Songs that remind you of summer.

For many of us, summer is on its way. Time for sun on *bare skin, dips in cool bodies of water, cookouts and fireflies, and if you are anything like me, summer also conjures up thoughts of driving with the windows down and the volume up.

Here are a few of my favorite tunes that remind me of summer:

Beck- “Loser”.

Modest Mouse- “Ocean Breathes Salty”.

Led Zeppelin- “Whole Lotta Love”

Whiskeytown. The entire Strangers Almanac album.

Your turn. Which songs remind you of summer?


54 Responses to Songs that remind you of summer.

  1. patty cee says:

    race for the prize, flaming lips

    the juggler, weather report

    hot time, summer in the city, is that the lovin’ spoonful?

  2. Cassie says:

    So many great summer songs —-

    Mr. Big Stuff (Little Jeannie Knight)
    Sugar, Sugar (The Archies)

  3. Kenzie says:

    Modest Mouse… amazing :]

  4. Canadianna says:

    Eddie Cochran’s ‘Summertime Blues’ (love that old Rockabilly stuff)

  5. mojavedesertgirl says:

    Ricki Lee Jones, Joni Mitchell, The Indigo Girls, Bonnie Raitt…
    and a little CSNY too…

  6. Historia says:

    I didn’t take this to mean necessarily about summer, but I thought of the following (I am a child of the 70’s and 80’s)

    Blue Bayou-Linda Ronstadt
    Boys of Summer by Don Henley
    Roll With It by Stevie Winwood
    Dock of the Bay- Otis Redding
    Walking on Sunshine by Katrina & the Waves
    Kokomo by the Beach Boys (although they have many summer songs)
    Red Red Wine by UB40
    Desire by U2
    I’ll Wait by Van Halen
    Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison
    Saturday in the Park by Chicago
    Heart of Glass by Blondie
    The Heat is On by Glenn Frey
    Brick House by the Commodores
    Rock’n Me by Steve Miller
    More Than A Feeling by Boston
    Power of Love by Huey Lewis & the News
    Burning Down the House by the Talking Heads

    I could go on and on….so many great songs…good topic Ash!

  7. omphalos says:

    i noticed i pulled out my eisley cds again recently, now that the sun’s back to shining. the band, comprised of three young sisters, their brother, and a neighbor friend, has a bright, warm sound, like sun on roots and tendrils and waves. their music seems to go with working outside.

    ash, thanks for the beck video! i’m curious why his song’s a summer song for you. love the unconventional choice for sure, especially the dark palette and death motif for a season many associate with sunshine and ease. you’re one cool cookie.

  8. justwatchin says:

    Nice list TexasTay…yah, ya just gotta have some Beach Boys!

  9. juliegr says:

    I hated this song but it does remind me of summer:

    Ittsy Bittsy Tenny Winnie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini!

    Also, Bob Segar — We’ve Got Tonight and Hollywood Nights

  10. texastaylorfan says:

    I was just working on a summer song playlist last week and got interrupted by, ummm, summertime stuff. But I want to finish it and burn a CD when it’s done. I actually was going to put my list on the Other Music thread of the Boogie Board and see what else anyone suggested and then here this is!

    Here was the playlist I had so far:

    Summer’s Here James Taylor THE BEST SUMMER SONG EVER!!!!
    Summer In The City Joe Cocker
    Summer John Denver
    Summer In The City Regina Spektor — Different than the Joe Cocker one and I may take it off because it doesn’t fit the “vibe”
    Summer Breeze Seals & Crofts
    Summer of ’69 Bryan Adams
    Summertime Fantasia’s version
    Summertime Kenny Chesney – completely different song
    Hot Fun In the Summertime Sly & The Family Stone
    School’s Out Alice Cooper
    Summer Nights Grease Soundtrack

    And then I knew I needed to add something by the Beach Boys.

  11. graciecat says:

    Summer songs! Wow. I agree with everyone above. My list is too long so let’s just say if you can listen to it while touring Route 66 on a Harley…well that says summer music to me.

  12. Little Deb nailed THE best bad ass summer song: Sly & The Family Stone: “Hot Fun in the Summertime”–that IS the real deal, baby. You can almost feel the humidity gathering a paste on your skin. It’s dreadful yet sensual, earthy and wonderful. Damn, I do love the summertime.

