Boogie Board Best of Series- 4-6.

#4. Taylor Hicks performs “The Deal” at the Weidner Center in Green Bay WI on 3-27.
Filmed by bigsis.

#5. Taylor Hicks performs “Badge” at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee on 3-28.

#6. Taylor Hicks performs his original song “Somehow” at the Avalon in Boston on 4-3. Filmed by Taygerl and EJ.


4 Responses to Boogie Board Best of Series- 4-6.

  1. juliegr says:

    So happy to relieve these concerts clips through your wonderful videos. Thanks for keeping us connected.

    Good job and continued good luck with your work keeping our Taylor visions fulfilled!!

  2. taylor made 4 me says:

    I love every video of Taylor.
    I am particularly partial to the Pala, Beacon, and Seattle clips. Not sure why but I am so busy right now, that commeting is hard.
    I just wrote 4 deep songs, and I am enjoying my own creative outlet…thanks to Tay.

    I just NEED a sunrise to make my life complete.


  3. SegerHicks says:

    Once again…THANKS and keep them coming!!!
    I was at Avalon to witness Somehow live for the first time!
    I hope Josh is with Taylor this summer!
    Four more weeks baby!!!! Four more weeks!

  4. graciecat says:

    What no comments? So, it is true…Taylor leaves us speechless and in awe once again! Thanks for these great videos from the Boogie Board. Look forward to seeing them all again here if possible. Great to relive the concert experience. Thanks Boogie (a.k.a. as Ash).

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