I remember seeing a married couple and thinking how cute that was because my hub would never come and sit front row with me at a TH show. That’s why I was with my best friend who didn’t even know much about Taylor. She does now tho!

  2. HyacinthHouse says:

    Wow, how long do comments stay in moderation for newbies here? 🙂 My two comments from Thursday are still moderating. I had such a good time at the Friday night show. However it went way too fast for me to take it all in. My friend and I were in the front row and our section had a little trouble warming up at first. Taylor kept looking over at our side like, get up people! I wanted to stand but didn’t want to be rude to the folk behind us, then we went to stand by the corner of the stage to be out of the way and security man told us no. But then probably a half hour into the show, people started coming down the aisles and taking pictures so I just stood up and started singing and dancing and taking pictures and never sat back down. The security guard ended up by the stage with everyone around him taking pics and dancing so I guess he gave up.

    I got my hand touched by Taylor when he did the bend over and skimming of hands by the stage towards the end. Then right after the show Loren and the bass player came out by the front row so a few of the stragglers got pictures with them. I took my friend’s picture with Loren, but I totally chickened out on asking him if I could meet Taylor. Man I keep kicking myself for not at least asking!! Then when we got back to our hotel room around 2am, there was this envelope slipped under my door and inside is a note from the Ameristar lady I talked to earlier who had helped with the meet and greets and she said somebody didn’t pick up their “backstage pass” so I could have it for a souvenir. Wonder if it would work at another show? 🙂

    I’m still reeling from everything that happened and I didn’t even get to meet him. Many employees told me they saw him out and about in a green hat, but I guess I wasn’t watching close enough because I never even got a sighting. It was great seeing Taylor live for the first time, and as everyone says, now I want more!!

  3. makeitdo says:

    Hi Marcy …. met you in NYC. ( I think it was you) at the Cajun resturant and just wanted to say Hi. Where are your next two concerts? I can’t wait to go to another one.

  4. Marcy says:

    Soulsunshine – What a beautifully written review! I really felt every word you said…..so happy for you….so glad you didn’t listen to that grownup voice in your head and are going to Vegas….you rock!!! Still waiting on that lottery but in the meantime I have tickets to two more shows…Enjoy Vegas and give us another recap!

  5. My husband and I were fortunate enough to sit front row center last night for Taylor and the bands awesome performance in Kansas City. Worth every red cent! As we were walking out I said to Jerry, next time Taylor is in KC we have to get front row again no matter the cost. Being in a small venue was much like going to see some of our local bluesy rock band, which we love to do, only this time it was Taylor Hicks – the only person we ever picked up the phone to vote for on Idol. He was there, right in front of us, singing in his rockin’, bluesy, dancing way that we loved so much during season 5. The most surreal part of the night was when we exited the building, still soaring from such a great performance, and saw a man to our right. I told Jerry, “That looks like the stage manager.” As we walked towards him we notice he was motioning to a limo to pull up to the curb. That’s when everything turned into a dream like state. Took us about 1 millisecond to realize that Taylor was getting ready to walk out the stage door and get in the car that was 2 feet to our left. And he did. Being the southern gentleman that he is, he put his bags down and offered to sign anything. I had bought a soul-patrol shirt prior to the concert and he signed it as I held it. One of the stage hands gave us a play list from that night’s concert that had been taped on stage. Jerry held it out and Taylor signed it too. We told him the show was great (such a lame word to describe an awesome experience); he thanked us and got in the car. Thanks Taylor. If you and your crew ever want to get away and do some fishing and kick back, my father has a private lake where there is no such thing as a “getting skunked” and you can even catch fish in the snow! And the crappie are biting right now.

  6. justwatchin says:

    Colorado! He’s gettin closer!!

  7. juliegr says:

    SoulSunshine — great recap. Every review by someone who has attended two concerts has been the same :::: although it doesn’t seem possible, he turns up the intensity and magic of each performance!!! And the attendee is amazed at the quality and quanity of the music.

    Your words captured some of the essence of the feelings by Taylor Hicks’ fans. Adding your comments to the concertfan.com site is a natural next step! Hope you can do that final act to help others learn more about Taylor Hicks and his music.

  8. madaboutu says:

    dante…………………..too bad the reviewer from the Star didn’t go Friday nite huh? Actually the review was not bad, but the description of the crowd didn’t help, and I winced at the words “lounge act”, but have to take the good with the bad. 🙂

  9. SoulSunshine says:

    I’ve said omg more in the last year since discovering Taylor Hicks than in my whole life up to now, but OMG–he’s simply fabulous. I am one lucky (and very happy) woman to get to see Taylor two nights in a row in my hometown from 2nd and 3rd row seats. At the meet and greet Thursday I gave him a cd of Charlie Parker with a great cut of Kansas City on it and he looked at it and said “Bird. Cool” and thanked me. He was very relaxed and friendly. I was surprised at how much he talked. I almost wanted to say, “Taylor, don’t talk–it’s ok–we know you’re supposed to rest your voice.”

