Boogie Board Best of Series- 10-12.

# 10- Taylor Hicks performs “Sweet Home Chicago” at the House of Blues in Chicago with guest Keb’ Mo’. Filmed by Tif and dg90001.

# 11- Taylor Hicks performs “Hold On To Your Love” at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville NJ. Filmed by EJ.

# 12-  Taylor Hicks performs “Run Baby Run” at the Weidner Center in Green Bay WI. Filmed by bigsis.


7 Responses to Boogie Board Best of Series- 10-12.

  1. Fresh from The Elvis Festival in Tupelo…and if Tif got it on vid (which she always does so beautifully), please–for the love of sweet screaming Mike–please post Mr. Hicks doing “What’d I Say?” It was SMOKING. For me, that show surpassed The Beacon and that’s saying something. LMBO was tight, set list was incredible (including a version of Joe Cocker’s “Feeling Alright” that had me pogoing like I was in an 80s band), so much harp playing to bring a tear to your eyes. Lord have mercy–the brother was in his element.

  2. Laurita says:

    fyi, gracie and others..
    The page on Vimeo I linked to above (with the 2 vids from Chicago & Seattle) is hosted by Gray (not me of course!)

  3. graciecat says:

    Thanks for posting Boogie Board Best of Series 10-12 Ash. I, like every other fan hope we will see more of these from the Summer Tour. Thanks to all the people who put these great videos together…wow! I would have posted even sooner but I sort of got lost watching Laurita’s vimeo vid’s. Wow! They are great. I hadn’t seen the one of the finale in Seattle… it is spectacular. I was reminded of how excited we all were whether in attendance or just listening in on the cellcert that night…there was magical music in the air that night for sure and more to come with future concerts. Great work all! Glad we have all these videos to recapture those superb, history making musical moments. I really have a difficult time choosing a favourite but the ones posted today certainly are memorable. To: Taylor, LMBO, the Tour Band …and other musicians that get together along the way to open or jam with Taylor wishing you a super great time… Keep these videos coming! Excellent!

  4. madaboutu says:

    Marcy and Gwen……………… too on the Run Baby Run video. I love his version of that. It wipes the floor with the original, and no offense to Sheryl Crowe, hers is just more meek sounding.
    I wanted to hear that and Compared to What so bad at my concert but got TI2TS instead.

  5. GwenB says:

    Thanks for these, Ash. I watch “Run Baby Run” over and over. Missed it by not going to Portland, and he did not sing it in Seattle. I’m loving it right here on the BB.

  6. Marcy says:

    Ash, love waking up to videos of Taylor….especially “Run Baby Run”…..
    The spring tour is beginning to seem like a long time ago even though it wasn’t….The Beacon was only a month and a half ago! Two and a half weeks until the HOB in Atlantic City….(not that I am counting)….thanks for these….keep them coming.

  7. Laurita says:

    Ash, thanks for posting these 3 videos.. #10, the Chicago HOB encore with Keb Mo, is my favorite from the whole tour, I think..
    FYI- Sherri’s original video of this is MUCH more clearly viewed on the Vimeo site where you can see it without so much of the pixelation that makes the YouTube version much harder to watch:

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