Open Thread 10.

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58 Responses to Open Thread 10.

  1. doodlebrain says:

    chris daughtry sucks!

  2. bjewel says:

    Awww…Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band….gauranteed to raise a smile!

    I wonder of alltheanswers can tell me the brand of Red Guitar Taylor played on “Don’t Let Me Down.”
    Happy Last Day of AI Season 6…Taylor passes the torch to ???, and sashays out the door. WHOOOOpppeeee!

  3. DebD says:

    Shar – I agree with you on WILMH. I love that song, it is so mournful and sexy. And I wonder who he is trying to convince, himself or the girl.

    I watched AI last night, a bit out of curiousity and mostly out of habit. It was BORING. I remember last year at this time I couldn’t sit still waiting for the finale and Taylor’s victory. Tonight, I don’t think I’d watch if Taylor wasn’t going to be on. Sgt. Peppers indeed! That should be good… “what do you see when you turn out the light…” Oooo Baby!

  4. Calimari says:

    Week after week, Taylor owned that stage last year. I don’t see how it will be any different this time around. Heaven Knows is a great song off his record (my personal favorite) and he really rocks it out in concert. He nailed it on Leno last week. The crowd will go wild & all those folks who wondered what happened to Taylor & who didn’t even know he had an album out will more than likely give his album a nice sales jump. If Idol had simply mentioned his album and didn’t diss him all season, he might have sold a little more as well, but I think his future is firmly in his own hands at this point. He’ll be doing a Sgt. Pepper medley w/ the Idols tonight, too.

  5. Beverly says:

    Mary ~ Taylor has one half brother, Sean. His stepmother Linda has a son Jeremy who Taylor considers a brother. I asked this question and these are the answers the “quick to answer” gave me. Mystery solved

  6. taysioux says:

    I’m enjoying this tread!!! I really miss GC… I don’t have too much time to post or to read, so I use to print out threads and read them at night to catch up… you can learn so much about TH and what he’s up to. I’ve seen him 3x’s and I appreciate all the reviews, but I know he’s awesome… I like to hear other news about him.

  7. Bernie says:

    Thanks for explaining the gum comment. I knew there was a reason I never watched the auditions anymore.

  8. BigTayFan says:

    Gran-ma Says: What was Bill’s job? I thought he was tour manager.

    I believe Bill Will’s official title is Tay’s “Personal Assistant”. He’s the official “photographer” during M&G, videographer of Tay’s backstage antics, holder of Tay’s expensive camera, flashlight handler when Tay needs to sign autographs in the dark, supplier of Gray sharpie, his list of duties could go on… 😉

  9. Gran-ma says:

    What was Bill’s job? I thought he was tour manager.

  10. Laurita says:

    bigfan and hippie.. thanks for catching my error! You’re both right, I was multi-tasking when I typed the post earlier and wasn’t paying attention..

    Ted C. was the ‘stage’ manager for the ‘tour’ – i mixed it up! – and handled all the guitars (I think there were at least 5 for Taylor)..

    and yes, Tim managed the tour, and was also there at my M&G, collecting all the gifts that folks brought to Taylor… it was hot in the basement corner where they did our M&G at the Warfield, so I think that was the one time Tim didn’t have the sports coat on! Bill was there energetically taking photos for everyone, and was entertaining all of us too!

    Ted told me that his wife also reads the Board and other sites and keeps him posted! He’ll be managing all the electronics and huge LED screens for this DAFTPUNK tour I mentioned which will take him all over Europe and then Asia.. he’s hoping his wife will join him for at least the Asia part..

    thanks again, take care, Lauri

  11. AgingHippie says:

    You have the titles and descriptions with the right names. Also remember someone refering to alltheanswers as the “guitar wrangler” -LOL –
    apparently there were a Lot of guitars on the tour – – Ted brought Taylor’s guitar out to him during the shows sometimes too.
    miss the great input he gave on GC – even when he was more “someoftheanswers” :]

  12. BigTayFan says:

    Laurita: I thought Ted (alltheanswer) was the STAGE manager. He always wears a red baseball cap and a cargo shorts. And Tim (Durfey) is Tay’s TOUR manager. Tim is the older gentleman who always wear a sports jacket.

  13. madaboutu says:

    berney…………….Simon and Nigel both said they hadn’t heard Taylors album, so how do they know how good it is? I doubt if they have even listened to Daughtrys. They only care about $$ anyway, I think.

