Open Thread 12.

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R.L BurnsidePoor Boy


This thread is here for you to talk about all things Taylor Hicks, the video featured above, and anything else that strikes your fancy.


81 Responses to Open Thread 12.

  1. Laurita says:

    Katie, all the folks who went are posting about ElvisFest on the Board in the News, General and Tour sections.. check ’em out over there..

  2. Katie says:

    Did anyone go to the Elvis festival last night?

  3. […] Open Thread 12. R.L Burnside – Poor Boy [YouTube] . This thread is here for you to talk about all things Taylor Hicks, the video […] […]

  4. madaboutu says:

    AmyMC…………….did you see the video of the shirt incident? It is in Taylor Hicks Media under the Sweet Home Alabama thread.

  5. AmyMc says:

    I heard last night was awesome and that he didn’t button his shirt up correctly. Ha haa haa!!!! Somebody needs to dress that boy.

  6. graciecat says:

    ah shucks…meant to say “come to LIFE right here in virtual reality.”

  7. graciecat says:

    Wow! A great day for videos… music. Although I missed the cellcert last night going to the Boogie Board and reading all the comments made me feel like I was right there! Great work to Amy and all the team that brought us the cellcert. Still looking forward to some of those detailed set list recaps here though…They were always exciting…calling basenji, thackeray, juliegr…and all the rest who have made those concerts come to live right here in virtual reality. Have a great day all!

  8. JiRO says:

    The TH concert at Alabama Adventure was open to anyone at the Theme Park, so there were a lot of people there of all ages. The “Breeze” was the first tune – after that I lost track – but Tay did his concert version of “Gonna Move”, UTR version of “Hell of a Day”, a bit of Ray Charles, Eric Clapton his “Soul Thing” and others.He and guest Guitar player did a song together that was pretty darn good. The guest guitarist was a young guy from Dothan,Al., and is a Rock singer that when he gets on that mic sounds as good as Daughtry. The size of the crowd hard to guage but my guess is 4-6 thousand.

  9. Jan says:

    No embedded links. No problem…

  10. Jan says:

    Ash: Thanks for the great video. I love this song by you guessed it, Guy Forsyth. I didn’t realize until I was reading the liner notes on Steak that it was a standard blues number. How sad is that? Here’s Guy Forsyth performing this song. Anyone have It’s Bad You Know (not sure of the name but you hear that line) by R.L. Burnside? It’s great.

  11. madaboutu says:

    Malisa, the board did freeze up for a little bit during that time. I was able to get back in pretty quick but some people said it took them five minutes.

  12. barbjay says:

    Hi all,

    I know I’m late to the thread, but I see mention of Gray posting some new, interesting(?) stuff. When I log on to, all I get is the “one thousand monkeys” page or the archives. Can anyone help? Thanks!


  13. Malisa says:

    In the middle of IYT and Birmingham…the board froze up on me. Anyone else?

  14. OSB says:

    Board is back up!

  15. wildrosegirl76 says:

    Looking forward to the show.

    It’s been less than 3 weeks since Seattle, but that feels like forever.

    Can’t wait for the full tour to start on the 15th. (At least I think it’s the 15th. I’ve listened to Taylor say the 14th or 15th so many times from the Seattle video that now I’m not sure which it is.)

  16. roadtriptime says:

    I spoke with Steph.
    She said to dial in at 10 ’til 8. She sounded like she had good sound. They were throwing free tee-shirts, so she could barely hear me.

    Should I sign in earlier or do you think it’s okay?

    Is there a list of codes of how to do the “mute all” and other stuff?


  17. AmyH says:

    I have my Blog set to NOT moderate people. It should be fine for all the first time posters (unless there are multiple links in your post).

    YAY! RTT got the e-mail. Have you spoken with Steph?

  18. madaboutu says:

    I knew that about Amy’s name but sometimes newbies have been coming on and may not know that or miss it. ANYWAY…………… appears that for now, all is OK in Boogieland.

  19. thackeray says:

    Amy – I just posted over on your blog about the cc. First time, so I’m wondering if I’m in moderation. Will that be a problem tonight, if a bunch of people go over there for the first time.

    Anyway, in case it’s not yet seen – I mentioned that I’ve got the master set list as a word file to help with set listing, and offered to be set lister if needed.

  20. roadtriptime says:

    Hi, AmyH!
    Just sent you an e-mail too, but if you want to take over for hosting it’s fine with me.

    I’m fine either way.

    Boogie’s like the mailman:
    Come rain, shine, sleet, or snow, there’s a cellcert to get out there!

  21. wildrosegirl76 says:


    Thanks for getting the info up here.

    I talked to Steph earlier today, and she was so excited about the show. And about being the reporter tonight. So I was just sick when I hopped over to the board and saw that it was down.

