Video of the AI Season Finale.

 Taylor Hicks’ performance of “Heaven Knows”.

The Beatles Medley.


22 Responses to Video of the AI Season Finale.

  1. BarbieB says:

    Thanks for the post.. awesome, just awesome!!!!

  2. DebD says:

    Thanks for posting these, I really wanted to see them again to reaffirm my feelings from the beginning that he really nailed it on AI. I actually like the no-into entrance for Heaven Knows, and you can tell by the audience reaction that they were excited to see Taylor.

    For me, Taylor is the only Idol. The others are just that, the others.

  3. Laurita says:

    Denise.. the interviews and other videos are available through links on the Boogie Board in the TV and Media Appearances threads and elsewhere…

  4. Marcy says:

    Once again Mr. Hicks was AWESOME!!!! I think I enjoyed it more watching the clips again……I heard more audience reaction and Ryan saying “Taylor Hicks!” after…..

    I loved Heaven Knows…..he nailed it…..”A Day In The Life” gave me chills….He makes every song his own and this was no exception. He makes me feel sooooooooo good when I hear him sing…what can I say, the man brought passion and excitement back to the AI stage……..Great Job Taylor!!!

  5. abbysee says:

    Loved both performances, Taylor was incredible. I totally enjoyed Ruben too. Kelly rocked and she looked really hot in that outfit.

  6. justwatchin says:

    I still say the finale should’ve been called the Carrie U. Special (her Beatle song a whopping 2:10 length, Taylor’s 1:15, and Kelly’s 1:25)…also just as a curiosity…ck out Sanjaya’s reaction to Taylor while Paula is hugging him…no biggie or anything, just kind of a shy reaction….anyway….thanks for these videos!!!!!!

  7. Denise says:

    hollyb: I didn’t get to see that interview. I would love to see it. If you find it , would you please post a link here. Thank you!

  8. justwatchin says:

    Those performances were great….I cannot stop watching….I love listening to this man sing….and so fun to watch ….”hopelessly addicted” is precisely how to describe my attachment to him …..more please.

  9. Gran-ma says:

    I think it just shows his huge talent, to be able to do such different things.

    I loved it.

  10. c4tay says:

    These are both so good! He really did an amazing job on both songs. Incredible and so fun to watch. Watching it since seeing his entrance on tv the first time with “Heaven Knows”, I can maybe understand a bit more the effect this kind of an entrance could make. I just wanted him to get recognition with more positive things said about him. I didn’t even hear Ryan say “Taylor Hicks” after he was finished when it actually happened. I also can hear more audience applause and reaction than I could the first time, which makes me very happy. I just wanted him to feel great that night, and I hope he did, because he nailed both of them, IMHO. It was a super performance and the highlight of the night for me.

  11. makeitdo says:

    One of the things I love about Taylor when he sings, if it is a ballad or fast and furious he diction is impecible. You can hear every word he is saying. Loved both of these performances. I wish he could have had his own band. I think the AI band was not that great for any or the performers. But Taylor brought it home anyway!

  12. Beverly says:

    Yes, too bad the AI band played too fast and he had to rush to keep up on Heaven Knows. His own band would not have done that. He is the consumate artist and pulled it off. I would not blame him if he had thrown what we call here in the south a “hissy fit” afterward. The harp was so good, and he looked wonderful.

    His rendition of the Beatles “A Day in the Life” was awesome. His performance of the Beatles “Something” was a highlight when he was still a contestant on AI. Great job, Taylor.

  13. MK says:

    I finally got around to watching the rest of the Carrie Underwood variety spectacular.

    Once Taylor got to the meat of ADITL, honestly, everyone else could have taken a seat. Oh man. For those people who got upset by the finale, I hope they watch these videos again now they are removed from the pre-show and post-show angst. You will enjoy them more.

    Even though I’ve read about the finale, it’s jarring how little air time the finalists got. Who cares about celebrities themselves? If you can’t be there live …. don’t be there. The fun is seeing them interact with the kids. Kiki, you were robbed of a duet by that punk Sanjaya. It took me an hour to come up with Stephanie Edwards’ name, and I’ve been watching for four months. Melinda Doolittle was fabulous. Best non-TH reason to watch? Ruben gets out of the AI prison. I had forgotten what a great singer he was.

    It makes me wonder … if these people can’t be trusted with their own finale, what are they going to do with a two-hour concert on their own? Even the AI5 tour was pretty filler for the first hour, but the second hour ….

  14. Crazymomelon says:

    Taylor grabbed this opportunity and wrung as much out if it as he could.

    His performance of Heaven Knows was fantastic – he poured on all the AI Taylor, gave a great taste of Taylor Hicks – LIVE and looked like a million bucks. Oh, and HARP!

    The performance of A Day in the Life was perfect, IMO. Gut wrenching. Soulful. A vocal homerun. What a tough, tough song to nail.

    Nice job, Taylor!

  15. madaboutu says:

    I agree that Taylor did an awesome job on both songs, but A Day in the Life is spectacular to me. It does show the versatility that Taylor has. It gave me chills and I wish he had been able to do the whole song.

  16. dnjmorton says:

    I spent all last night hunting for these clips……Thanks!!!!! Taylor is fabulous. It was nice to watch again and not be nervous for him!LOL

  17. hollyb says:

    Is there any chance someone could post the TV Guide Channel red carpet interview on YouTube? I found the interchange between Taylor and Randy and Taylor and Simon to be quite interesting. I haven’t been able to download it from myspace and would really like to see that again. Thanks!

  18. Lisaisheretoday says:

    When I watched this on TV the other night, it about brought a tear to my eye. It was just beautiful. Then I watched it again. I loved it more. It’s just great. So emotional. It is performances like this that keep me completly and hopelessly addicted to the feelings he makes me feel when he expresses himself so completely.

  19. Terry says:

    He nailed both performances….

  20. AmyMc says:

    Loved watching it again! Thanks!

  21. JAG says:

    Thanks for posting this .What a wonderful way to start the day. Taylor did an outstanding job with both songs.He was the star of the night !!

  22. juliegr says:

    Thanks for posting those AI videos. IMO, Taylor did a great job on “A Day in the Lifge”. It IS a difficult job but don’t think anyone else could have handled those tempo and/or range changes as well as he did. Kellie C. was good also, loved her energy on the lead off song, plus she seemed to really get into it. Don’t know about Carrie, and Ruben S. wish they could have sung other Beatles tunes — there are so many to choose from!

    All in all, Taylor showed he can sing anything!!! Loved his look. As he showed in the early days as the AI, he is one FINE dude~!!


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