05/01 Tempe, AZ

Taylor Hicks
Marquee Theater, Tempe, AZ
6:30PM MST (not daylight savings time!)

Set List
Opening: Micah Bentley

The Runaround
Give Me Tonight
Hell of a Day*
Just To Feel That Way
My Friend
The Deal
Hold On To Your Love**
Soul Thing#
Wherever I Lay My Hat##
Medicated Goo
Heaven Knows > The Maze ^
The Right Place
Take the Long Way Home

Take Me to the Pilot

* With “Another Brick in the Wall Part Two” (Pink Floyd) tease
** With “Can’t Trust Your Neighbor” (Johnnie Taylor) tease
# With “Eastbound and Down” (Jerry Reed) tease
## With “Nightshift” (The Commodores) and “Chain Gang” (Sam Cooke) teases
^ With “You Don’t Know Like I Know” (Sam and Dave) tease

What’s the point of eschewing daylight savings time, if you’re going to schedule gigs like this during daylight anyway? Desert people, please enlighten us.

I’m feeling nostalgic. Googling up this show, I hit a link I haven’t seen in awhile. I remember last year, at the start of the AI season, trying to figure out who this guy was. When you googled “Taylor Hicks,” the first hit you got was this:

Taylor Hicks Elementary

That is no longer true, but there it is back again, when you google “Taylor Hicks Tempe AZ.” I wonder if the school’s had any changes in exposure over the last year.

But here’s something actually relevant:

I’m short on time today, so I invite any and all to provide links to cool venue pics, good things to do in Tempe, and of course, our reason-to-be: the cellcert thread.


43 Responses to 05/01 Tempe, AZ

  1. Colleen says:

    Arizona is a nice place….. lived here most my life. Can say this…. I HATE THE SUMMER!!!


    The Tempe show was great. had a really good time. i think it would of been better if my husband wasn’t there! sssh. I hope when he does come back to Arizona, he doesn’t go back to the Marquee. i think a casino would of promoted him better.

    LOVED Medicated Goo! loved his whole performances!! But honestly I guess i was living in the moment….. i don’t remember his singing all those songs!

  2. taylor made 4 me says:


    can’t see you- but no doubt…you are beautiful too.

    peace lives on

    smiles to you

  3. bronson says:

    taylor made for me:

    thank you. that was beautiful.

  4. taylor made 4 me says:

    Thackeray…you asked for “desert people please enlighten”…I hope you are not sorry you asked…LOL but here is my take on “enlightenment”
    Read on if you have time.

    One night, as I was driving out in East Mesa on a road called University Drive, I stopped my car on the side of the road, facing east towards Superstition Mountain. I turned off my headlights.

    It was eerily pitch black outside my vehicle. Think of Starbucks espresso. That dark it was.
    I allowed my eyes to adjust to the darkness, then I rolled down my window, and I turned off the engine.

    I sat there for a few minutes and looked around at the darkness, and listened…I heard nothing, I listened intently. I thought about crickets. Surely there was a cricket somewhere around. Nothing. If one can imagine such deep silence.
    The sounds of silence. (…And the vision that was planted in my brain
    Still remains-Paul Simon)

    Floods of peaceful feelings came over me. The sound of silence was intoxicating. Miles of darkness and utterly quiet. I could hear the sound of my own heart. I was not doing any drugs, I don’t do those things.

    I looked up into the Arizona sky above me, and saw the only light that traveled to my eyes. There were literally thousands, perhaps more, I really could not count that high, of stars that “layered” the sky, all of them dancing and flickering and almost communicating with each other, much like people! (And in the naked light I saw
    Ten thousand people, maybe more.)

    It was a life altering moment again…I laid my head back on the seat and allowed the expansive night sky to educate me about what’s real, and what’s not. I allowed the stars to tell me more about me and about life. After all, these stars have seen much more than I, so why not allow their message to get across.

    The sky at night gives us a glimpse into our past, since all light from the stars is “old” and what we see is really not what we get, since the stars we see, may not even exist anymore, as they could have fallen already, and we just haven’t lived long enough to see the trail it leaves behind.

    Our lives are much like that. As we go through life, we all show people what we think or believe is the right image. (What should a star look like?)

    More often than not, what is seen by others is just a reflection of what is really there. Actually like stars in the sky, we are not only reflections, but we are just a fraction of the light that we really possess deep down inside. Like stars, our real energy is the inside the core, and while we are so busy with our outside appearances, we neglect the all important core or source of light or strength. The part inside that drives us all, the mechanism.

