Open Thread 13.

This thread is here for you to talk about all things Taylor Hicks, the video featured above, and anything else that strikes your fancy. You know the drill.

Lucinda Williams performing “Drunken Angel” on Austin City Limits.


70 Responses to Open Thread 13.

  1. […] Open Thread 13. Lucinda Williams performing “Drunken Angel” on Austin City Limits. [YouTube] This thread is here for you to […] […]

  2. juliegr says:

    Folks — you’ll get a laugh out of this. I’m going through MAJOR withdrawals today; my SUV has a 6 CD changer; I have the Nov. ’05 and Dec ’05 compilation of Taylor’s music; and I can’t play it while driving. Then I get home and my DH has the “nerve” to hang around and cramp my style — he wants to watch the news and Jeopardy.

    Woe is me! ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad the boogie is back and TG for UTube/GoFish and the Best of the Boogie!!!


  3. justwatchin says:

    Mad…i luv ya…I’ll stop!

    Glad to see the board is back up and running….

  4. madaboutu says:

    Ash……………….it was Are You Alright.? The Leno site didn’t have it but I found a vid on youtube with that as the background. It is just her style I guess and I was only familiar with the vid you put up. The song itself is very touching.

  5. madaboutu says:

    boogie……………………..I honestly can’t remember the name of the song. It was off her new album Jay said and I was flipping back and forth to see the group on Letterman. The performance may be on the Leno site. I’ll go check. I think maybe I am just getting too used to Taylors antics on stage. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. boogie says:

    Which song was it, mad? She isn’t always robotic, but if she was performing “Are You Alright” than it is likely. I’d think it would seem more weird to dance to such a song.

  7. sturgess66 says:

    Hope the hacker gets hacked back.

  8. Raylindy says:

    LOL madaboutu!!

  9. madaboutu says:

    Did anyone see Lucinda Williams on Leno last night? That was weird after Ash had a video up with her. She is a strange singer. Her mouth moves but she is pretty robotic. Over on Letterman, he had a stranger group called Bright Eyes I think. All the time I am watching both……..I am thinking……….some people think Taylor is weird?

  10. sturgess66 says:

    Was it something I said?

  11. Soulkaren says:

    THE BOARD IS BACK UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Colleen says:

    Good morning….. I kinda feel like we all had a massive party last night and now we can’t find our cars!! ^_^

    Anywho, just hope this all gets fixed! I would really miss it

  13. madaboutu says:

    Good morning everyone from the west coast. Sorry to see this problem is ongoing, but I have alot to do, so it may be a blessing, as long as it doesn’t last much longer.

    justwatchin’ ……………………:)

  14. justwatchin says:

    Morning all!…congregating here…(Mad, this is gonna cramp your style!)
    JAG…agree completely about Taylor injecting himself into covers…
    JulieGr..that’s so good to hear about HK

    Its’ amazing how much ya get done when not on the comp….heading over to check out Whomp!

  15. Gypsee says:

    You can also feel free to post on TMO if it’s about media, etc. Both Evancol and I are very willing to offer our homes as a temp place to blab. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Chrispydivine says:

    Has anyone got a chance to see the new shirtless pic from the beach?? Let me know ladies….

  17. evancol says:

    things are fixed….

    you can post if you are a member….
    you can post if you are pending being a member….
    you can post if you never want to be a member….


    We will copy stuff back here if you all decide you would like.

  18. dusty says:

    I was able to post without registering–thanks, Evancol!

    And I’ll post here what I posted there–thank you to Ash and Amy and everyone who works on the Boogie Board to make it available to all of us!

    And thanks to Evancol, too, for making a place for the displaced boogieboarders!

  19. evancol says:

    phandi….you are fixed. I have to approve memberships, BUT….I thought I had it set up where guests could post. Going to check that now.

  20. LindaInIowa says:

    Just sent a PM to evancol over there, hope it helps Phandi……………

  21. Phandi says:

    Sure. I joined, username phandi of course! Listed as “logged in” but can’t post!
    Can you contact evancol for me over there?

  22. LindaInIowa says:

    Phandi, are you logged on over there…………I did that first, then got right on with Lubiana.

  23. Phandi says:

    evancol, I keep getting “Sorry, you do not have permission to reply to that topic.” Frustrating. Help?

