Taylor to pass on American Idol title tonight at 8/7CT.

Good morning, all!

Today is the day Taylor will be passing his crown onto the next American Idol.
My, what a year it has been! Spotlight, songs, struggle, and now secession.

Be sure to tune in to your local Fox Affiliate station tonight to catch Taylor’s live performance and watch him pass his title onto Jordan Sparks or Blake Lewis.



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  1. LaceyLace says:

    I love Taylor, I picked him to win out of the auditions lst year. he has such a great voice and sings from his heart. I can’t imangine what bug got up Clive’s *ss, he seemed more intent of throwing out how much $$ AI has made. Carrie is good, thats obvious, and a great slap to Simon who “Just doesn’t get Country” I was shocked to see Ruben because everyone seems to think Clay won that year. But with each Idol comes their own style,. Thankfully Taylor stuck to his!!!

  2. JiRO says:

    Overall I was not impressed by AI finale (but what do I know). Kelly Clarkson, to me, gave the best performance. Initially I wasn”t satisfied with Taylors performance, but after viewing it a couple more times he did better than I thought. Seems to me the band might have been playing tune like on Tay CD and Tay was doing concert style. Dissing of Taylor continued Tuesday night right before Daughtry came on (nothing against Dauthtry – he is good), but against AI and Record Company. But Clive has to make money so he will push what brings in most money – it”s business.

  3. sideways721 says:

    Thanks for the directions to the Steve Jones/Taylor Hicks interview.
    Taylor really did TALK. I loved it.
    Elvisville, LOL.

  4. Lubiana says:

    That radio interview with Steve Jones IS a hoot! Best one I’ve heard yet!

  5. Laurita says:

    My 2 centavos:

    I loved Melinda, LaKisha and Gladys Knight singing together on that top 6 ‘girls’ number, “Midnight Train to Georgia”… I could have listened to the 3 of them for hours… what would be even more amazing for me would be those three segueing back and forth with the extraordinary CeCe & BeBe Wynans.. I loved Melinda and the Wynans… I’m ready to buy a ticket for any solo show Melinda D. does in CA…

    I wanted to throw bricks at the TV when Clive was pimping Daughtry and Carrie, and totally dissing Taylor.. ugh… Thank god Taylor rocked the Kodak big time later with a super “Heaven Knows”, and a too-small bit of the Beatles (very weird seeing HK without his band… I missed Melanie on those vocals…) Jesus, he blew that harp, though.. hot.

    One other weird thing in that Sgt. Pepper’s segment was Reuben doing “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”… Him and psychedelics just don’t cut it somehow.. anyone else catch that?

    Green Day (the guys are all my neighbors here in Oakland, where they grew up!) did such a great thing honoring John Lennon and Amnesty Int’l and the Darfur heartache situation… good for them…

    P.S. I heard that ‘the crying girl’ was hired off the auditions set of “…Smarter than a 5th Grader” to be in the AI audiences, and that she’s just basically a hired little actress! it’s all so strange…

    P.P.S. At the end, I was already envisioning Taylor coming back even more triumphantly at the end of NEXT AI season, and then rocking Idol audiences at every finale in future years…

    ****BTW, if you haven’t yet heard Taylor’s outrageous, hilarious, wild radio interview before the Idol finale with Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols, RUN don’t walk over to the Boogie Board, to the Television & Radio Appearances section – the thread called “Taylor on 103.1FM today …”

    On Page 4 toward the bottom Blondi posted the revised link to the sendspace page where you can download her capture of the radio program… Imho, it is the best Taylor radio interview I’ve ever heard (plus he does “The Fall” there live in their Santa Monica studio that’s pretty darn good…) The give-n-take with Taylor and ‘Jonesy’ about Elvis, ‘chicks who smoke’, the road, and more is both hysterical and illuminating! 😉 Check it out…

  6. georgie says:

    I wish that Taylor had sung “The Right Place”. I feel as if it was a hugely wasted opportunity. He is great standing still.

  7. Mary says:

    Beverly – sorry I have been having computer problems – THANK YOU for taking the time to answer my question regarding
    Taylor’s brothers – appreciate you taking the time!!

    I will not rehash the finale last night – do feel Taylor was owed something more than Sanjaya, but as always, Taylor was
    the best thing on the show, his “class” outshined everyone. His father, grandmother, step-mother and everyone who had
    a part in his upbringing should be very proud – he is a terrific person, and never stoops to the level of a Clive or Simon.

