05/11 Whomp-stomping in Stumptown

Taylor Hicks
McMenamins Crystal Ballroom
8:00pm PDT
(“support to be announced” – I’m assuming that means maybe openers)

Then and now

Set list in progress

Gonna Move
Give Me Tonight
Hell of a Day acoustic guitar, funky organ, Josh digs out a killer bluesy guitar solo, with “Another Brick in the Wall Part Two (Pink Floyd) tag, got this one fitting his range perfectly now
Medicated Goo and Josh goes nuts again running the lick over and over, past all tolerance,
My Friend my special happy song, crazy-man harp. Wonder if he’s had a chance to hear Ricci?
Just to Feel that Way and there it is
Compared to What the bell says it all – a rocked out slap in the face – perfecto.
The Deal loverly
Hold on to Your Love Brian blows in the islands with his flute, with “Jump in the Line” (Harry Belafonte), slow, sexy guitar work – testosterone in a six-string, but what’s the tag??
Run Baby Run ok, now I don’t feel so bad
Soul Thing rolling out big and wild, like a man still happy to be on the road. Incredible. Loren goes wild all over the keys. Reports of helicopter dancing and jet-plane landing. with “Eastbound and Down” (Jerry Reed) tag
Heaven Knows segue into
The Maze raw and in your face, gorgeously sweet harp work. Tag??? ?”wrapped up in your love”?
The Right Place Everything this song can and should be. This is the song that his voice promised was in him.
The Runaround the floating floor floaters float away. Harperific. Riffing all over the “all I get from you” lyric. Such a free and perfect celebration of the joy of being screwed over.


A little stool-tease, and then
Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie-woogie Flu First the Goo, and then the Flu: a little Pacific northwest Cajun. With “Hey Pocky Way” (The Funky Meters). Great call and response with harp and guitar, and now “When the Saints Go Marching In” (traditional)

Note: needing tag ID for blues bridge in HOTYL, and for Heaven Knows and Maze

If it’s built by the McMenamin brothers, it’s a cool venue. These guys have made a speciality of taking old buildings and repurposing them to good purpose, usually in service of good music, food, film or all three. The Crystal Ballroom features a floating dance floor, which should mean that Taylor should have lots of company in the crazy moves department. It also might mean that you might want to think about what or when you eat, or pop some Dramamine (maybe we’ll get a Modest Mouse tag).

Check out the photo gallery:
The Venue

Why “Stumptown”?

28 Responses to 05/11 Whomp-stomping in Stumptown

  1. nanadylan says:

    I was at the concert last night and it was GREAT. I am still hoarse from all the shouting. It is something I will never forget. Taylor is aboslutely gorgeous in person. He is so slender. I am thinking of asking him for his diet tips.

    Another reason I will never forget the concert is that I became a great grandmother (only 56 years old) at 5:15 on May 11th. SO I will always remember where I was when my great grandson was borne.

  2. graciecat says:

    I wanted to so listen to that cellcert last night. Thanks to taylor made 4 me you’re recap was so emotionally and passionately written I am literally weeping because I have been one of the tens of thousands of fans (I wonder if we are in the millions yet? according to the numerous Taylor Hicks sites I visit that might be more accurate) who has had the opportunity to see Taylor in concert…you said it all. A Taylor Hicks Concert is truly a sensational experience! I hope I can hear tomorrow’s cellcert from Seattle. Fingers crossed.

  3. AmyMc says:

    Hope it was a fabulous show!

  4. JanetV says:

    Taylor was on last night….WOW, this was my first Taylor concert. My ears are still ringing. The standing in one small space was challenging, but well worth it. My friend is now into Taylor, she had a great time. He is so amazing, I got both of his previous CD’s, they are great, I just finished listening to them. Georgia is so amazing, Taylor’s voice does take you over.

  5. juliegr says:

    Morning Michelle — you’re so right. He does bring a song alive doesn’t he?


  6. Laurita says:

    wonderful writing and thoughts, michelle.. thanks much for that..

  7. taylor made 4 me says:

    Wow graciecat…thanks so much for that. I am a teacher,yes. Gosh…my students are lucky…now that is downright sweet for you to write on here! I don’t quite know what to say to that. Hmmmm. Many thanks I guess will do just fine.

    Gracie…you missed the most AMAZING cellcert tonight, I am so sorry to say. I listened only, didn’t post, just sat there and let Taylor into my head. on the cellcert, his voice just pushes so much further into you. I literally could feel him tonight inside my head! It was dizzying and intoxicating.

    His vocals were so ON tonight, smoothe and flowing. I was inside the house when the concert began, but by the time he finished his second song, Give Me Tonight, I thought, “…oh boy am I ever gonna give you tonight!” I headed for the door!

