05/02 In the Grove

Taylor Hicks
Grove of Anaheim, Anaheim, CA
8:30pm Pacific

Opening: Owen Benjamin (comedian)
Set List
lots of new tags tonight, probably missed something

Give Me Tonight
Hell of a Day ^
The Deal.
My Friend
Just To Feel That Way
Medicated Goo
Wherever I Lay My Hat^^
Compared to What#
The Right Place
Goodbye Stranger
Heaven Knows
The Maze##
Soul Thing*


Goin’ Mobile**

^ With “Another Brick in the Wall Part Two” (Pink Floyd) tease.
^^ With “Nightshift” (The Commodores), “Too Late to Turn Back Now” (Cornelius Brothes and Sister Rose) and “Yesterday” (Paul McCartney) teases.
# With “Ain’t It Funky Now” (James Brown) and “Night Train” (James Brown) teases.
## With “Soul Searchin'” (Solomon Burke) tease.
* With “Soul Serenade” (King Curtis) tease.
** With “Shout” (The Isley Brothers) and “Train Train” (Blackfoot) tease.

Grove of Anaheim

The Grove

With palm trees on the grounds, why does the Grove’s logo feature a water tower (maybe it only looks like a water tower to us midwesterners)? As far as the pics go, don’t let the sight of tables and jumbo-tron scare you: there are a multitude of seating arrangements at this place, and I have no clue which one they’ll use.


39 Responses to 05/02 In the Grove

  1. veronica (aka veron26) says:

    Ya, i’m still in a bit of a trance and i still haven’t gotten around to writing a recap of my Anaheim trip. I have the Pala concert tomorrow, but i’ll post about my meet and greet on the boards.

    I’ve got two meet and greets. one for anaheim and other tomorrow. yay

    off to the boards.


  2. justwatchin says:

    Raylindy..he sang Right Place, but it wasn’t exactly sung like a balland…it was beautifull, but he sped it up at the end…I would’ve loved Somehow…I bought InYourTime and listened to it all the way home…you guys, Taylor was in my home town of Sunnyvale while I was driving back from Anaheim…how weird is that???

  3. justwatchin says:

    Oh and convince your sister to go to HOB…looks to me now (I’m a convert) that standing is the only way to go at one of his concerts…sitting is just really impossible!

  4. justwatchin says:

    Diane, i was there with you! His singing was powerful, passionate, rich, thick and just beautiful and captivating.His energy is non stop and boundless and contagious.

    I didn’t sit down either…well I tried during Right Place which was, Oh My God! gorgeous,,,,thanks goodness the folks in front of me were standing, so then bummer, I had to also!!

    I’m going to SF, but I want to go to MORE!!!! I should have planned to see LA & Vegas ( I actually was going to LA til Wiltern got cancelled)….I need MORE!!!!!

  5. Raylindy says:

    Did Taylor sing any ballads — Somehow, The Fall, The Right Place at Anaheim?

  6. Marcy says:

    Diane – Thanks for the beautiful recap – I understand everything you are feeling because I’ve been and still am there! He is so talented, so passionate, so 1000% giving of himself on that stage that it is hard to put into words what one feels when watching him……Enjoy Seattle….Take in every moment….it goes by so fast……I am still in a Taylor Trance after seeing two shows a couple of weeks ago…All I can think of now is his concerts I will be going to in the next few months…..it’s going to be a STEAMY SUMMER!!


  7. graciecat says:

    Thanks to everyone for all the exciting news. Diane – great recap. Chicken and Waffles..look forward to reading you each day… juliegr…you named it “the Taylor Trance.” You should patent that slogan! That is truly what you are in after a Taylor Hicks concert … a Taylor trance…think I better stop there…still in one myself. Thanks again to everyone for such a great site. I know we shouldn’t really name people specifically as everyone has so many great comments to offer each day…really everyone is pleasantly and wonderfully refreshing and newsworthy each day. Taylor sure inspires us to be happy go lucky fans! Let’s keep spreading news about Taylor’s good music as the world sure can use some happy thoughts. Go Taylor! Go Taylor! Woooooooooooooooooo! Great work all!

  8. DebD says:

    Sounds like Taylor was in great form yet again. Too bad it wasn’t sold out. I seem to recall that most of his shows have been. I check here daily to read everyone’s recaps since it’s been a month today since the first time I saw Taylor and I am still not over it. Thankfully I have tickets to four shows in his summer tour or I’d be going absolutely bonkers!