    Search within for your inner light and let it shine, let it shine before you are too old to capture the light, and others are too busy too stop and notice it.

    Taylor is the man!
    Paul Simon MUST have sat on the same road, I swear! In fact, I know HE did.
    I could write more but I probably have most of you who read this thinking
    “I would like to get whatever she’s got…” lol
    truly now, the only 2 drugs I take are LIFE and LOVE. Both are addicting and both must be taken as directed or one could experience life long ramifications such as well…happiness. Get it?
    Being different is okay, and being okay is different. Be okay with yourself, NOW that’s different.
    Love to all,
    peace out
    and check out the sky one night yo. But not in the city…it’s just to doggone bright to see anything…but it is still there.

  5. taylor made 4 me says:

    Thank you KimLoree. straight from the heart.
    have a wonderful day.
    smiles to you

  6. KimLoree says:

    Hi all…back to the boards after a day off.

    Uhmmm….did anyone go to this concert?

    Taylor made…lovely posts.

  7. AgingHippie says:

    ” Traveling through AZ at this time of the year requires a lot of attention to the Temporal Prime Directive. ”

    holy carp – would not want to deal with that – I still have to stop and think about the time difference for the start of a movie when we go to the theater just across the border in Canada – LOL

    Too bad Taylor usually doesn’t have much time to enjoy all the areas he is traveling through. Hopefully he will in the future.
    The Phoenix – Scottsdale – Tempe area is one of my favorite places I’ve visited. When we were there we took a drive through the desert and ended up in a town named Carefree – whose main traffic artery was called Easy Street – have often thought that would be a perfect retirement address ! !
    The people at the resort got a big kick out of my gushing over how beautiful the desert is – – seems a couple had been to Maine and felt the same way about our forests – – old grass is always greener adage I guess 🙂

  8. taylor made 4 me says:

    Thanks for the recap AmyH.
    I was totally there in spirit of course.
    Sounds like Tay did a really nice set…opening with Runaround, which he usually closes with. What is WTF? Back east that means simething BAD…lol…but I am sure it isn’t.
    I wanted to cellcert, but I just couldn’t and I was so sad.
    I really miss the concerts, I went to Sayreville and the Beacon, and now I must wait until next year to see Tay sing again. I hope I live that long.
    American Idol was okay last night, I stopped watching it after Taylor won for the most part. I just have NO interest in any of these people. Who can drink Pabst after Dom?
    Not me.
    peace out
    love out to all

  9. AmyH says:

    I guess WordPress doesn’t like The Right Place, Take the Long Way Home, and the Encore – Take Me to the Pilot.

  10. AmyH says:

    Well, that was strange – it cut off the list!

    The Maze
    – You Don’t Know Like I Know
    – WTF?

  11. AmyH says:

    I don’t know if Thackeray is around (she said she was working on a paper and needed to get some sleep), so here is a preliminary setlist. There is ONE tag that still needs verification.

    Tempe, AZ – May 1, 2007

    The Runaround
    Give Me Tonight
    Hell of a Day
    – Another Brick in the Wall (Part Two)
    Just To Feel That Way
    My Friend
    The Deal
    Hold On To Your Love
    – Can’t Trust Your Neighbor
    Soul Thing
    – Eastbound and Down
    Wherever I Lay My Hat
    – Nightshift
    – Chain Gang
    Medicated Goo
    – He rapped a bit on the middle
    Heaven Knows
    The Maze
    – You Don’t Know Like I Know
    – WTF?

  12. AmyH says:

    MDG says: “Traveling through AZ at this time of the year requires a lot of attention to the Temporal Prime Directive.”

    BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! OMG!! Too freakin’ funny!! 😀

  13. Hicklet says:

    I tried to find something on why the school was named that on their site but couldn’t find anything. I did find the school song, though, and it’s very fitting for us too. I like it! Here’s a part of it:

    “Stand up for Taylor Hicks
    Someone in the crowd is cheering.

    Stand up for Taylor Hicks
    Our loyalty is everlasting.

    We’re the kids you can’t hold back….”