    “Summer in the City” by the Loving Spoonful is a close second.

  13. DebD says:

    That Sheryl Crow song …. I want to soak up the sun…

  14. Leroy'sSharon says:

    (I am Wings on Boogie Board)

    Songs that remind me of summer and come to mind first…for various reasons.

    Sealed With a Kiss (Bobby Vinton)

    Under the Board Walk (Drifters and Beach Boys)

    Dock of the Bay (Otis Redding)

    I Got You Babe (Sonny & Cher)

    Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (The Beatles)

    Young Love (Sonny James)

    Somewhere (From West Side Story)

    Little Baby ducks (Tom T. Hall)

    Muskrat Love (Captain &Tenille)

  15. taylor made 4 me says:

    All the Best is the name of the album…my bad.

  16. kelmeister says:

    I picked this song in another thread, but Damage by Non-Prophets (Sage Francis) is my favorite summer song. First day of spring when it’s hot enough to roll down the windows in the car without freezing my ass off, that song goes on the player full-blast. It’s loud and angry and awesome.

    Here’s a link to download the song (mp3) from Sage Francis’s site

  17. taylor made 4 me says:

    The entire album Paul McCartney’s Best Hits-
    Band on the Run
    incredibly written and arranged

  18. Poolie says:

    Hey Jag, “Under the Boardwalk” is one of my all time favourite summer songs. I just found out yesterday the Drifter’s will be playing here this summer. I’ll be going for sure!!

  19. Beverly says:

    Hey Jag ~ It was “UNDER the boardwalk”!! I guess that is where all the fun took place. 🙂

  20. Jules says:

    Boys of Summer – Don Henly
    Summer Romance – Rolling Stones

    Fantasia Barrino

    Devandra Banhart

  21. EJ says:

    Summer Breeze – Seals & Croft
    It’s a Beautiful Morning – Rascals

  22. justwatchin says:

    Edit….I couldn’t remember, then went and looked up ….hitting the coffee again.

  23. justwatchin says:

    Anything Beach Boys reminds me of summer…& can’t remember who does this one, but “School’s Out “Alice Cooper & Time of Your Life, Green Day & “Temperature” Sean Paul.

  24. Rabbit says:

    The two albums of the best summer of my life – They Might Be Giants ‘Flood’ and Erasure’s ‘Wild’. Yeah… cruisin’ around in my big freakin’ Oldsmobile with my bi*ches, goin’ through the White Castle, smokin’ Camels and singing ‘Birdhouse in Your Soul’ at the top of our lungs the way only kids can.

  25. MK says:

    First Class: Beach Baby, Beach Baby, give me your hand …
    Oh, and John Fogarty, Centerfield: Put me in coach, I’m ready to play …

  26. amyrebo says:

    Sweet Child ‘o Mine by GnR and Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard…it was the summer I turned 14 before I went to high school. Lots of memories.

  27. taylor made 4 me says:

    My First, My Last, My Everything-Barry White: brings back images of summer at the Jersey shore. Seems to go with hot sun, cool breeze, and footprints in the sand.
    Take it Easy by the Eagles is in my mind as well.

  28. AmyMc says:

    It’s a Cruel Summer by Bananarama

  29. Little Deb says:

    How about some old Sly and the Family Stone.

    Hot Fun In The Summertime

  30. TC says:

    Hot town, summer in the city, back of my neck gettin’ dirty and gritty…my husband was just singing that the other day when we were outside planting Rose of Sharon shrubs. That song also reminds me of my driver’s ed class, summer of 1993, my instructor would sing that every time it got too quiet in the car. Except he’d say “hot DOG summer in the city.” 🙂

  31. Jools says:

    immediately upon reading the challenge, I started hearing, “hot town, summer in the city, back of my neck getting burnt and pretty, cool cat, looking for his kitty, gonna look in every corner of the city . . .” run through my head

    (I see I’m not the only one ^^^^^)

    Lovin’ Spoonful

  32. JAG says:

    I can’t believe I forgot “On The Boardwalk” by the fabulous Drifters ! Love these trips down memory lane!

