04/29 Birmingham to Boulder (or close)

Taylor Hicks
Paramount Theatre, Denver, CO
8:00pm Mountain

4/29/07, Paramount Theatre, Denver, CO set list:

Soul Thing Straight-up, like a good bourbon.
Give Me Tonight An appletini of a song, sounds innocent, but still gets you plastered and you find yourself going home with that guy from the marketing department. No regrets in the morning.
Hell of a Day Starts off easy like Pabst Blue Ribbon at a barbeque, and morphs into Jagermeister at a frat party, jam: Another Brick in the Wall, Part II (Pink Floyd)
Dream Myself Awake You know those box wines that your mom buys and mixes with on-sale Costco seltzer and then calls it something like a “spritzer”? Just saying à chacun son goût.
Medicated Goo (Traffic) That Italian bitter, Montenegro, you would have in Naples before going into dinner at your favorite restaurant, the one where they no longer bothered to give you the menu. Good times.
The Deal A fine Sancerre, a bit flinty and chalky, oh so quaffable.
Hold on to Your Love A hurricane in New Orleans, the drink, not the disaster. You walk down the street and hints of the blues waft from the bars. You feel yourself getting drunk on life. Recipe: 1 oz white rum, 1 oz Jamaican dark rum, 1 oz Bacardi® 151 rum, Josh solo, 3 oz orange juice, Boogie bass, 3 oz unsweetened pineapple juice, Taylor Hicks wail and growl, 1/2 oz grenadine syrup, crushed ice. tag: Can’t Trust Your Neighbor (Johnnie Taylor)
My Friend Once a friend and I alternated drinking straight from a bottle of Jim Beam and a liter of Coke. This song is kind of like that, frenzied, rude, young, and full of piss and vinegar. And drunk—very, very drunk.
Just to Feel That Way Zima comes to mind, but Taylor turns this into a respectable homemade screwdriver with the power of his vocals.
Heart and Soul This is a classic Martini with extra olives. One of my favorites and gets me buzzed fast, and I can chew on the salty Josh solo. new tag: Soul Serenade (King Curtis)
Heaven Knows Opens like tequila shots in Tijuana: tag: What’d I Say (Ray Charles) call and response, segues into…
The Maze What’s the rule, beer before liquor, never sicker? I can’t remember. But remember to drink lots of water. tag: You Don’t Know Like I Know (Sam and Dave), new tag: Warm Love (Van Morrison). Refreshing harmonica solo that was like really good alcoholic apple cider, sharp, crisp, sweet, can I have another?
The Right Place Hot toddy après ski. Then back to the chalet for a massage (and a screw).
The Runaround What else could this be? It’s a kegger toga party. tag: Big Boss Man (Jimmy Reed) with harmonica intro tease.
Take Me to the Pilot (Elton John) Budweiser. Bowl of nuts.
Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu (Johnny Rivers) At US Navy dining-ins, there is a giant bowl of punch made up of every liquor known to man, called The Grog. Attendees are punished for actual and imagined infractions by being forced to drink from the vat of death. This, my friends, is The Grog. tag: Hey, Pocky Way (The Funky Meters), tag: Big Chief (Professor Longhair), tag: Fire on the Bayou (The Funky Meters)
by Basenji

It’s a beautiful day here in Colorado – sunny skies, snow on the mountains, 60 degrees here on the front range. I’m doing this post a day early to give people a place to chat, and because tomorrow, my mind will be on the show. So, discuss the Denver show, the tour in general, or wherever your musical mind is this weekend.

Here’s your view of the band from the balcony:

….and here’s their view of you:
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These pictures and more at the Paramount website:
The Venue

In the meantime, need something else to do? Click here:
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59 Responses to 04/29 Birmingham to Boulder (or close)

  1. Val4Tay says:

    The concert in Denver was the most fun I have ever had. Taylor is AMAZING!!!. As my husband says he is at his best performing. I was in the front row, and sooo nervous. We could actually touch the stage. I’ve never been close to anyone famous before, and to be near my very favorite singer was indescribable.