    Will finally get to see Mr. Hicks on July 7, at Innsbrook – can not wait!!
    Thank you, Taylor for your love and joy of music and sharing it with us. Hope you have a chance for a little R&R before you start on your summer tour.
    God Bless!!
    part of

  8. Tami says:

    I actually think letting Taylor come out with no introduction was a compliment and think he probably had no problem with it. He looked great, sounded great although it seemed sometimes during HK he couldn’t hear the music, wasn’t quite in sync.

    On the Beatles song (which was the most difficult to sing of all the ones chosen) I think he did a very good job. He definitely “Taylorized” it.

    I do think Clive should’ve emphasized that Taylor does have a platinum album instead of just saying it so matter-of-factly like it is not quite an accomplishment. He did mention the single which is a plus. I don’t fault him for mentioning Daughtry’s success. . .that’s what he is about and good for Chris.

    If you compare Chris’s performance on Tuesday to Taylor’s, Taylor stands out as an original with charisma to spare. Chris was rather bland and didn’t show much talent with his guitar. I would’ve enjoyed his performance much more had he lost the big guitar, grabbed the mic and worked the audience.

    Blake and Doug E Fresh were fantastic. Blake is very original and was my choice. But since the idol has to pimp that syrupy ballad over and over, I’ll bet he’s more than happy with second place. ( I hate to be a part of conspiracy theories, but maybe that song was picked because it was better for Jordin who was their darling instead of Blake.)

    His AI appearance really gave him a bump. Taylor is up to #18 on Amazon now. Up from somewhere in the 300’s and that’s what’s important isn’t it?

    As usual JMO.

    Tami aka BTM

  9. Tami says:

    I actually think letting Taylor come out with no introduction was a compliment and think he probably had no problem with it. He looked great, sounded great although it seemed sometimes during HK he couldn’t hear the music, wasn’t quite in sync.

    On the Beatles song (which was the most difficult to sing of all the ones chosen) I think he did a very good job. He definitely “Taylorized” it.

    I do think Clive should’ve emphasized that Taylor does have a platinum album instead of just saying it so matter-of-factly like it is not quite an accomplishment. He did mention the single which is a plus. I don’t fault him for mentioning Daughtry’s success. . .that’s what he is about and good for Chris.

    If you compare Chris’s performance on Tuesday to Taylor’s, Taylor stands out as an original with charisma to spare. Chris was rather bland and didn’t show much talent with his guitar. I would’ve enjoyed his performance much more had he lost the big guitar, grabbed the mic and worked the audience.

    Blake and Doug E Fresh were fantastic. Blake is very original and was my choice. But since the idol has to pimp that syrupy ballad over and over, I’ll bet he’s more than happy with second place. ( I hate to be a part of conspiracy theories, but maybe that song was picked because it was better for Jordin who was their darling instead of Blake.)

    Just got back from buying three more TH albums. He is at #18 right now, up from somewhere in the 300’s yesterday. So he got a big bump from appearing on AI which is the important thing don’t you think? I’m not angsting for him, it’s all good.

    As usual JMO.

    Tami aka BTM

  10. Crazymomelon says:

    Weighing in on last night:
    Low lights:
    The “golden Idol” awards. Lamer than lame. The one featuring the two buddies made me cringe. How could they reprise this horrendous gaffe?
    Carrie Underwood’s single. Could that have been a little more nasal and twangy? I love Carrie’s voice and don’t hate country music as much as I once did, but I had to turn that s**t off.
    The African children. Three words: Ladysmith black Mombazo.
    Clive Davis.
    Tony Bennett: My son, “He sounds pretty good for a guy in his hundreds”.
    The Divine Miss M: Whaaaaaa? I LOVE her!! I f she couldn’t bring her “A” game in front of millions, how will her (usually outstanding) stage show be?????
    Green Day. Actually, not a low light, but the attempt to turn “Working Class Hero” into some kind of commentary on poverty in Africa was just lame. I guess they were trying to meld the Gives Back thing into the Beatles thing. Lame montage.
    High lights:
    Blake and the Beat Box guy. Very entertaining. But, on the radio? Not for me.
    Kelly C – Sgt. Pepper. Excellent
    Taylor Hicks – Heaven Knows. Heaven knows this guy can sell a song.
    Taylor Hicks: Day in the Life. Mooove me, Taylor.
    Ruben & Jordin: Excellent.
    Not that anyone cares about this, but I wanted to weigh in.

  11. […] Taylor to pass on American Idol title tonight at 8/7CT. Good morning, all! Today is the day Taylor will be passing his crown onto the next American Idol. My, what a year it […] […]

  12. karoray says:

    Apparently there are a few people who don’t know who Taylor is . He is being stomped and tromped in that MSNBC poll . Don’t think I have ever seen that happen before.

