05/06 Under the Starlight

Taylor Hicks
Pala Starlight Theater, Pala (San Diego), CA
7:30pm PST (according to 5 out of 6 sites I checked. Doors or start? Your guess is as good as mine)

Set list
05/06/07 Pala Starlight Theater, Pala, CA

Gonna Move
Give Me Tonight
Hell of a Day*
Medicated Goo
Just to Feel That Way
My Friend
Georgia on My Mind
The Deal
Hold On to Your Love**
Wherever I Lay My Hat#
Soul Thing##
Heaven Knows^ > The Maze^^
The Right Place
The Runaround%

Encore: Taking it to the Streets

* With “Another Brick in the Wall Part Two” (Pink Floyd) tease
** With “Jump in the Line” (Harry Belafonte), “Lonely Avenue” (Ray Charles) tease
# With “Nightshift” (The Commodores) tease
## With “Eastbound and Down” (Jerry Reed) tease
^ With “Ain’t That Peculiar” (Marvin Gaye) tease
^^ With “Minute by Minute” (The Doobie Brothers), “Smoke from a Distant Fire” (The Sanford – Townsend Band) teases
% With “Big Boss Man” (Jimmy Reed) tease

Tonight you’ll boogie under the stars, so check local temps (though cold shouldn’t be a factor once the music starts). After today, they head up the coast.

The Venue

Check the board and the comments here for links to the cellcert, as I’ll be up in the air.


45 Responses to 05/06 Under the Starlight

  1. KimLoree says:

    Yeah…I’m bored too. GC would have been intertaining us with other music, some kind of riddle, another poll, some inside info, better yet…an inside video, or maybe even a TFH audio blog. Sorry….still in mourning.

    But MY show is only three freakin days away. May the wheels on the bus get Taylor’s little butt to Seattle.

  2. Diane says:

    I get on an airplane tomorrow for Portland and then Seattle!!!

    Happy Hapy Happy Happy

  3. georgie says:

    I think that Taylor is going to collapse. We have been following him for a year now and he has been doing all of the work. I wonder if he feels under tremendous pressure because he might think that this is his only time to strike. I suspect that the country will fall back in love with him when they seem his this month on the finale of AI. No one comes close this year on that show to him and the entertaining, beautiful performances he gave. I still think that he is the best standing in front of a micrphone.

  4. Justwatchin: Good question. The man has a phenomenal work ethic. But he’s been working since last year and even the heartiest of souls would be feeling long in the tooth right now. I’d hope for his own well being, he’d take a breather. His fan base will always be waiting; I sense they’re in it for the long haul.

    Seriously, he’s in the bus and he’s tooling up the California coast, he’s got a few days, the end of the tour is in sight…why not play some golf in PB or do a little deep sea fishing off Monterey or get a nice room at The Clift Hotel in SF and just sleep for a few days. The dude has broken his ass entertaining the likes of us and many more–he deserves a break.

    And for crissakes, have a good meal. I like Progresso soup too, but have a REAL meal. SF is a good eating city. Get a serious burger at Red’s Java House. Splurge on a spectacular meal at Aqua. Dim Sum in Chinatown or the taquerias in the Mission. Get some fresh air. Take a run along The Embarcadero. Catch the Giants game in PacBell Park. I love New York, but I really miss San Francisco.

    I could go on. I’m bored too, McVittie.

  5. AmyMc says:

    I’m bored……..is anybody else bored?

  6. KimLoree says:

    So sad, justwatchin. Maybe another time. Enjoy San Fran!

  7. justwatchin says:

    C&W…does Taylor even know how to just sit around and relax??

  8. justwatchin says:

    San Fracisco here I come!!!! tomorrow, yahoo…and then????

    Soso…KimLo…..it’s a no go…..my family’s been pretty patient so far (haha, they still have to get thru tomorrow…am leaving them once again to go hang out in GA…) So, I’m gonna try to be responsible here and say no..it’s killing me…my wilder side is dying to hop a bus and head on up to Seattle…..hope I don’t end up like Eve…thanks so much for the offer…it would have been FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. madaboutu says:

    Veronica…………..we met briefly on Sunday, but I did not know the magical day you had until I got home yesterday and read recaps. You probably had more contact with Taylor than anyone, and I know you will be rerunning it in your head for days. I am so happy for you.