    Outside was crisp, but it felt tremendously refreshing since I was warm. Taylor’s voice sounded even closer under the open sky. Clear and crisp, he was not 2500 miles away, he was right there. It was as if the open sky allowed his passage! I laid back on a comfy cot, listened, and let Taylor fill me up with so many inspirational emotions. Taylor was able to transport me to a different place tonight. Wow! Every song was perfection, full of emotion and seemed to come from places other than himself. Taylor was transporting himself I think! God, I love that. Sign of a truly talented and blessed artist.

    I had my eyes closed for a long time, and the breeze felt so soothing, but I wasn’t cold at all. Taylor’s voice filled me with such warmth and my spirit just soared I guess. I opened my eyes for a moment and gazed upon a somewhat cloudy western sky. I could see only one star, and Taylor was singing “The Right Place.”
    The combination of the breeze, the night sky, and the intensity of this song made me shudder. I watched that one star flickering, and let Taylor’s voice penetrate my soul…”…when you looooook around it was right there allllll alllllllllllllonnnnnnngggggggggg.” came soaring through the phone like a jet. I dropped the phone! It was almost too much to take, I laid there thinking at that moment that the voice I was hearing was as precious as the moment. Remember the present? here it is!! I was so in the present again, thinking God I truly love what this man does with his music. I wish he knew how much good he does for a person. I also thought about the fact that I was looking at AND listening to a star, one more beautiful than the other. One was in the sky, the other on the ground.

    As the cellcert was winding down, I just sighed deeply. I felt very happy, and at peace. Taylor was beautiful tonight, in every way that a performer can be. I am so proud of him, and somehow I believe he will know that. When we impact someone in a very special way, it has to be known.

    And to think…last week one of his concerts left me speechless…LOL.

    I’ve come to the right place no doubt.

    peaceful dreams to all

  8. graciecat says:

    Michelle you are truly inspiring. I remember reading you are a teacher. Your students are so lucky as are we… Taylor Hicks certainly has a wonderful bunch of fans…guess we get that from our leader! Smile. CJ thanks for the link for future concerts. I just arrived home and tried to get on the cellcert..but seems I won’t be able to tonight. I reregistered so hopefully if anyone in administration is reading this from The Boogie Board…can I please pass? so that I can listen in on the cellcert tomorrow night? Seattle… Definitely looking forward to recaps of tonight’s performance. What’s happening? What’s happening? Is anyone on the cellcert that can reply already?

  9. CJ says:

    Kim Loree
    The site you are looking for is:


  10. JanetV says:

    I’m counting the hours till tonight, I’m bring my best friend to Taylorize her. She’s getting hiped. Hope to meet some of you tonight at the Crystal Ballroom.

  11. KimLoree says:

    Well….I’m off for the weekend. You’ll all be hearing about my experience on Monday…whether you wanted to or not. Hah!

  12. KimLoree says:


  13. justwatchin says:

    Oh, Michelle…thanks for sharing…good words to remember…

  14. justwatchin says:

    Hi all…hey KimLoree, can you please email me peppinsfamatsbcglobaldotnet??? thanks much!

    I wish all the concert goers tonight and tomorrow,the very best…know Taylor’s gonna rock the houses!

  15. taylor made 4 me says:

    It was a pleasure. Whenever I can I try to inspire…I have to, afterall I am a mom!!
    Happy Mother’s Day to you!


  16. hollyb says:

    Michelle –

    Lovely thoughts; you got me all choked up! “Enjoy today, enjoy your gift, forget the past and don’t worry of the future” – there are times when it’s hard to live by these words, but they are so very true. Thanks for sharing your epiphany (my son’s favorite word!) and have a great weekend.


  17. taylor made 4 me says:

    I had an interesting morning, thought I would share it with you guys.

    Seriously I woke up this morning instantly, at exactly 5:00AM I was wide awake, sitting up in my bed. The thought suddenly hit me like lightning that today is the day! For what you may ask.


    God, I love these kinds of days—why there is so much to learn, so much to know, and the anticipation of how the message will get to me fills me excitement. I run to the window. It always comes to me from the sky. Everything I ever really learn in life comes from the heavens above and earth beneath. I gently part the curtains and take a peek. The sky is dark, there are no stars, and the message is not clear. I am looking to the east and from what it seems the epiphany will not happen. Disappointed I close the curtains.

    I wait and think for a few moments. I had the feeling this morning that today would bring me a lesson, it’s not there instantly so I wish to turn away and close myself off from the source of strength that I have found. So I cross my room and I look to the west from another window, and the sky is black. There is no light there at all. The east is where I need to be looking…I run back to the window and take another look. It surely didn’t take long to realize that the light was indeed in the eastern sky and it was rising.

    I gathered myself in a chair and sat there quietly and every ray of light that escaped the horizon, and touched the sky above was given applause. After several minutes I realized that the rays of light were broken apart by forces that trap their route to the heavens. Those forces, however, only made the sunrise more beautiful, and more spectacular. By now the sun’s rays were touching the heavens, and the sky was beginning to take shape. The outline of the clouds captured the silver essence of the spectrum of colors. Metallic swirls and purple strokes gave way to the crowning crest of the sun as it made its appearance on the horizon.

