Open Thread 11.

Sam Cooke- For Sentimental Reasons.

This thread is here for you to talk about all things Taylor Hicks, the video featured above, and anything else that strikes your fancy.

Gather ’round the water cooler.


15 Responses to Open Thread 11.

  1. Colette says:

    Beautiful Sam Cooke clip….so nice to see him just pour it on that way….What a unique and heavenly voice — so sorry he went too young.

    Sam also did this beautiful version of “Blowin’ in the Wind,” one of the first black artists to record it when that Dylan song was just fresh & so meaningful:

    And I love his work with the Soul Stirrers (before he went pop):

    “That’s Heaven to Me”:

  2. amys says:

    taylor’s concert in Cary, NC on June 28th has been canceled due to schedule conflicts. BUMMER! I had purchased 5 tickets, but will be refunded. Has anyone heard what the conflict is, or what he’ll be doing that night?

  3. Mall Rabbit says:

    All of the Sony/BMG payola stuff I find dates to 2005. Here are details of the settlement. that was some pretty serious stuff. I don’t think Clive’s name was mentioned. If there is newer scandal, it didn’t come up in my Google search.

  4. mamaforpeace says:

    Hey! It worked! The second one I posted is Sam and Dave. Won’t go over why I went to look for it again. I thought it was really cool, though:

  5. mamaforpeace says:

    OK! I’ll try this again and break it into 2 parts! Here’s Curtis Mayfield, who wrote People Get ready. I’ve been listening a lot to Taylor’s version, which I love!

  6. graciecat says:

    Happy Memorial Day all! I must admit I missed you all while I was away on my “no technology” vacation…no computers, cell phones, t.v., music…nothing, just quiet at the cottage. What a pleasant surprise you have for us today Boogie. The legendary Sam Cooke singing these two beautiful songs. What a wonderful way to start the day!

  7. Laurita says:

    Thanks so much for this Sam Cooke clip; I love the mix of “Sentimental Reasons” and “You Send Me”… and the connection to Taylor… how cool it would be to see him do these 2 songs someday…

    (p.s. have not yet heard of the payola stuff.. if you haven’t posted it on the ETC. B.B. thread, that seems like the place to get comments..)

    take care, L

  8. madaboutu says:

    mamaforpeace……………..yes, moderation is like purgatory or PARENTHOOD. You never get out of that either. LOL

  9. mamaforpeace says:

    So, is moderation like purgatory? You don’t know when you’re ever gonna get out of it?

  10. madaboutu says:

    OK…………………I know everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend so I am going to just post this here and see if anyone picks up on it. Not sure which thread on the boards to put it in anyway. In the past couple of days, has anyone heard anything at all about more scandal regarding the PAYOLA investigations which involved Sony/BMG and some other record companies and in particular about Clive Davis? Let me know, please, if you have.

  11. mamaforpeace says:

    Well, no wonder there are not so many responses! My comment has been in moderation for over 2 hours! Anybody else out there? And where is Basenji? Trying to cure herself of her Taylor addiction again? Come back to the light, Basenji!

  12. mamaforpeace says:

    Thanks for posting this. Can’t ever go wrong with a little Sam Cooke. I especially like those “eight bars of soul” at the end (heard it before on a cd of “the best of… or something like that). I’ve been listening to People Get Ready, Taylor’s version from a Night in Nashville. Listening to it a lot. I got curious about the song yesterday, and a friend told me it was originally sang by Sam and Dave, and Sam was Sam Cooke! Well, I was pretty sure that was wrong, so I googled it. Curtis Mayfiels wrote the song after being inspired by the march on Washington and MLK’s famous speech.

    Then it made me want to look up Sam and Dave (Sam Moore, by the way!):

    Pretty cool!
    I was wondering what happened to the old days of GC, when a lot of people responded to these types of posts. Where did everybody go?

  13. madaboutu says:

    I loved Sam Cooke too, and was so pleasantly surprised at how a young man named Taylor Hicks could reprise his songs with an equal but different style.

    On another note but regarding youtube: they have taken down the Leno video of Heaven Knows, due to the fact that it is owned by NBC, and we can look for more of that in the future.

  14. Beverly says:

    I love Sam Cooke’s music, I always have. The fact that he came to a sad end takes nothing away from his music or the joy he brought in his stage performances.

    In the same vein, I am not overly interested in Taylor’s private life. By that I mean I don’t care if he wears boxers or briefs. I don’t care if he has one girlfriend or a hundred. I don’t know him personally but I like to think he is a nice, decent man who has been as kind to his fans as he could be given the whirlwind this past year has been. Sure, I wince at the arrogant diva stories and I smile when he does something philanthropic. But his offstage life is his own.

    What I do care passionately about and have spent considerable time, effort and money supporting is Taylor Hicks, the artist. Onstage he is a switched-on force of nature. His performances are electric and his love for the music consumes him and excites his audiences. I will be a card-carrying member of the Soul Patrol for life.

    I will buy his book because I am interested in his philosophies about perseverence and following your dreams. He is a prime example of that and has something to teach all of us at any age. He never gives up and strives for perfection. The book should be a good read.

  15. JAG says:

    Every Sam Cooke performance was a classic. He was one of the most influential artists of our times.Definitely a life lost too soon,he had so much more to give,but I am so greatful for the music he left us with .Indeed Sam ,”A Change Is Gonna Come” Thank you Boogie for this Sunday morning treat !

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