  13. sideways721 says:

    Checking back in here today.
    Ok, so I wasn’t the only one who noticed that the band was playing too fast and the backup singers were off during Heaven Knows. In a few parts, Taylor could barely get in all the lyrics but he pulled it off. His dancing on the catwalk and the harp were great! Taylor’s energy level was phenomenal.

    So Taylor wasn’t introduced, and we all know who he was. But, wouldn’t this have been nice…

    Ryan: And, now your reigning American Idol, performing his new single Heaven Knows….ladies and gentlemen, TAYLOR HICKS!”

  14. taylorized says:

    just at amazon.com Taylor is #2 go Taylor

  15. Phyl says:

    More on the positive side, here in Brooklyn lately I am hearing Just to Feel that Way on soundtracks in every store I go into–for the longest time it was driving me up the wall that only Chris was all over the place. I wonder if anyone read a classy remark that Katharine McPhee made when she was asked to comment on Taylor’s and her own lower numberscompared to Chris. She said more or less, as far as Taylor goes, I think he’s done amazingly considering he’s gotten no radio play.

  16. justwatchin says:

    he…I think Taylor stole the show too…..or could it just have been that I was riveted to to the tv when he was on? I swear, I turned the TV off after he performed St.Pep…I don’t even think I saw the ending of that medley! I did not stick around to see who even won…..so far I”ve watched the replay….I thought he did a great job….couldn’t believe the lack of introduction, but the audience was well aware who he was alright! Did y’all see Randy rocking out, smiling and nodding his head looking at all the folks Taylor had standing?

    That show seriously needed more Taylor time (at least I did!)

  17. TC says:

    I agree that Taylor, love him or hate him, needs no introduction and everyone definitely knew who he was when he came out. Kelly Clarkson sure said his name enthusiastically, which was great to see! I liked how he said “hey” before he started singing Heaven Knows and then “see ya later” at the end of it.

    Calimari, I didn’t watch Reuben sing and mess up a Beatles lyric, but I noticed Taylor fudged a little lyrics at the end of his song and also Day In The Life, but I think it’s so adorable when he mixes up a word or two, it’s endearing.

    I didn’t think he sounded too rushed though, Heaven Knows is a fast-paced song and he did a helluva job singing it live while moving around like that. The rest of the show was dullsville compared to that. 🙂

  18. viv says:

    of course i love seeing and hearing taylor…but disgraceful the way he was presented. i could not believe it. but he did overcome and was great as usual. the best idol ever!!!!!

  19. Calimari says:

    I also prefer to think that taylor needed no introduction, but Ryan did say it was taylor at the end. After the show I was thinking he’s probably out celebrating that he’s no longer the reigning Idol, and he was probably high-fiving Blake, who dodged a bullet there! He was great last night – all the former Idols performed well, really. Except Rueben needs to learn the words to Lucy in the Sky w/ Diamonds. It’s tangerine DREAMS – not tangerine trees!

  20. HyacinthHouse says:

    I’m getting the same story when I tried to request his new single just now. I called our local at-work type station because the DJ was talking about the AI finale last night…I said I would love to hear the song Taylor sang which is his new single. He said “what’s it called?” So I told him Heaven Knows and he said he’ll “see what he can do.” I was really nice and said thank you, etc. Five minutes later I hear him on the radio saying “life’s not always fair, take for instance this guy who should have won AI last year…what a GREAT song.” And he proceeds to play Home by Daughtry. He had to know I was listening since we just hung up the phone after I requested Taylor’s new single. Then he made sure to get in Kelly Clarkson’s new one right after Daughtry…just to make sure I got the message.

    I guess people who don’t get Taylor are just missing out, right? I’m not going to get bitter like I did when they refused to play JTFTW, I’ll just keep going to his shows and I also just bought a 3rd copy of his CD and sent it to my best friend who’s going to my next two shows with me. I got it from Amazon.com and saw Taylor’s album was #3 on movers and shakers. Prove ’em wrong Taylor! http://www.amazon.com/gp/movers-and-shakers/music

  21. Phyl says:

    My musician friend who is ill and who I turned on to Taylor and who KNOWS music asked me to record his American Idol performance. I asked him today if he wanted me to bring him the recording, he said more or less don’t bother, he caught it and it was an inferior performance because Taylor wasn’t able to have his band. He absolutely loved the performance on the Leno show when the band was there. Within the parameters set I think Tahylor did well. Listening to it again I do see and hear how rushed Taylor was singing Heaven Knows–the Beatles song was better. But I still loved seeing him!

  22. DebD says:

    I just went to vote. Taylor is second to last right now, only Reuben is behind him. So let’s all get out there and VOTE!

