Heaven Knows…..

As many of you know, “Heaven Knows” has been released as Taylor Hicks’ second single.

Many of you are wondering how you can help promote the song and help support Taylor. Here are two basic ways:

Download the single from iTunes. It’s easy and affordable.

Each download is 99 cents and all you need to download the single is iTunes and a credit card or paypal account. The goal here is to get Heaven Knows into the iTunes top 100 downloaded songs “pop” and “general category” subdivisions.

Contact your local AC radio stations and request the song.

Billboard’s Hot 100 chart is decided on downloads and radio airplay. If we can work together to get the numbers for both up, Taylor will be sitting pretty.


44 Responses to Heaven Knows…..

  1. Nicholas says:

    Anyone up here in the Boston Area know of a radio station that has played Heaven Knows? I have tried to get it requested at a couple different stations with no luck.

  2. Diane says:

    Boogie Board back up….I was having GC flashbacks….sorry

  3. Diane says:

    Why is The Boogie BOard downuntil further notice?

  4. andi says:

    Fran – Thanks!!! Her Taylor fandom cracks me up. I know I started it, but she’s kept it going…little nut! BTW, my 4 year old son has jumped on her bandwagon, and only his artwork can be help up by my Taylor fridge magnet!

  5. Fran Orl says:

    Andi, I’m glad you are going. Sorry your daughter won’t be able to see Taylor but 6 1/2 is kind of young for concerts. Keep posting on her funny comments.

  6. andi says:

    Fran Orl: Hey! Yeah, I’ll be at the Orlando concert. Row D 7-10 I think. Katie, my daughter is still carrying that torch. Her and my husband had another chat about Taylor the other night. She’s hysterical! But, I’m not bringing her to the concert much to her dismay. In Feb. I told her she was to young at 6, her argument now is that she’s 6 1/2 – so she’s old enough!

  7. taylorized says:

    I Love hearing the song ah hearing Taylor sing that song (ah not that you can”t sing I can’t hear you ) I think I will shut up now! I so want to HK in my radio shaking it. DId anyone see Taylor on E tonight Ryan did a clip of of him.

  8. Crazymomelon says:

    Heaven Knows I love singing this song!

  9. Rico Rio says:

    Taylor is the greatest blue eyed soul guy since the J Geils Band Hows bout it Taylor I have a few songs that are right up your alley. How can I get them to you to check em out?

  10. Rico Rio says:

    How can I get a song to Taylor to see if he will record it?

  11. Aniche says:

    its a good one
    check out american idol finale column on my blog

  12. Fran Orl says:

    Andi, are you the Andi from Orlando? Are you going to the concert at the Hard Rock in August? If you are that Andi, I love what your daughter says about Taylor. We will be there, Row B seats 19-22.

  13. madaboutu says:

    taysioux………………….you scroll up on the right side under Basic Info and click on the link that says Visit the Boogie Board. You will have to register. Most likely the Taylor Hicks General and Taylor Hicks News will give recent news but all of the threads have great stuff in them and are pretty up to date.

  14. taysioux says:

    So, madaboutyou…. do you know if I can “catch up” on old news…. would that be on the boogie boards too…. sorry to be an online illiterate but i’d love to read what everyone thought or thinks….

  15. taysioux says:

    no, its news to me… I try to keep up with things but between little league games I usually only get to check TH news between documents at work, which isn’t that often… oh, well…

  16. madaboutu says:

    taysioux………………….I guess because you are new here, you didn’t know that is old news or has been discussed to death and more. 🙂

  17. madaboutu says:

    Calimari……………………having those little “relationships” with DJ’s is very good as far as whether they will play your requests. One time I told the DJ that I would be gone and away from the radio for hours and asked about JTFTW. He sent me an e-mail back and said to be listening at noon which was before I left, and that he was going to play it at 2, but thought I would like to hear it. Last Saturday, the weekend DJ sent me an e-mail back, giving me all the times JTFTW would be played on the weekend.
    I just forget about those who are nasty and don’t bother them again.

  18. taysioux says:

    Thanks everyone!!!

  19. CJ says:

    You are missing out on all the info by not going to the Boogie Board. Scroll up to the top and look on the right hand side. It will say Visit the Boogie Board then click on that it will take you to Taylor Hicks General, Taylor Hicks News , Taylor Hicks Media . If you click on the news area there will be all kinds of topics on Taylor and you can read for ever all the news. You do have to register, but it is free and there is someone who will help you just ask.It was very confusing for me at first as I had never been any place but Gray Charles, in a few minutes you will get the hang of it. Also go to Etc and introduced your self you will find folks will help there also.
    Good Luck!

  20. boogie says:

    taysouix: There is usually a good amount of activity on the message board.
    We have nearly 2,500 members and interesting discussions are commonplace.


  21. andi says:

    sorrytaysioux – you’re the one that mentioned Gray’s.

  22. andi says:

    calimari: do we have the same motto? It’s easier to get forgiveness than it is to get permission. I use that constantly for my own benefit!!
    mad: I’m with you – I miss the chats we had at Gray’s. Whenever I come to this blog there’s not a lot going on – but now I think I’ll try to visit every day! Maybe I’ll just talk to myself!
    I e-mailed both dj’s (on different days) from a morning show here and asked them to play the song. No luck yet. They interviewed him a couple weeks ago and the female dj said she really likes him. So……we’ll see.