    Glad I thought to check the blog, just in case.

  22. OSB says:

    I know Kathy624 got dottib’s # to Steph, but, that’s all I know.

  23. sideways721 says:

    thanks for posting the cellcert info here.

    Yes, today’s installment at Gray’s definitely is a commentary on Ted’s email.
    I didn’t catch this reference until lilolme pointed it out to me.

    “Love is all around, I feel it in my fingers and toes and so, the feeling grows. Don’t you see?”

  24. Micheleann says:

    Thank God for Amy. I was starting to panic about the cellcert. Mad, if you post on “AmyH” above, it will take you to Amy’s blog. See you all at 7:45 cst.

  25. madaboutu says:

    Thanks Amy.

  26. madaboutu says:

    jazzy……………I know, but a few may not even know that.

  27. phandi says:

    mad, you just need to click on her name, above her post.

  28. jazzy43 says:

    mad, just click on her name.

  29. madaboutu says:

    AmyH…………please post your blog info for those who don’t know or remember. Thnx

  30. phandi says:

    Is anyone else having any trouble connecting to Amy’s site?

  31. phandi says:

    I think they join him the 14 or 15th of June.

  32. AmyH says:

    Hey guys –

    I don’t know what’s going on, but the Reporter onsite at Alabama Adventure has all the numbers. I haven’t heard from Ash, so I don’t have any more info than you have.

    The show starts at 8 CENTRAL Time.
    I e-mailed roadtriptime (tonight’s host) with all the info, too, but if she doesn’t get that information in time I will host.

    We can do the cellcert right here.

    IF for some reason the Blog becomes inaccessible, feel free to use mine. Just click on my name and bookmark it now for easy jumping (just in case).

    PHONE: 1-218-486-1300
    BRIDGE: 972265

    Please do not call until 7:45 CENTRAL time.

  33. Taylorwow says:

    Didn’t realize that Taylor would be performing with LIMBO tonight. When will his tour band first be performing with him on the summer tour?

  34. roadtriptime says:

    Hey, y’all.
    I was prepared to sign into the board so I could host the cellcert tonight and I saw that the board was down.

    I’m assuming that AmyH will have to step in as host, since I don’t have any of the teleconference info.

    I’m here if you want me to host, though.

  35. madaboutu says:

    Hi cali……………… will be OK on here. I don’t know if she ever got hold of dottib tho. I think she was going to be HicksChicks backup or help her with it or something.

  36. Laurita says:

    AmyH will be commenting shortly

  37. cali50 says:

    We should be able to use the blog for the cell cert, as long as Amy comes here and posts the info. Dang!

  38. madaboutu says:

    griz……………..see above posts from me and azdesert, we are all on the same wavelength. 🙂

  39. dusty says:

    I am wondering if someone hacked the site…

    Just read GC’s page. What do you all think the youtube clip references? Gray and his posters? Gray and TH fans in general? Clive and TH?

  40. griz says:

    It’s a conspiracy – Clive shut the site down because there was support for Taylor on this board. 😉

  41. azdesertflower says:

    Hope this is just a lil glitch …time for me to call it a week …..I hope everyone enjoys the cellcert tonight ……..Wish I were there.

  42. JulieR says:

    I’m guessing that the Blog and the Board are on two different servers, hence the Blog is still up.

    (MusicFan on the Board. 🙂

  43. Laurita says:

    I’m talking to AmyH right now on this.. and she’s looking into this.. Hold on..

  44. madaboutu says:

    It’s probably Gray messing with us again. Either that or the poster named The Man Upstairs from MJ’s. 🙂

  45. dusty says:

    azdesertflower…I was reading that as well…lol. Hope that thread survives!

  46. madaboutu says:

    azdesertflower………………….LOL Yes they can.

  47. madaboutu says:

    It’s the Taylor jinx. Remember from the past cellcerts?

  48. dusty says:

    Does anyone know what time the cellcert is supposed to start?

  49. azdesertflower says:

    That’s the weird thing….I had just been reading about the payola and The Hit Men . WOW They can make it happen ……LOL

  50. Laurita says:

    I just sent an email to AmyH. asking her to come here to update us if she knows anything..

    And AmyH’s also organizing the cellcert so she could come here to post the bridge phone info..

    Hopefully she or Ash will follow up shortly..

    this is weird.. (does anyone know if this has happened before? did it take a long time to get back up?)

  51. madaboutu says:

    Maybe Clive had her shut down for harboring Taylor Hicks fans LOL

  52. phandi says:

    Oh dear, oh dear….
    Maybe Amy et al can switch to the blog for the cellcert???

  53. azdesertflower says:

    What’s going on? I was reading and went to click on home and POOF

  54. JAG says:

    madaboutu……..yeah I would think everything would be down.