  23. cmoore says:

    For those who want to vote for Taylor on MSNBC go to: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18810781?GT1=9951

    It’s a vote for which Idol is the favorite of the people. I hope I did that right. GO VOTE 🙂

  24. sherry says:

    Taylor Hicks is my favorite American Idol. I love his cd and his music. Season 5 to me was the best season Idol has had because of Taylor Hicks and it showed since the ratings for this year dropped. The best part of the finale was Taylor and the Beatles medly. Taylor was terrific. I will continue to be a Taylor Hicks fan long after American Idol is only a memory.

  25. Lubiana says:

    Taylor was the best part about the Finale. For me, the whole “finding out who wins” thing was anticlimactic. The Beatles Medley rocked- everyone did very well on that I thought- ESPECIALLY Taylor. I did appreciate Green Day’s version of “Working Class Hero” and I really enjoyed when John Lennon’s real voice sang the ending- that was tastefully done. The rest of it was very bland and boring. Poor Ryan! That big bird woman almost crushed him to death!

  26. taylor made 4 me says:

    Taylor Hicks needs not introduction.
    Everyone knows who he is.
    When he walked on last night, the whole world knew.
    Some things don’t have to be said, they just are, no matter what forces try to intervene.
    Fate. Destiny. Call it what you want…Taylor has his and it doesn’t need words.
    Actions speak louder. He owned the stage, and when he was done the word “Taylor” was on everyone lips, anyways. Leave the intros for the nobody’s of the show, and in a very fitting way, it worked to his advantage. Taylor needs no introduction, he just IS.
    Sometimes there are no words and soemtimes words are not enough.


  27. i taped the whole show last night and it was ok . the only reason i watch the show is that i want to see taylor back on there taylor was one in a million. he is amazing . his single heavens knows is out on the radio now go to our local stations and request it and his book will be out in july and go and order it own his website. this year american idol was boring because they didnt have any spark in the performances of all the contestants all year long . in my opinion season 5 was the best for me and i willnot vote again. taylor you do make us proudand we will see youthis summer for your tour . I am going to four concerts this summer . taylor youhave the it and we love you. soul patrol whoo

  28. Mertz says:

    Loved, loved, loved the way Taylor went bouncing off the stage playing the harmonica!!! He is great! What else is there to say???

    Can’t wait to see him in Tupelo at the Elvis Festival…9 more days!

  29. froggertay says:

    I agree taysioux….the little “chat” from Clive to the public about what “American Idol means” was demeaning. He looked like a jerk, until he honored Carrie….which was fine, but to make the point that American got it wrong is disrespectful…especially to the voters! As though people need to be “taught” what they should be liking. His blatant cry for $$$$$ was nauseating…. as though we should care if his pockets are lined or not! Just go ahead and rename this show the “Dialing for Clive Dollars Idol”. It would be more accurate in intent.

  30. DebD says:

    I guess we can all breathe a sigh of relief that last night is over. I thought that Taylor really stole the show last night. I understand what others here are saying about the lack of introduction, which was lame, but Taylor came out and commanded the stage and you could see by the looks on the audience’s face that they were loving it! He did sound a little rushed at times, but his voice sounded great and I think he stayed more true to himself than the Idol mold. (By the way, Ryan did introduce him at the end of the song.)

    I actually liked that they did not do a sappy handoff like they did last year. Taylor has already moved on, and I thought it was clear at the end when they were all on stage after the Sgt Pepper medley that he is so above and beyond Idol at this point. Taylor is a real musician, he lives and breathes music, not just a fabricated Idol superstar. Taylor will be with us for a long time to come, long after names like Daughtry and Aiken and Sparks are distant memories.

    Taylor, you’ve done us proud…so now take us to the right place!

  31. Flexy633 says:

    Did anyone notice that after “Heaven Knows”, Taylor said, “See ya!!!” I was laughing my butt off. My boyfriend was standing in the living room watching and he turned to me and said, “He just gave them the middle finger with all of that harp playing that he couldn’t do on AI before and the ‘see ya’ comment.” Hee hee, I love it!

  32. taysioux says:

    I believe the only reason Clive Davis gave his little speech is because “America got it wrong” last year…. and they just want us to know that!! We (America) VOTED TAYLOR IN!!! because he’s an entertainer, with a great voice and a stage presence. Taylor didn’t STEAL anything away from the golden boy Chris Daughtry (who I like!!) and unfortunately they treat Taylor like he voted himself in!!! and TOOK the “crown.. I don’t get why the public doesn’t see this and get mad!! He was telling us last night that WE blew it by voting Taylor in…. because it is all about the money and Taylor is all about the music. I hope TH is proud of himself . My husband couldn’t even believe last night that they didn’t introduce him and his new single… it was like if they weren’t allowed to say his name… he should have done a song with Jordan and Blake like last yr with Carrie, she sang a song with Tay and Kat…. AAAAGFGGGG! Anywho…. we love Taylor and he’ll be fine…..