    SisterSue (who is my real sister) and I went together and took two friends Thursday night. My sister hadn’t been a Taylor fan, but enjoyed him at the Idol concert, so I talked her into going with me to HOB Chicago and she moved to the edge of the cliff. By the end of the night Thursday night she had taken “the fall” and when last night’s show was over, she was planning where we should go next.

    One of the friend’s who went with us is a country musician who’s quite a good vocalist, guitar player and songwriter himself. He was impressed with the band, and especially by the way Taylor manages the performance. He thought it was a great show. My other friend hadn’t seen Idol and only knew Taylor through me – I’d made her watch videos on my computer and gave her the TH cd. When the show was over she said, “He’s absolutely amazing. What really blows me away though is that most singers don’t sound as good live as they do on their cd—but he’s better. I do want to go to Council Bluffs with you for sure.” Oh, and she also said that The Maze was her least favorite song on the cd, but her favorite of the night.

    The two nights were two different shows—which is why when I win the lottery, I will go to every show. We know that Taylor is very good at reading his audience and I do think he may have read/been told about that Illinois review and the discussions on the board because he definitely slowed things down – but I also think it might have just been reflective of his own mood. Whatever the reason, it was the most mellow I’ve seen him and I am so thankful to have been there. His voice was strong and beautiful and rich with emotion. We witnessed Somehow (my absolute favorite *sigh*) and The Deal and acoustic The Fall *melted puddle*–I took exception with the KC review. People didn’t sit because they weren’t enthusiastic about Taylor but because it’s a sit-down venue and we Midwesterners are a polite bunch. You don’t stand because you might block the view of those behind you. I absolutely felt that the crowd loved, appreciated and was with Taylor every minute.

    Friday night had a livelier feel and the show was a lot more energetic. He looked like he was having such fun. Medicated Goo is becoming a new favorite for me because he has such fun performing it. On BEHM he did the baseball actions; On Maze he ran behind Felix and around the stage.

    At one point when he went to get a drink of water, he did a little wiggle. From our great vantage point, we could see him grin at the reaction that got. So he did it again with more hip action and when the screams erupted that little grin became a full fledged smile. He’s a tease for sure – and we love it.

    His bluesy take on Kansas City made a great song something really special. It was a special tidbit in a night full of special moments. Part of what makes it so special, besides Taylor, are the people who make up his community of fans. It’s fun to reconnect with people I’ve met at other shows and to meet some new friends—like Conrad who did the cellcert and it’s wonderful to share with other people who “get” it. After the show a group of us went into a small lounge at the casino and listened to a very good band and were shaking our heads in amazement at the realization that about 18 months ago that was Taylor—and now he’s headlining a national tour to sold out shows. Taking this journey has been such a great ride and we’re still at the very beginning. I’m so looking forward to each step of the way. And I’m so happy I went against every rational thought and the grownup voice in my head and am headed to Vegas next weekend!!

  10. Dante says:

    SoulSunshine – I am so sad about not meeting you! I was right side Row Q Thurs night but came down to front area after show and chatted with several friendly people. Friday I was center Row C seat 4. I was asking people around me if they knew you as I couldn’t remember where your seat was. I enjoyed both concerts, but Friday the crowd rocked and it was so much fun to be in the midst of the dancing, clapping, vocal fans – and I was on my feet the whole time showing Taylor support. I briefly talked to Karen from Kops too – we must have seen each other and not known it!

  11. graciecat says:

    Good Morning all! Glad to see that the Friday night concert sounded as fantastic as was expected. How thoughtful of Taylor and the band to change the set list for fans who were lucky enough to be at both concerts. What a band! I know some bands do the same set list night after night after night regardless how many times you see them. (Oh my, I almost put myself to sleep with that last sentence.) Great recaps. It’s always wonderful to hear Taylor’s original “masterpieces” being performed. He is a songwriting genius! Happy Saturday everyone!

  12. SoulSunshine says:


    I can’t believe we didn’t get to connect! I was 3rd row center on Thursday night and second row on the right-hand (facing the stage) aisle. For a while there my sister and I were the only people on the second row. I’m sure we saw you – I went over to say hello and hug Karen from Kops who must have been right behind you.