  9. Diane says:

    You know I am still trying to remember what he sang, all I know is that it was just great. I am now trying to convince my sister in law to go to The House of Blues tomorrow to see him again, but I doubt she will go, only because it is a standing venue.

    He was so good!

  10. madaboutu says:

    azure…………………..I had Mark and Kim on too this morning but they start at five so usually really only listen to Mike S and Bryan S. Mark did mention that Taylor was in town and had a concert at the Grove last night, and has another at the WILTERN on Friday!!!!! Mike and Bryan have given away tickets to HOB on Friday, so I guess M&K are the only ones not to know it was changed. I sent an e-mail just to let them know.
    Diane…………………..what a cool recap! How wild was CTW? It sounded just crazy on cellcert. Did you see the KOST van, and who was in it? Several people in grayhairs SoCal group, including her, had Meet and Greets last night. I told them to post over here.
    taylorized………..had to laugh at your comment about Ca and earthquakes. People do leave because of earthquakes, but I think hurricanes have done way more damage to Fla and other places. They are scary though for the few seconds they happen.

  11. azure says:

    Forget my previous post. (Can’t delete!) KOST just played JTFTW. I don’t know if they preceded it with any mention of the concert. Naturally, after sitting and listening for hours, I left before they played it!

    (I had sent Kim a very friendly e-mail (around the time of my previous post,) saying that I’d been listening since they came on this morning and that I was hoping she’d play JTFTW, and mention what she thought of the concert. So, I have no idea if she said anything about receiving the e-mail either!)

  12. azure says:

    Had three hours sleep after listening to the cellcert, and have been streaming KOST since 6:00 est. – figuring Kim and Mark would at least mention Taylor or the concert. Not one word has been said – even though they’ve talked extensively about Idol and Idol-related “news”. From talking about last night’s eliminations to what kind of careers the top four have after Idol – to Sanjaya – to Kimberly Locke, etc. Anyone have any ideas? (They haven’t even mentioned that they were at the Grove last night, but they’re still pushing the concert series, talking about Michael Buble’s show on the 18th.)

  13. Denise says:

    Diane, I’m so happy for you and I loved your recap. I know when it was finally my turn to see Taylor at Penn’s Peak I was so excited I couldn’t sleep the night before and was on a “high” for days after. I could feel your excitement because I’ve been there. Have a great time in Seattle!

  14. KimLoree says:

    You did just fine with your review. I’m afraid that I won’t remember a thing after my show. I’ll just be in a trance. See you in Seattle!!!!!

  15. aponce says:

    Diane ..loved your review, so happy you were finally able to see him!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  16. juliegr says:

    Laughing at Diane and PST — looks like you are the suffering from the effect of “the Taylor Hicks trance”!! hahaha It’s amazing how that happens with such regularity. Symptoms vary from fan to fan but a common complaint is forgetfulness, smiling, and loss of voice from shouting and yelling — W-O-O-O-O-O! Now you, too, can begin to “plot” how you can attend another concert. hahaha

    Seriously, so happy you got your concert and it was a winner.

    Hope you madaboutu, Marcy and other California attendees will write a recap and rating for concertfan.com. You may have to register but the site is free!


  17. PST says:

    a. He teased “Grandma’s Hands” by Bill Withers in the middle of Medicated Goo

    b. still trying to figure out that tag from the middle of “The Maze” (really nice btw)

    c. I thought I heard a brief tease of “Sweet Caroline” (Neil Diamond) at the end of Soul Thing but I could be wrong.

  18. Diane says:

    I just re-read what I wrote sorry for the typo’s it is late and I am tired but I think you all get the idea that it was a wonderful show!!

  19. Diane says:

    I just got back from seeing Taylor at The Grove…….I have waited so long to see him and it was so worth the wait! For the life of me I could not tell you one single song he sang, it is all just a blur. He saig every song off his CD and then some. I am a very shy person by nature, but the moment he walked on the stage I was up on my feet and did not sit down the entire night.

    I have figured something out, one truly has to see Taylor to recognize the amount of talent that man has. he was non stop action, he never let up it was 10000% the entire show. Something else I noticed was the band members, every single one of them had a smile on their face the entire night and seemed to really appreciate Taylor and he them as well. All of them are so talented.