  10. veronica (aka veron26) says:

    i’m still in a daze over the pala concert. i hvaen’t even been home long enough to post anything, though a vid of Georgia is being uploaded right now. I took it from Row 20 and now zoom on the cam, but i still love it.

    i’ll post it soon.

    And shaking hands with the man as he was leaving his room, ahhhhhh.

    recap to come soon.

  11. Marcy says:

    Juliegr – I hear you……..my husband thinks I am completely overboard with Taylor…..he has been really sweet so far…….will be going to the summer concerts with other family and friends….can’t wait! “Girls just want to have fun” right?

    It would be fun if we could all meet somewhere down the line .. You are right, the cell-cert Gods were with us Sunday night….the sound was beautiful….I felt like I was right there.

  12. SoulSunshine says:

    Diane, I’m not raylindy, but I met her in KC. Talk about melted puddles after the shows in KC–I hear Ameristar is still mopping up. Somehow, and acoustic The Fall, I can now confirm that prayers ARE answered. Let me tell you there are no words to describe the magic of those performances.

    If we’d had Georgia, well….a large number of the female population of this city would have had to be buried. Still…I do wish he’d done Georgia, too. Greedy, I know, but that’s how it is. Watching The Man perform is truly addictive and, as with any addiction, you find yourself wanting more and more.

  13. madaboutu says:

    Hey everybody!!!!!! I just got home from Pala cause we stayed overnite and took some side trips. Let me say, I am so glad I got to this venue because it was heavenly. I thought of all of you on the cellcert and hoped it was all good. It was all of the above and soooooo much more. I have little tidbits to share which I will as soon as I get all my thoughts together, and will put it in the recaps thread which I am going over to tonite.

  14. So now Mister H is on his way to my old hometown, the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. Since he has a couple of days between gigs and he’s heading North, he absolutely should take a day off and hit the golf courses on the Central Coast. They are world class–in my view–second only to Scotland. The big daddy, Pebble Beach, has green fees that equate to a year’s education at an Ivy League Collegue. Sorta. But the area boasts some spectacular courses that revive a mere mortal’s spirit with their breathtaking vistas and undulating greens. My parents lived in Pebble Beach for a number of years and I can personally recommend iin Pebble Beach: Poppy Hills Golf Course and Spy Glass Hill. Expensive but worth it. Conversely, in Carmel Valley is the terrific course at Quail Lodge. Mister H, you work your ass off. Take a day to catch your breath, get your clubs and go swing. It’ll make you feel like a new man.

  15. sarahinwv says:

    What is up, people ??? These play by plays are killing me !! “GEORGIA”?????? “The Fall”????? I have never been so jealous!! Now, don’t get wrong, I loved my little HoB, MB concert… But, what I wouldn’t do to hear “Georgia” from that sweet dude’s mouth!! DAMN !!

  16. juliegr says:

    Hey, guy!! It was incredible ~~~~ even over the cellcert!!! The cellcert gods were ON OUR SIDE last night.

    It was 1:00 a.m. before I went to bed — had to read some of the notes from Phantom, Madaboutu and Griz then try to get to sleep. Jumped right back on the computer as soon as I got up. I know, I know — addicted!!! Do you think “Medicated Goo” will help us!!! Nah ~~ 🙂


  17. JAG says:

    juliegr….What a fabulous recap. I am so happy he did Georgia,there are no words to describe what that must have been like !! Taylor just gets hotter and hotter by the minute.Last nights show sounds like it was incredible!

  18. Diane says:

    Raylindy – Oh my goodness………..like I said they would have to scrap me off the floor or take me off the stage!!!

    Just how great was it??

  19. Raylindy says:

    Diane, Taylor sang Somehow and The Fall the same night in Kansas City — it just about did me in!!!

  20. Diane says:

    Georgin on My Mind

    Whimper…..is right!

    Can you imagine is he were to sing Georgia and The Fall on the same night. Just how many of us would they have to pick up off the floor????

    Portland and Seattle here I come!!!!!!!

  21. AgingHippie says:

    Georgia on My Mind

    wimper !

  22. graciecat says:

    Dancing, clapping, hips swivelling screaming…Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Woooooooooooooooooo Yay Yay Yay Taylor! Taylor we love you! Yay! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Wow! Woooooooooooooo! Oooops sorry! I really thought I was at the concert with that recap juliegr! Oh me, oh my where are my smelling salts??? Where are the paramedics??? Smile. Every concert is the best and the recaps, well the recaps…what can one say? We can feel the excitement in the air!
    Absolutely, without a doubt a Taylor Hicks Concert is the BEST CONCERT anyone will ever experience! Now I have to go searching for some of the videos for the concerts all over the net…just have to see some of these songs again, right now! Have a great day all!