  55. madaboutu says:

    Laurita………………..that wouldn’t be posted until she makes contact with HicksChicks right before the concert. Drat!

  56. Laurita says:

    I just see “Down until further notice.” – ;-(

    Yikes! Ash, what’s up??

    Anybody happen to write down the cellcert info, bridge number, etc. if it’s been posted yet?

  57. madaboutu says:

    Hey JAG………………….that is weird. Wouldn’t the whole site go down though?

  58. madaboutu says:

    Anyone know what has happened to the boards?

  59. JAG says:

    What happened to Boogie? We had a horrible storm in Ct,maybe that had something to do with it!

  60. yesitsme says:

    Good question mad – I thought it was me. Wha happened????

  61. madaboutu says:

    Wha hoppen to the boards?

  62. boogie says:

    Laurita: It was me, Ash. Amy does not post on the blog.

    You’re welcome.

  63. madaboutu says:

    eljean………….probably as good an explanation as any.

  64. Marcy says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Can’t wait till 8:00 for Tay and Limbo….wonder if Jeff Lopez is going to be there.

    Can someone tell me how to get gray? Everytime I try I get the archives….thanks.

  65. eljean says:

    I think Gray is snarking about Ted’s Email, and the opinions that this meltdown would never have needed to happen if Gray had been on the


    He says that his toes are still sore from being stepped on, and he is still sad and fed up with people in cyberspace.

    And that this message is a load of crap to be hurled away with great force.

    Or something like that.

  66. JAG says:

    madaboutu……..I’m in Connecticut right outside of New Haven.The music at work is streamed in,so I don’t know where it’s coming from,but I was absolutely thrilled to Hear so much Taylor today ! Of course everytime one of his songs come on my co workers start teasing me !Ithink some of them are coming around,they like the new songs they heard. One fan at a time !

  67. Laurita says:

    Love this R.L. Burnside video.. thanks so much (Ash? Amy?) for posting it..
    This performance truly does it: “it’s all about the music…”

  68. madaboutu says:

    JAG……………….that is really something! Where are you located in the country again , if you don’t mind my asking………. and if I knew I forgot!! LOL

  69. JAG says:

    I thought this would be the best place to post this,today at work for the first time DMA was played,it stopped me in my tracks.About two hours later,JTFTW was played and if that wasn’t enough to make my day DIMYP was also played. Three Taylor songs in one day is unbelievable Could this be the start of something big? Can’t wait for the cell cert tonight.

  70. sideways721 says:

    Andi, you mean today’s installment?

  71. andi says:

    I’m not getting Gray. What’s he saying? I mean I’ve read it, I just don’t get it.

  72. madaboutu says:

    Gray is starting to really depress me. I hope he is just playing around.

  73. sideways721 says:

    Gray is communicating again.
    Go check it out.

  74. sideways721 says:

    I know a few people attending the concert tonight. Hope the weather cooperates!

  75. madaboutu says:

    Thanks for the clip. I have never heard of R. L. Burnside. He played some plain ole down home blues for sure.
    I looked at the thread from the other day saying that you all know that Heaven Knows dropped today. Couldn’t really tell that it happened, could you?

  76. DebD says:

    Is Taylor playing with LMBO at the Elvis Festival too?

  77. hickifino says:

    Alabama has been faithful in supporting Taylor. He should have a great turnout tonight!

    I also have high hopes for Saturday night’s (June 2) show in Tupelo’s Elvis Festival. We Elvis fans, and Southerners in general, love Taylor Hicks!

    Taylor always gives his all!

    Is there a cell cercert planned for either the tonight’s Alabama Adventure or the Elvis Festival?

  78. juliegr says:

    OK, I’ll s tart — sorry I didn’t check in earlier.

    Looking forward to tonight’s kick=off of the Taylor Hicks summer concert tour. Along those lines, thought the following from the following link interesting:


    Performing: Today, 8 p.m.

    Alabama connection: Born and raised in Hoover.

    TV fame: Took the “American Idol” crown in 2006, besting Katharine McPhee. Known for his energetic performances, flamboyant dancing and husky soul vocals. Rallied his fan base with shouts of “Soul Patrol!”

    After “Idol”: Released one CD, “Taylor Hicks,” on the Arista label. It has sold about 700,000 copies. His current radio release, the R&B flavored “Heaven Knows,” followed two other singles, “Just to Feel That Way” and “Do I Make You Proud.”

    Concert predictions: For tonight’s show, Hicks, 30, will reunite with the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra, his Birmingham band. The set list is likely to be heavy on Hicks’ original material and local favorites, such as “Soul Thing,” “Hell of a Day” and “Heart and Soul.”

    Come on 8:00 p.m.!!! Cheers

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