  13. musicmatters says:

    The crowd was sooo different last night than Thursday. A lot of energy and Taylor obviously loved it. He came back out after doing the encore and looked so happy. Thanks KC for showing Taylor the love on Friday night. We were definitely lucky to have him two nights so we could hear different songs. Now I need to find a way to go to the Elvis Festival.

  14. aponce says:

    Dante……loved your review………I really wanted to go to KC, but just couldn’t swing it, am SO looking forward to Council B in June…..maybe you could see him then???

  15. juliegr says:

    Yep — one fan at a time, baby, one fan at a time. I could feel the audience energy level was higher last night and I was listening over the cellcert.

    How did react to the encores?

    Don’t forget, if you haven’t done so yet, please post a review on concertfan.com.

  16. justwatchin says:

    So glad you had a great time and glad to hear the crowd was into him tonite…wonder how many returnees there were?? Yahoo!

  17. Dante says:

    I’m back from my second KC concert! The crowd was really into it tonight!! Taylor picked up on it and really danced alot and interacted with us. It was a great concert and he is just amazing! My sister in law who went with me and had never seen Idol is definately a fan now and said he reminded her of Elvis. We were in 3rd row center and could see his facial expressions and he looked so happy to be performing and definately felt our love tonight and responded. The crowd was standing for much of the concert and cheered each time he started and ended a song. I loved Medicated Goo, The Fall, and Take Me To The Pilot but every song was good and again his voice was supurb! He is even more gorgeous close up.

    I already want to go to another show! I didn’t want these two days to end. I still feel he is going to be a superstar – he is that good! One fan at a time!

  18. Marcy says:

    Juliegr -Glad we straightened that out! It must have been nervewracking to run the cellcerts….can you enjoy it as much? I am soo glad we have people to volunteer….it’s so great!! Last night’s was awesome….. Maybe I’ll see you later during Mr. Hicks second evening in Kansas City…..rock the house man!!!! “If there’s a cure for this, I don’t want it!”

  19. Diane says:

    I want to read AmyH Atlanta recap. Where do I find it?

  20. madaboutu says:

    juliegr………….no, there is no cure for this addiction, unless he starts doing songs we hate. But then there is still youtube etc, huh?
    The DJ’s at KOST are the only reason I/we could even make any headway. They have been super for sure. Of course they are sponsoring his concert, but, they are also jazzed about the reaction from the SP. Believe me, all of these radio stations are vying for listeners. Especially in L.A. because of the heavily Latino population and many Spanish stations. I can’t wait to see their reaction to his concert for good or bad and which ones will actually go if they do.

  21. KimLoree says:

    “They want me to go to rehab, I say no, no, no.”
    Amy Winehouse – “Rehab”

    As for the concert DVD – He’s saving that for “my” show in Seattle, so that I can relive it over and over again. OK…just wishful thinking.

  22. juliegr says:

    sorry — t hat should be Marcy not March!!

  23. juliegr says:

    March — you’re so right!! I thought you were from the W. Coast specifically CA. I’m from VA and attended the Birchmere (Alexandria but noted as DC in the tour info) and Rams Head Live in Baltimore, MD. I handled the cellcerts for both. My what a nervous night.

    I’m planning to go to the Ashburn, VA concert. I get on the cellcerts every time I can — I’m an addict but what an addiction. Do you think there’s a 12-step program for us. hah!!

    Looking forward to another Taylor Hicks special tonite!! WHOOOOO!

    Mad — I’ve been reading all your notes about the wonderful DJs at KOST — you are doing a good job and should be proud of all your do. Count on Taylor — he’s cause the highest reading ever on the Ricther scale when he hits California~~~~~


  24. Dante says:

    Betty – It sounds like you and I were at different concerts! I was sitting 17 rows back and no one was standing that I could see – I think it must slope down a little towards the front because I could see all the action where you guys were sitting but I didn;t realize people were standing.

    I am glad I am in 3rd row tonight as I will not be sitting down again! I can’t wait to go back tonight! I really hope the crowd is more enthusiastic and we get even more songs. I want to hear “Take the Long Road Back”.

    I still have a big smile on my face from last night – Taylor is incredible! I loved it all but expecially The Fall and Take Me To The Pilot. The Right Place was incredible too.

    I can already tell I am addicted to the live shows.

    He needs to record a concert DVD so we can get our Taylor fix between tours!

  25. Marcy says:

    Juliegr – I have to laugh because I think we are both confused! I thought you were from the midwest and you thought I was from the west…..I think we are both actually from the east coast!! (right?) It is hard to keep track of where everyone is posting from but such fun…..Soooooo, were you at the Borgata or the Beacon? Are you planning to be in Hagerstown or the Cape in Mass.?

