Open Thread 16.

This thread is here for you to talk about all things Taylor Hicks and anything else that strikes your fancy.


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  1. JiRO says:

    Taylor Hicks is spinning his wheels if he wants his songs played on the Radio. Today is one of my Grandsons 12th Birthday,so I call and actually got through to “{The Q (103.7, B’Ham,Al)” request line to request a shout out “Happy Birthday ” to him and to play Taylor”s song “Heaven Knows” for him. I was told that they did not play that song because it was not popular. They are still playing old ones by “The Fray”, “Nickelback”, Daughtrys first release, Elliot Yamins new single, and that great song “Umbrella” etc. By the way my Grandson knows the words to most of Taylors CD songs. During Taylors Ala Adventure concert – The “Q” had there butts right there with signs and all , even their nerdy looking DJ or manager or whatever. That single release by Clive didn”t do much for Taylor. There is basically two companies that own B”ham stations and they are Clear Channel and Citadel who control 11 stations here. There may be no payola ,but it makes one wonder.

  2. betweenthekeys says:

    Here is my blog entry about the Taylor Hicks show I attended.

  3. “I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it”.
    -Thomas Jefferson, to Archibald Stuart, 1791

  4. BarbieB says:

    Happy 4th..Everybody!!!!

    Have a great time and Boogie down………….

  5. madaboutu says:

    juliegr…………………you have a happy 4th too! And the same to all the boogie board! Stay safe and enjoy the day!

  6. juliegr says:

    Have a Happy and safe Fourth of July to all Boogie Boarders!

    The concert tour picks up again SOON!!


  7. caroljean says:

    Hey Amy, sounds like my kind of night ! Good time had by all !

  8. dnjmorton says:

    Thanks Juliegr…that answered my question. Judy

  9. juliegr says:

    dnjmorton — gofish doesn’t allow you to download to yourself, however you can embed the video in a message to send to others (you’ll see examples of this process on the boogie).

  10. dnjmorton says:

    Next question: If I wanto to download a video from youtube or I email it to myself? Or how do you do this.

    (changing back to dnjmorton – because I do not want to start over as a newbie)

  11. juliegr says:

    Amy — looks like you had a good time!!!

  12. jam4tay says:

    Next question: If I want to download a video from youtube or gofish…do I just email it to myself and then save… or what?

    (formerly dnjmorton)

  13. AmyMc says:

    Okay, go to my blog to read my fun night in Norfolk, Virginia! Photos, too! There are two entries.

  14. Laurita says:

    thanks julie.. i’m downloading.. i don’t remember seeing this so i’m sure it will be a treat..

    take care, Lauri 😉

  15. dnjmorton says:

    juliegr and EVERYONE…THANK YOU! I now have my FIRST folder named with my FIRST video downloaded!! This Ford Conference video is super..I had never seen the whole thing. He really seems comfortable when he sings his OWN songs! Thank you all so much for the search for this performance! Just downloaded because I had to listen to tonights cellcert FIRST! Sounded like a super crowd…

  16. juliegr says:

    dnjmorton — my suggestion is to create a file with a unique name and save all similar records in it — i.e. perhaps name it Taylor PR appearances and file anything similar in the future.

    Glad to be able to help!!

  17. dnjmorton says:

    Next question: when the sendspace file says “open” or “save”….
    If I click on Save….where do it “save” it to?
    I am very new to this tech game.
    Thanks, Judy

  18. dnjmorton says:

    I want to Thank eveyone who worked on this question for me. I will download when I get home from work. This is such a classic Taylor experience….wanted to keep it.
    You guys are GREAT!!!!

  19. Jules says:

    juliegr – that file is huge I’m trying to download it now – it’s taking awhile but I bet it’s worth it – thanks!

  20. juliegr says:

    Dnjmorton and Laurita:

    The first link doesn’t work, dang it — (I confirmed that this link is still hot) try this one instead

    The entire appearance is in this file!!!


  21. juliegr says:

    dnjmorton and Laurita:

    Here are the links you requested. HUGE thanks to our BEST FRIEND GYPSEE. Gypsee has expressly asked that these NOT be uploaded on YouTube or GoFish!

    DIMYP, HOAD, and TI2TS

    Taylor’s final remarks (??)

    Enjoy!! Cheers!!!

  22. dnjmorton says:

    You guys are good….can’t wait for the find!
    I finally did get the youtube version to open..the 4thof July performance..Thank you! That is a very good one. I would still like to save the Ford performance, as he does some talking about his utensils!..Thanks in advance for all of your help.

  23. juliegr says:

    That’s OK, we can wait for Gypsee — she has those things available at a snap of her fingers.

    Thanks for tryi8ng.!

  24. Crazymomelon says:

    Well, THAT didn’t work. Just got the hourglass and .. nothing. The file is probably too big to mail. I’m sure it came from Gypsee in the first place. If she doesn’t have it anymore, maybe one of you can explain the intricacies of sendspace and I can repost it. Or, put if on Youtube or GoFish. I’ve just never tried any of those.