  33. taylor made 4 me says:

    Bette Midler was, shall I say off, last night. The song she sang is a beautiful song. She couldn’t do it justice. But it is afterall, an inspirational song that can lift the spirits. I am into lyrics, love , LOVE to write and I find the lyrics to this song to be quite moving. Growing up, I learned a tremendous amount from my father, he was the wisest man I ever knew. Not to be gloomy, but he passed away too young, and I miss him and his love. Every word in this song defines my relationship with my dad. (tear)
    Every day I watch the sky, and I never knew why, except that maybe I am looking for him, or hoping that he somehow sees me.

    Congratulations Taylor on your reign as American Idol.
    Thanks Board


    It must have been cold there in my shadow,
    to never have sunlight on your face.
    You were content to let me shine, that’s your way,
    you always walked a step behind.

    So I was the one with all the glory,
    while you were the one with all the strength.
    A beautiful face without a name — for so long,
    a beautiful smile to hide the pain.

    Did you ever know that you’re my hero,
    and ev’rything I would like to be?
    I can fly higher than an eagle,
    ’cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

    It might have appeared to go unnoticed,
    but I’ve got it all here in my heart.
    I want you to know I know the truth, of course I know it,
    I would be nothing with out you.


    Fly, fly, fly away,
    you let me fly so high.
    Oh, fly, fly,
    so high against the sky, so high I almost touch the sky.
    Thank you, thank you, thank God for you,
    the wind beneath my wings.

  34. taylor made 4 me says:



  35. tothestreets says:

    Brother just wants to join the conversation… whatever

  36. tothestreets says:

    why is my comment still waiting for moderation 3 hours later?
    come on …

    not that its that relevant … but what the ….

  37. Kindred Soul says:

    What a year!

    First entertainer I’ve ever chased all over the internet ..snippets of songs, pics, interviews. Along the way, lots of belly laughs, which I really needed. Some cool people as I read their thoughts ,sat thinking, this person would be great to shoot the sh*t with over a cup of coffee and have a couple laughs.

    And it all started with a voice…a great voice that drug me in and I had to know more and the more I knew, the more I likey!

    Thanks to a great year to the messengers, the blogger hosts, the photographers, video makers..all of those of you who went along for the ride. And I know the ride will continue.

    And Clive..sit on this and spin.

  38. BonnieC says:

    Karoray, I agree with everything you just said– Last year I think Clive did that numbers of units sold presentation on one the shows before the finale. It didn’t belong on this show. Of course they should of introduced Taylor – Now here’s Taylor Hicks singing Heaven Knows from his self titled CD Taylor Hicks.

  39. BonnieC says:

    Taylor looked & sounded great!!!! I’m a happy person now,

  40. Pamela says:

    Evidently no one has the balls to tell Clive he’s no entertainer and doesn’t belong on the stage drooning on like a new manager at a staff meeting. The suit should stay behind his desk counting his ducats.

  41. karoray says:

    The show tonight was a show to celebrate the accomplishments of the contestants and to showcase and celebrate music. At least that is what is should have been. In the middle of it Clive Davis has to make a little speech , all about the numbers, units sold, and the money. I don’t believe they have ever done that before and it did not belong in the middle of that show. That little talk contained a message in my opinion to remind everyone whos boss. And what the boss considers important. The amount of time each Idol got on the show tonight corresponded with their sales numbers.
    If it hadn’t been for Kelly saying Taylors name, his name would not have been mentioned on the show at all. He was not introduced, his song was not introduced as his single as every one elses was and if we hadn’t known who he was , he might have been just some guy they let in off the street.
    Only the fact that Taylor is an experienced pro and extremely good saved that performance tonight. The band was playing too fast and it was very hard for him to keep up with them. The background singers were not with the music a couple of times.
    He still managed to do a good job on the harp even tho he must have been out of breath from rushing like that. There wasn’t even time to breath. It made his performance seem somewhat frantic. But if the band is playing too fast all you can do is keep up and he did. I cannot believe he wanted to do it like that. The second song was good but I felt also a couple of times the band was not where they should be. He was the only one who was pushed like that.
    But despite it all he was by far the best thing on the show.
    I read many posts tonight about how it was all over now. I wish that I thought that was true, but I don’t see how the AI experience is over as long as Clive is boss.