    Betty – thank you for your beautifully written recap – You lucky girl…..Somehow and The Fall………….whew!!!!!!!!!!! hope he continues singing a few slow and sweet songs with just his guitar at future shows….counting the days until Hyannis…

    It is awesome to think that Tay reads some of our posts and responded to them…..wouldn’t surprise me though!!!

  26. DebD says:

    WOW! The Fall – Taylor – guitar -stool -i wish I had seen that! Did anyone record it?

  27. Trixi says:

    Thurs was my first Taylor show. There aren’t enought words to describe how seeing him live makes you feel. I was lucky and got a m&g. I told Taylor I was here for the 8:00 pm aerobics class… he grinned, and the guy taking pictures said ” be sure to be up dancing”. I assured him that wouldn’t be a problem. All the songs were excellent. It did seem to go by fast. The review in the paper said it was 75 minutes though. I thought Taylor interacted with the crowd more than I had been hearing about. He is so awesome. I was one of the few who stood and danced. Sorry if I blocked anyones view… but I don’t understand how anyone could stay in their chair.

    I’m ready for round two tonight. I hope the crowd is a little more into it tonight… Let’s show Taylor how much we love him. Remember he feeds off the audience!!!!

  28. Oh, thank you for the M&G info, it sounds so wonderful….. two days to go here in Denver! And I have a couple of extra tickets that are good seats if anyone has the sudden urge to fly in for Sunday night, let me know, I’ll probably try and sell them elsewhere tomorrow (sindigo @ slowtrains.com )

  29. Phandi says:

    Betty, thank you so much for those added few comments in answer to my plea!! I really enjoy hearing how individuals respond to the songs. It’s all about the emotion for me…how did it make you feeeeeelll? So, thank you!!
    I asked about TMTTP because the song wasn’t coming thru my headphones enough to let me feel the vibe…plus I am not familiar with it anyway… thanks for your thoughts.
    So pleased you and those around you enjoyed his original songs too…
    “beautiful and profound”… that’s how I feel about “Somehow” too….

  30. KimLoree says:

    Good for you madaboutu.
    I just posted in this in the Joliet thread, but for anyone who might not see it there….

    I was just over at concertfan.com and the last review for Taylor was for the Beacon. Let’s try and get all of these lovely reviews over there for the public to see.

  31. madaboutu says:

    juliegr. and justwatchin…………….you know we are fannin the flames out here as best we can. I have contact with the KOST guys every day and send them clips. One especially is more than a little excited about Taylor being there. Just hope by next week the venues are sold out. Can’t let people in the other parts of the country do that and not us. Last night was my first actual cellcert , as you know, and it was so great. I can see how people get addicted to it.
    Hadn’t checked KOST this morning yet, but JTFTW has been #1, then #4, then #6, and now you say #1 again. The guys have said they might play some more tracks off the album before the concert, so I put in my bid for TRP and The Maze.

  32. sooz says:

    Nice re-cap, Betty. Glad you had a great time and you get to do it again tonight. You lucky devil, you.

    Have fun, all of you. Give all the energy back to him and send him safely on his way!

  33. Txsoulgal says:

    Thanks Betty for the lovely review. Felt like I was there too, seeing the evening through your nice story. I thought, as I read above, seems like Taylor or someone in his crew had read our threads and heard our plea for some slower, more emotional moments; the beautiful, passionate side of Taylor’s music.
    However it happened, I am so glad for your wonderful concert with Taylor. I can’t wait ’til Las Vegas. Counting down the days for another Taylor concert!

  34. Bassgirl says:

    Hey all, I will be there tonight. Bringing my boyfriend and two other people with us. From the looks of all the boards most of the board people will be at tonights Friday night show. I am so looking so forward to it!

  35. AmyH says:

    Dante – Last night was your first? Awesome.

    “My first concert and Taylor didn’t disappoint …”

    I imagine Taylor would actually have to TRY to disappoint. LOL! I’m so glad you had such a great time!

    Betty – Great M&G story! Too funny!! 🙂

    Carrot Top had to add a second night? WTF?

  36. Betty says:

    Phandi, I’m not Basenji when it comes to descriptions, but I loved Take me to the Pilot. It had a great beat to it and the band and audience alike were groovin’ to it.

    In answer to your other question, My Friend may have been my favorite last night because of the beat, the groove, the crowd response, etc. It was just IT. Somehow was beautiful and profound. Gosh, so many songs were well received and at least those around me were groovin and movin to the beat of the songs. Many stood at the end of the song and high claps all around. A man sitting in front of me didn’t stand, but he was sure movin back and forth in his seat for nearly every song. Great to see. When Taylor said to stand for the Runaround, it looked like everyone was. How could you NOT sit for that song! Anyway, the whole concert was such fun!!!