    He had soo much energy and soul. I was completely mesmerized. He sang Soul Thing first and the crowd went crazy. I’m rather shy and as I said was so nervous, I found myself wanting to hide back a few rows. As the song continued his energy got to me though and I was right there with everyone else dancing, singing and hollering.

    The second song was Dream Myself awake, which sounded better than on the album. After that I was having so much fun I don’t remember what order the songs were in. He sang “Right Place”, which I absolutely LOVE!! “Hell of a Day” was GREAT too!

    The most awesome part I would say was when he did a harmonica solo right in front of me during his blues song “Big Boss Man” I wasn’t shy or nervous by that time, let me tell you.

    His band is incredible. I have never heard music soo good. Taylor beats anyone LIVE. Seeing Taylor live is a must.

  2. claireb7tx says:

    Loved the recap Thackery…such a interesting musical twist to what you saw and experienced. Thanks

  3. juliegr says:

    Thackery ~~~ Thanks for the great Denver concert recap. Don’t you just wonder how ALL the tour band, crew, and Taylor himself are going to recover from the energy, joy, and concentration of this tour?? Any plans for attending another concert?

    Seems to me that attendees at each venue has remarked on the high energy, high octane and boogie-centric performances. Wowow are we the luckiest fans ever!!!

    Your review was OUTSTANDING — please post it on concertfan.com.

    I’ll start the thread so all you have to do is paste your remarks above and post them. Thanks again for reliving the experience for us.

  4. Basenji says:

    I was going to do English writers dying of consumption in Venice in the 18th century set list, but I’m rethinking it.

  5. thackeray says:

    No mp3 of that song, but as coincidence, the only things I’ve directly recorded onto my iPod with my new little Belkin Tunetalk toy is a live concert of 17C Venetian music (much better than 18th) and another show I saw recently, with much more modern music. I’m going to go now and listen to “Pur ti miro.”

  6. Basenji says:

    Subacqueo chitaronne! That’s what I just had tatooed on my [lost transmission].

    OK, anyone have a 18th century map of Venice I can borrow? Oh, and we’ll be needing an MP3 of that song, as well. Plus, some marinated octopus salad and crusty bread. I’ll wait.

  7. thackeray says:

    Basenji, if you’re taking theme-requests from your list of plaisirs, I opt for the Venician thingy. It goes with our “underwater sitar” theme, though for geographical consistency and to get out of our deep and well-worn rut, maybe chitaronne should be our ax of choice. In any case, I’m ready for tag-patrol for a song I couldn’t find on youtube, gofish, or my usual lyrics sites, but it’s permanently burned into my brain, so hopefully, Taylor’s is similarly corrupted:

    Waltzing in Venice (Ronny Graham)

    Walzting in Venice with you,
    it’s not so easy to do.
    If you take one more step than you oughta,
    you’ll find yourself waltzing in watta.

  8. c4tay says:

    Thackeray, I love reading your words! You have such a gift. Thank you for the interesting recap. I am so glad that you enjoyed the show and got a m & g. I agree with your take on the banter between songs. It definitely could add…if it didn’t take away, right? Al jumped like that at our concert too. I was amazed! Wish I could do that for that long!!

    Basenji, let me also add that I love your set lists too! How do you come up with such great descriptions so consistently. Thanks for your dedication in doing that for us.

  9. thackeray says:

    Cmoore – hope I meet you and all the other boogiers at some point. I didn’t get a chance to talk to Taylor about the guitars, but I did get a chance to ask Ted a quick question. No details, but enough to know that the choices are for the interesting (to me) reasons, that is, to get the sound and feel and drive he wants on the song. Not for (to me) boring reasons, like alternate tunings (some people are into that, though). Why the acoustic as opposed to the T5, I’d love to know that, since he was playing it on some fairly hard driving songs. Maybe it’s more physically satisfying to have that resistance. I don’t play electric at all, so I have no clue. With all the interviews that cover the same territory, I wish one would focus sometime on the instrumental aspects of the show.