    I thought about what I was looking at, and searched inside myself for the answers to my questions. My soul stirred as I felt the lesson from within. I am not just watching the sun rise. There is more here than that. The sun rising is a message in itself. If you look closely at the sun rising one day, and think about, you will realize that the wonder of it all is wrapped inside of a message. The sun rising is a gift, and when you see the sun come up you may realize that it is a wonderful thing to have. Watching the sun dawn on a new day is indeed a gift to us all, watching it come up reminds us that.
    Perhaps that is why it is called the “present.” A sunrise reminds us to live our lives in the present, in THIS day. A sunrise invites us to enjoy THIS moment, and forget the others that have come and gone. This day is the gift, this day is the one, this day is the only one that counts. The promise of tomorrow may never be. Like Taylor sings to us all in JTFTW, “…the world might be gone tomorrow but we’re here tonight!” It’s Taylor message to live in the present. Enjoy today, enjoy your gift, forget the past and don’t worry of the future. Treasure the present as a gift, that is not guaranteed to be yours, but as one that you are very lucky to have.

    I think I got the message. Time for coffee.

    I want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to All.
    Smiles to all
    Peace and love
    Enjoy the concert, I WILLin on the cellcert. Cellcert is like the sunrise in that it is a gift!

    Also…Tay you are truly an inspiration to everyone…sing your lil’ ol’ heart out sweetie.


  18. juliegr says:

    Not to worry — Gypsee got the entire appearance recorded. Checkout the threads and you’ll find it.

  19. juliegr says:

    Nope — damm — that was some hard work, too!

    Oh, well. He sang The Runaround, JTFTW

  20. KimLoree says:

    juliegr, I was just reading the star 101 thread on the board and it poofed. Hmmm…what happened there. Do you know?

    Aother off topic question…can anyone tell me which site it is that has pictures and info for all of the band members? I’ve looked at it several times when it was linked in posts, but never bookmarked.

  21. graciecat says:

    Happy! Happy! Happy! Friday all! Welcome Bonnie C. Glad you lurked long enough to see we’re really rather nice so you got brave enough to comment. We do get wild and crazy when it comes to talking about the Taylor concerts and once you see yours (glad you are seeing two back to back…because one is never enough!) you will know what we mean! Portland? And Seattle too? Be prepared for the time of your life…don’t worry about sleeping you won’t be able to but you’ll have so much energy from the concerts you won’t need to for at least a week. That’s what we’ve all been experiencing so far. Everyone that attended concerts with me said they were on a “happy high” for at least a week later. Enjoy Portland! The venue looks like a lot of fun. Add a Taylor Hicks concert to the mix…Wow wow wow wow wow! Recaps, recaps, please and thank you from anyone lucky enough to attend tonight. Calling BonnieC! Have a great day and a the best evening ever!

  22. juliegr says:

    Taylor is on the following station right now: streaming audio!!


  23. KimLoree says:

    I am so excited, I don’t know what to do with myself. Wish I could be in Portland tonight, but have to wait one more day. See you all in Seattle (freakin) tomorrow. One more day…sigh.

  24. cali50 says:

    Looks like a great venue. I think the band and the Boogiers will have a great time. I think Ash will be there. Right?

  25. juliegr says:

    BonnieC — welcome and have a blast!!! You’ve already decided that one concert isn’t enough; after the 2nd concert, you’ll probably join the rest of us Taylor addicts and begin to plot ways to attend another concert. You’ll be amazed by the euphoric joy you’ll get from the music. Almost like eating chocolates but without the weight gain!!

    Be sure to add your comments to this site http://www.concertfan.com — Reviews of Taylor’s are far and away the most read on the site.

    Enjoy! Cheers

  26. BonnieC says:

    I’m on my way to Portland tomorrow morning! I live in nothern CA close to the OR border. We have about a six hr. drive to Portland and then another 3 hrs. to Seattle Sat. morning. I’ve been so excited today getting ready for my Taylor weekend. I’ve been excited for weeks. It just always seemed so far off & now tomorrow is the day, & I almost can’t believe it. My husband is taking me to the Portland show and my daugter inlaw is taking me to the Seattle show. I would never travel this distance for any other performer except for Taylor. My husband has no interest in Taylor but I thnk he’ll enjoy himself. I’ll let you know how it all goes. I’ve never posted here.- been lurking here since GC ended.

  27. YoursSoully says:

    Thack, I’m a native Oregonian and I’ve never heard the nickname “Stumptown”! “Rose City”, yes. Thanks for a bit of education about my home state : ) It was gorgeous weather here today – all the better to welcome Taylor Hicks and the Taylor Hicks Band to town!!

  28. rubyred says:

    Very, very cool, Ash. Intriguing!

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