  37. AmyH says:

    “I was just being a S.A….”

    Me, too. :p

  38. justwatchin says:

    Amy H..I did read your Atlanta recap (funniest thing I’ve ever read),….I was just being a S.A….

    morning all…JTFTW at #1 on KOST? Wow, now that’s news worth waking up to!!!!!!

    Betty…cracking up bigtime about your camera, and your comment to Taylor…sounds like a plan to me!!!!!enjoyed the rest of your recap too. So great you get to do it all again…dang I wish I was heading to a casino to see Taylor….possible restaraunt & casino sightings….eh, maybe not such a good idea for me…I probably just gawk..anyway…rambling again…have a great day all! Betty have fun!


  39. KimLoree says:

    juliegr, I will personally fan the flame in Seattle. No worries.

  40. juliegr says:

    Betty: Fab-u-lous recap. It seems Taylor has hit his stride in this tour and is now running for the gold medal at the finish line.

    Every performance is stellar, every song is prestine, every audience is more excited and appreciative than the preceeding one, every recap is outstanding and points out what a great show Taylor puts on and what an excellent performer he is!

    The West Coast has a true delight in store for them!! The Taylor Hicks Live Tour has built up a head of steam and the performance is at 10000 degree Farenhite temperature.

    Mad and Marcy and your other west Coasters keep the flame going and make us proud. I see JTFTW is at #1 on KOST this morning!


    Cheers, Julie

  41. AmyMc says:

    Okay, I’m starting to get the itch for another TAylor show…it’s been 2 weeks for me. I can’t go that long without Taylor…..heh heh!

  42. KimLoree says:

    I love waking up to find a report from Basenji. You rock girl. I so envy your imaginative writing talent.

    Betty, your recap was wonderful as well. I’ll have to remember the camera trick. But, two nights in a row??? Damn, I’m jealous.

    justwatchin, so happy for you to get a M&G. If I ever get to meet him, I think I’ll just tell him, “Thanks for whompin’ me out of my musical coma”.

  43. Carol says:

    Betty, great recap … thank you for sharing your experience. Lucky you for getting both Somehow and The Fall last night. I’m really regretting now that I didn’t buy tickets for both nights. What could he possibly do tonight to top that?

  44. Phandi says:

    Betty, that was a really good recap. Thanks.
    Can you say anything further about what you thought of “Take Me to the Pilot”? (Since it’s a new one.)

    Or any further details about any of the songs that particularly impressed you and/or the crowd?

  45. aponce says:

    Betty, thanks for your wonderful recap………..what a night to remember!!!

  46. HyacinthHouse says:

    Wow-Dante and Betty, thanks for the recaps!! I’m getting butterflies in my stomach just thinking about tomorrow. I’m in the front row so now I’m really nervous about him shaking hands! I see my other comment is still in moderation but hopefully they’ll be out soon so I can find out about the camera issue.

  47. Betty says:

    I am back from the Kansas City concert. It’s my second, the first was in St. Charles. I had an M&G for tonight. First time I have been up close and personal with Taylor. That man is SO BEAUTIFUL!! I just can’t get over how handsome he is at close range. The M&G went pretty much like clockwork. A lady came out of the doubledoors that we were to stand by right at 5:30. Checked off our names and we went inside. It was a long hallway beside the venue. As we walked in Taylor was sitting at a table watching everyone go in and he said “Hi Y’all” to us. I was pretty nervous it being my first time meeting him and all. Funny thing though — when it was my turn to sit in the chair by him while he signed my things, the guy taking the pictures had my camera and he couldn’t get it to work properly. He kept trying and another guy tried and he brought it to me — and, of course, I was too nervous to get it working also . . . all the time I was sitting there with my arm around Taylor’s back just enjoying being there longer than I would have been otherwise. I kept apologizing to Taylor and he said something sweet that I of course can’t remember exactly what he said because of the obvious reasons. In the end another wonderful lady (sorry, I don’t remember your name) offered to have my picture taken with her camera and she said she would mail it to me) so we moved on. It was then that I told Taylor that I had fixed the camera so it wouldn’t work so I could sit by him longer. He just laughed. I’m telling you, it was a surreal moment sitting there by him. I thought that would never happen to me. I feel so blessed that I have had that opportunity. He is the sweetest man. How ANYONE cannot like this man is beyond me. Thank you SO MUCH to the lady who offered her camera. You are a dear, sweet person.