  42. justwatchin says:

    Glad it’s over too….they shouldn’t have even had the other idols on ..but I think they are so lacking in talent this year, maybe they couldn’t get enuf stars to cover the show….Taylor did great., but his stay was far too short…I needme some more Taylor time!!!!!

  43. HyacinthHouse says:

    How amazing that Taylor hung onto that harmonica in his left hand throughout all of “Heaven Knows” – with all that singing and snapping and dancing and switching microphone from hand to hand. I wish I was that harmonica. 😉

    sideways721, Clive mentioned Taylor when talking about much better Daughtry’s albums sales were…so rude! I liked that too how Kelly said Tay’s name so loud and proud, since he wasn’t announced for his first song.

  44. madaboutu says:

    I’m just glad it is over, and I hate feeling like that.

  45. sideways721 says:

    I dvr’d the AI Finale. And, guess what? The show went long, and I still don’t know who won..dvr stopped at the set time.

    What was up with the NO introduction of Taylor Hicks, he just came out singing.

    Only person who said “Taylor Hicks” enthusicastically, even a little bit was Kelly Clarkson… wasn’t that the only time Taylor was actually mentioned tonight.

    Lame-O night.

  46. sooz says:

    Taylor IS the Boogie!

  47. HyacinthHouse says:

    Didn’t Taylor sound so good??! Such a doll too. Right after the show was over my mom called me and said “Taylor did so good, but I was worried about him dancing around on those steps again.” (She couldn’t believe how he maneuvered up and down those things last year.) I LOVED his facial expressions on A Day In The Life by the Beatles. I only tivo’d the portions with Taylor singing too, that’s what I was patiently watching for, not who won dammit! Weird considering last year I sat glued to my screen and shed a damn tear when Taylor won.

    Oh yeah and Clive with his droning on about sales and hit singles, gross. He mentions Taylor’s name as a sidenote of what he “could” do if Heaven Knows is a successful single and barely mumbled that his album went platinum (withouth any radio support OR airplay he SHOULd have said, hee hee), then he quickly gets back to gushing about D’s unbelievable record sales and two #1’s, gag! But yeah, Taylor did so good. I can’t wait to see him live a couple more times this summer, he definitely brought good music back in my life.

  48. Phyl says:

    Also agree about Reuben. I would have liked some special treatment for Taylor–he was passing on his crown. I remember Carrie having more of a role last time than Taylor did this time. I think Clive could have said what he did in praise of Chris with more grace and class. Not bad–I just wanted more Taylor.

  49. shar says:

    amys, I agree about Reuben. He was like the unwashed or something the way AI ignored him.But,without those unit sales, Clive probably couldn’t remember his name.

    I loved Taylor, especially on the Beatle’s song, I thought Gladys Knight was terrific, the old gal can still sing like a bird.

    I keep hoping some savvy tv producer will set Taylor up in a variety show, either a special or a weekly gig. I think AI and DWTS success proves that America is ready for a musical variety show.

  50. tothestreets says:

    Based on recaps, I’m glad I missed most of the finale.
    Taylor and Green Day were definitely the best parts I saw.
    Clive’s (Mr. Burns’) check book rant sounds snide and depressing. I’m grateful to AI because it introduced us to Taylor but I’m glad he’s officially done with that show and can really move on now!
    Its been a great year of Tay, but best is yet to come.

  51. amys says:

    Taylor was fabulous tonight and I taped his portions only. It was hard for me to sit and listen to Clive drool all over his units sold speech… ugh.
    I know a lot of people are happy that Taylor is “Done” with AI, but I don’t think that tie will be broken for some time. He may be invited back for more finales, which is fine. He will always perform well on that show, and touch more people. I was glad to see they pulled Ruben out from under the bus AI had thrown him under years ago. He sounded great!

  52. tober55 says:

    Finale as disappointing as the season. The spark just wasn’t there. Highlights:Taylor performing Heaven Knows was great, Smokey Robinson was very good, GreenDay was good (surprising since that’s not my genre of music), Kelly Clarkson was good both times, but definitely needs to wear more flattering clothes, Jordan & Ruben’s duet good. Lots of stuff fell flat tonite…….golden idol YUCK! Clive and his blathering about the only thing important to him (sales) sickening, and even the audience filled with celebs, sitting quietly in their seats-give the seats to fans who are vested in the contestants. This show has definitely lost its’ way and that is sad, because in its’ day it brought us some solid talent.