  14. berney says:

    Cowell and fellow judges Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson help pick the contestants in the early rounds but then watch as viewers take over and choose the finalists and winner. What happens after that is up to the singers and those producing their records, Cowell said.

    “With all these artists, it depends on the material you put out. We saw that with Taylor Hicks and Chris Daughtry,” he said. “One made a quite good record, one a very good record. Chris is selling more than Taylor.”

    Hicks was last year’s winner, Daughtry a finalist.

    This is on my web site (Comcast) entertainment news today from good ole’ snarky Simon.

  15. Crazymomelon says:

    Wow. I never realized how mediocre these singers are.

  16. Crazymomelon says:

    Did they just play “Take the Long Way Home”? what the hell game are they playing?

  17. […] Open Thread 10. This thread is here for you to talk about Taylor’s Tour, Taylor’s Music, Taylor Related Gatherings, Other Music, […] […]

  18. shar says:

    Bernie, the gum comment came early in the season during the intitial try-outs. I don’t recall the city. The situation was a contestant came in chewing gum, pulled it out of her mouth looking for somewhere to throw it away.

    There was a huge picture of Taylor on the wall and Simon told her to put it behind Taylor’s ear. Personally, I was thinking she should put it somewhere on Simon where the sun doesn’t shine.

    That was around the same time he told a rather odd looking, mentally challenged young man that he looked like a Bush monkey. It left me wondering if Simon a. has a heart at all and b. if he is really human?

    I boycotted the show after that until the top 24. Ridiculing people,particularly helpless people,gives me no joy.

  19. shar says:

    Crazymom, I am right there with you. One more day ’til T Time, WHOOO!!!

    I am listening to Wherever I Lay My Hat as I type, his voice is so sad,sultry,sexy on that song. Though he is the one leaving he sounds so melancholy and that imho is how you sell a song.

    I am so psyched to see Taylor on my tv screen again, it has not been the same this year without his million dollar smile looking out at me each week.

  20. Crazymomelon says:

    I’m kind of weirdly bummed by how happy I am that Heaven Knows has been announced as he new single and that Taylor will perform it on the Ai Finale. I’m bummed because I am so buoyed by this news. I take it as proof that I am, indeed, insane.
    Singing all the way into (and out of) my straightjacket……..

  21. Bernie says:

    Ok, so I haven’t watched Idol that much this year- there just wasn’t anything there for me. Can someone tell me what the “gum” comment was? Or point me towards it?

  22. HyacinthHouse says:

    Yay, I love Heaven Knows, can’t wait to see him sing it tomorrow. I hope it gets better radio reception than JTFTW did. Go Tay!

  23. Pamela says:

    btw, Ted was also on the AI tour so if you bought the $20 program you can find his name in the Tour Credits as Ted C****** – Video Crew. He may or may not have been the source of some Taylor stuff during that tour. Either way, he did post quite often on GC once he opened back up and would aften stay on the thread to answer questions and talk to us.

    And YES!!!, I am glad to hear that Taylor will do Heaven Knows tomorrow night. Maybe I just worry too much but when I heard his band would not be there I feared the worst. I just don’t trust AI to treat him well. Given a chance to perform, however, I have every faith in Taylor’s ability to blow the roof off the place!!!!!

  24. madaboutu says:

    Adding that Taylor will be doing an interview at 7 AM tomorrow on Ryans station KISS 98.7 and at 8 AM on KOST 103.5.

  25. Gran-ma says:

    On THHQ they announce that Taylor will sing “Heaven Knows” tomorrow night.

  26. Laurita says:

    dthomas wrote:
    “curious…I’ve seen Ted ‘alltheanswers’ mentioned a lot. Who is he? Does he do something on Taylor’s tour?”

    Ted/alltheanswers was the tour manager for Taylor’s first national tour just completed.. I had the good fortune to speak with him quite a bit before the Warfield S.F. concert and he’s a wonderful guy – (have some great photos too which I’m hoping to have ready to post on the BBoard this weekend…)

    On May 10th I posted a number of things about an amazing meeting with Ted and Taylor in S.F. the night before the Warfield concert at a DriveByTruckers show, as well as stuff that Ted shared at the Warfield concert, over on the BBoard under the Tour Recaps/cc pages (see p. 4&5 on ‘Questions for Malisa’ thread)..
    ..main thing Ted shared (if you don’t have time to find those posts) is that he is taking at least 4 months off from working with Taylor to do an international tour with DAFTPUNK.. and will get back with Taylor probably in the fall…

    take care, Lauri

  27. sideways721 says:

    Heaven Knows got my vote for the single when Gray had the poll at his place.
    How wonderful that Taylor gets to sing this to the huge AI audience.