    After my M&G, my daughter and I played the slots for about an hour to pass the time before the show started and we got to talking to one of the service people there. The guy had helped me with a machine problem (I wasn’t winning enough money — LOL). Anyway, he asked if we were there for the concert. In talking about Taylor and the concert, he told us that Taylor was only the third person of all the entertainers who have played there who had been booked for two nights in a row. He said the other two were Toby Keith and Carrot Top. He said the sales went quickly for the first night (Friday) so a second was added. I thought that was interesting. Also, we ate in a restaurant after the show and one of the workers said that Taylor had been in there a couple of times today and there were people going over to him and he said that Taylor was so approachable and gracious to them. He said that he had seen some of the other entertainers being rude to the people and they acted like such snobs. He said Taylor seemed like such a great person. I told him yes, he was, for all I have seen. I tell you I am loving that Taylor more every day.

    Taylor’s voice was clear, crisp and superb tonight. It was so strong. I heard no hoarseness in it at all. He sang so many songs I loved and that I had not heard him sing before. Of course, I had only been to one other concert before this one so it really wasn’t hard for me to not have heard some of the songs. However, I was thinking that either he has been reading the boards or someone has been doing it for him and reporting back to him because we were discussing on this board and/or others about the reviewer who thought Taylor needed some subtlety in his performance and some of us were talking about needing/wanting some slowdown for balance. Well, tonight we got Somehow, The Right Place and The Fall and they brought the mike out for Somehow. I was thinking how perfect the concert was. My Friend, which I absolutely love off of UTR, was so jazzed up — the audience was so into it, dancing in the aisles. Now I was in the 7th row from the front, so I don’t really know what those far behind me were doing, but those ahead of me were sure lively and jumpy. What I loved seeing was that there were a slew of people standing by the stage — which was pretty high up — they had their hands up and Taylor walked from one end to the other touching/shaking their hands. He did that two or three times during the course of the concert. Someone laid a Chiefs hat on the stage and at the end of the concert he came back out with the hat on. A few others gave him bouquets of flowers at the end. A few people had signs that they were holding up. The Taylor love was there all around. I think he is getting a little more comfortable around the audiences.

    The merchandise sales were absolutely booming! The CDs were flying off the shelf. Posters were selling, shirts, magnets, you name it. The line was very long both before and especially after.

    Taylor jumped, twirled, did the Taylor Go-around, played the harmonica, guitar, sat on a stool, stood behind the mic, sang his heart out, gave us two encores — it was a terrific evening. And we will do it all again tomorrow night!

  48. Dante says:

    I’m back from the show – my first of two – Taylor was fantastic!!!!!!! Voice was spot on. Black shirt, gray sportcoat – great colors for his hair. Gorgeous I must say.

    Loved Take Me to the Pilot! Loved The Fall which is one of my alltime favorites.

    No opening act – Taylor sang for about 1 1/2 hours which flew by.

    My first concert and Taylor didn’t disappoint, but I was surprised as crowd was more subdued than I expected. Hardly anyone stood at all. People seemed to be enjoying it but I wanted to show Taylor to feed off the crowd. Hopefully tomorrow night, the crowd will groove more, I do want him to come back here.

    Venue was almost full – tomorrow night is sold out I think – tonight was the added concert.

    I am still flying high and can’t wait for tomorrow!

  49. AmyH says:

    justwatchin says, “Say AmyH , do you have any advice on how NOT to babble like a nut? hmmm???”

    I take it you didn’t read my M&G recap from Atlanta?

    Uh, no. I don’t know how to NOT babble like a nut. I do however have the “OMG – Amy will you shut the hell up!?!” internal dialogue down pat. I apparently just don’t listen to it.

  50. georgie says:

    I am beginning to like this little corner of blogdom. Thanks for all of the details. I don’t think that there is another place that is this literate and interested in the tour than here. I am sure that many others are reading your comments about each night’s show. Little did I know that I would still be interested in Taylor an entire year later!

  51. Marcy says:

    My first cel-cert tonight….awesome!! Sounded like a great show…When they said they were bringing a stool out for the encore I couldn’t believe it…”The Fall,” I love Taylor’s whiskey voiced growl and I love when it’s just him and his guitar…..lucky crowd tonight!

    Juliegr-OMG-another Tay thing to be addicted too!!!!!!!!!! Wave back at ya!

  52. graciecat says:

    Basenji, thanks for a terrific recap as always. I hope you’re planning on using your writing skills in a book someday, it would be a great read. I am trying to say something intelligent (for the first time?) but can’t seem to stop laughing after your comment,”Stool report …” Ah, yes, I wondered if Kansas City would be on the set list. Great song for a great city! Speaking of set list. Wow! Congratulations to everyone who got a M& G. Enjoy!