  23. KimLoree says:

    justwatchin, It is next to me, main floor, row E, seat 4. hope you can make it. I’ll check back in awhile.

  24. justwatchin says:

    oh…oops….didn’t read the post before..okay…I’m gonna check out the logistics to see if i can do it…get back to you…(probably only a small chance)….

  25. justwatchin says:

    KimL..there you are!!! So do you still have that ticket??????

  26. juliegr says:

    Marcy — can’t say at this time. I live in VA and don’t know if I can travel up the coast. As is the case with most of us, my husband is thinking I’ve gone overboard about Taylor. The word I keep hearing is “mooning” over Taylor. Glad I wasn’t accused of “mooning” Taylor –hahaha!

    Seriously, I’d love to meet you sometime also — along with so many of my other “Boogie” friends! I’m in plotting mode right now.

    Thanks for the kind words!

    Cheers, Julie

  27. Marcy says:

    Juliegr – You did an absolutely fantastic job last night!!!! You rock!!! Thanks for the link about the Beacon…..it was an incredible night I will never forget…

    Are you going to any of the NY/NJ summer concerts? I will be in Staten Island and Toms River NJ (practically in my backyard – 20 minutes away!!!!) Would love to meet you……We are planning dinner or drinks first……

  28. juliegr says:

    Follow this link to a little “just the facts” blurb about Taylor’s appearance at the Beacon on April 20!!!


  29. juliegr says:

    TAYLOR HICKS CONCERT, MAY 6, 2007; Outdoor venue; good weather and good times for all!

    Pala Starlight Theater, Pala (San Diego), CA Started at 10:30 p.m., sharp!!! — ends at ll:55 p.m. (EST)


    Gonna Move — good voice, lots of response from crowd ALREADY. These people have been waiting for this for a while. Boogie is spanking those cords, moving his head, and jamming already ~~~ Taylor is Mov’g all over~!~~ I can tell by the screams of delight. You scream, I scream, we all scream.

    “What a beautiful evening, huh? — Anybody won any money yet”?

    GMT; lots of Melanie; good groove — lots of reaction to Taylor making his “moves”

    HOAD~~~ OK, will we hear PINK FLOYD tonight? Fingers crossed!!!! OK, here we go — its coming, coming, here it is!! Segues into UP AGAINST THE WALL — NO we don’t need no education ~~~!!! Sounds like there’s a lot of agreement with the words!!! Either the boogiers are w—o-o-o-oing or the audience LOVES this. Extended guitar, bass jam on the bridge. Performs more of the song tonite. Josh gets a solo with Boogie coming in on a deep bass jam — Back to HOAD~~~ Lots of Taylor LOVE and appreciation!

    Soul Patrol shout-out to many woos

    Medicated Goo — Traffic– Band is getting lots of play tonight. Josh is igniting the guitar by the heat from his tattoos. Earthy crooning of “ain’t it good for you” ~~~~ TAG: Feel my love, sky high. Call and response: Say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah. Enthusiastic response (u-m-m-h-u-m-m!! Cool how Taylor is getting Brian G a solo (apparently Taylor had to pull him onto the stage for the solo!!??) Band builds up to the crescendo ending and stops on the goo!! Apparently windows from the hotel (?) look down on the concert stage and Taylor remarks to the people — “don’t worry we’re not spending your college tuition”.

    JTFTW — nice sweet, straight rendition. Staccato on “baby, its worth it”, nice emotion on this song –it is really beautiful. Soft where it needs to be; strong where you want it (sorry — not to be sensual but this song can be a “baby maker — wherever and whenever you want it” Taylor Hicks quote!!!