  28. madaboutu says:

    I saw Taylor on a FoxNews video this morning, and he said that he wished he could be doing it all again, so guess it wasn’t that bad for him. I don’t think he expected the show to be so negative toward him after the fact though.

  29. Gran-ma says:

    The gum comment made me furious. I just could not believe that they would treat their “own” like that.

    I expect him to be very well received, and his nice Southern gentleman self.

  30. hollyb says:

    Pamela – I hated the gum comment too, but the fact that Sundance had a dismal showing and didn’t even crack the top 12 pretty much slapped that wad o’ gum right back onto Simon and Randy’s faces (Randy agreed when Simon said Sundance blew Taylor “out the water”).

  31. AgingHippie says:

    (((( taylor made ))))

    I tend to think in visuals and your description of Simon has me LMAO

    we need to beg the marvelously talented Katja to do one of her caricature drawings of SLimon with the feathers flying ! ! ! ! ! ! ! :laugh:

  32. taylor made 4 me says:

    Wow, this thread is hoppin. I do not know where to look, I feel a little breathless.
    Reminds me of a song I recently wrote. I see the posts and I wonder where all these people came from…lol
    It’s like screaming silently out loud!

    I think I am going to write some more later tonight when I have had a chance to center myself.
    All your posts are so interesting, and it gives a girl alot to ponder.
    Taylor will be on fire on AI—I predict he will bring the house down.

    His performance will be THE most talked about performance yet in the history of American Idol. If he sings Heaven Knows as people claim he is, then I will have to hold on to my breath.
    You watch, and believe what I said. The house will come down for HIM. HE is the light, and no matter what AI does, He will shine like the sun on June 21 at midday. Summer Soltice cannot compare to the amount of light that Taylor will possess.
    Can’t wait myself. I can’t wait for Simon to look at Taylor with astonishment, as Simon will realize as Taylor is performing who Taylor is, and the realization that he was WRONG. Simon will eat crow and I will laugh as feather come flying from his sassy mouth. LOL Go Tay!

    All I can say is…WOW.

  33. Phyl says:

    Let’s be positive. This is Taylor’s final victory lap–he won, his tour has been wildly successful, and he has nothing to prove. I am happy that I will get a chance to see him on TV, and I am sure his album sales will get a bump from this. I don’t know how much of the Idol mouthing off is real and how much is fake–trying to get publicity and buzz. The only part I know is real is how much I enjoy Taylor’s performances.

  34. Pamela says:

    There’s no question as to the power of the show and I believe Taylor always will and should be proud of being The American Idol. As good as it is, however, it has also become really negative this year. I do not trust AI to put Taylor in a positive light and have not watched since the gum comment on the second show. Call me a coward but I am taping tonight and tomorrow night to watch on playback (remote in hand).

    I guess, btw, that I wasn’t the only one excited for the new season to start but who turned off the TV after the gum comment which was on the second audition show. Perhaps AI has learned that trashing your own winner is insulting to all of your viewers who voted for him but… I’m still not watching this week live.

  35. hollyb says:

    Heaven Knows?! YES!!!!!!!! I got tickets to Waukegan in July and now this news! I’m so excited!! Thanks DG!

  36. Mary says:

    Sorry if this is not the right place to ask this, but,
    have been reading some archived articles -in two of them, Taylor mentions he has two brothers, I do know of his brother
    Sean, can someone enlighten me on his second brother.

    Thank you, I am patiently awaiting ” Heartful of Soul”

  37. DG says:

    Received an email from the station. She said that the record company had pulled the other one ( I guess she meant JTFTW) and has released Heaven Knows.

  38. madaboutu says:

    Anyone who posts here live on the east coast? I am on the west coast, and I would like to know ahead of time if anyone sees Taylor in the audience tonight, and at what point in time.

  39. DG says:

    Listening to Lite 98 in Richmond. They are playing Heaven Knows, it was intruduced by Kat at Taylor’s new single and he would be singing in on American Idol.

  40. dthomas says:

    curious…I’ve seen Ted ‘alltheanswers’ mentioned a lot. Who is he? Does he do something on Taylor’s tour?

    While it will be nice for Taylor to be relieved of some of the obligations from AI…and hopefully, some of the bad press….AI IS the best way to reach millions of viewers. Viewers that loved him. I may be crazy, but I kind of wish he had more opportunites to come back and sing on that show.

