Naive Melody.


4 Responses to Naive Melody.

  1. juliegr says:

    Isn’t it cool how your most moving, embarassing, and/or fun movements that are captured on what used to be called home movies have found such a wide audience on the internet due to the likes of Youtube and Gofish!

    Where everybody knows your face but nobody knows your name!!

    Times have changed! These are better than some TV shows and movies you pay $7 or more for!!

  2. Jan says:

    Thanks for the videos Ash. I just bought Stop Making Sense both the CD and DVD. I’ve been listening to the CD quite a bit. I love the part with the Tom Tom Club. I would be stunned if there exists a person in this world that can sing that song better than David Byrne. There is something unique about his voice and the optimism that shines through. He always seems to be looking far in the the future or far into the past.

  3. omphalos says:

    Arcade Fire covering David Byrne?

    “Hills peep o’er hills, and Alps on Alps arise!” — Alex Pope.

    In other words: O my friggen gosh. The bounty!

  4. madaboutu says:

    I spent too much time at the gray/doug site! I actually liked the second one too. It is mesmerizing. 🙂

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