  23. Calimari says:

    JTFTW has only been playing in Detroit (WNIC) for a few weeks – finally. I’ve developed a nice little e-mail relationship w/ the afternoon DJ there so I’ve been asking him about playing Heaven Knows (telling him that I know he wants to play it/ I dare ya/ it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission). He says he’s waiting for the OK from the folks who decide that for the station, but he’s forwarded my requests on. He’s been very nice about it. They did interview Taylor on the station last week.

  24. i just went to itunes and open me a account and i bought 25 songs and heavens knows was my 1st pick. i called some of my radio stations and request taylor new single out but no response yet.

  25. taysioux says:

    Can someone tell me where most of the “comments” and/or discussions go on… I too am surprised there’s not much talk going on ….. I’m use to GC and even when it went off subject, people just seemed to have a lot to share and talk about and MADABOUTYOU said that people disburse to the boards, or something like that….. I haven’t requested HK like I did JTFTW…. mainly because it fell on deaf ears….

  26. BonnieC says:

    It just irks me to no end when I hear about a DJ dissing Taylor, and refusing to play his music. Something fishy is going on.

  27. madaboutu says:

    Good to see some other posters on this thread. Good for all of you who contacted radio stations too whether you got a good response or none. For the DJ’s who are so sarcastic, I just find it hard to believe that the program director would condone them being like that to a listener who is a potential buyer of the products whose commercials they air. I wonder what a letter to a company who advertises on that station would produce? Pardon me, but i am just thinking in financial terms like they do. And to think I used to assume that you just requested a song and they played it.

  28. eastonwest says:

    What happened to the good ole’ days when you could go in and buy a new release single at the local record/cd store. There WAS a time before computers and downloads. Can’t help but think this is part of what’s wrong with the music “Biz”, and why artists don’t get the sales they would/should normally get. Pretty much everyone has a computer and internet access, but I know of few who listen, buy or download from the internet. There has to be another option for the music buying public.

  29. Crazymomelon says:

    Thank you. Off to buy more. 99 cents? Paypal? It’s just too easy!

  30. Meg the elder says:

    Crazymomelon — the answer is YES it counts.

  31. Crazymomelon says:

    So, did anyone ever answer the question about whether or not buying multiple copies of the single adds to the numbers? I don’t want to spin my wheels. Can you ‘gift’ a song to someone who doesn’t have iTunes?
    I bought a couple yesterday and a couple today, but I always get the message that I already have this song.
    What to do what to do??

  32. juliegr says:

    Looks like calls, e-mails, and complaints do help. Keep the pressure on folks and we might get some movement from these guys!


  33. Meg the elder says:

    Looks like TaylorHicks.com folks finally heard how upset we were about them not Streaming “Heaven Knows” because somewhere in the last hour they switched JTFTW with” Heaven Knows”

    Now if they could just get into their opening page on HQ and start off with the news about Heaven Knows rather than a date that is cancelled — gee I might sleep tonight.

  34. WOOTaylor says:

    Sorry Boogie. That would be me in moderation. Forgot the r on my screen name…

  35. WOOTaylo says:

    When you speak of a station it is really helpful if you note the format, the call letters and the city. That way other peeps can work off your history with a particular dj or PD or excuse. Also it helps those of us who monitor yes to let you know when it was played (usually through the night at first). This one is going to workout. I just know it. Life moves in cycles and it is time to cycle UP!

    On another note, I would be happy to gift anyone the single Heaven Knows from itunes.
    Please PM me with the email address it is going to.

    Amy Mc-the song went for adds today.

  36. AmyMc says:

    When is the song going to be released? What date?

  37. CJ says:

    Heaven Knows is up at my space now!

  38. sarahinwv says:

    hi … I was shot down by the PITTS burgh dj’s !! Rotten bastards !!!

  39. Tayfancier says:

    I downloaded Heaven Knows. I’m in the Chicago area and JTFTW was never played here. It’s pretty disheartening.

  40. TC says:

    I mentioned this in another post, but I requested Heaven Knows on a local AC station the day after the AI finale, and the DJ was not nice and once again made me feel like a weirdo for wanting to hear Taylor on the radio, and then saying on-air after we hung up that Daughtry should have one AI, not Taylor. Then I felt bad for causing a negative comment about Taylor to be blasted across the airwaves, when I just called to hear his new song be played! Dang!

    And of course he didn’t play the song between 5 and 6 when requests are played (but he played every other AI winner or loser in its history, commenting how that’s all he plays anymore is AI people, minus one). I just don’t get why they can’t play one little song on the radio when it’s a new single, to let people decide for themselves if they like it. It was the same with JTFTW, I don’t get what is going on. Sorry to vent but it’s so frustrating. No more requests for me, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for it to get airplay!!! In the meantime I’ll stick with the trusty ipod. 🙂

  41. MK says:

    just sent an e-mail to the program director of the lone tri-state AC station, WIKY in Evansville. I think the last addition to their playlist was in January, but a girl can dream. Better than doing nothing but gnashing my teeth.

    Hate to pile on, but in case anyone was wondering, no sign of TH in the HDD chart update, with about half of the sales in, which means less than a 2,500 bump from his AI appearance.

  42. madaboutu says:

    I’m so disappointed that we have this gathering place in the mornings before we disperse to the boards, and there are no comments. Anyway, I have tried since yesterday to order off ITunes to no avail but will see if my son can find out whats wrong. I requested HK on both KOST and Star 98. The guys on KOST are trying to find out when they can play it. No answer from Val at 98, so I will try the other DJ’s there to see who I get a response from.

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