    The energy in the room was terrific. I would guess the place was about 75% full, age group was probably more toward the baby boomer age and more women then men. I met some wonderful people. One woman told me she got to go for a Meet and Greet and she just raved how kind and gentle Taylor was, he called everyone Dear and was very kind, a little shy but very accomodating. What I wouldn’t give to meet him.

    He played the harmonica a lot ad it was great. I was never a fan of the harmonica but I now have a new appreciation of it.

    I think that it will be a bit of a struggle for Taylor to have all of his talent come across on CD’s, he is so much more of an entertainer and just so talented. he is a man unto himself and I doubt he will ever sacrifice who he is just to sell records.

    I was also so impresed the way he showased the members of the band. Loren was there with his family, he has an adorable little boy. When we got there he was out by the bus kicking a foothall with his son….very cute!

    It was a great great night. I know my recap is nothing to compare with some of the others I have read. I just wish I could adequately express how impressed I was and how moved I was by the talent that man has. The really did break the mold after him.

    I hope that many many more people will see him, when they do they to will see what all of have seen in him.

    Next I am off to Seattle to see his last concert on the 12th.

    Thanks for this place where we can all gather!

    He was wonderful!!

  20. AgingHippie says:

    Chicken & Waffles –
    gawd i love your style lady – LOL – I do occasinally drop in for a read on your blog btw – just about ended up on the floor reading the Glamazon bit – took me back a lot of years to my stint in corporate America

    taylor made 4 me
    too bad you can’t do the Cape shows – would have been a good chance to connect with quite a few of us from New England SP website – we’re relatively new and growing but happily nutty ! [link in Ash’s list]

  21. Marcy says:

    TaylorMade4Me- Thanks for the heads up about Tay coming back our way (YES!!!!!!)……where did you see this….can’t find it anywhere….also did you get a venue and date? So HAPPY for US!!!!!!!! Thanks again….

  22. taylorized says:

    Enjoy your show in SoCal wish I could be there Cal use to be my home, you can go to the mountains, beaches,and the desert and wonderful cities like Anahime to go see mickey mouse! born and raised in Calif, But move to Florida 10 years ago got tired of the earthquakes so I came for the hurricanes one for the other! Hum I am getting my car worked on tomarrow and will be at work later after car is done so may I can stay up to hear the concert since it is 3 hours later. In the words of ET Home ,Home Go Taylor have a good concert.

  23. TaylorMade4Me–Did I hallucinate or did you say he was coming back to a New York State of Mind? If Mr Hicks can deign to visit our fair burg again, I will go to Poughkepsie or SI or shit, even Queens, like an egalitarian, and joyously. Pray, dear friend, where did you glean this info? Where might we mere mortals purchase something as pedestrian as..you know..tickets?
    With thanks in advance for your gracious reply.

  24. madaboutu says:

    Diane………….haven’t we been patient in SoCal? Seems like it took forever and it will be over in no time, so we need to savor it. I am going to try to go to Leno too if I can. I also was so happy I got to see him on Fox this morning. And there was a little green room harp going on that isn’t on the video.

  25. Diane says:

    I have been waiting FOREVER for this night!!! Reading all the recaps and FINALLY I get to see him for myself.

    This is going to be great and I cannot wait!!!!

  26. taylor made 4 me says:

    Hi graciecat and KimLorree
    smiles to you both!

    Whatever Taylor sings, I am certain he will please every last soul there!!
    I just can’t wait for him to come back here.
    He is so very special, and I thank heaven for him being in the music industry. He has brought me back to listening to music again. I used to be a huge, I mean huge, I mean crazy BIG, okay…enough already Billy Joel fan. I KNOW every lyric to every song he has ever written, and although I do not listen anymore to his music, I still revere the man. Now Taylor has brought me back to music period. thank you Taylor for bringling me back.
    Have fun tonight all, and I am wishing I was there!
    Who will get kicked off Idol tonight?
    I say Chris and the other guy…tall guy…umm..anyways…those two.
    How about the famous Lakisha-Simon kiss? Wo.

  27. graciecat says:

    Wow, The Grove…looks great. Do you think we’ll hear California, Here I Come…, California, California Dreamin’, Hotel California? Finally, California! Enjoy all! Looking forward to recaps. I must admit this is really a pleasant and interesting site to visit each day…brings a little “electrified” calm into my day! Thank you Ash. You’ve made us nice home here for us wanderers.

