Boogie Board Best Of Series- 1-3.

#1. Taylor Hicks performs “The Right Place” at the Weidner Center in Green Bay, WI on 3-27-07

#2. Taylor Hicks performs “Compared to What” at the Van Braun Center in Huntsville, AL on 3-6-07.

#3. Taylor Hicks performs “My Home’s in Alabama” at the Alabama Theater in Birmingham on 3-11. Filmed by bigsis.


11 Responses to Boogie Board Best Of Series- 1-3.

  1. JiRO says:

    On Open Thread 8 and some 2 months ago on GC I said that “Compared to What” as in the Huntsville performance would be a good one for finale on AI – if it could be lengthened to about four minutes. This is probably a late comment on the videos off UTube but a good one of Taylor was the rehearsal for YASB from back in IDOL days. Had a little Flute (I believe) and Taylor on the Harmonica right at the end – sounded good.

  2. Marcy says:

    Thanks so much for these video clips……I watch them almost everyday to re-live the magic of Taylor…..The way he sings “My Home’s in Alabama” tugs at my heartstrings.

  3. madaboutu says:

    That particular video of CTW is just da bomb!!!!!!

  4. Kindred Soul says:

    Thanks for compiling all those …no doubt..a fan for life

  5. Phyl says:

    SegerHicks I’m with you–can’t really get enthused about the current crop on AI–no Taylor Hicks. I turned a good friend onto Taylor and was delighted when I heard him replying to someone who asked who he liked musically–“Bob Dylan–and this new guy Taylor Hicks.” I too have only a few favorites at this level. Boogie-Board–thanks for the videos!!!!

  6. graciecat says:

    Boogie Board…Best of Series 1-3…I have visited all your videos on You Tube …you have captured Taylor and the band in all their glory! You give the world a brief glimpse of the passion, emotion and energy that is experienced at a Taylor Hick’s concert. We all know however, there is nothing that quite compares to the actual concert experience itself. Thank you for these videos so we can relive the experience as often as we like. Work well done everyone!

  7. SegerHicks says:

    Thanks for these and PLEASE keep them coming!

    Watching Elliott last night on AI drove home yet again the fact that Taylor is so much FUN to watch! I like Elliott very much but he just isn’t exciting…he hardly moves. I realize it was a slower tune but still. Taylor’s performance on The Tonight Show was just plain FUN to hear and to see. I cannot wait to see him on AI next week but I really hope they don’t go to the judges for comments on Taylor…it is unecessary and lame IMO. I say “too bad” to those who don’t “get” Taylor Hicks because they are truly missing out on a wild ride and the natural high that hits me (and all SPers) whenever I/we hear his voice and/or see him on stage.

    I have a story to share. I have told DH that I have not felt this strongly about an artist (TH) since Bob Seger…hence my username. My in-laws usually visit from Florida every May and have been in my home during the AI finale for the past 3 years. My mother in law keeps asking DH who I like this year, who do I want to win and who am I voting for this season. He has told her repeatedly that I am not really into the show this year and I don’t really care who wins. She asked AGAIN on Mother’s Day who I was going to vote for (she isn’t visiting us this May) and DH finally said “she isn’t going to vote, the thing with Taylor is a once every 25 years thing!”

  8. c4tay says:

    Aw, man! These are just so great! I love this guy! Thanks so much for putting these up. He’s the reason I’ll tune in next Wednesday. He has represented Idol so well in every way…a great talent and a gracious person who has brought joy to so many. God bless him.

  9. karoray says:

    I hope someday he will put My Homes In Alabama on one of his cds. The way he sings that song is just beautiful.

  10. juliegr says:

    Thanks for putting these all in one place. Great memories of some unbelieveable performances that only got better as the tour progressed! Good news for our Taylor addiction. BTW, check the media thread today– Gypsee captured an interview on Orlando radio


  11. hicksaholic says:

    Great videos- thanks so much!! I wish there could be a dvd made of these performances

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