    Cute, huh? rah rah! 🙂

  14. graciecat says:

    So I guess the big question of the day? or evening? depending on which side of the globe we are writing from is: “Is the concert in progress? Is it over? Do we have recaps? Set lists? Any new cover songs? What was the crowd like? You know all the usual fun details of the concerts for us “virtual concert fans.” Was the sky beautiful? Did Taylor and the band get to see the sunset? P.S. mojavedesertgirl, you must be very intelligent…I would surely never get to anything on time with all those time zone changes…smile. Thanks to all!

  15. mojavedesertgirl says:

    Oh – and since I live on the border of AZ, I’m not sure one could truly say they are on DST all the time. They are actually in the mountain time zone which makes them naturally one hour ahead of those on the west coast. (That would be two hours behind for you easteners.) I live literally 20 miles from AZ – it’s a little mindboggling to cross a bridge and find yourself an hour ahead. Because AZ doesn’t observe DST, when us Pacific timers move our clocks one hour ahead in the spring, then suddenly we are the same time as AZ. This only lasts until one crosses the Navajo Nation, which does observe DST. Then you leave Dinetah, and back an hour you go…then about 30 minutes later you cross into New Mexico and back you are on Mountain Time. Traveling through AZ at this time of the year requires a lot of attention to the Temporal Prime Directive.

  16. mojavedesertgirl says:

    “desert people” – herrrumph, whatchoo talkin’ about, desert people?!

    I find it amusing that Taylor’s response to nearing the end of his first national tour is much like ours – thank god, maybe I can get some sleep!

    About a month ago Taylor Hicks Elementary (which is in Prescott, up in the mountains near fabled Sedona…Sedona is red, Prescott is green…hey, that’s what the highway signs say!) advertised a reading specialist position – I nearly applied for it. What could be better for a teacher who is a Taylor Hicks fan than to work at Taylor Hicks!

    Makes me wonder just who is Prescott’s Taylor Hicks?

  17. madaboutu says:

    I thought we were the same time in L.A. as Az now? Is the time wrong for the concert? It is 6:30 here.

  18. Raylindy says:

    “Back Out” (top of page with arrow on left hand side) of this Blog and go to home page and scroll down to “Taylor Hicks Tour 2007 Recaps and CCs” (Cellcerts). There should be a thread relating to the Tempe show cellcert. It will have instructions on the number to call.

    There isn’t always a cellcert because it depends on a person being at the concert who is willing to have their phone on all the time so others can hear the concert and a person on “this” end controlling the cellcert here. It usually comes together though.

  19. karoray says:

    On the right hand side of this page under Basic Info click on Visit the Boogie Board,
    when you get there click on Taylor Hicks Tour 2007 Recaps and cc’s, look for cellcert Tempe. Nothing there yet, keep checking.

  20. taylor made 4 me says:

    Where are the tour threads?? I am grateful for your responses.

  21. Raylindy says:

    Taylormade — the instructions will be posted in the tour threads. You will probably see Tempe Part I and Tempe Part II or something like that. Just follow Part I and you will be able to find the instructions. The number should be listed on the first page or so.

  22. taylor made 4 me says:

    typo in my last post!!!
    Taty is TAY of course!!
    ugh…technology laughs in the face of communications.hah!!
    is anyone here????????????
    Sendin out an SOS…
    Save Our Smiles
    Go Taylor!!!!!! wooooooooooo (throwing my head back to the left side, fists to my chest!)

  23. taylor made 4 me says:

    Hi…smiles to all
    Can anyone tell me EXACTLY how to dial in to the cellcert tonight for the Tempe concert.
    I think hearing Taty sing from one of the most meaningful places on the planet to me would inspire me to continue doing things day in and day out.
    I would appreciate it if anyone could lend me a hand here…
    BTW: Tay is a blessing to all of us.

  24. Parse Nip says:

    Hey everyone. Mr. Parse and I flew down from Portland yesterday for tonight’s show. As luck would have it, I woke up quite ill this morning (killer naseau – might be related to sinus, unfamiliar pollens, poor air quality, don’t know). I’m hoping I’ll be feeling better by tonight, but if not I’m thinking I could try and make it just for Taylor’s set. Anyone have any idea how late in the program he usually comes on? Hate to miss the opening act (although I don’t know who it is), but I have tickets for Portland too (which I printed out and brought down here instead of the correct tickets – much drama about that last night) so hopefully I can catch it there. Thanks!