    As far as M&Gs go, I’m glad I did it – it’s a nice gesture to fans and I enjoyed it – but it’s a weird little way to talk to a person, and I see no reason to do it more than once.

  10. cmoore says:

    Thack, you go ON as long as needed or wanted, as every sentence you write is almost music to those of us who LOVE your rhyme & reasoning!! I so wish to meet you some day & talk music or Taylor or whatever….THANKS for the recap. Did you get to ask Taylor anything @ the guitars he uses, for what song, for when, etc? I know that is always such an interest to you on all the guitars for Taylor & the band. I can’t believe this was your first M & G!

  11. madaboutu says:

    Thackerey……………..that was a very nice recap! You told us some things that normally would not come up and that is why I love to read everyone’s recaps. The experiences are all different and seen through individuals eyes. Are Taylor fans the only ones who are able to dissect so much?
    Basenji…………….if you haven’t written a book yet, you should. You certainly ebable people to visualize things with your words.

  12. thackeray says:

    This is just a quick recap of the Denver show. First, I was very pleasantly surprised at how the meet and greet thing went, never having done anything remotely like that. It’s an odd thing for total strangers to try to have anything like a normal conversation in one or two minutes, but I have to say it was as normal as you’d expect between two people whose only known common topic of interest is music. A word or two about the difference between “live” and “living” music, a word or two more about James Brown, and that was it, but it was nice. I admire his ability to do that 30 times over (or more), day in and day out, never knowing what vibe each person will be into, but somehow trying to get in synch with each one.

    The show itself was very good. This was one of the very high octane ones: mostly up-tempo, crowd really into it. Personal highlight for me was getting to hear My Friend live – for ages that song was the one on my iPod with most plays (recently surpassed by Hell of a Day). Also loved getting to hear Medicated Goo. That and Compared to What are my two favorite cover discoveries of this tour. The Right Place was magnificent as usual. That song has such great bones – a perfect harmonic and melodic structure that just begs to be riffed to shreds. I think a musician like Taylor could sing that song every day of his life and find something new to say with it every time.

    Also, I no longer totally and unequivocally hate JTFTW (- notice I even put all the letters in the right order for a change). I’ve always felt that it had good lyrics, but was seriously groove-impaired. Too swoopy, too rocky, two swingy. I’ve seen Taylor attack it every way possible, but it’s the opposite of The Right Place– the bones just aren’t there. But, man, last night he knocked it out of the park – great vocal, as much groove as that song is capable of, really sexy, ballsy take on it, jazzy vocal. Very, very well done. Still not my kind of song, but I really enjoyed this performance.

    Overall, it was great to see how much was being done on the spot – a casual flick of a hand to hold a song or move it through its changes. While all the guys had some really great solos, it certainly looked like a couple for Josh and Loren were called out on the fly – they were as smooth as silk, but the call out looked spontaneous. Things were a little different on the guitar front then they were at the other concerts I saw a month ago: no sign of the T5 last night, Taylor played his acoustic/electric Taylor and the Gibson, which seemed to give him some trouble on one song. After a couple of attempts to get it twizzled in the way he wanted, he just shed it to get on with the song.

    There is one thing that I think would be a big improvement to Taylor’s concerts: I wish he’d do a bit more to introduce the songs, at least for his originals. We all know them so well, but know very little about them. I don’t mean a deep or lengthy dissertation, but just a few sentences about context. Michael Warren did this during his sets and it added a lot to the enjoyment of the songs and gave you a sense of his personality. I don’t know (or really care) if his anecdotes were completely true, but it added to the experience, and also to the pacing, in my opinion. I’d enjoy hearing that from Taylor, too. Or, if telling the tale of the song’s genesis is not his thing, some other anecdote related to a past performance would be a welcome thing. Not necessary, of course, but a nice addition if it doesn’t come at the cost of concentration or pacing. Maybe the relative lack of patter is due to jammier roots? When you let every song segue into the next, there’s no time for patter. If that’s it, then I say skip the chat, and go with the jam. But introducing just about every song with “here’s a song off an album” doesn’t add much to the overall quantity of knowledge in the world.