  24. First no GC and now no Boogie? What is the world coming to? I come here every morning using my graycharles toolbar. Luckily I had remembered the address to the blog.

    I hope all is well in Ash land.

  25. LindaInIowa says:

    Just added my Good Morning on the Whomp Swamp board……………where is everyone?

  26. Lubiana says:

    Morning everyone. I hope the Boogie board comes back real soon. Until then I’ll try the whomp swamp thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Phandi says:

    Excellent. Thanks evancol. I’m on my way.

  28. AmyH says:

    evancol – How do I start a thread?

  29. evancol says:


    If you need more than General and News, let me know. I’ll try to make it as comfortable as I can. Feel free to make yourselves at home.

  30. AmyH says:

    I need a message board format. I’m gonna check Whomp Swamp.

  31. caroljean says:

    If Amy’s about to freak maybe I will too.

  32. Malisa says:

    I wonder if a lot of people don’t have it bookmarked (are used to clicking through the board). :shrug:

  33. evancol says:

    AmyH….just sent you an e-mail.

  34. evancol says:

    We normally are information only, but I set up a NEWS and GENERAL forum at whompswamp that you can feel free to start threads and post in if you would like. HOPEFULLY just until Boogie is back up. You do NOT have to join to post in those threads.

    We can copy all the stuff back over here when the board comes back online.


  35. AmyH says:

    I’m trying VERY hard not to freak out. If word doesn’t come soon as to what is going on, I am very likely to lose it!

  36. Phandi says:

    I don’t think many people are congregating here on the blog…don’t we usually have 30-40 people on the boards. Anyone have a clue yet what’s going on? Maybe we should start collecting/saving threads and accumulating email addresses….

  37. katja says:

    Wow. I have actually accomplished something today. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Good morning everybody!

  38. LindaInIowa says:

    This is worse than getting up in the morning and realizing that you forgot to set up your coffee pot the night before! No Boogie Board?!?!?!
    It’s the 1st place I go every morning to see what’s going on in “Taylor World”, feel lost without it!
    Hope it goes back up soon!

  39. cali50 says:

    Good morning everyone! It’s so weird to not have my regular “Etc” good morning place available. Hope you all have a great Tuesday and that when I get home form work this will all be up and running!

  40. Gypsee says:

    Hope this board comes back up soon. In the meantime, there is much more Tupelo media added to TMO server, if y’all need a Tay fix. Does anyone have a clue why this happened again? Is there something we can do to help?

  41. juliegr says:

    Good morning board members. Heaven Knows showing up on more and more stations recently. Believe this is the “start of something good”. Even got a comment from one of the radio station directors I emailed that HK is better “than the other two put together” and that this director wasn’t about to be pushed into playing what “everyone else plays”. Interesting, no!!?

    Hope the board is back soon. Thanks Ashe for putting out the mat for us to gather on.

  42. mac_fae4taylor says:

    The Rod – thing, I have noticed Taylor being compared to Rod in some reviews -there are worse comparisons.
    It is so frustrating to be so overwhelmed by Taylor’s talent and passion and then have someone just shrug him off – as “oh he’s ok I guess” – I just want to shake them, but so far I have restrained myself.
    If someone listens to Taylor’s music or sees him perform and doesn’t feel it and be moved by it, nothing you can do to persuade them to like him/his music.
    Seeing Taylor live is about the only thing that will turn someone around.
    I think I may have put some people off last year being a little overzealous so I don’t push him at anyone any more.
    I just spend my time with them discussing and sharing music in general and what they like – it doesn’t always have to be about Taylor.

  43. Ilyn says:

    Hello Boogie! I see the board’s down today… I hope it won’t stay closed for long. Good morning everyone!