  53. HyacinthHouse says:

    I’m going to my first Taylor concert Friday night in KC, yes! I know the tickets say no cameras but does anyone know if that still holds true? Part of me hopes it is true so I won’t be obsessed with snapping pics all night and I can concentrate on the show, but part of me wants the pictures to look back on, so I guess either way will be fine. 😉 If anyone who went Thursday knows, please post-Thanx!

  54. JAG says:

    I can’t believe I missed The Fall because I stupidly dropped my cell phone into the bath tub! That is my favorite song,Taylor a guitar and that incredible voice,can’t be beat.Thanks for the recap Basengi,through the magic of your words we are there!!

  55. justwatchin says:

    C&W…ha so I owe you a thank you card,eh???

    Say AmyH , do you have any advice on how NOT to babble like a nut? hmmm???

    Sarah, you K.A…..hop a plane buddy…let’s go!(you grovel good girl!)

  56. Justwatchin–congrats! That’s great news. Enjoy, enjoy!

    P.S. I did fire a missive off to the ol’ HQ (as did some others). I didn’t use any bad language (for once), but I scolded them something awful.

  57. aponce says:

    My M & G was awesome, but went very quick!! My first thought was he is the most gorgeus man I have ever seen……….I was so nervous, thought I would faint, and my legs were like spaghetti…..but he signed everything, was very sweet and called me “dear” too…….ACCKKKKK!! I’ll never forget it!!

  58. SARAHINWV says:

    juliegr…. *ahem*….been there, done that, yeah, BOOOY!! oh, I’ve been to the zone. I ‘m going to anutha zone in Hagerstown with my other bestest, most beautious friend..Penny (and Sue in MD….er…super-bestest…oh, I’m running out of Butt-kissin names)….shall I tell my story again about “the hug”?… naaaaaaaa I’ll spare everyone this time!!!

  59. thackeray says:

    Heads up: there’s been some confusion about whether or not there is an opening act tonight. I called the venue, they said no opening act. This info isn’t always correct, but be prepared for an 8pmCST start time. I edited the post, but in case you’re only looking here…

  60. juliegr says:

    sarah — don’t snicker until you’ve been in the zone ~~~ and I see you’re grovelling to try to get there!!

    And yes, he is. BTW, I was the second person in line for the M&G and I received my pass at least 10 days before the event!! I kept hoping for a pass for Baltimore but it didn’t happen.

  61. SARAHINWV says:

    Hi Dear !! *snicker*… juliegr…isn’t he just maaaahvalous??? oh, justwatchin…my dear closest bestest friend in the whole wide world.. Have I ever told you I deeply respect you? huh?..(batting my eyes) Need a traveling companion? hmmm?

  62. juliegr says:

    Re Meet & Greet Procedures:

    I attended the M&G in Alexandria, VA. Only 20 tickets are handed out; sometimes all the winners don’t show up. Taylor is pretty punctual — in my case, we had to wait about 10-15 minutes while he met some youngsters and gave them an autograph and photo. Also, the venue had to mop the floor since there was a slight leak in the roof (it was rainning cats and dogs); the manager gave us instructions on having items for signature ready (i.e., if linear notes, out of the case); make a line to one side of the room so people can enter and leave easily; Taylor did sign more than one item; if you have a camera, a photo will be taken with your own camera; and a chair was by the table so you can sit beside him for the photo. Taylor will usually greet you but won’t talk much as he’s trying to conserve his voice so don’t expect the Gettysburg address from him. He did say “Hi, dear” to me!!!!! I babbled something and he said “That’s nice, dear”!!! I’m still giddy about that –hah!

    The entire session was over in 10 minutes (if that long).

    Enjoy yourself — its a once in a lifetime experience.


  63. thackeray says:

    Hey to all the KC folks: we had a bit of trouble with the cellcert when Taylor played the Ameristar place in St. Charles (ie – silent as the grave). In case it’s an Ameristar thing, take notes and report back here, if you can. If you can’t recognize a tag, a few lyrics will sometimes be all we need to get it nailed. Have a great time – wish I was there!

  64. We’re getting our Meet & Greets a whole three days ahead here in Denver for the Sunday show, which is pretty exciting!! Can anyone give us a quick recap of how the M&G goes – like is there a long wait, line, etc, time for pictures? Or if this has been recapped somewhere else, please point us to it……. wooo, 3 days to Denver!

  65. AmyH says:

    Gates is world famous. I’d be surprised if they don’t at least get some delivered.