    And finally, at the very, very end of the show, after the final encore when Taylor had left the stage, the band is jamming out, and Boogie starts jumping, pogo-stick style, up and down to the beat as he continues to play. He’s right in front of Felix, back to the audience, and he does this over and over and over, probably 50 times. It seems everyone is watching him for the cue to really end it (which surprised me, because I figured that would be Loren), but he doesn’t end it- it goes on forever. Cardio-bass, as Taylor says. The audience is just spellbound – can this man jump forever? Is it that vaunted mile-high buoyancy? Josh is shaking his head laughing, Loren is looking worried, finally he takes it into the cadence and they end it. I bet if you had a way of hooking them up, you could power the bus off Taylor and Boogie.

    I got to meet a lot of other Colorado fans, which was cool, but for something completely boogie-centric (as in the board, not the bassist): after the show I called Basenji to confirm the set list, especially the tags and teases, of course. There was something about that Colorado to Japan call (via our good friend Skype), followed by listening to the show on my iPod on the drive home that was very gratifying. Music that sweeps you away by it’s beauty and inventiveness, but then invites you to pour over details as you play our little version of Name-that-Taylor-tune. Friends, live-music, high tech toys, all united to make you feel alive. (and so much for a quick recap)

  13. Basenji says:

    KimLoree, by “other pleasureable life experiences” do you mean: Shoe shopping? Sailing off the coast of Maine? Watching “Mr. Roberts” for the 40th time? The first time one sees Venice? Whatever can you mean?

  14. brc says:

    “BTW…anyone started wondering what Basenji is going to use for references after the food and alcohol recaps. I mean what other pleasureable life experiences could she use as refere…. Uhhh….Ohhh!”

    KimLoree… You are too funny. Now THAT’S a recap I’d want to read!

  15. justwatchin says:

    JustS…hey I got Horton right away, then saw your (yet another!!) post…

    AmyMc..faghedaboutit! You foks had him long enuf.!!! lol…

    KimL..Seattle’s one of the shows I actually considered, but decided to keep it “local” (anaheim actually a good 6-7 hr.drive..yikes!)

  16. sarahinwv says:

    “Horton?” as in “Hear’s a who”…..in case you guys think I’ve lost it (I have! hee)

  17. sarahinwv says:

    I say … hey-ay !!! Yo, and how are all you lovely people today? I looked up in the sky and there was this big yellow thing there ! Haven’t seen that in, like , 4-ever !!! I’m really starting to have MAJOR withdrawls not being able to chat with you guys the way I used to. *boo and hoo*. I read somewhere, I think MJ’s where Taylor (gorgeous wonderful talented) Hicks is gonna be on “Leno”? May 4th? Something about an outside concert? Ha?…………anyone else hear that? Horton?

  18. taylor made 4 me says:

    In case y’all might be wondering, this lil ol’ western flower is stuck in NJ.
    Don’t laugh, it’s torture really.


  19. taylor made 4 me says:

    It’s simply not fair. Tay is in Arizona tonight. My old home…beautiful sunsets, luscious warmth, inspiring natural scenery, and my alma mater…ASU!!! Go SunDevils!!!!! Worship the MAN!
    Taylor…I am with you, wave “hi” to all my friends from Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler,and of course Tempe! Watch out for rattlers, and the occasional scorpion. Check your shoes for the black widow. Ahhh…and never ever forget you are in the wild wild west. (My heart is in the desert along side a prickly saguaro cactus overlooking a purple sunset.) If you like beer go to HOPS in Scottsdale, and do get some good old fashioned down home cookin mexican style! If you happen to see a coyote, please let him cross the road. The corner joints are the best and will afford peace and quiet, and privacy too. It should be approaching 90’s or more by now, so enjoy…I am so jealous! We thought about seeing you out there but we could not arrange for the trip with my schedule…tears.
    Tempe is in for the biggest treat ever.

