TH Summer Tour Dates.

Below is the list of current tour dates according to

Jun 15 Summer Stages – Big Flats, NY
Jun 16 – South Shore Music Circus – Cohasset, MA
Jun 17 – Cape Cod Melody Tent – Hyannis, MA
Jun 20 – Ameristar Casino – Council Bluffs, IA
Jun 22 — Chippewa Valley Music – Cadott, WI
Jun 24 – House of Blues – Atlantic City, NJ
Jun 27 – NORVA – Norfolk, VA
Jun 28 – Six Flags Over Georgia – Austell, GA
Jun 29 – Zimmerli Amphitheater – Spartanburg, SC
Jun 30 North Charleston PAC – Charleston, SC
Jul 01 Mercer Theatre – Savannah, GA
Jul 03 Bottle & Cork – Dewey Beach, DE
Jul 05 Paramount Theater – Charlottesville, VA
Jul 06 The Maryland Theatre – Hagerstown, MD
Jul 07 – Innsbrook Pavilion – Glenn Allen, VA
Jul 08 – Loudoun Summer Music Festival – Ashburn, VA
Jul 12 – Genessee Theatre – Waukegan, IL
Jul 13 – The Pageant – Saint Louis, MO
Jul 14 – Kentucky Speedway – Sparta, KY
Jul 21 – Paragon Casino – Marksville, LA
Jul 22 – Snowden Grove Park – Southaven, MS
Jul 23 – Elkhart County Fair – Goshen, IN
Jul 30 – Welk Resort & Theater – Branson, MO
Aug 01- Ameristar Casino – Vicksburg, MS
Aug 03 – Mississippi Coast Coliseum – Biloxi, MS
Aug 04 – House Of Blues – New Orleans – New Orleans, LA
Aug 05 – Verizon Wireless Theater – Houston, TX
Aug 09 – Watertown Fairgrounds Arena – Watertown, NY
Aug 10 – Warner Theatre – Torrington, CT
Aug 11 – Twin River Events Center – Lincoln, RI
Aug 12 – Merrill Auditorium at City Hall – Portland, ME
Aug 16 – Mid-Hudson Civic Center – Poughkeepsie, NY
Aug 17 – Capitol Center – Concord, NH
Aug 18 – St. George Theatre – Staten Island, NY
Aug 19 – Ritacco Center / Toms River HS – Toms River, NJ
Aug 22 – House Of Blues Myrtle Beach – Myrtle Beach, SC
Aug 23 – Dothan Civic Center – Dothan, AL
Aug 24 – Ruth Eckerd Hall – Clearwater, FL
Aug 25 – Pompano Beach Amphitheatre – Pompano Beach, FL
Aug 26 – Hard Rock Live – Orlando, FL
Aug 31 – House of Blues Dallas – Dallas, TX
Sep 01 – Cypress Bayou Casino – Charenton, LA
Sep 02 – The Amphitheatre at the Wharf – Orange Beach, AL
Sep 06 – Seneca Niagara Casino Theatre – Niagara Falls, NY
Sep 08 – Bethel Woods Center for the Arts – Bethel, NY
Sep 09 – Nikon @ Jones Beach Theater – Wantagh, NY
Sep 29 – The Big E Festival – West Springfield, MA
Sep 28 – Bloomsburg Fair – Bloomsburg, PA
Oct 13 – Pucillo Gymnasium (Millersville Univ.) – Millersville, PA


18 Responses to TH Summer Tour Dates.

  1. Debbie Jurkovac says:

    Too bad I could not make it back to see my “younger brother” Taylor perform
    in my home town of Waukegan Illinois. Back when I was a kid, I would have
    never thought performers would actually be coming to Waukegan someday!
    Hope he likes Waukegan! Take Care And All The Best To Taylor!

  2. Sabrina says:

    Disappointing that Taylor cancelled his 7/3 date at Bottle and Cork in Dewey Beach, DE and it’s not even worth mentioning on the site…

  3. JanetV says:

    I vote for Oregon, my friend and I totally loved his concert in Portland. Thee are other locations with seating available. Its hard to dance around with a purse, camera after standing for I don’t know how long.

  4. tothestreets says:

    Also, I would like to heartily agree with ‘Sensibleshoes’ and Timeinbottle’.

    I know Taylor’s passion is on the stage and he loves performing and connecting with fans, but I hope he takes some well deserved down time to focus his creative energy on composing some new work. It would be nice if he could get out of the spotlight and (as above post says) strum gutair, daydream, etc… Maybe head to Europe for a few months instead of rushing back into the studio just to crank CD out by X-mas. He has so much to respond to after the last two crazy years and I have no doubt his next record will be amazing if he gives himself the time express it.

  5. tothestreets says:

    OK this isn’t a concert comment- though I’m quite psyched to see Tay back in NYC … although Staten Island (!?) …. hum not the most exciting borough, but I know lots of people who will make the voyage, so I hope it is well promoted so all the fans get a chance to attend.