    If Taylor sings that line, “they got some crazy little women there and I’m gonna get me one” they may have to call in the riot police.

    WOO justwatchin! Just try not to babble like a nut and you’ll be okay. 😉

  66. justwatchin says:

    Dante! Hope you have a blast….like it’s a possibility that you won’t!!!!!

  67. justwatchin says:

    This is off topic, but since Open Thread 7 seems dead…I’ll post here…

    Ckn&Waffles….I got a M&G! One week ahead of time…looks like someone at HQ got someones’ message (s)???

    A M&G! One week early! Sarah, did you hear that???

  68. Dante says:

    I can’t believe this day has finally arrived!!! I get to see the Taylor magic tonight and tomorrow night. Hope he has saved some of his energy and voice for Kansas City! Don’t know how he does it night after night! I am taking a good friend tonight and my sister -in-law tomorrow night. They have heard me talk about him for over a year and I fully expect them to understand why after the concerts and can’t wait for their reactions. I can’t keep the big smile off my face today!!! Life is good!!!

  69. sarahinwv says:

    I say .. YO!!!… It’s lunch time so I have a few mins… I didn’t see a daily thread so I’ll stay on topic up there. … I just keep thinking how in the world does he get enough rest??? Four live shows a week…..it blows my mind!!! on the whole BBQ deal…. I hate to brag (no, I don’t).. but I must say I make a pretty mean BBQ rib (country-style). I hate to toot my own horn ( no, I don’t) But *TOOT* *TOOT* !! open-pit bbq sauce and apricot preserves… and a whole lotta love!! I am domestically-challenged but I do like to cook..and my 13 yr.old son has a hollow leg….oops…. time’s up… I’m late !!!

  70. sooz says:

    I was in Joliet last night. What a performance! (Re-cap on Joliet thread if you want to see what you might be in for.)

    Have fun KC. Wow, you get them for two nights. Take your vitamins and get there early!

  71. graciecat says:

    Chicken and Waffles, I really enjoy your poems…I must try some of that barbeque someday. I was going to have a salad for lunch but after reading that ode, oh my… Thanks again. I am so happy that Taylor the band have a chance to stay in one place for a couple of days. Perhaps they’ll even be able to eat at one of those great restaurants. Thackery, thanks for posting the info. about the Clubs and Arthur Bryant’s. It’s a great way for tourists attending a Taylor concert to see where it’s happening in Kansas City. KANSAS CITY. SOLD OUT! Great news! Can hardly wait to hear the recaps as always. Do you think Taylor will sing, “Kansas City” tonight? Sure hope, so. It would be a great song to get Taylorized! Another home for jazz and blues for the “blue-eyed soulman.” Break a leg Taylor! Woooooooooooooooo!

  72. Might I submit this little ode in commemoration of the charming venue of Kansas City and its well deserved reputation for superior barbeque?

    I’ve sampled a great deal of barbeque
    In my worldwide travels and treks
    Some of it defies mere plaudits
    And some of it is outright dreck

    Cities are defined by cuisine types
    And for BBQ, the front runners are clear
    Dallas and Memphis are up there, but
    Kansas City’s the big winner here

    They know how to dry rub a rack
    To enhance flavor beyond all compare
    Their wood smoking techniques–audacious!
    Only maverick KC would so dare!

    They like their sauce hot and spicy
    Or thick with paprika and molasses
    But every single recipe, I swear
    will knock you back on your asses

    And don’t get me started on meat-type
    Beef, chicken and pork just to start
    Lamb and turkey and thick brats
    Goat, possum, even chicken hearts!

    Sausage and baby back riblets
    Onions, red peppers, sweet corn
    The array is so utterly fantastic
    I consider it essential food porn

    KC’s side dishes equally hold up
    I adore their sweet spicy greens
    But please pause and sample
    KC’s cornbread, slaw and baked beans.

    Nothing beats KC’s fine barbeque
    In me, you have a convert for life
    Enjoy the perfections of its offerings
    Don’t forget to bring the handi-wipes!

  73. staceyz17 says:

    I’m from KC (SW Florida last 4 yrs), But I saw Taylor in Tampa and Coral Springs and he absolutely Rocked!! My friends back home have not had the ‘Taylor Experience” yet, so I’m going back home to KC today and we will see Taylor Friday night. I’m so excited–Does anyone know if there is an opening band?
    PS- Arthur Bryants BBQ is good and so is Winslow’s and Gates BBQ

  74. musicmatters says:

    Taylor must go to Gates BBQ just for the atmosphere. We also have the Jazz Museum at 18th and Vine and the Negro Baseball Museum as well. I can’t wait for tonight!

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