    My Friend~~~ jazzy, piano opening. Go Loren, do you have on your green eyeshade visor?? are the shirt sleeves pushed back. O-m-p-a-h and Brian G brings out the hot licorice stick (also known as the flute — but maybe this one isn’t black??) lots of hand clapping as its being sung. You can tell Taylor likes this song!! Seems to make him happy to perform it. I hear the harp warbling. Sounds more like a ’30’s jazz club — and I expect to see Louie Armstrong and Ray Charles there in the background!!! Share that smile!! 🙂

    GEORGIA!!!!! Nothing else can be said — he was heard rehearsing today. What about that — even Californians like Georgia! “Play the horn, Brian”. Pace picks up — different version — is this #1M5K for Taylor?? Sing that song, man, sing that song. “Leads me back to you” Puts his heart into the “GEOR-GIA” our onsite reporters are talking back to him and loving it — BIG TIME!!! Is this in honor of Ray Charles!!!!??? “What you say, what you say” (Taylor says to the guitar) — deep, bluesy goove — lots of bass, sax, and Taylor, Tay-lor, Tay-lor!! and Georgia!! WHOOOOOO!!!

    THE DEAL — pretty, soulful expecially on “If I just might, tonight, then all-all-right! Love it.

    Hold onto Your Love: Caplyso beat; TAG: Jump In the Line (Belafonte): Brian G. again gets to flute it out like beautiful bird; Felix is beating those drums or are they bongos tonight :: where’s the rum and coke; cocconut pina coladas — I’m thirsty. Do you know what they say, do you know what, they say — trills, trills. Change of tempo — turning on another listener — Alls fair in love and war; TAG: Lonely Avenue. Is he doing the shake and bake — on that lonely avenue??? HOT, HOT, H-O-T-T-T!!!! Lots of band interaction and spots tonight — letting them star and show what they can do!

    HAT — “I’m not worth it you’ll see” — someone says “you’re worth it”. Bet lots of agreement to that statement. He means it when he says he “breaks their hearts and deceives them” bet lots of women would take the chance on that! TAG: Night Shift; Marvin/Jackie shoutout and response. Falsetto on “Sweet sounds” Soft and easy ending~~~

    Soul Thing — (A long, long way from home)– here’s a number called Soul Thing. I can hear some encouragement from the crowd and it doesn’t sound like our people (hah!!). Josh is out there again, torturing those strings and getting some cool/hot sounds out them! Good jamming, hot marmalade, here comes Boogie with the smack down; oh, oh, here comes Brian G. with the JAZZ!!! Now here is Loren and Brian L with the ivories — everybody gets a solo on this piece!!! Good stuff — coolness. Now its Felix’s turn!!! WHoOOOOO! TAG: ???? That’s the longest I’ve heard him perform this piece. Taylor did a lot of dancing on this one!

    Heaven Knows — begins with O-H-H U-H-H-H O-H-H-H again TAG from Ain’t that Peculiar. Melanie comes in on this one loud and clear. Back to the Ain’t that Peculiar TAG — then asks if “you’ll feel good this evening”. When I come ho-m-m-m-m-e stretch out. Tells the band to “take it out”?? Guitar takes it out — apparently Brian Less is playing the tamborine. NEW TAG: We got the funk; Taylor calls on Al (boogie) Carty to beat that bass!!! Back to the TAG: We have the funk. Then back to Heaven Knows. Different performance — sounds like entirely NEW song — much better. Melanie is great on the high counter balance to Taylor— segues into
    The Maze very smooth change over — make these two songs a much better SONG — interesting. Just by changing inflection, wording, pacing, and placement, Taylor can make a difference in pedestrian songs — right?, right!!! Stops that band on a dime. Then a pretty piano interlude — NEW TAG: Minute by Minute; One Love; Now Taylor is pulling some tones from that harmonica that make your heart ache — begging you to help him out of The Maze. TAG: Your eyes have the mist of a distant fire (3 x’s); then back to The Maze — do I “hear” Taylor twirling/spinning? Brian G is making the sax/flute sing, fly, sing!!!

    Right Place — Enjoy it, it IS the right place. Hear Melanie do a sotto voce echo– beautiful. Taylor really feels this song and he is back where HE wants to be.

    Runaround — Invites everybody to get up ~~~~ WTH did he do that for??? Now the women are rushing the stage (hahaha). Brian G is blowing a mean sax; Taylor is playing a warbling, burping, stomping, growling, harp. TAG: Big Boss Man and the beat picks up as Taylor sings and plays the harmonica into the mic at the same time. S-E-X-X-X-Y-Y-Y-Y. Call and response — Yeah, yeah, yeah. Beat is picking up and becoming a mad, hot, dynamic, pounding sound!!! Extended play of harmonica and other band instruments — dueling musical flux!! I’m exhausted and I’m just typing!~ hah


    TITTS (Doobie Brothers) Funky jam; lots of Melanie; huge helping of Brian G.; dollop of Loren G; overflowing deep gravy boat of Boogie and the bass. Now Taylor’s teasing everyone with the harp and has brought a little kid on the stage with him to dance!! Bet that’s really cute — that harp is tantalizing!!! What a spectacle that must be. Felix is beating those skins with a steaming, hot beat!!! Crowd is wrung out with the pure exhaustive performance and loving it!!!