    But what I’m wondering about is if anyone is going to watch Taylor at charity golf tourney in Westchester Co. Monday the 18th of June?

    I’m considering it if I can escape work. Should be entertaining!

  6. TimeInaBottle says:

    Well spoken sensibleshoes.
    Could not have said it better myself.

    Allow me to say this:

    It’s stunning how inspiration can bring out a masterpiece. Or perhaps many, many masterpieces. In the case of Taylor Hicks, the music is in him, and so are the words that can turn his career in a new direction. He has to find the words as well. Writing is not easy unless there is a source for it, a well spring of sorts.

    Time to relax, take stock in his life and soul search can reveal emotions rarely felt…let alone captured in song. I would love to see Taylor Hicks really feel what he has done. He needs to be proud of himself in a very deep and serious way. I for one, would be thrilled if Taylor slowed down the tour and focused on writing music. I relish the thought of it, knowing the power of the human psyche. He has been on a wonderful ride in the past year, and maybe it’s time for him to step back and FEEL what has axtually happened to him, feel the roller coaster ride…pat himself on the back. The time for numbing out is over. He MUST put down on paper the dream he has lived. If he allows for that space, the rest will flow. If he stands still long enough things will fall into place for him creatively. Then, THEN watch out music world…a new Taylor Hicks will emerge and the rest they say…is history.

  7. I’m selfishly sorry to see he hasn’t scheduled any shows in the western third of the country, but on the other hand, I wish he had more blank spots on his schedule. Like, for 3 or 4 months. As a friend of mine (also a huge Taylor fan) said of him recently, “Sit down and write some songs, will ya?” He loves performing and he wants to keep riding this train, but a creative artist needs time to create, as well as time to present his creations. I can’t help thinking he’d be better off in the long run (as would we) if he went home, or wherever, and had NO external demands on his time, and sat, and thought, and daydreamed, and strummed his guitar, and hummed some tunes, and came up with some new songs that gave voice to whatever has been going on in that complex mind and lively heart over the past couple of years. Creative work wells up from within, and sometimes emerges in a small voice unwilling or unable to make itself heard in a noisy, bustling environment. Even a very sociable person needs “fallow” time to refill the creative well. Taylor COULD keep going at breakneck speed, satisfied with performing covers and a handful of his earlier songs and an occasional week or so off to fish or lounge on a beach, but I think he’s better than that. I think if he has the courage to give himself the time to create, he will come up with something wonderful. His covers of others’ songs are terrific, but he is a gifted songwriter in his own right; as much as I love some of his covers, I am more intrigued by what we might hear from HIM. It must be very hard to decline requests to perform and connect with fans, to carve out time and space and quiet for himself, but I think he will need to do that–if not for his sanity, then for his ability to create new music.

  8. graciecat says:

    So excitin’. This is an amazing schedule. Can’t see anything close by or can I? Hey, it’s the summer. It’s the perfect time to take a vacation to a Taylor Hicks concert. Now to choose just one? two? three? …looking at vacation savings and smiling.

  9. Calimari says:

    Bumming here in Michigan. He’s going back to Illinois & to Indiana, which is several hours away, but both times it’s on a weeknight. I can’t take that sort of time off work. If he’d go there on a weekend, it would be no problem. Or someplace closer on a weeknight. But nooooooo…..bummed. But I’m lucky I’ve seen him twice on tour so far. He just leaves you wanting for more….

  10. kathop says:

    An added plea for Seattle….Taylor we love you our here!!

  11. Laurita says:

    As we discussed over on the BB Tour thread, us left coasters are hoping and praying for some dates out here during the only “summer” window he has open, between Sept. 10-28th!

    I figure that he’s gotta promote the book in CA, WA, etc. at some point, and maybe at the same time he’ll fit in some shows…

    Otherwise, maybe he can work out West Coast dates betw. Sept. 29th and when he’s “Homecoming King” at Millersville U. in the Gymansium concert on Oct. 13th! 😉

  12. hicksaholic says:

    The Wharf at Orange Beach????? When do tickets go on sale? It is Labor Day weekend!!! Sunday night! He will have a huge crowd for this I bet. Joni will be there too. Only problem will be finding a place to stay. Gulf Shores is packed on Labor Day weekend. You never know – he could show up at the Flora-bama. He’s only 10 minutes away.

  13. dnjmorton says:

    Have mercy on us on the West Coast!! We need yah!

  14. KimLoree says:

    I feel your pain, mamaforpeace. Gonna have to keep buyin those lottery tickets.

  15. SegerHicks says:

    Whoooo! Another Massachusetts date! How lucky can a Taylor fan get??

  16. mamaforpeace says:

    Sigh! So far away from any venues on the West Coast!

  17. DebD says:

    When will that boy ever slow down? I see another show has been added for New England – Taylor must really love it up here!

  18. Crazymomelon says:

    Wow. Another 50 +or – dates. Go, Taylor! I’ll bet he lights up those festivals! I’ll be booking at least a second and maybe even a third summer show.

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