05/09 City by the Bay (Ocean Way, Ocean Way)

Taylor Hicks
The Warfield, San Francisco, CA
8:00pm PDT

There seems to be indication that the show is being video-taped. Be sure and comb your hair before joining the cellcert.

Set list (as of 10:13PDT, 5/9/07)

Gonna Move
Give Me Tonight
Heart and Soul^
Medicated Goo
Just to Feel that Way
My Friend
The Deal
Hold on to Your Love^^
Wherever I Lay My Hat
Soul Thing #
Heaven Knows > The Maze ##
The Right Place
The Runaround *

The Fall
Naked in the Jungle**

^ With “Brown-eyed Handsome Man” (Chuck Berry) tease
^^ With “Lonely Avenue” (Ray Charles) tease
# With “Eastbound and Down (Jerry Reed) tease
## With “Warm Love” (Van Morrison) tease
* With “Big Boss Man” (Jimmy Reed) and “Willie Brown Blues” (Ry Cooder) teases
** With “Dance to the Music” (Sly Stone) and “I Want to Take You Higher (Sly Stone) teases

BUT – there’s strong suspicion of tagging in Goo, and a random “Funky” that may turn out to be a tag, and a bass solo from Jaco Pastorius “Weather Report” possibly tagged onto The Maze


In the meantime, you can get a feel for the venue with a bit of the Decemberists, who were there a few weeks ago:

“Originally opened in 1922 and named after San Francisco actor David Warfield, the Warfield theater was first a movie house and vaudeville theater until being converted to a mostly concert venue with seating for approximately 2,300. Greats like Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead, Guns n’ Roses and Prince have all performed there.” – from gotickets.com


26 Responses to 05/09 City by the Bay (Ocean Way, Ocean Way)

  1. Nicholas says:

    I’m only about 6 months late posting this, because I just found out today that there will be a DVD of this concert coming out soon. It’s also going to be on cable, but I don’t think I get that channel. I’m very excited for it, as the set list for that show would have to be as close to a perfect set list as you can get, at least in my opinion.

  2. Berti says:

    I am not a city girl, but I thought the Warfield seemed a little RiskY.
    Let’s put it this way, we may have made it to Nob Hill (neighborhood withing walking distance but all uphill from the Warfield) in record time.. We should have clocked ourselves.

  3. Berti says:

    I just got home after a great concert and almost four days away from a computer.
    I was with my family at the Warfield. I only wish I would have been in the general admission section. The lodge people were boring! I felt like I was caged! Thank goodness, Taylor felt no limitations. The band was awesome and Taylor sounded great. I have to say….I am so ashamed of California! ARGGHHH!!! The bartender did confirm that there were only about 600 tickets sold. He also said that they have had to cancel past idol (contestant) concerts in the past due to poor sales. The only one he said did well there was Ruben. He was being rather negative about our man and said the only reason he thought he won AI last year was because he looked like George Clooney. I was counting to ten under my breath. I simply smiled and said that it appeared that the west coast just hasn’t “gotten him” and that I hoped hearing him tonight (Wed. night) would change his mind. I mentioned that he had gotten great reviews in other cities, especially the crowd he had in New York. All you can do is smile and hope they give him a chance. My husband was shocked that there were only 600 tickets sold. He likes Taylor but hasn’t become as big of a fan as I have. My daughter thinks he is great as well. I was really wanting him to sing HOAD (since it had been…..long story) but enjoyed the fact that he sang so many original songs. Good for him! My husband was quite impressed with his background singer…(glad he was watching eye candy since I had so much to watch….ha ha) and thought the guitarist was KA. He thought Taylor sounded great, couldn’t believe how much he sweated or how big his feet looked. (He had on his snake skin looking boots….). Just had to add that last bit in there because I thought it was funny.

    He did comment about the DVD.

  4. morewines says:

    Kinda surprised he didn’t sing “Dock of the Bay.”???

  5. Sherwin says:

    I just read the SF review of the concert. Is it true that the turnout was just 600?!….

  6. KimLoree says:

    Ahhh….Laurita…sounds wonderful. Did Taylor give you a hug for me? Nevermind….I’ll just pretend. So happy that you, Tina, Elaine, and justwatchin had a great experience. My turn is tomorrow. I can not wait!!!!!!
    justwatchin….did you survive it all? Still in a stupor?

  7. graciecat says:

    Wow! Sounds like SF was great! DVD! Amazing!

  8. […] 05/09 City by the Bay (Ocean Way, Ocean Way) Taylor Hicks The Warfield, San Francisco, CA 8:00pm PDT There seems to be indication that the show is being […] […]

  9. Robin H. says:

    Taylor, you probably want see this message, but if you do, I just sent you a package to Workplay. I hope you get it soon and enjoy it! To everybody else~ Howdy! Hope you are having a great day.