    On another note….I’ve been listeneing to Bob Seeger…he sings a great song called Tunr the Page…all about being on the road touring… would love to hear Taylor do that song, sometime.

  41. JiRO says:

    Last night an Awards ceremony was held for a local Middle School (6th, 7th, 8th graders). After some comments from three students, the school choir came on to sing. The piano started and the choir began to sing and I looked over at my 11 year old Grandson and he looked at me, we grinned at each other. They were singing “Do I Make You Proud” which happens to be My grandsons favorite Taylor Hicks song. I assume the choir director must be a Taylor Hicks fan to pick that tune.

  42. saboo says:

    You know, I just read an interview that griz posted a link to in the News Forum over on the Boogie Board . With Taylor’s positive outlook, and his faith in himself, I think his appearance on AI is going to be just fine.

  43. taylor made 4 me says:

    Something tells me Taylor will sing his heart out.
    He is a light.
    Tay is the light, the truth, and the one that will last forever.

    I melted in Sayreville, was enlightened at the Beacon, and there is no turning back. Can’t resist what’s true.


  44. c4tay says:

    I think I’d be less nervous if I knew what he was doing. It’s exciting to be surprised, and I know he’ll do great, but if I had some concrete information to think about, I think I’d be less anxious. I can’t wait to see him on tv again. I hope he has a great time and that it will all be something he’ll love doing. I know the fans will really be happy to see him.

  45. cali50 says:

    Bill is his assistant, but it’s usually Ted (alltheanswers) that has the American Idol shirt on. However, if he had a smaller build, then I’d say it was Bill. Ted’s a more huskier build.

  46. Sideways721 says:

    Gwen B.

    love your story.

  47. GwenB says:

    cali50 … there was a man with Taylor of a smaller build, wearing an American Idol t-shirt, and very busy checking something out. Is Bill his assistant?

  48. cali50 says:

    Cute story! He really is hard to spot when you’re not expecting to see him. He’s taller and leaner than you expect. That cap works! When I ran into him on the elevator at Pala, it took me a few minutes before I realized it was him and I always swore, there is no way that cap would work with me! Actually, if he hadn’t been with Bill, I might not have ever realized it was him!

  49. amys says:

    GwenB, very nice story about seeing Taylor at Denny’s. It was very kind of you to respect his privacy.

  50. GwenB says:

    I really expect Taylor to wow everyone on AI this week. I read an interesting quote by Simon Cowell today. He says he just didn’t think Taylor was the best talent they’d ever had. He was just the most popular!! Even the critics have often admitted Taylor has a lot of talent! … I want to share a little something that happened in Seattle before the concert on May 12th. I was on my way with my husband and two adult granddaughters to the concert, but we wanted to grab a bite to eat beforehand. We got our rooms in Federal Way and went over to Denny’s Restaurant. We’re sitting in the booth and my granddaughter nudges me. When I looked up there standing on the other side of our table not five feet away, was this very tall, very slender, very handsome, young man, talking on a cell phone, smiling, and trying to hide under that baseball cap! There I was arguing with myself that it couldn’t be Taylor at a Denny’s three hours before his concert, but then it IS him! I would never do anything to invade his privacy so I just enjoyed the moment and remembered that he says nothing is a coincidence, it’s fated.

  51. taylorized says:

    I am excited to get to see Taylor and for him to move on and for people to see him again.

  52. madaboutu says:

    I’ll be glad when this week is over too for Taylor and for us! Let’s call the Thursday a new beginning. Anyway, this article came in on my Yahoo alerts and I find it interesting but not something to post on the threads on the board. It is about a man who is a locksmith……..and a musician! He plays sometimes with the AI band and he is the one responsible for the version of DIMYP done on Leno after AI 5. He has an interesting and different life for sure. It mentions Taylor on the headline and in the article.

  53. Sideways721 says:

    Yeah, AI will officially be FIZZLED out for Taylor Hicks.

  54. Gran-ma says:

    He will do great.

  55. viv says:


  56. justwatchin says:

    I’m thinking he’s gonna be pretty glad to hand it over and be out from under…..least I hope so. That winning momemt will always be the most special, but bet he’s so ready to move on (already has)……

  57. DebD says:

    Is that because it is the week that Taylor hands over his Idol crown?

  58. Pamela says:

    Am I the only one that will be glad when this week is over????

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