    Smiles once again

  20. Hicklet says:

    Loved the set list recap! That Zima reference had me rolling.

  21. AgingHippie says:

    now don’t be greedy – LOL
    just in New England we’ve had Boston & Hampton Beach
    June has Cohasset and Hyannis – – back to back on a weekend – YES !
    August has Portland, Maine ; Concord, NH; Torrington, CT – with a suspicious 4 day gap between Portland and Concord :]

    actually hope he’s taking some time off in there – lots of great spots on the coast to relax a bit – – like Martha’s in Mount Desert or maybe Ms. Whitson could get him an invite to the Kennebunkport compound – kidding – I think – LOL

  22. AmyMc says:

    Okay, y’all, I really miss Taylor being on the East Coast…..sigh…….

  23. mouser says:

    madaboutu asked about Opening Acts. The advertisement for tomorrows Tempe Concert says Special Guests …. who knows.!!

  24. mouser says:

    You are either BarTender of the Year or a lush.
    Fabulous write- up.

  25. KimLoree says:

    justwatchin….come on up to Seattle while you’re at it.

  26. KimLoree says:

    BTW…anyone started wondering what Basenji is going to use for references after the food and alcohol recaps. I mean what other pleasureable life experiences could she use as refere…. Uhhh….Ohhh!

  27. justwatchin says:

    Morning all….

    KimL…I thnk seeing Taylor once is just gonna make you want more….

    I’m hopin two is gonna be enuf (kicking myself that I didn’t throw in two more!)

    Day after tomorrw…my car better hold up is all I can say! Have great day all!

  28. KimLoree says:

    Just means you’re my kinda gal.

  29. AgingHippie says:

    Oh yeah – forgot what I started to leave a comment about – – having a “oh look a rabbit ” kind of Monday !

    Basenji – – I always Love your set lists – even when I’ve been to the show I can’t wait to read your take on it.

    But this one – OMG – one of your very very best to date – still lmao

    hmmm, does it mean anything if I got All the drink references ? ? ?

  30. AgingHippie says:

    Aww, Beverly – thank you – would love to meet you too –
    interestingly one of my best friends is also a Bev – who loves Taylor but has very real issues with crowds and meeting groups of new people all at once – too bad because she would be a great traveling companion :{
    The MB and Asheville shows were great and would I ever love to take you up on your offer for Charleston but since we are doing the Cape shows in mid-June that might be pushing “somebody” a bit too far if I took off right after that – LOL
    He’s still getting over the fact that I am definitely going to Portland and Concord without him in August ! !
    Come visit us at the NESP boards [ see Ash’s Links box above } we have been kidding about a trip south next winter but am betting we do it 🙂
    Take care

  31. Marianne Yelle says:

    Basenji: Your recaps are devine, girl! I think I enjoy them as much as I’ll enjoy the show when I finally get to se it!

  32. KimLoree says:

    AgingHippie, nice to see you. I was trying to get him to go with, but now I’m not so sure that I want him to. In case I only get one experience, I don’t want to be stifled. Heh…

  33. AgingHippie says:


    Take him with you – my hubby has been adopted by the NewEnglandSP and he is getting a kick out of it. Even told someone just yesterday he went to ” a slumber party ” in Boston – LOL – – he only hung around until the pizza showed up :))

    He is doing the Cape shows and then I’m “on my own” for Portland and Concord but he now gets that wanting to go is also about the great group of people I’ve met and become friends with because of a mutual interest in Taylor and his career.

    Every show we’ve been to has had a lot of men of all ages so convince him he would not be alone and might actually have a good time ! !

  34. Beverly says:

    Thank you, dear Aging Hippie, you I know and can always count on for a quick and sage reply. In fact one of the reasons I am a lurker is that you always say what I am thinking. Almost met you in Myrtle Beach, sigh. We here are hoping for a confirmation for Charleston, SC on June 30. If so, come on down, always room at my house for a SP, we are an hour and a half from Charleston. Still miss GC but good of who I now know is Ash to step in. Nice folk, yes indeed.