  33. TC says:

    Manana by Peggy Lee has played a part in many of my fun summer celebrations over the years!

  34. flowersKY says:

    Dock of the Bay. Otis Redding.

  35. TC says:

    Oooh, I forgot Uptown Girl by Billy Joel, What’s Love Got To Do With It by Tina Turner and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper!!! Those were from when I was 7 but me and my best friend played those two records all the time one summer and drove our moms nuts!! And Xanadu by Olivia Newton-John, I was so young but still think of summers at the babysitters’ when I hear that song. Sorry, I’m getting carried away now.

  36. TC says:

    Well the first one that comes to mind with the name summer in it is Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, I was 14 that summer. There are a few songs that when I hear to this day I can still feel the water in the swimming pool and they are Sussidio by Phil Collins, Don’t You Forget About Me by Simple Minds, Take On Me by Aha and The Goonies Are Good Enough by Cyndi Lauper. I must have spent a lot of time at the swimming pool the summer of ’85, I was 9. LOL

    I went through a summer of country when I first started dating my farmer husband when I was 16, and Alan Jackson’s Chattahoochee brings back some fond summer memories.

    I spent last summer waiting to heare “Do I Make You Proud” and in the process learned a bunch of new music like Loosen Up My Buttons, Stars Are Blind, Murderer, London Bridge, etc. Thanks Taylor, hee hee.

  37. hicksaholic says:

    I was thinking Summer In the City was Lovin’ Spoonful but maybe it was The Young Rascals

  38. madaboutu says:

    Oh yeah, the Beach Boys……..

  39. Patti says:

    Joe Walsh, Life’s Been Good. Here, I’ll really date myself…the summer of ’78, cruising around town with my 8 track blaring Joe Walsh full blast.

  40. Crazymomelon says:

    All around, people looking half dead, walkin on the sidewalk. hotter than a matchhead…
    But at night, its a different world, go out and find a girl…

    Cant use apostrophes here?
    How odd.

  41. Crazymomelon says:

    Me, too!
    Summer in the City – Rascals!
    I was just singing this the other day.

  42. SegerHicks says:

    Cruel Summer by Bananarama , also done by Ace of Base.

  43. datilpepper says:

    Bob Marley’s “Waitin’ In Vain” and Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville” in fact, anything by those two….sittin’ on the beach with a beverage…Don’t get no better than that!!!

  44. Little Deb says:

    Hey, can we copy all the ones we posted in the ETC. summer song thread?

  45. SoulReporter says:

    Talking Heads: Burning Down the House!! Ah, memories!

  46. Vines&Stars says:

    This may seem like an odd choice, but it is absolutely perfect: “The Summerwind,” by Frank Sinatra. Ever since I heard this song a few years ago, it’s been my favorite song of summer.

    There is something magical about walking down street, to the rhythm of this song, on a hot summer day. It’s a true classic!

  47. morewines says:

    Yes the Beach Boys and Steel Drums always make me think of

    When reading all the messages on this topic today the song
    “Summertime” by Janis Joplin came to mind. Can’t get
    it out of my head.

    Janis Joplin – Summertime (Live Gröna Lund 1969)

  48. hicksaholic says:

    Summer in the city- also good morning sunshine(?) by Oliver

  49. JAG says:

    Oooops, forgot one ,Ebb Tide.The Rightous Brothers !

    First the tide rushes in
    Plants a kiss on the shore
    Then rolls out to sea
    And the sea is very still once more !

    Ahh the memories,was it yesterday?

  50. JAG says:

    Ok,this is gonna really date me ,Going To The Chapel,because I got married in the summer and heard that song on the way to the chuch ! I know corny!

  51. hollyb says:

    My pleasure.
    (btw I’m SUPPOSED to be working too – but it’s almost Friday so screw the last half hour!)

  52. boogie says:

    It happens. A lot of people are still at work.

    Thanks for the video link, holly!

  53. hollyb says:

    (hmmm – I appear to be talking to myself. Oh well….)

    Attack of the Sideburns (and bad teeth)!! :

  54. hollyb says:

    Well I’ll just go right ahead and slap a “Child of the 70’s” spotlight on myself….
    In the Summertime – Mungo Jerry

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