  28. KimLoree says:

    BTW…anyone been over to graycharles.com lately. The blog has been nominated (by some friends of ours) for awards. You can click on the links and vote and comment. You have to register, but it’s painless.
    Don’t forget to make a purchase or donation while at GC, if you can. (As soon as I get caught up on sending some monetary love Gray’s way, I intend to donate here as well…Thanks Ash, for having us).

  29. taylor made 4 me says:

    Taylor is coming back to the NY metro area!
    I just saw two dates for concerts, both in NY (Poughkeepsie and Staten Island)
    and I could not be happier. (tears of JOY are in my eyes right now…)
    My hubby promised me he would take me anywhere to see Taylor provided I do not make eye contact with him! LOL As if Taylor would notice anyone like me. Taylor is going to MA soon, in June, and although we could stay at the house in Martha’s Vineyard, it’s impossible for me to miss school at the end of the year during finals, so I cannot (heart breaking here) go to either of those concerts. Would have made for a very nice trip, a quick jaunt to MV and Taylor crooning, all at the same time! woooooo…be still my beating heart… thump, thump (I said be still!)
    But Taylor is coming to NY metro again so I will sit and wait on pins and needles for him.
    Have a great concert tonight out there in Cali, I know from the posts that you have waited patiently. Send him back in one piece ok? If he comes to NY missing body parts or locks of that gorgeous hair, well …let’s just say…save some of him for us back on the east coast! Enjoy everything.
    I heard that Tempe was an awesome concert, even if it was early.
    AgingHippie: Love your post about Taylor not having time to really enjoy all the sights of the places he visits. I have a feeling that when he is done, the world will be his oyster, and he will share it with his favorite pearl! Lucky girl that will be!!!!!!
    blue eyes smiling and dancing

  30. TeelaJBrown says:

    Attention Anaheim concert goers — the rumor of the day is that Britany Spears will be performing at the HOB Anaheim tonight (and tomorrow at Sunset Strip HOB) — she performed a show in San Diego last night under the name ‘The M&Ms’ who are booked into the aforementioned venues on the aforementioned evenings. If this is in fact true, I warn you to avoid the HOB area at all costs. Engaging a Spears fan could result in bloodshed. I’ve been told they carry shivs.

  31. Marcy says:

    California Soul Patrollers – Your time has come!! Enjoy every moment of tonight….it will fly by….expecting some great recaps!!

    Chicken & Waffles – Great idea for Taylor, playing golf. I was just thinking he hasn’t had much time lately to do so…..great courses out in sunny Calif…

  32. Actually, if he can swing the time (pardon the pun), he ought to get in a few holes of golf or hit the driving range. I’m a California native (third generation as a matter of fact) and one thing California has in abundance are excellent golf courses. The Anaheim Hills Golf Course is a respectable venue, has lots of challenging par 3 holes and it’s right nearby.

  33. KimLoree says:

    California girls…Enjoy.

    Basenji, Are you doing the cellcert tonight? Hmmm….Anaheim CA, reminds me of my trip to Disneyland. Have you ever been? Those Disneyland rides made for a very pleasurable life experience. Well, at least he’s getting closer. Gotta go do some shoe shopping for my concert in Seattle.

  34. sooz says:

    Ya’ll been waitin a long time for this and I’m expecting some pretty wild re-caps tonight from all of you. Try not to jump out of your skin before this day is done. Have fun, California!

  35. JulieR says:

    Good morning, California and everyone! 🙂 Taylor is coming up during the 9am hour (pacific time, it’s 9am as I type this) on our local FOX morning show, Good Day LA. Woo hoo – Taylor is in town.

    You should be able to see his segment later this morning by going to Myfoxla.com.

  36. AmyMc says:

    I gotta get to California….I’m missing all the good stuff!

  37. Anaheim…hmmm. Outside of DIsneyland and orange groves, what makes me think of Anaheim? Aw, it’s gotta be baseball. They have a respectable ballclub. Here’s a favorite soundbite:

    “Baseball Is Life, Life Is Baseball!”
    -Tim Salmon, Anaheim Angels

  38. AmyMc says:

    Wow, this place is gorgeous!!! I’m impressed!!!

  39. cali50 says:

    They’re using the 5 tiered theatre style seating. There’s a funny explanation of the water tower. This venue used to be something else, Maybe our resident expert, Snoopysoul, can give the explanation. Calling Snoopy!

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