  44. miknerak says:

    ok, so my beloved boogie board is poofed for now….and I’m wandering around the blog which I have never really visited, so it’s a good thing in that respect. I’m reading the above post and think,yeah cool for someone who is not very upbeat to like Taylor’s stuff….and I’m wondering, what the heck is a BIL???? Forgive me for not knowing because I’m sure its something quite obvious but I don’t know what it means….LOL. I hope all is well with Ash. and I hope she gets the boogie board back because I don’t know what I’ll do without it…..I am on it everyday for several hours a day….it’s my lifeline!!!! ACK!!!! Ok, I’m alright now…..back to the serious discussion of great music….heehee

  45. WOOTaylor says:

    OK here’s a question for thought. I have a BIL (actually I have many) that I sent the HK itunes to and he writes me back Not Bad. Not what I expected from the guy on AI. So I get a little teeny excited (because he is a pessimist by nature) I write back and say something like well that album really isn’t as good as his previous work and he is much more enjoyable live and explain about the Best of the Boogie and gave him the link to you tube. Tonight he writes that he “listened” to The Right Place and The Long Way Home and he thinks he is like Rod Stewart and only like 3-4 of Rod’s songs. SO question
    What is your best “conversion” piece or pieces?
    I’m myelf am not a big fan of Rod-Do many of you get that feedback?
    Would you try to continue the conversation?
    (This BIL is quadriplegic, works at home, living with an elderly mother)

  46. madaboutu says:

    I asked my son about this the other night when it went down and he said that there have been problems with some servers in certain parts of the country. Whether this is “weather” related or something I don’t know. I spent a couple of hours on youtube, and that was cool.

  47. CJ says:

    I have tried to find the notice but can’t remember what I clicked on when it came up. I think it was home I clicked on but not sure. It was in very large letters and I remember only a few words of it . GOSHDARNIT OUR SERVER WENT DOWN TRY RELOADING??? I have been clicking around on everything trying to get the message again.

  48. Laurita says:

    CJ, where did you get that ‘strange notice’ from?

    And fyi, this situation is NOT related to other sites.. It’s a choice of our administrator, Ash, who has shutdown the Boards tonite for a specific reason, which we are not privy to. She also shut down the Boards last Friday (about an hour before the cellcert) for a certain purpose which has not yet been clarified publicly.

    We’re all on hold to hear from her, hopefully soon. This is certainly confusing and distressing to many people. ;-(
    We support and appreciate you, Ash, as I’ve noted before, and look forward to your communication shortly! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  49. CJ says:

    I just got this strange notice that said Goshdarnit are servers went down be back soon try to reload or something like that!

  50. CJ says:

    Thank You
    Well if Amy is in the dark too I sure don’t understand what’s going on. Maybe the same thing that’s going on with several sites. The yes site was all messed up for a couple of days and just now able to use it. I’m surprised that everyone from the boogie is not over here in the blog.

  51. AmyH says:

    This is really distressing. I have a bunch of PMs that are about to expire and I can’t get to them to save them.

    I don’t like this. If the Board is going to go down, a little explanation would be nice. A little notice (if possible) would be nicer.

  52. Laurita says:

    Hi CJ, a few hours ago I posted a note to Ash, the blog and B.B. founder/administrator, asking her to please give us an update about the shut-down, but we haven’t heard from her yet…
    So we’re in the dark for now til she sheds some light… TBD!

  53. CJ says:

    Wow I have been gone all day and just got on the Boogie for five minutes and it shut down. What happened today? Or are they just re-arranging things? I really like the blog but sometimes it’s slow, maybe more will come over here now .

  54. Ohhhh friends Romans BoogieBabies.

    I venture back into this jungle of love to ask the following quesiton:

    Any information on tickets for the following shows, as the boards are down at the very time I seek enlightenment/information?

    Aug 01 – Ameristar Casino – Vicksburg, MS
    Aug 03 – Mississippi Coast Coliseum – Biloxi, MS
    Aug 04 – House Of Blues – New Orleans – New Orleans, LA

    I want to hop aboard for those dates. That will be My Boogie Destiny.


  55. Laurita says:

    LilBuddy playing Heaven Knows now! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  56. graciecat says:

    Ash, thanks for the Lucinda Williams video. I prefer her singing, “Are You Alright?” which you can preview at her myspace page. As for Taylor, I agree with everyone above he can sing any song. Thanks for the reminder about Little Buddy Radio. Great news that they played CTW. Hope they keep playing more Taylor Hicks – that’s always good news.

