Other than Taylor, what have you been listening to lately?

I myself have been enjoying Catfish Haven quite a bit, as well as Jolie Holland‘s Escondida.

Your turn.


20 Responses to Soundtrack.

  1. EJ says:

    I got hooked on Toby Lightman after seeing her open for Taylor a few times. Her Bird On A Wire CD is really very good.

  2. Lubiana says:

    I’ve been listening to a lot of the Finn Brothers. They are incredibly talented musicians with a wonderful Beatlesque sound. If you like you can check my myspace for some videos. 🙂

  3. taylor made 4 me says:

    I was in on the cell cert tonight. Baby I’m Amazed comes to mind.
    Like I mentioned in my previous post, music is a relative term that is defined in part by one’s inner being. There are only a couple, perhaps three songs that can reach my inner being. In my life, one of those songs was sung to me by father, he sang it to me as a child, it was called “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole. I named my daughter Natalie after NKC’s daughter.. My dad has since passed. Another song, sung by Billy Joel, called You’re My Home, moves me in a personal way I can’t speak about.
    Tonight, a new song has slipped into my soul next to these two incredible songs…
    The Fall. I am unsure why I am in pain over it, but it struck a chord in me somewhere. The emotion was pure there. It translated. I felt it.

  4. DebD says:

    I decided to take a Taylor break the other day and listened to Daughtry’s CD (a friend gave it to me). Half way through I got so bored I started flipping through the songs to find something different. So then I went back to Clay Aikens first CD, and I like the songs and his voice but I kept thinking how Taylor could do them better.

    So I moved back to the latin music I like so well and listened to some Marc Anthony. Very sexy voice…and I love the latin sound. Too bad Marc isn’t a looker like Taylor!

  5. taylor made 4 me says:

    The music I am listening to right now is the pretty much the same as the music I have always loved.

    I listen to the sound of my child as she finds such innocent and pure delight in a flower growing “wild” amongst weeds. She says sweetly…”How strong and brave this flower must be mommy.” That is music to my ears.

    I listen to the sounds of a baby bird calling urgently to its mother for food or for comfort…her call back to him reassures the young one…that is music to my ears.

    I listen to the sounds of my own heart beating knowing I am alive and well..that is music to me.

    I listen for an hour or for a minute to the sounds of laughter echoing in the halls of my home…now that is really melodic and sweet.

    I listen everyday for something new and something real to lift me up and to bring me to a better and higher place…I may find it near or I may find it far or I may not find it at all…but when I do hear it, the call will be music to my ears, and maybe the song I hear will compare to the songs that I find in every day life…maybe the song I hear will rival the beauty that I have found just by listening to what’s real and whats around me, but something tells that nothing can compare to what is safely tucked away in your own heart.

    So fill your days with music that someone else has written and conceived…or fill your days with the music that follows the rhythm of your own soul.

    Taylor is amazing. I miss the Board. Life calls. Have a wonderful concert tonight.

  6. JAG says:

    I have been digging through my oldies and have been listening to Neil Diamond,Frank Sinatra’s Duets,( one of my favorites).I have been rediscovering some of the great Broadway musicals that I have too! My choices depend on the mood I’m in,but I couldn’t imagine life without music!

  7. SegerHicks says:

    I have been listening to more country lately….Rascal Flatts, Gretchen Wilson, Martina McBride, Toby Keith, Carrie Underwood, Big & Rich. This is still a little strange for me because as a kid/teen/young adult, I really disliked country music. I like songs that tell a story.
    I have been listening to Bob Seger’s Nine Tonight after many years of not hearing it….a live CD from 1980 taped in Boston and Detroit. I noticed something that made me smile…Seger recorded this Mainstreet track on Taylor’s 4th birthday at the old Boston Garden. Mainstreet is the only Seger tune that Taylor has performed so far on this tour. Those lucky buggers in Royal Oak, MI! I lived in central MI 4 years ago…and if I still did I would have been at that show!

  8. Marcy says:

    Like Graciecat and probably most of us I listen to Taylor almost all of the time….upstairs, downstairs, in the car…on the patio….Taylor!!!! I do thank him for the great and soothing music…..can’t get enough of his voice, always makes me smile. When I can tear myself away I listen to Joss Stone….recently got back into the Eagles and Don Henley solo…love them….and Elvis, especially the early years.