  53. taylorized says:

    not giving nothing away on idol (that I am watchng ) love that TAYLOR

  54. braden shain says:

    Thank God that shithead is done! He is the worst Idol winner in their short history. It was a fluke that he won and was a huge accident that can never be redone. What do you sorry people see in him. He has no range, he performs like a down syndrome monkey, acts like a poor lounge singer and he is horribly unattractive. I nor anyone besides you sorry pack of losers can see why this guy won. He cant sing and he is not a good performer. It is ok because his career is not going anywhere and we will see him on the sidewalk playing for pennies again after his tour with Idol is done. You people will have spend a lot of money to buy his shitty cd to keep him in business. Good luck!

  55. Jan says:

    I will be watching Taylor with all of you tonight. He will remind the world why he won American Idol.

    I ordered Taylor’s book online today. I also ordered the book on CD. The added bonus is that TAYLOR reads the book. Let’s all help make Taylor’s book a best seller.

  56. Jan says:

    I have tried to post twice today and for some reason my posts are not showing up.

  57. Jan says:

    I will be watching Taylor tonight as I have watched him the past year whenever I have had the opportuinity. He has brought real music back into my life.

    FYI – Taylor’s book and Book CD can be pre-ordered on line. I ordered them both on line today. As an added bonus, Taylor reads the Book on CD. I’m so excited. Let’s all help make Taylor’s book a best seller.

    I will be watching with all of you tonight as Taylor reminds the world why he was American Idol 2006.

  58. Laurita says:

    I’m half-assed watching/listening to the Live on the Red Carpet webcast on americanidoldotcom and wondering if Taylor might stroll by and talk with the 2 co-hosts (Lisa Tucker and some guy James)… If so, I’ll post it and then folks can catch it ‘on demand’ after the show is over..

    I’m looking forward to Taylor doing the Sgt. Pepper’s medley with the Top 12-

    Updated spoilers and scoops at MJsbigblog dot com about tonite’s show and all things Idol…

  59. madaboutu says:

    Is there a thread to go to for tonight? I have a problem being on the west coast because they show everything for the east coast and midwest and we have to wait here even though things are going on right now here. It is freaky!

  60. Dinah says:

    Brian Less is more or less (no pun intended) back in the “hot” seat—or so it seemed to me seeing the Taylor’s concerts 2 months apart. He is such a dynamic addition to Taylor’s “style” and his contribution is notable—no slam intended to Loren at all. Brian just seems to be Taylor’s go-to guy who punches up the performance. MHO.

  61. hicksaholic says:

    Taylor is definitely not having his tour band??? That is really a shame! Taylor seems to get better the more he works with people. There was a time it seemed he could only really connect with LiMBO but as he worked thru his tour he really got in sync with the tour band. I was hoping he would have them tonite so he could show how far he has come. Maybe I am worrying needlessly but I want him to perform like he did toward the end of this tour. Also another question if anyone can answer- did anybody hear him with LiMBO in Bham and how was he compared to when he plays with the tour band. I am going to Tupelo (taking my husband who is a Taylor virgin) and I want his first time to be incredible(because I want to be sure he wants to go again soon)

  62. SegerHicks says:

    Where has it been reported that Taylor won’t have his band on Idol tonight?
    That’s a bummer, if true!

    DebD…I thought the same thing…Taylor’s harp and Blake’s beat box talents on the same song….HOTTT!

  63. Phyl says:

    Reading the headline qiuickly I thought it said “Taylor will pass on American Idol tonight” and my immediate thought was OMG what did they do to him that he walked off the show? I guess I am a little overprotective. I tell myself that he already has more financial success than he probably ever dreamed of, and enough fans to keep him going for the rest of his life. I do want the widest possible audience and the very best for him–break a leg tonite, Taylor.

  64. AmyMc says:

    OMG, this year has gone by so incredibly fast. I just cannot believe it’s time for a new American Idol. What a year this has been!!!

  65. M.G.M. says:

    TAYLOR will rock the house tonight!!! My thanks to AI for introducing him. I am disappointed in the way AI treated him this year. He rose far above the snide comments and went on his way. Once again we will have the chance to see him.
    Congratulations to whomever wins tonight. I am hoping for Jordin,but who really knows.

  66. Beverly says:

    DebD Perfect! Dial Idol says Jordin in a landslide, but I liked Blake too. More contemporary but he will do fine. If it were not for AI Taylor might still be the best kept secret in Florabama and we would have missed a great year.

  67. Jan says:

    I know that Taylor is ready to move on. I will be watching him tonight as I have watched him on every occasion possible for the past year. I will continue to follow Taylor and his music for as long as Taylor performs. He has brought music back into my life.