  57. madaboutu says:

    Thank God for CD’s, videos, MP3’s and youtube, for times like these. And thanks to all who brought them to us!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. tober55 says:

    JAG, I feel exactly the same way. It never ceases to amaze me as I always before have preferred the original artists’ version. I’ve played quite a few of his songs back to back with the originals, all of which were favorites of mine, and Taylor’s version is better. There is just something about the richness and texture of his voice that connects with me like no other artist ever. And I too play his CD every day and have never tired of it. It is especially thrilling to turn someone else on to Taylor. Last week I gave a CD to a guy I work with (mid 30’s) and he is Taylorized!! I sent him links to some of the sites so he could listen to more of Taylor’s music and he told me today his wife asked him who was I and when did he start liking Taylor. One fan at a time…

  59. Cali50 says:

    “Why Does Love Have to be So Sad” is one amazing video. It’s definitely in my top 5 favorites ever. It may even be tied for first with Mystic Church!ParTayGirl did an awesome job!

  60. madaboutu says:

    JAG…………..I agree about the covers. He injects a new energy into them. For instance on Run Baby Run………there is no comparison and on CTW, I wouldn’t have even know it was the same song. Ditto What’s Goin On.

  61. madaboutu says:

    I just watched the video of Why Does Love Have to Be So Sad? That is really something and jamming at its best. Taylor went off on his own for sure and it’s a good thing those guys are used to his little quirks, both musically and physically.

  62. Laurita says:

    P.S. Sarah, I missed Amy W… do you know if that show will be rebroadcast on MTV?

    And I also like Lucinda W. and this Drunken Angel song.. I wonder what your impetus was in posting it, Ash? Is it an old favorite of yours? Have you seen her perform it? etc.

    And yeah, TH on Austin City Limits would be very cool… it ties in what morewines wrote on the Boards in the last couple of days where we were discussing Taylor’s next CD- I mentioned that Ted told me it would be blues-oriented, and mw saw TH say it would be “organic acoustic”, which is exactly what Austin City Limits is about..

    CM… Often I forget to put on LilBuddyRadio – thanks for the reminder!

  63. dusty says:

    Wow, Crazy Melon…that is so cool that you got them to play CTW! Maybe they will need a break one day and play the whole Dewey tape ๐Ÿ™‚ !

    And Tayfancier–what a cool suggestion for TH. I wonder how an artist gets on that program?

  64. Laurita says:

    Checking in after getting the following message:

    “Board down until further notice. Hopefully we will be back soon. Until then, feel free to congregate on the blog.”

    Ash, can you give us an update on why you had to shut down the Boards? Is there a problem?

    We all really appreciate everything you do here at the Blog and with the B.B. and hope everything O.K.

    Can you give us an E.T.A. on when the Boards will be back up?

  65. JAG says:

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the covers that Taylor has done and I have to say I much prefer his versions to the originals.It’s his incredible voice and infectious style that just can’t be beat.I am convinced that no matter what he chooses to sing he always blows it out of the water,there is no one like him ! I purchased his CD back in Feb.and I still listen to it every day and still enjoy it as much,if not more than the first time I heard it.That amazes me,because I have never been this in love with any CD.I can’t wait for the next album !

  66. Ellen aka rubyred says:

    Dang. I think I broke the boogie board. Sniff. No excuse to stay off the treadmill now. See you in a little bit!

  67. Crazymomelon says:

    Is everybody still listening to little Buddy Radio?
    I e-mailed them to thank them for playing Van Morrison’s Tupelo Honey the other dayand suggested they play Compared To What from the Dewey Tapes, knowing it would never be played. Well, this afternoon I had a conference in my office, with Little Buddy Radio turned way down on my computer and what comes up? That’s right, Compared To What from The Dewey Tapes. It was all I could do to maintain composure, formulate a pretense to clear the office and listen in bliss.
    I know it’s not mainstream Top 40, but I do love Little Buddy Radio and have turned a number of people on to its eccentric mix.

  68. Tayfancier says:

    I want to see Taylor on Austin City Limits. He’d be great!!

  69. sarahinwv says:

    Did anyone catch Amy Winehouse on MTV Movie Awards? ” I say no, no, nO…” I dig her !!

  70. juliegr says:

    Radio play and concert comments/reviews for Taylor’s music have been consistantly positive this weekend. Plus Heven Knows is beginning to climb the chart

    Good news!! Yeah

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