  25. taylor made 4 me says:

    ray lindy-
    I have tears in my eyes too. Just thinking about how beautiful our planet is and how awful we treat it! Many of Tay’s concerts are GA concerts that encourage recycling and other earth-friendly behaviors. We need to dig down deep as a community of concerned individuals and make every effort keep our planet as beautiful and awe-inspring as it is. I spent an hour after shopping on Sunday separating plastics from my products, and teaching my own children the importance of recycling! I have made a journey to arrive where I am today. I have risen from the ashes so to speak, from what I have seen, heard, touched, felt, dreamt, sensed, thought, meant, desired, wished, run across, discovered, imagined, uncovered, fell upon, lived, made, lost, gained, and every which way but loose I have stories that would make you laugh and cry so hard that you might think I was kidding…but I am not kidding. LIVE life every day.
    Love AZ, the planet, and of course Tay.,
    Love all you guys too!!!

  26. taylor made 4 me says:

    you are quite welcome.

    peace and smiles to you

  27. taylor made 4 me says:

    Wow ..I am thrilled that the accounts are so wonderful to read, and I am happy that it inspires people! I think I am here to do that…inspire. I mean in a very deep way, I think I have been put here on the planet for this reason. I am a teacher, and everyday I enter the classroom I think I must be inspirational to young minds. I appreciate your words. It’s not often I hear (or read) such touching words.
    I am seriously moved by all of this. Thank you very much.
    also gracie cat…I have never googled the falls, just been there many times. I am afraid to look at a picture of it I think, as it may not compare to the ones etched in my memories. Much like seeing a picture of Tay, it’s simply not the same as the in person feeling. lol

  28. graciecat says:

    taylor made 4 me… I was so inspired by your posts that I typed “Havasupai Falls, Arizona” in search box and got two wonderful links with lots of photos…www.Havasupaitribe.com and http://www.havasufalls.net (a.k.a. Havasupai Falls).
    Sorry, don’t know how to link here or if it is allowed. Now to search out the Marquee Theater in beautiful Tempe. Enjoy everyone!

  29. graciecat says:

    taylor made for me, Wow! Awe inspiring accounts of Arizona. As always I am speechless as you have inspired me to go off into a corner and daydream for awhile. I love Arizona. So many beautiful sights. For everyone lucky enough to attend the concert, do enjoy! I know you will. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see Taylor and the band perform at an outdoor concert under the “purple skies of Arizona” someday? Just thinking out loud. Have a great day all!

  30. taylor made 4 me says:

    Gosh guys…thanks (blushing) I can’t help feeling this way about AZ. To those of you who live there now, take a good look around, and like Tay says “…it was right there all along.”
    If you ever get a moment in your life, and you want to see heaven before you actually reach the pearly gates…go to Havasupai Falls up north. It’s located in the NE part of AZ, and it is the MOST beautiful place on the planet, next to Taylor’s side of course (I had to throw that in there…lol) To visit this haven, if you are with someone, no matter who it is you WILL fall in love, and if you are by yourself…you will love who you are. Don’t go to these falls with anyone whom you don’t want to love, cause seriously, it is a makeout spot, and it casts a generous lovespell!! Only go to these falls if you wish for enlightenment, and wish for love. It is a sacred spot on AZsoil located on the Havasupai Indian reservation. A secret: Under the falls is a cavern, that if you can swim to it, you will find the most peaceful, private, and intimate place in the universe. Please do not attempt to swim there if you are not a strong swimmer and you need swimmer’s goggles to see. You must hold your breath for a bit under water, and swim in currents that the falls create, but it’s worth it. The cavern can only be found in the summer months for some reason, I tried to find it twice in the spring, and once in the fall, and it isn’t there!! Only in the summer is the cavern entrance there. It’s very loud once you surface, but if you swim a few more feet away from the inside of the falls you find that place, and the sun casts rainbows all over the cavern walls as it dances across the falling water. IT is heaven. It leaves “dancing diamond” all over the place including in the eyes of the person you are with…hence…ahem! you fall in love! It’s magical! Anyone want to go? LOL Go there one day. Peace all.
    Yes…AZ never switches clocks. Days last forever in AZ, sun up at 5 and down at 9, what more can you ask for. More day to enjoy and LIVE and…
    PS…love this board and AZ and Tay, and of course LIFE!
    peace out again all

  31. AmyH says:

    cali50 – “So right now, they are the same as Pacific Time.”

    WHAT?? Sheesh! Don’t they know this EST gal is trying to coordinate a freaking cellcert!?!