  25. juliegr says:

    OK, you can email to me and I’ll see what it is all about. Thanks.


  26. Crazymomelon says:

    The video is a wmv from sendspace or megaupload or something. I can e-mail it, but can’t see how to link it here.
    E-mail, anyone?

  27. juliegr says:

    mad — I’d rather eat chocolate covered ants than try to locate a file in either youtube or gofish from sepptember 2006!!! hahaha

    Not kidding!

  28. juliegr says:

    Crazy — if you have it saved on your computer, do you’ve probably saved it with the link, right?

    If so, open a message on this page and go to the file location in your computer; right click on the name of the file and select copy, return to this page and right click to paste the link inside your message. That should copy the link and voila!! You’re a pro! haha

    Try it and see if that works~~

  29. Crazymomelon says:

    Ok, I have that Ford video saved on my computer, but I don’t know how to post it, or if I even can.

  30. madaboutu says:

    juliegr………………..that Ford appearance is still up on either youtube or gofish but you have to know the exact title or get lucky. He’s with Kat.

  31. Marcy says:

    Hi All, Is anyone planning on going down to Birmingham for Taylor’s book reading? Please let me know – thanks!

  32. juliegr says:

    I sent a request to Gypsee — Taylor Made Online — and asked her to bring a link to the board.

    She was on hand for the actual performance before the Ford Motor Company advertising executives performance and made an excellent tape. If she still has the video on her server she’ll bring it over.


  33. Marcy says:

    Denise, thanks….will do it tonight.

  34. Paula says:

    Has anybody gone to one of Taylor’s concerts at a Six Flags? I’m going this Thursday in Georgia and am curious about seating?

  35. Laurita says:

    Actually, that YouTube link worked for me now

    He’s doing a solo version of The Deal last July 4th in Provo Utah at The Stadium of Fire.. very cool! neck piece and all.. harp and guitar.. about 3 minutes..

  36. Laurita says:

    Julie or anyone else.. I’d be interested in seeing that as well.. please PM about how to get it when you find it.. thanks!!
    I have always wondered about why Taylor doesn’t do the guitar/harp thing at the same time, a la Dylan and others..
    (I figured that neck piece holder thing cramps his style 😉 )

  37. dnjmorton says:

    CJ, Can’t get that link to work. Thank you and Juliegr for trying to help me…
    I am positive it was HOAD that he was singing.
    It is such a great video….can’t believe that I can not put my finger on it…

  38. juliegr says:

    dnjmorton: Yes, he did perform before the Ford executives in September ’06 following the end of the AI tour. I believe he sang Hell of a Day. I’ll keep looking for it — I did download it once. If I can find it, I’ll send you a link.

  39. CJ says:

    Here we go maybe this will work!

  40. CJ says:

    I’m sorry but that address is not correct and it put something different then what was supposed to show up . Let me go back and see if I can find it again.

  41. CJ says:

    Taylor played harp and guitar at the Utah 4th of July big bash before the AI tour started that’s the only time I remember him playing both and singing.

  42. dnjmorton says:

    Can someone help me find the video where Taylor is playing his hamonica and guitar at the same time. I think it was at a Ford Marketing meeting…but I cannot find it. That is the first time that I heard him call his instruments – utensils. Thanks. Judy

  43. Denise says:

    Marcy: Post it again. I would love to read it!!

  44. Marcy says:

    madaboutu thanks – but I can’t find it… was such an exciting day and night – I guess I could post it now but alot of what I said has been said already!

  45. madaboutu says:

    Marcy, if you post under collins, your recap is in cellcerts and recaps under HOB AC recap. If not………..?

  46. Marcy says:

    Ash, I posted a long recap from last night’s show this morning about 2:30….I saw that it was in moderation. I realize now that I should have posted it under cellcerts and recaps….what happened to it? I wanted everyone to share in our excitement with meeting Taylor twice!!

  47. JanetV says:

    Menopause is hysterical. We had front row seats in Portland OR. They come close to the edge of the stage. I went with 4 friends, we had a blast. Go see it if you can.