    Just a quick note to let everyone know that Taylor’s book and Book on CD are available on line at Barnes & Noble now. I just ordered both the book and the CD. The added bonus is that the CD Book Version is read by none other than TAYLOR HICKS. Can’t wait. Let’s all help make this book a best seller. I will be watching with all of you tonight as Taylor reminds the world why he was last year’s American Idol.

  68. DebD says:

    You know, I am grateful to AI for bringing Taylor into my life. If not for AI, it might have been years since I was able to experiece the wonder that is Taylor Hicks. But now I am ready to move on, and to see Taylor move on (been ready for a while actually). He will go out with a bang tonight and they’ll wish they had treated him better.

    It would be interesting if Taylor could play harp with Blake beat boxing. Jordan will probably take it tonight, but I am secretly routing for Blake (OK, so not so secretly).

  69. Judy Morton says:

    Taylor will light up the stage with his presence and SMILE>>>>>
    The singing will be over the top!!!

  70. taysioux says:

    justwatchin… i agree…. I would have been done with AI this year after the negative comments, but my kids watch it… so I got sucked in again… even tho it didn’t compare to last year – this yr very boring…. just glad the comments didn’t continue…. It really doesn’t make any sense to me why they would trash any Idol – even looking at it from a money stand point, which is all they care about… they can only benefit from Taylor or any other idol doing well… it’s so confusing and maddening, sorry I don’t mean to focus on that crap, just can’t wait for him to blow the house down tonight!!! and be done with it….. 🙂 Hey, maybe he’ll beat box and rap with Blake…

  71. justwatchin says:

    I just can’t wait to see a little more of Taylor….Pamela (hi, how the heck are you???) you are right…Taylor is America’s idol…will only be the only idol for me anyway….I’m so glad tho that he’s moving on and we don’t ever have to care about that show again.

    He has been nothing but gracious …they totally put the screws to him…so looking forward to his future…

  72. Historia says:

    SPOILER BELOW, SPOILER BELOW…SCROLL PAST IF YOU DONT WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So we get to hear him sing HK and do a Beatles (Sgt. Pepper) medley with some of the contestants. That is awesome since Taylor fought to do Something last year. I cannot wait!!!!!!

  73. Pamela says:

    Ratings estimates are now in for Mon/Tues:


  74. taysioux says:

    Oh, thanx for answering… because every time I’ve seen him he mentions how grateful he is and when I saw him in CT he said it was all about the music and the fans…. (he was being interviewed). Godness I feel like his mother! I don’t understand why I feel so “protective” of him…. but I do!! I heard he wasn’t going to have his band tonight…. that’s a bummer. I hate to think of him at the end of the song alone and in front of the judges like Elliott…. I think Taylor has thicker skin than I do, being in the music business…. I’m so nervous for him…. I think I need to get a life….. hee hee… Taylor Rocks!

  75. Pamela says:

    No, Taylor did not trash AI; he was more than fair and went out of his way to be positive in hundreds of interviews. The one “controversial” Relix interview was not considered negative by anyone until months later when a few parts of it were taken out of context.

    AI trashed Taylor – often and throughly and directly. Maybe that’s why Grey’s Anatomy beat the AI performance show last week with a rating of 14.5 compared to AI’s 14.1. (The results show was higher at 16.5.) Ratings started out at record high levels but dropped sharply after the first week and have been significantly lower than last year.

    Tonight Taylor will remind them why he will always be AMERICA’s Idol!!!
    (…but never Simon’s)

  76. madaboutu says:

    taysioux……………….I went through this with my family when they read some negative stuff about Taylor, whom they all like but don’t follow like I do. Taylor made a remark where he said AI was “fizzling out” for him. Personally, I have never seen so much hoopla over one small remark. He had to go on Joe Scarborough and explain himself. He said that it meant that his connection with AI would diminish as he handed over the crown to the next Idol. Then, he and Fantasia and some others went on Larry King to tell how grateful they are to AI. It was so set up. Whether that was it or not, compared to how AI has treated Taylor, it was nothing, and AI is just full of itself.

  77. taysioux says:

    My family informed me that Taylor had said something in the past about AI and that’s why they dissed him this year… is that true? I did remember seeing him on some morning show trying to “get the story straight” and passing the torch… which I just don’t remember…. did taylor trash AI????

  78. berney says:

    Yes, it’s ending – but I can’t wait to hear Taylor perform tonight and remind the whole world just why he is the most popular IDOL winner yet. I think he will light up the stage tonight.

  79. juliegr says:

    Thank God!!! Our long national nightmare is ending!!

    Cheers and good luck to Taylor Hicks — the journey continues

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