  32. Raylindy says:

    Taylormade4me — I have tears — that was beautiful!

    My daughter-in-law and three of my grandchildren are in Arizona at the moment. They (together with my son) have lived there for the past five years. My son just got a new job in Florida and is there now with his family following after their house is sold and school is out. I have visited them a couple of times and yes, it is beautiful country. There is so much beauty right here in the United States that I have never seen, but Arizona is certainly one of the best.

    Your story is inspiring!

  33. madaboutu says:

    For us in the west………………………….”here it comes, rushin in, distant smile, distant grin,……………Taylor Hicks! TaylorMade, that was a very beautiful account of your connection to Az.

  34. AmyMc says:

    Haa haa, I remember Taylor Hicks Elementary. That was before there were any links to our Taylor Hicks….geez, that seems like a lifetime ago.

    Now Taylor is plastered all over the internet!

  35. roadtriptime says:

    Taylor Hicks Elementary has a school song:

    I really like the title of the song (“STAND UP FOR TAYLOR HICKS”) and it works for TH the man….
    Someone in the crowd is cheering………..

    Our loyalty is everlasting……….

    We’re the kids you can’t hold back,………..
    (ooohhhhhhhhh! a perfect tease for “Young Turks”!)

    lyrics from webpage:

    Stand up for Taylor Hicks
    Someone in the crowd is cheering.

    Stand up for Taylor Hicks
    Our loyalty is everlasting.

    We’re the kids you can’t hold back,
    Bobcats all show red and black.

    We’re proud of all we’ve done,
    We’re number 1!

  36. azure says:

    taylor made 4 me –

    Beautiful post. Thank you.

  37. georgie says:

    Taylor should visit Tortilla Flat which is past Apache Junction and is in the mountains. Its desolation is beautiful.

  38. georgie says:

    I love Arizona, too. He should go to Tortilla Flat for a step back in time. It’s really beautiful, desolate country.

  39. cali50 says:

    Arizona does, in fact, do Daylight Savings Time. What they don’t do is Standard time. They never switch their clocks. They stay on DST all year round. So right now, they are the same as Pacific Time.

  40. Margaux says:

    My mom lives out west of Phoenix in Sun City, I hope by the time I’m old enough to live in Sun City Taylor won’t mind stopping by, cause he’ll still be playing music that we fawning elderly women will enjoy.

    If Taylor wasn’t being so generous to New England on the spring and summer tours, I’d probably be visiting mom this week.

    Enjoy the show tonight.

  41. taylor made 4 me says:

    I must post since I have more to eschew about Arizona than anyone might want to hear right now. Arizona is actually a deeply inspiring place. Now I have to be nostalgic. When I reached a low point in my life, when I thought I had nothing in me, and when I felt my life would never go good…I moved myself across the country to Arizona. I actually meant to get to Cali, but I ran out of gas and money, thankfully a nice old couple gave me shelter in a place called Apache Junction. That was 20 years ago, and I was 22, alone and scared. That night, (March 16, 1997) I watched the sun set over Phoenix from an Apache Junction foothill. The sky, in all it’s glory, told me so much about my past, and it’s beauty opened up for me, the possibilities of the future. I sat there, in awe of what God had made, and thought…hey, God made me too!!!! I must have as much beauty and as much depth as that sky!! So, the Places I’ve Been meant Nothing until Arizona. From that moment on, I knew where my life would take me, and every night for 10 years, I watched the sun set, and each time, I saw how life is really one sky melting into another and connecting all of us for a few moments. today, I lead a successful life, and I have been saved. Perhaps, the concert is scheduled so early so that the band can take a moment to catch the colors of an Arizona sky at dusk, the sun sets somewhere around 8:00-8;30. Enjoy everyone, and I am there in spirit with all of the Taylor fans. Please remember to kick out your shoes! Get a chance to go to the old ghost town east of Apache Junction, it’s hoot!!! Sorry to be so mellow today, but I LOVE Arizona soooooooo much and I miss it with all my heart. Thank you Boogie Board for the chance to express here. I LOVE this board. Good luck Tay tonight!!!! They will love you there. Call out to the SunDevils, NOT the Wildcats!!

  42. AmyH says:


    I’m glad I checked here.

  43. taterfortaylor says:

    Hey guys, how long does it take to get accepted to visit and post the boogie boards. I have been trying but haven’t received acknowledgment from them yet. Just wondering about how long it takes.

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