  48. Marcy says:

    Hope it is ok if I post this here….
    Just in from the House of Blues in A.C. What a phenominal show Taylor and the guys put on tonight!!!! I wanted to post this now so I don’t forget any single detail of this magic day. We arrived at the Showboat Hotel about four oclock ….after valet parking we asked the bellman if he knew where Taylor’s buses might be…..he was so helpful telling us exactly where they were! When we thanked him he told us that he hoped to get to Tay’s show as he was getting off at nine oclock. He said he heard he was fantastic….of course I proceeded to tell him just how fantastic….I am beginning to think I could be Taylor’s PR person (I am sure alot of us could!) After alot of walking, my daughter and I found the buses…We walked up but the security guard wouldn’t let us stay saying it was casino policy not to let anyone neaar the buses….we were disappointed but understood…(a little) After waiting about twnety minutes a Town car pulled in with a nice looking man in the back seat wearing a baseball cap!!!!! Yes, It was Taylor…..our first time really seeing him outside of a venue….He seemed to be looking for something in the car as he got out…he went back and forth to the bus a couple of times but did take time to wave and say hi! That was enough for us….on to dinner and the show….We had dinner in the House of Blues….very much fun and delicious food…recommend it if you are in AC…Actually the Showboat is a cool hotel…We also met my girlfriend Candy and her friend Diane…Candy and I met at the Borgata and then at the Beacon and have developed a very nice friendship….all becaise of this incredible man. Went into the show where we were treated to a very lloose very happy Taylor….He was incredible tonight…just when you think you have seen it all he pull in yet another tag, different way of singing etc. He sounded very blluesy to me tonight…The band was outrageous….He introduced them all….Among the songs was “Don’t Let Me Down” A fabulous version….The crowd was very responsive….they loved him!!! Men were jumping up and down and yelling “We love you Taylor!” It was great. There was woman in the audience who was holding up a sign tht read “Your Next Backup Singer with an arrow pointing to her…How clever is that? Taylor acknowledged the sign and told her she could come up later on in the show…he said tht you don’t get anything if you don’t ask. Towards the end of the show Tay pulled her up on the stage where they juammed for a good ten minutes….she was really good and you could see how much he was enjoying it….he got a kick out of her. Taylor really enjoyed himself tonight despite just coming off of fouri days of concerts….he just comes alive on that stage…it is incredible to woatch….He sang “Badge” for the encore and once again he was gone…that is when having tickets for near future shows comes in very handy!!

    After the concert we went over to the merchandise table and bought a couple of the harmonica key chains….very cute….I have seen the fellow at the table a few times and he told me that next week they are going to have alot of new items. Will check it out in Maryland. WELL……we went back to the buses hoping to catch a moment with Tay…This time the security wasnt as tight and we were able to meet Brian Gallagher and Josh…both very sweet and very happy to hear our praises of them….they really are incredible musicians, all of them. After about a half hour I told everyone that I had a feeling that Taylor would be coming out for sure…even though it was getting late we waited…AND THERE HE WAS!! i I don’t know about anyone elses experience meeting Taylor but when the moment finally comes it is almost surreal. He went into the bus and told us he would be right out….and he was…he came out holding sharpies..He walkedd right over to me and put out his hand…You could tell he was tired but he signed all of our tickets…I thanked him for taking the time especially knowing he was so tired. When we said goodbye we told him we wiould be at the Maryland show…..he said “you will?” and then we told him yes and the Rhode Island, Staten Island, and Toms River shows…..he seemed to get a chuckle out of this a s he thought we iknew his schedule better then him! We told him not to worry we knew exactly where he will be and when. He said he would see us in Maryland and gave us a few more smiles and “See you Guys” and then he was on the bus. What a chrming beautiful inside and out man….IHe has the most incredible eyes… am hoping tht by the end of the summer tour he will say “is that you again?”…..should be a blast.

    Hope I didn’t have any typos as I am wired and tired!!! What a night…..I’ll never forget it.

  49. juliegr says:

    I think we all have old clothes that we use for these purposes, don’t we! And we hope no one catches us looking so bedraggled. Old habits + old clothes = comfort.

  50. AmyMc says:

    Haa haa….I was 15 in 1985 when my mom went to New Orleans…she brought me back this huge tshirt. I wore it for years….now i use it to paint in or dye my hair. I can’t believe it’s 22 years old…it’s definately a rag!!!!

  51. Beverly says:

    Hey Jag ~ Saw “Menopause” in Charlotte, it was hilarious. I would see it a second time too.

  52. juliegr says:

    The good thing is that you can still WEAR that 22 year old t-shirt!! Or is that a good thing? hah

  53. madaboutu says:

    AmyMc………………..that made my day! lol

  54. AmyMc says:

    Anything that strikes my fancy, eh? Well, I’m sitting here in a 22 year old t-shirt with hair dye all over my head. I look like a witch! Haa haaa!!!!!

  55. JAG says:

    madaboutu…………..You’ll love it !

  56. madaboutu says:

    JA G …………….I haven’t seen it, but I will look for it!

  57. JAG says:

    Has anyone seen Menopause The Musical? I highly recommend it we laughed through the whole’s hysterical. Every woman will be able to relate to this.The music is songs from the sixties.Went to see it last night and would like to see it again.What a treat! I think the men would get a kick out of it too !

  58. madaboutu says:

    I hope someone will post a recap here late tonight. 🙂

  59. juliegr says:

    Congratulations to all the lucky fans able to attend the two concerts in Council Bluffs on Weds and Thursday.

    Thanks to the Boogie (Ash), AmyH, Denv, and HicksChick2010 for pulling together the cellcert and kudos to all the participants who were able to make listen to the concert despite the four time differences involved.

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