Marc Broussard to perform at Laser’s Edge.

According to a comment from Fred O. at Laser’s Edge, Marc Boussard will be performing an in-store set at Laser’s Edge in Birmingham on Wednesday, June 20th at 1:00 pm. Mr. Broussard will also be playing a show at Workplay that evening.

Marc puts on a great show, so if you are in the area (or willing to make the drive), I highly suggest catching him for both performances. Also, if you go to Laser’s Edge, I encourage you to buy a few cds and support a great independent business.

The video for Marc Broussard’s “Home”.


16 Responses to Marc Broussard to perform at Laser’s Edge.

  1. graciecat says:

    Thanks for the video Ash and the links Laurita. I could see Marc and Toby performing other Marvin Gaye / Tammy Terrell duets like, “You’re All I Need to Get By, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, and You’re Precious Love.” Like Taylor Hicks, it is nice to see other young performers bringing modern soul to the streets. Yay to modern soul and reminding us about where it all started. I am really interested in seeing young artists bring their own modern soulfulness to their songwriting and performing.

  2. mojavedesertgirl says:

    The Home video is just as powerful now as the first time it was shared – and I am just as impressed with this young man’s music now as then. Good to hear he’s got a new album coming out. There’s been controversy on the boogie board about Taylor making music videos – but something like Home is exactly the kind of video I invision Taylor is capable of making.

  3. Duff says:

    He IS great ! Oh to be back in Birmingham to see this guy perform and to peruse the racks at Laser’s Edge … we had such fun there in March ! Hi Fred ! Hope it is a blast !!

  4. KimLoree says:

    I’ve been wishing for a Taylor/Marc collaberation ever since GC introduced me to Marc. For a while there, I had to play the “Home” video at least once per day. I felt kind of like I was cheating on Taylor….musically, I mean (of course).

  5. katja says:

    Wow! That’s great! I wish I lived in Birmingham! 😀

  6. Laurita says:

    Check out


    if you haven’t already.. you can pre-order a special version of his new CD off his site.. btw, Toby Lightman is also on part of his current tour..

    For sure, another soulful white boy singing some serious modern whomp! 😉

  7. hickifino says:

    If you can, see Marc Broussard! He’s toe tinglingly good!

  8. mamaforpeace says:

    This guy is great… and young. I think he is 25.

  9. Lisaisheretoday says:

    He puts on a great show and has a wicked sexy voice. Don’t miss it!

    And his new album comes out June 26.

  10. Steve Howell says:

    FYI. The Carencro in the video is a little town on the north side of Lafayette Louisiana. It is his hometown.
    Got to see him at Festival International in Lafayette. He put on a great show that was standing room only.

  11. cali50 says:

    Wow! I love this song. He looks really young. Does anyone know how old he is? I remember you all talking about him a while back, but I never listened (sorry!) I’ve been definitely missing out on some good music!

  12. Candy G. says:

    I love Marc Broussard and his single Home. I agree with Marcy about he and Tay getting together! He’s got a unique sound, and his video is great.

  13. Marcy says:

    Ash, forgot to tell you I am so glad you are back up and running….missed the boogie!

  14. Marcy says:

    I have never heard of Marc Broussard before….this video was really very good…..I like his style…..very catchy….You mean to tell me there are other soul singers out there besides Mr. Hicks? Haaa Would love to see him collaborate with Tay…..would be funky……

  15. juliegr says:

    Discovered Marac Broussard since listening to Whomp music performed by Taylor Hicks. I especially like his recording “Home”. It’s catchy, pounding beat, funky. Wish I were able to see him live — hope he and Taylor can collaborate on something in the future.

    Just imagine the fun that would be!

  16. KimLoree says:

    This is absolutely one of my favorite (non-Taylor) videos ever!!!!! Love it!

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