  35. AgingHippie says:


    the Boogie webmaster’s name is Ash –
    the first time Gray went dark in June 2006 she generously invited us to come over to her blog and she again offered a new home for GC refugees this time as well

    in addition to this front page she runs a great – easy to navigate – message board on “the inside” – you do need to register but it is easy to do

    In the Basic Info. box near the top right of the page click on “Visit the Boogie Board ”
    when you enter you will see a header with a lot of tabs running along the bottom – Register is the second one from the left.

    There are a lot of nice folk who will help you feel at home.

    And if anyone would like to thank Ash for taking on the extra bandwidth expense – – there is a donation click in the ETC box just under Basic Info

    just an FYI 🙂

  36. KimLoree says:

    Y’all are scaring me. I’m still waiting for my first show and you are all planning your next (and next). I don’t think Mr. KimLoree is gonna be too happy, if I’m not finally satisfied after one (very expensive) show.

    Now where did I put that lottery ticket? I’m always hiding things when I’m intoxicated (thanks Basenji).

  37. Sideways says:

    Beverly, Gypsee’s site is Taylor Made Online. There’s a link to the right if you scroll down.

    Loved the descriptive setlist. Big laugh out loud with the Dream Myself Awake spritzer.

  38. Beverly says:

    Happy that you regular posters have found a place to commicate with one another. I don’t know who runs this site, is it another who wants to be anonymous? Like Doug/GC? I keep seeing the name Gypsee come up all the time with quick info and videos. Is this her site or is the webmaster named Steff? So many Taylor sites it is difficult for a lurker to keep up. Soul Patrol, y’all.

  39. taylor made 4 me says:

    Does anyone know if the crew will be back to the NY-metro area during this tour?
    I must attend at least one more show. The NY shows are all upstate NY.



  40. graciecat says:

    Wow! Happy Hic! Hic! Hic! Monday everyone, especially Basenji! Wow, your recap of the set list was definitely “intoxicating” as is seeing a Taylor Hicks Concert. I think you have really hit on a fine point here for all of us fans. A Taylor Hicks Concert is like getting together with your best friends to enjoy an absolutely wonderful evening of fun together. Taylor Hicks music is like “good food and drink” for the soul. Taylor and the band reenergize and reinvigorate us with such a great performance that you leave feeling full, satisfied and may I add “spiritually intoxicated. “Yeah “drunk” on life and the great music of Taylor Hicks. That’s just got to be good. Yes indeed.

  41. claireb7tx says:

    Once again Basenji great set list…quite humorous and invoking of memories from years gone by.

  42. taylor made 4 me says:

    Some inspiration for anyone who may need it today or any anyday…

    Impossibile è solo una parola pronunciata da piccoli uomini che trovano più facile vivere nel Mondo che gli è stato dato piuttosto che cercare di cambiarlo.
    Impossibile non è un dato di fatto, è un’opinione.
    Impossibile non è una regola, è una sfida
    Impossibile non è uguale per tutti.
    Impossibile non è per sempre.
    Impossible is Nothing

    Remember I am smiling…

  43. taylor made 4 me says:

    I read the cell cert and the concert sounded “intoxicating.” I wish I were there.

    I am here though. Everyday I am here reading. You don’t know. Don’t quite know what to write.

    RMMind from SM.

    Tired of thinking that I will not see Taylor for a long time. I thnk I need a drink. JK

  44. graciecat says:

    Hi! So no Greyhounds? I wondered who the Opening Act would be? Any set list? Anything more to tell madaboutu? Anyone?

  45. madaboutu says:

    BigTayFan…………….since there was no opener tonite again, I wonder if that is it for the duration? And I wonder if people are disappointed that they only get a little over an hour for a concert? I listened on the cellcert tonite and it sounded good or at least Taylor did. The band was kind of muffled.