  10. Laurita says:

    hey you all.. wanted to post last night, but was so wiped out!

    but here’s a few words, super quick, cause i’m totally wasted after:

    DriveByTruckers Tues. nite and meeting Taylor & Ted/alltheanswers at the Great American Music Hall…

    Starting the SidewalkSoulPatrolParty in front of the Warfield yesterday at 1pm, 1/2hour talk with Ted during the afternoon wait about the tour, his upcoming plans (more on that later),
    having the most amazing M&G ever with Taylor (I got to go last and had LOTS of extra time with him to talk about CDs I had brought for him, Warriors/Basketball), then the most extraordinary concert EVER, right next to the stage, at his feet, got unreal fantastic photos of him and all the band til my camera died,
    the whole time was next to one of the cameramen shooting the film for the DVD (there were 6), then talking with Loren and his whole family (they’re all from Palo Alto) afterwards in front of the Warfield,
    then unbelievably awesome AfterParty at Biscuits&Blues with Jason Ricci and his great band, dancing, whooting & hollering to his blues harp, and then talking for a long time with Josh and Brian who showed up, about the tour, music history, etc. etc. until we closed down the place at 1:30am, and FINALLY walked back to my car with Tina and Elaine/justwatchin,
    and somehow drove home in a total stupor – got a few hours of sleep, so hoarse I can barely talk today,
    and now somehow have to get back to my life, while at the same time downloading photos, and writing about one of the best nights of my young life! “Taylor Hicks Live at the Warfield 2007” DVD will be ready in about 6 months, and is going to be one of the best LiveConcert films you’ll ever see!
    More soon!
    Hugs to you all (sent by Taylor via me, after I got a few from him!)

  11. bigepaz says:

    i was at the show last night. Taylor was amazing. I had many favorite moments, but his live rendition of “The Maze” was soooooooooooo good! At the end he came out with a Giants Bonds jersey. I wish he would’ve worn a Warriors jersey instead. Oh well! The best part, I’ll get to relive it when the DVD comes out. How cool is that?

  12. Donna Anderson says:

    I was in SF approx 1 week ago on a works conference at the Hilton on O’Farrell Street,we spent a full week there and had an amazing time in this beautiful city.I was absolutely gutted when i realised Tylor was playing The Warfield on the 9th knowing i would actually then be back at home in the UK.
    This guy had me hooked from the minute he auditioned in Vegas,love him,love his music – he represents what music has been sorely missing for such a long time. You guys are sooooooooo lucky,i’m so jealous,have a great time.
    How freaky that the DVD that may be getting recorded is going to happen in SF.

  13. morewines says:

    When it comes to concert history in San Franciso read this.


  14. Marcy says:

    Looks like another hot night for Mr. Hicks and the lucky people of San Francisco…….Enjoy!!! I wonder what they are video-taping the concert for….does anyone know?

    Off topic – I just finished watching AI…..Barry Gibb was on tonight singing his beautiful classic “To Love Somebody”……he is so excellent…..reminded me why I have loved the Bee Gees for so many years. When I was a kid I used to see them with a full orchestra behind them including strings….later on in the front row of Madison Square Garden boogieing to “You should be dancin”…….In my humble opinion I think the Bros. Gibb will go down in the history books as having written some of the most prolific beautiful music.

    I read that one of Taylor’s guilty pleasures of late was listening to the Bee Gees on his ipod…..how cool!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. madaboutu says:

    Everyone got their hair combed, lipstick touched up and pantyhose pulled up so they’re not baggin between your knees? Pray that the cellcert gods are with us tonite so we can imagine what might be going on that DVD.

  16. madaboutu says:

    cali……………never mind.

  17. madaboutu says:

    cali…………………..where is the ETC thread that has mojave’s encounter?

  18. Cali50 says:

    Here’s the link for tonight’s cell cert, starting at 8:00, Pacific time. the BIG NEWS is, it’s being video recorded. Just talked to some Boogiers and there are signs up all over the place warning people that they may be on camera during the recording process! Woo!

  19. madaboutu says:

    Chicken & Waffles……………..I wish I was going to be there!!!!!!!I was at Pala. I was asking because of the response of the person who was from SF, at Pala, who said she wouldn’t go to the Warfield. I have been to SF many times but don’t think I have seen the Warfield. Or maybe I did and just didn’t notice it at the time.

    SF FAN…………….you are indeed having some unusually nice weather. Have a super time at the concert. You will!!!!!!! I will be on th ecellcert. 🙂

  20. Madaboutu: The Warfield is located along the main artery of the City, Market Street which is fine. However, the surrounding side streets (North & South) are dicey. 6th Street used to be notorious for the drug dealers and the homeless but it’s starting to improve. Some of the areas to the North are The Tenderloin district which is equally dicey, butif you stay on Market, you’ll be fine. The Warfield is a terrific venue and worthy to stand amongst the other spectacular venues featured on this tour.

    Enjoy the show, ESSSS EFFFFFF!

  21. SF Fan says:

    I live in San Francisco – and am SOOO excited for tonight! The Warfield is a great venue – AND the weather is GREAT in the city today!!!!

  22. berney says:

    Hey Bay Area (S.F) people –

    I have seen Taylor on a TV commerical for Star 101.3 FM San Francisco about 4 times since last night. Anybody else seen it? It’s awesome to see him on TV again. Their website has him listed at #28 – so if you are from the Bay Area watch for this commercial and listen to the station.

    Have a great time tonight at the Warfield!!

  23. graciecat says:

    San Francisco is beautiful. Congratulations to all who are going to be able to attend the concert! It will be spectacular. Have a great time! Looking forward to all the recaps…

  24. madaboutu says:

    Nancy, have a great, great time and I know you will enjoy Taylor …goes without saying. I have a question if you live in SF. Is the Warfield in a rundown area? I met two women at the Pala show, one of whom came from SF. I asked her why she wasn’t just waiting for the SF show, and she said that she wouldn’t go down to the Warfield area. Was she overreacting? Alot of these venues across the country are not in the greatest areas. I love SF though. It is beeyootiful!!!!!!!!!

  25. Nancy says:

    Finally, our turn has come! I think this is going to be a great show at a great venue!

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