    Want to thank the powers that be again for this great site….it seems to be getting better all the time….

    BTW….got tickets to the Toms River NJ concert this morning!!!!! Made the day even sunnier than it is!!!

  9. Jules says:

    Am really loving Marit Larsen – Only a Fool is just too dang catchy! Too bad the audience in this video are all clearly suffering from consipation.

    Have also been diggin’ Kings of Leon – another catchy tune here…

  10. sooz says:

    Angelique Kidjo

  11. graciecat says:

    BTW Boogie, thanks for the links to Catfish Haven and Jolie Holland. Have a great day!

  12. claireb7tx says:

    Besides the “dewey tapes” I have been listening to Marc Broussard and Lizz Wright. I just downloaded flac files on Tom Waits.

  13. graciecat says:

    I didn’t really know there was anyone other than Taylor Hicks to listen to…alright, that is a little silly. I try to keep up with listening to what everyone suggests here! I am enjoying Marc Broussard, Corrine Bailey-Rae, Joss Stone and I recently purchased Elliot Yamin’s cd. It’s very well done. He’s got a couple of tracks on
    Of course, as Taylor Hicks cd’s are everywhere…upstairs, downstairs, by the computer, in the car…well you get the idea…I guess I could safely say I always listen to Taylor Hicks. Yep, everyday good music for the soul. Thank you Taylor Hicks for bringing the music back into our lives!

  14. dthomas says:

    Bob Seeger’s greatest hits. Joe Cocker, and a little top 40 and R&B radio — trying to stay current and keep up with what’s ‘out there’. I just stumbled across an R&B show that airs in many cities — they play some great old r&b, and some good new stuff. Interesting.

  15. lela says:

    I found a rare song by Ray Charles on a website of a professional musician Ron Oates(who was a personal friend of the great Carl Perkins) and whom has worked with a kajillion famous people. Go to and check out his Ray Charles page. You can listen to a few whole songs, but the rare one is “So Help Me God”. I have always hoped for a gospel album by Ray but none ever turned up (even tho he has Christmas ones)..and this is what I had been looking for. THIS is a song would love to hear Taylor do if he ever does a gospel style album.

    I emailed this guy and he said he would be happy to answer any music questions related to his experiences by any of Taylor Hicks fans.

  16. AmyMc says:

    I’ve actually been listening to the regular ole radio lately. It’s been ages since I’ve listened to country or pop stations, so I’ve been trying to listen to new songs that I haven’t heard before.

  17. thackeray says:

    Been listening to Fenton Robinson a lot over the last few months. I was intrigued by two things:

    1) a random reference to the fact that he’s the actual songwriter on Texas Flood, not Larry C. Davis, as I thought – have found nothing to confirm this, though. Maybe he’s just the originator of the blistering guitar solos, since he was the guitarist on the first recordings

    2) Like Taylor, Robinson sings blues with a soul-style voice. What I mean (and it may not be a conventional understanding) is that it has that strong emotive quality. More standard blues seems to me to be deliberately understated in the vocal (which can carry it’s own emotion, of course)

    The other thing I’m just getting into is old Johnny Winters Band stuff. “Second Winter.” I only now realized that Tommy Shannon played with Winter before later joining SRV. I like a quote in the liner notes where he refers to their style as “power blues,” a term he favors over blues/rock. He says it better expresses how they play blues with the power and energy of rock.

    In LA, I made a side-trip to Amoeba and picked up some Howlin’ Wolf (with Clapton and other brit-blues people) and some Jimmy WItherspoon, but haven’t even cracked either of those open yet.

  18. tphetzel says:

    Other than Taylor, didn’t know there was any other 🙂
    I also have been listening to Bucky Covington (from last year Idol) great CD!
    (Not as great as Taylor though!)

  19. juliegr says:


    Taylor Hicks in SF — wonder what special treats he has in store for you lucky listeners tonite!!


  20. eljean says:

    Iris DeMent
    My Life, The Way I Should, Infamous Angel.

    Anthony Hamilton – Ain’t Nobody Worryin.

    AlGreen – Love Songs

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