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As you may have noticed, the blog has been quite the quiet corner recently.

But The Boogie isn’t completely desolate. As a matter of fact, there is always something going on over at the Boogie Board, our message board with over 2,500 members and nearly 250,000 posts.

On the board we have frequent discussions about media, Taylor’s music, his new book Heart Full of Soul, other musicians, and  miscellaneous topics unrelated to music. If you’re curious, come on over and take a peek, there might be something that appeals to you.

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  1. juliegr says:

    Hi Sarah — nothing much let’s see:

    The weather is hot, the grass is dry, it hasn’t rained in 2 months, and oh, yeah —– Taylor Hicks is on a kicka** tour on the east coast.

    Where have you been — haven’t seen you on the other board in a while.


  2. sarahinwv says:

    hi…. what’s new … don’t all talk at once..geez !

  3. CJ says:

    Anyone having trouble getting on the boogie board??

  4. dnjmorton says:

    Justwatchin: The Gofish is the long Georgia version. Do you know if you can downlaoad from GoFish??? I have watched this many times..and Taylor is so far into the “zone” it is fabulous! J

  5. justwatchin says:

    dnmorton…I do believe I saw a video on GoFish of him singing Georgia…along version…whether that was at Smith’s, I’m not sure…I’ll go check ……

    I thought I was having browser probs yesterday…I didn’t read this blog ..didn’t think it was the recent one!

    Hope you all have a great day!!!

  6. dnjmorton says:

    My August 7th question is getting lost……
    Does anyone know if there is a download of Taylor’s performance of Georgia at Smith’s Old Bar? It was definately an “in the zone” performance…unbelievable. I have watched it many times and would like a download…now that I know how to download..

  7. Colleen says:

    ah man, not for me yet!

  8. cali50 says:

    The message board is working now!

  9. Colleen says:

    Oh good, I knew i wasn’t the only one who was NOT getting on.

    Hope it’s not hi-jacked/hacked again.

  10. Hop says:

    While you are waiting check this guy out!! I was coming over to post the video in another thread I started…

    I’m in moderation too.

  11. Hop says:

    I can’t get in either!!! another fan site I go to was down yesterday. very strange.
    I hope it comes up soon. I’m having boogie withdraw!!! LOL

  12. griz says:

    I just posted a couple of links, but it says it’s in ‘moderation’, so hopefully someone will approve them soon.

  13. griz says:

    While we wait………. check out these couple of websites –

    ‘Idol’ fan favorite makes good
    Taylor Hicks set to perform in city Thursday

    Just got off the phone with Taylor Hicks…


  14. JAG says:

    Hi I can’t get in either,I thought it was my computer again,but I see that it’s not ! I’ll be back to check later !

  15. phandi says:

    Hi, I can’t get in either, so guess it’s closed down for now.
    Ash or Amy????
    Anybody know what’s happening?
    griz, why don’t you post your article right here in the blog!!
    I see you posed at 1:49…. so it’s been down about two hours??

  16. Hicklet says:

    I can’t get it to work either. Good to know it’s not just me. I’ll check back later…

  17. griz says:

    Ok good at least it’s a general problem – there’s a new article I need to post haha!

  18. karoray says:

    Well, glad I checked here. I can’t get on and thought it was me.

  19. CJ says:

    I rebooted and tried several other things nothing helps. Maybe they are working on the site moving things around. It seems since the time it was shut down for several hours I have problems all the time now. Threads won’t load or they take forever to load.

  20. Missy says:

    I haven’t been able to get in this afternoon.

  21. CJ says:

    Yes, I can’t get in either!

  22. griz says:

    Is anyone having trouble getting on the message boards? I keep getting an error message.

  23. AmyMc says:

    Just wanted to stop by and say Hi! I haven’t been here in a while. What’s up?

  24. dnjmorton says:

    madaboutu…..Thank you for the information on the View download.. I didn’t know it was going to be a 2+hr download..but it was WORTH every minute… What a fantastic performance!! I could watch it all night.

    Now – here is another question: Does anyone have a download of Georgia – performance at Smith’s Bar? One of the very best every IMHO. Taylor was definately in the ZONE. Love it.

  25. juliegr says:

    Glad to be able to post on the daily thread again. The boogie has been active over the month of July and we’ve all been able to participate in a number of excellent concerts, personal appearance, and book signings. In addition to being part of activities to raise funds for KidOne, and Taylors Angels (helping members of the armed forces attend concerts and receive and read Taylor new book — Heart Full of Soul); and the launch of a new web publication — BluzKat.