  30. KimLoree says:

    justwatchin….get your butt to Seattle on MAY 12!!! He is going to put on one big a**
    kickin show for his finale…. I’m sure of it!!! (I’ve been waiting and praying for it for a long, long time).

  31. KimLoree says:

    justwatchin…. In case you don’t go back to the last thread…I still have a great ticket and an extra hotel room. Would love to have you join me!

  32. taylor made 4 me says:

    Sadly…my time is just about up in Taylorland. To all the fine people on this thread…Enjoy your concerts and cellcerts. I must get my life back. lol.
    It’s been truly wonderful to communicate here on this thread and meet such nice folks.
    I will continue to watch for Taylor news, buy his CD’s and as always I will keep hoping he will become the star that he truly is.
    I must get my life in order. I have been on a trip to Taylorland for the past few weeks, and my real life awaits me and calls to me. My students need me just like Taylor’s fans need him.
    It’s been wonderful.
    Amazing actually. Gazing at the monitor for a few seconds. Heart is breaking because I know I must go now.
    Vivid memories are etched in a special corner of my mind, and when I need…I will go there.
    live…love…laugh…guiding principles for us all. But when we do these three things we must all do so expecting nothing in return. In that way we will never be disappointed.

  33. JAG says:

    I am looking at the same stars that all of you will be seeing tonight and wishing I could be there too !! I am looking forward to the recaps of what is sure to be a spectacular night!

  34. graciecat says:

    BTW…missed you guys. Have been on the road myself…great to be back! Have a great evening all. Looking forward to hearing all the news!

  35. graciecat says:

    Hi everyone! Wow, a Taylor Hicks Concert under the stars! Where are the paramedics? The venue looks spectacular but to think that the fans will have a chance to hoot and howl without the confines of walls! Oh me, oh my! Another concert that is sure to please. A memory to last a lifetime or at least until you are lucky enough to see another Taylor Hicks concert. Booked tonight myself so won’t be able to enjoy the cellcert but for those that can or are actually able to make the concert tonight…recaps, recaps, recaps. Please and thank you. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

  36. AmyMc says:

    I cannot believe Taylor’s tour is almost over with. It’s been a fast few months. Seems like just yesterday it was February and he was at Mardi Gras. Time Flies!

    And now we have the summer tour to look forward to!!! What would I do without some sort of Taylor Event to plan for????

  37. dottib says:

    Safe travels everyone and raise a glass to absent friends tonight. Have a blast and enjoy your time – it’s finally your turn!

  38. Robin H. says:

    Hey, everybody! I’m new here, but just wanted to say a great big THANK YOU to whoever is hosting this site! I sure am greatful for all the info on where Taylor is on his tour!
    Hugs all around!

  39. shar says:

    Mad, your turn to see Tay at last! How exciting, have a wonderful time and come back with lots of stories for us. What a beuatiful scene, Taylor under the stars, a lovely night fragrance and that beautiful voice filling the air, surely that will be heaven on earth.

  40. justwatchin says:

    Have a super time Mad!!!!

  41. madaboutu says:

    Thanks guys! Pala is a resort and spa too so if I have time, I am going to have a massage. Yeah, I know when the adrenaline kicks in, the pain will go! The weather is scrumptious even here by the beach today, so the desert will be awesome.

  42. JAG says:

    madaboutu……………I’m feeling your excitement,have a great time.There aint nothing like a dose of TH for what ails you,by the time the show is over you will be pain free!!

  43. taylorfan64 says:

    madaboutu – yes, but Taylor makes the pain go away for a while!

  44. madaboutu says:

    Oh yeah! That crazy feeling down in my bones is arthritis I think LOL

  45. madaboutu says:

    I’m rollin out, it’s Sunday nite (well morning) got my good shoes on and it’s alright…………got that crazy feelin down in my bones etc. I am so looking forward to this concert . I don’t have a meet and greet, but I will try to remember anything of interest on Monday evening when i get home.

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