  46. BigTayFan says:

    The Greyhounds are opening?

  47. hickifino says:

    Fans are gathering at Maggiano’s, across the street from the Paramount Theater. Some are coming for a late lunch around 2:00, others about 4:30 for drinks, and being seated for dinner at 5:30. Pop in and say ‘hi!”

  48. hickifino says:

    I’d like to add that Taylor_Crazy, SnowAngel (not sure of the name) and I helped to get LiMBO into Herman’s.

    Taylor, Ace, Elliott, Bucky, and Katherine all showed up.

    Denver was Ace’s hometown visit on the AI tour and his fans were very supportive.

    Lots of fan energy went into making that wonderful night the success it was.

  49. Berti says:

    I, too, lived near Denver for a short while right out of HS. Lafayette……beautiful state.
    The venue it beautiful and I hope a great time is had by all! Will check back later for recaps….please (and thank you).

  50. graciecat says:

    What a beautiful venue! The scenery is spectacular in Denver. So that’s what the band sees from the stage. I think next time I’m going to get some seats in the balcony! I think you could probably really hoot and holler there without disturbing the other fans! Go Taylor! Go Taylor! Go Taylor! Ooops, almost thought I was up there already. Have a great time everyone! Looking forward to reading more tomorrow. Thanks for the link to the denvermessage.board. Some great info and photos thackeray. Keep us posted!

  51. madaboutu says:

    Thackeray……….thanks for that link to the story about Hermans. That is cool that it turned out so good for them. There is some great footage from that too,

  52. juliegr says:

    BTW, that is a BEAUTIFUL venue!! Hope you’ll be able to boogie on down without falling out of the balconies!

  53. juliegr says:

    “400 women all messed up on Chardonney and Parliment 100s” hahahahaha

    Denver — show us what you can do!! Be sure to share your recaps both with the Board and with Concertfan.com.

  54. thackeray says:

    I don’t know how the AI Tour did in Denver, but the shadow tour gig at Herman’s was a huge hit. The Herman’s people are still talking about it, based on this April article:

    Herman’s article

    Don’t choke when you get to the comment about “Joey Porter, Jr”, at least the guy has good ears. I emailed the author to tell him who it really was (George Porter, Jr) and put the correction on the message board there, noting that Taylor’s current bassist also has a great groove. I figure the timing isn’t bad, but who knows who reads that anyway.

  55. sooz says:

    Well, haven’t seen them since last Wednesday and I’m starting to withdraw. Blasting the CD in the car didn’t help much, although it’s always enjoyable and I hear something new everytime I listen.

    Wish I was in Denver tomorrow. I wonder if the thinner air is gonna a be a little harder for the Man to catch his breath. He sure didn’t seem to be having any problem near sea level. Must be the running and the evening high impact aerobics for an hour and a half four times a week. I should be in that good of shape.

    Live it up and send the Love, Denver!

  56. madaboutu says:

    Another gorgeous venue!!!! I lived in Denver for a very short time as a teen, and been back a few times since. Absolutely beautiful city and scenery. I don’t remember how Denver liked Taylor on the AI tour but guess I can dig that up. Those who are going, have a great time.

  57. AmyMc says:

    Another gorgeous theater! Taylor, how did you find all these lovely spots to perform?

  58. Love the “view of you”! ….. we just need some little stick people dancing & hollering in those seats…. It’s a fabulous old theater, & I’m beyond excited…we’ve even rolled out our very best spring weather for Taylor’s arrival…. and everyone’s waiting to hear who the still-secret opening act is going to be! Maybe we’ll even get a little ‘Rocky Mountain High’ in an encore……

  59. Weep all you little rains,
    Wail, winds, wail
    All along, along along
    The Colorado trail.

    Ride, all the lonely night
    Ride through the day,
    Keep the herd a-movin’ on
    Movin’ on its way.

    Dark is the stormy night
    Dark is the sky,
    Wish I’d stayed in Abilene
    Nice and warm and dry

    (Mule train or tour bus–you be the judge)

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