    All this as we witness an exciting advance in Taylor’s musical journey plus learn that there really will be an acoustical tour (perhaps) this fall during the “hibernation” period. What an exciting 8 months — from January – August — with more to come.

  26. madaboutu says:

    dnj…….. And I am still wrong! Go to page THREE on Media, and scroll down to 7-17-07 on The View by Gypsee. jeez

  27. madaboutu says:

    dnj…………………….I tried to post the link twice for the downloads on the boards, but it is not posting here. Anyway go to the Media section on the boogie boards, on page 2 and scroll down to Gypsee’s sendspace on the View.

  28. dnjmorton says:

    Thanks, I will check it out when I get home from work.
    I did look on TaylorMadeOnline under media…but could not find it.
    Is it under summer tour or TV? The TV, other downloads seem to end months ago.
    Obviously, I am not looking in the “right place”.

  29. madaboutu says:

    djmorton…………..Gypsee has it at TaylorMadeOnline.org Also, I know the link is on the thread about the View on the boards.

  30. dnjmorton says:

    Does anyone have a download of TRP on the View? Thanks.

  31. madaboutu says:

    juliegr………………….thanks for reminding us of what a great month it has been for Taylor and for us. We should hold onto that. As the tour winds down, there will be less and less media and press, and we will need to adjust. We do have alot to look back on.

  32. CJ says:

    Thanks Amy
    I thought it was my computer! Have called SBC and raised heck with them and then on top of it my internet wouldn’t even come on today. Thought maybe too many Taylor pictures and video’s were causing it. That’s exactly the time I have been on the boogie so glad to know it’s not my end.

  33. AmyH says:

    CJ – That happens every morning between 2:30 and about 2:45 CST. Some kind of regular server maintenance by excoboard. 🙂

  34. juliegr says:

    Morning all — Another month of stellar Taylor Hicks concerts is over and what a month its been.

    Taylor’s book — A Heart Full of Soul — was rolled out;
    Followed by a media blitz;
    A hot and humid solo concert tour of the east coast and mid-west;
    Appearances at the NBA finals, NASCAR races, and The View
    Audiences were treated to glimpses of what Taylor can do when he’s let loose from the bounds of AI!! YEAH

    Last but not least the hint of an ACOUSTIC TOUR in the future.

    Good Stuff

    ~~Carry on, Soul King ~~ Carry on

  35. CJ says:

    I guess the boogie board is completely frozen up. Can’t get into any of the threads.

  36. madaboutu says:

    Well, its too bad that the blog doesn’t get more posts. It used to be a good place for people just to touch base about different subjects in one spot. And it sure came in handy one night when the boards were down.

  37. CJ says:

    I thought it was just my computer ,but it is doing the same thing to me too!

  38. dnjmorton says:

    Is the boogie board down? I cannot get it to open.

  39. justwatchin says:

    He did look squeaky clean, didn’t he…it was very good TV performance…I keep forgetting the blog is here!

  40. Marcy says:

    In light of this thread I decided to post this here – Just saw Tay on The View. He was just awesome, looking his squeaky clean self….singing the “Right Place” with Loren playing the piano……perfect….even a little harp….can’t wait to see him in Birmingham on Fri – put a fork in me, I am definetely done!

  41. Laurita says:

    “betweenthekeys” and others.. please come introduce yourself to the rest of us over on the ETC. section where there’s general discussions of other things besides TH!

    Just scroll down to the bottom of the main page..

    and WELCOME! we’re a very hospitable group 😉

  42. Okay, thanks for your attention. I’m in now and ready to make a contribution to the board..

  43. madaboutu says:

    Ash………….you might say the blog is the victim of its own success, or something like that. 🙂 With so much going on at the message boards, people forget to post here , I think, with just the “small potatoes”. Thanks for it all.

  44. boogie says:

    It should not take more than 24-48 hours, unless I am out of town or w/o computer access.

    I looked and it says all memberships from that day have been approved. Perhaps your confirmation e-mail went to your spam folder? Sometimes it happens.

    If that isn’t the problem you can give me the name you signed up with and I will triple check for your specific account.

    Thanks for joining, and sorry there has been a kink in your approval.

  45. How long does it take to get approved to read the board? I signed up on Sunday.

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